Rumor Patrol: ‘Star Trek 2′ Bringing Back Old Villain (Not Khan)

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:28 pm,

Star Trek Sequel Rumor Patrol: Star Trek 2 Bringing Back Old Villain (Not Khan)

Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman, and Robert Orci are currently hard at work on the screenplay for Star Trek 2 and have only dropped a few hints about the plot and/or villain that will appear in the sequel.

Now an informant who claims to have an inside scoop on the Star Trek followup is saying that the baddie of the pic is definitely not Khan Noonien Singh and that the film will revolve around a classic Star Trek character from the original series.

The Star Trek 2 script is still being developed, so, assuming that this information is accurate, things could change once the final draft has been completed. Khan has always been a long shot to appear in J.J. Abram’s sequel; his reboot went out of its way to change the classic Star Trek mythology and even included a short monologue from young Spock (Zachary Quinto) about how fate of the Enterprise’s crew was now, essentially, up in the air. To repeat history and have Khan appear in the second of the new Star Trek movies would seem like an odd move on Abram’s part.

A classic Star Trek character – one that appeared in the first season of Gene Roddenberry’s original Star Trek TV series, that is – is supposed to be the non-traditional antagonist in Star Trek 2, according to the insider.  But who exactly?

Here’s their hint about the character that will be the focus of the Star Trek sequel:

“It’s definitely a character that will make fans of TOS excited. Think along the lines of Harry Mudd or Trelane or Gary Mitchell or the Talosians or the Horta. Actually it’s one of those that I named.”

For a rundown of who exactly these individuals are and how likely they are to appear in Star Trek 2, check out the source article on Badasss Digest.

Star Trek 2 villains Rumor Patrol: Star Trek 2 Bringing Back Old Villain (Not Khan)

L to R: Harry Mudd, a Talosian, and Gary Mitchell from TOS.

Lindelof compared Star Trek 2 to The Dark Knight, but he and his fellow screenwriters have made it clear that the Star Trek followup will not be overly dark or dreary in tone. The sequel will certainly feature lots of action and humor, but it will hopefully also present Kirk and his crew with greater emotional and philosophical dilemmas than the reboot did.

The villains in the classic Star Trek TV show tended to force the crew of the Enterprise to make difficult decisions and resolve situations in a manner that tested their personal beliefs. If that’s the kind of adventure that Abrams has in mind for his sequel, then long-time Star Trek fans have yet another reason to be excited for the film.

Pre-production on Star Trek 2 begins in January 2011, so we should hear some definite information about the plot and villain in the near future.

Source: Badass Digest

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  1. This Star Trek is a NEW continuity, and needs NEW villains. Don’t rehash old characters.

    • Agreed. If people actually paid attention, they will realize that “Star Trek” fell apart because of rehashing older concepts. Fans started to walk away because the writers switched to drama because they ran out of new ideas.

      • Fans started to walk away because the writers switched to drama ‘as a result’ of not having new ideas.


  2. at least it wont be Kahn, what a relief

  3. Actually i think Gary Mitchell might have worked as a villain, but only if they had introduced the chracter in the first film, still could work though. But I want to see them do some actual exploring of space, not just reacting to what happens around them.

    • Gary Mitchell would have been great if introduced in the first film. I can’t see it being done well unless another member of the crew is substituted.

      I personally find the TOS villians to very lackluster and commiting to one of them without a bit of reimagining would damage the film with its newer fanbase.

      but that of course is just my opinion.

  4. little monster,
    not totally true. The old folks are still available. Consider that most of the characters are now intertwined differently. One thought, though not proposed to be in the movie, is that Khan could be a good guy. Old good guys could be bad guys.

    Revisiting old villains isn’t a bad thing. It does grant those uber-fans of TOS to maintain a place in the new ST universe. BUT!!! it also grants them the ability to pull more fans into this new universe.

    I’m excited to see any of those proposed. but, I don’t want to be watching a remake of an old TOS tv series.

    2 thoughts:
    1. I’m glad ST gave us something to love since George Lucas destroyed Star Wars.
    2. All Trekky talk aside, I’d like to see more of the alien life forms dealt with not simply look like a person who got different ears, nose and forehead. Think along the lines of the forms found in Men in Black.

    You’ve got all the special effects anyone could ever want… and all we do is give someone pointy ears and a crinkled forehead? C’MON!

    • The problem with pleasing the old fans is that, well, they’re an edangered species. Most fans of the old franchise died off, and quit watching the tv shows, the movies, and quit going to the conventions. That’s why the series was rebooted. I do see what you’re saying however.

      • The fans have not “died off.” Sheesh, it’s not like this was a silent movie from the 30′s.

  5. What about the lizard guys from the one episode? It’s in tropic thunder, and I don’t know alot about the star trek mythos so I don’t know who they are but they would be cool to see in the sequel, just no borgs.

    • That would be the Gorn.

  6. I’m still shocked at how completely satisfying the “Star Trek” reboot proved to be. High hopes they can maintain that standard of excellence. They sure aren’t rushing the sequel – a good sign.

    • Agreed, I was so dead set against this reboot, and what do ya know, it was bloody fantastic! Everything Star Trek should be and more, i have not left a cinema with a grin like that for many years.
      And I too agree that rushing the sequel is a bad idea, I’m slightly concerned that Sherlock Holmes sequel which was relesaed 6 months after Star Trek is already well underway filming.

      • its all about the rush these days, bigwigs have no clue how bad that either.

  7. Gary mitchell is the perfect villain for this movie. My only concern is the same as those above me, he should have been introduced in the 1st movie. But honestly after how freaking awesome the 1st one was, I’m not too concerned

  8. I kinda miss the TNG movies. Worf’s sneers, Troi’s slipping accent, riker’s sexual addiction. I’d like them to make a new series that picks up with the most recent star trek history. Like after Voyager made it back and after Data died fighting picard’s romulan clone. What happened then?

    • Read the books, it’s all in there.

  9. Gahahah, can we stamp out the Mano-a-Mano idea, where’s my carpenters hammer? No more KAHN already! I’m actually beginning to hate that movie, and I use to like it. Yes give us the conundrum wrapped in a mystery I’d rather watch that. Throw in an alien plot or two and see if Kirk and company can stop the three way cold war of the old series or something. Their’s been a little new cold war talk around the net, perhaps that’s something topical worth thinking about? Trek has always been good when it’s topical. Just no more Mano-a-Mano stories for awhile…

  10. A new timeline for making reboots of old episodes of TOS?
    No new worlds, no new species, no new characters?
    This is the ST renovation? Then, no future for this new ST…maybe three movies, no more. Then original timeline return again.

  11. No tribbles?

  12. Only slightly on topic…
    The two things that HAVE to happen in the reboot are V’GER and the Whale Ship. Both of those bad boys are already on their way to Earth long before the new timeline was created.

    Not that I would want a movie made out of it, but it would be interesting to see someone handle the latter in the reboot universe, since the position they were in for the Whale Ship (Star Trek IV) was a direct result of what happened in III, which were in turn a direct result of the events in II.

    Essentially, Khan saved the Earth from the Whale Ship.

    • nice, i want that Gravatar Sean!!

      • Kneel before Sean!

  13. If they are talking humor, then Mudd or Trelane would be the best bet. More dark would be Gary Mitchell or the Talosians. I agree with DrSam that they should focus more on exploring space but whatever they give us, make sure Berman and Braga stay 50 gigaparsecs away from it.

    • i wouldn’t have thought of mudd, but now that it’s been mentioned, i think it could be a good move if done right. hate to use the joker again but i will…kind of a crazy antagonist/psycho..
      plenty of opportunity for humor

    • Trelane…Sorry, too much like “Q”


      Mitchell? Too much like a Q with a Klingon sense of humor.

      My money’s on the Talosians…

  14. Someone already mentioned this earlier in the thread, but…

    I do NOT want to see a “mano a mano” battle between Kirk and some human-sized villain.

    Is that all there is out there in the vast universe?
    Personal drama?

    We’ve had one “lone villain” now with Nero.
    Please, not yet another megalomaniacal lone villain.

    I’d really like to see something that requires an ensemble cast.
    Something that requires that damned shiny, sparkly, lense-flared, mechanical monstrosity called Enterprise as something OTHER than a glorified space taxi.

    • @ Mike E.,

      Right on! I hear you man. I completely agree.

      I kind of wish “Star Trek” would do an “Aliens” type of movie, but have it affect several ships and outposts.

      “Don’t pander to me, kid. One tiny crack in the hull, and our blood boils in thirteen seconds. Solar flare might crop up, cook us in our seats. And wait till you’re sitting pretty with a case of Andorian shingles. See if you’re still so relaxed when your eyeballs are bleeding! Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.” ~ Dr. McCoy

      I want to see that type of “Star Trek”. Danger, excitement, and mysterious. Something unknown.

      • I’m right behind ya!
        We hear a LOT of things about the dangers of outer space, but then too often end up being fed plot lines that may as well have been set in an Ohio corn field.

        • Mike E. & Marcus,

          Yeah, I agree. I know that TOS looks cheesy from today’s perspective, but one thing the old series had was a definite feeling of how dangerous it was to be out there. TNG made it seem like flying through space from the comfort of one’s living room, and even Enterprise didn’t give the sense of danger that the original series did.


          • One issue I have about prequels is that we already know the end result. “Enterprise” lacked the sense of danger because we knew the ship has a legacy, which survived all the way up to “Enterprise-E”.

            If the next “Star Trek” involves anything already established, the feeling of “are we going to make it?” will be non existent. Even though the time-line has shifted by five years, we know humanity and the Federation will eventually develop technologies to overcome certain species. Klingons, Borg, Romulans, etc… It doesn’t matter when and where the technologies are made. Regardless about the consequences in between, the end result still remains the consistent.

            What will offset these expectations is something entirely new, bold, and unknown.

            “…disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.” ~ McCoy

            So… Where is it all? If this new “Star Trek” is to only redress older concepts, I think they are wasting their time. We need more unknowns, dangers, and a massive game changer.

            • Marcus,

              Actually I have to disagree. In this alternate time line we DON’T know that “humanity and the Federation will eventually develop technologies to overcome certain species. Klingons, Borg, Romulans, etc.”

              Anything can happen in this new time line (death of the Vulcan race and home world is one example).


              • Good point. Somethings are unpredictable.

                • Speaking of Borg, were they not brought into contact with humanity strictly through the “interference” of Q?

                  • Thats true however, The Borg would have made it to Earth eventually, in the Enterprise episode that was a cool rip off of The Thing, the Borg send a signal to the Delta Quadrent and Tpol said it would arrive some time in the 24th century.

                  • That’s not exactly true. In the Voyager episode Raven, Seven of Nine’s parents were examining the Borg when Seven was a young girl, thinking the Borg would not consider them good enough to assimilate. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and they were assimilated, along with all their knowledge (including Earth). Since the Borg knew of Earth all those years, I think it was a flaw for Berman and Braga to do this because the Borg would have immediately started a plan of assimilation.

                • Perhaps Gary Mitchell being on another ship when the energy barrier effects him. Without Kirk and Spock being there he may not been stopped on that planet. From there a story could go in any number of directions.

              • This new timeline remembers Ultimate Universe of Marvel.
                Initially, it seemed it was going to bury to the original Marvel Universe.
                People said: “this is the future of Marvel comics because there is too many canon in the original universe, It’s too old and with too many characters…”

                Where is the ultimate universe today?
                cancelled.Except two regular titles (no top ten)
                And where is the original Marvel Universe today?
                Up.Up. Top ten
                ST new timeline has the same philosophy that ultimate universe.Surrogates.
                After the ten first minutes of ‘innovation’, people returns to the original thing.

  15. Harry Mudd — the original Han Solo!

    • ahahaha Deck!

  16. Bring on Harcourt Fenton Mudd and his planet of androids… alot can be done with that.

  17. what about the big tumor creature if your willing to tank the new star trek

  18. Planet of the Mugatos.

  19. Hmmm… Lets take a quick look at each predictable ending.

    Harry Mudd – No consequences. Everyone ‘important’ lives at the end.

    Talosian – Christopher Pike ends up dead, or they redress and retell “the Cage”. Everyone ‘important’ still lives at the end.

    Gary Mitchell – No consequences. Everyone ‘important’ lives at the end.

    The Horta – No consequences. Everyone ‘important’ lives at the end.

    • If they write a Talosian story correctly, they could turn them into a deadly enemy of the Federation.

    • Marcus,

      Harry Mudd, no consequences? Don’t you remember the wives he had to live with?



  20. I have to say I would not be that well up as some of you there with star track enemies and thingsin star track tho i do love the Next generation, the old star tracks movies, voyager and some times deep space 9 and the odd old series. I am more a big star wars fan and i would not favor one over the other they are both great.

    I want to say I really admire the great courage of the Star Track writers who have really been so creative, and bold at inventing and re-inventing the whole thing. That last Star track was mind blowing, incredible and I would not have been a fan of Abrahams going into see his star track i was so awestruck,blown away, the whole thing was incredible and I have no doubt the who and what ever is in the next one is going to be dynamic and its in a great position given that the whole course of star track history has changed by what spock said.

    i would love to see Star wars take a leap of faith and see lucas let a few have a go at a few new adventures the way star track has been. It certainly be a blast but i cant wait for the next star track its really exciting, and its free to follow any path down the road now, what an incredible way to do a film, so different, and fresh. the one scene that sticks out for me in Abrahams Star track which reminds me of starwars new hope the two suns setting is when young Kirk is just sitting there on his bike, and the his destiny right in front of him with the ship building in front wow brilliant almost iconic.

    the sound track is great and there was some irish on board with the graphics and I think they got awards last year at the grammys.

    thank God for star track looking forward to next one.

    • it’s Star TREK…
      and Abrams.

      • yea man for som one so into STAR TREK you sure spell trek wrong waaay to many times. and i was hoping for the gorn and where the hell are the klingons?? they hinted at them in the first film i was hoping we were gonna get to see what they loooked like reimagined and modernized. the romulans looked pretty awsome the looked like road warrior elfs from space imagine the freakin klingons?

    • How about Star Trek encountering a interstellar Empire protected by a bunch of strange men in funny robes who like to fight with laser swords… and then annihilating the lot of them?

      The ultimate finger to Lucas.

  21. thanks mike E Im terrible speller,, sorry

  22. I think the Talosians and Gary Mitchell are the most likely to make an appearance in the next Trek. But I wonder why people think the old villain will make same inroads as before? Isn’t more likely some other turn of events will thrust the Enterprise, with it’s even younger captain, and witch ever bad guy together in completely different time and situation? I’m hoping to see old villains in new trouble and with a different reason for being there.

  23. like in the original series klingons are only mentioned in the first film why the hell arnt we getting them? they were the primary antagonists in the first series correct? ps wikipedia is awwwsome..

  24. Anyone else think The Doomsday Machine could work for the reboot?

    • That would be great but who could replace the fantastic acting of William Windom?

      • I think it would be cool if they kept much of the plot, have Decker as a visitor to the Enterprise, they are exploring and discover a trail of destruction, the Enterprise is attacked and we see The Doomsday Machine on the viewscreen.
        There would have to be more to the plot than that, but I’d like to see the sheer futility of trying to fight the Doomsday Machine. Throw in a Klingon plot to try and capture it.
        Could work.

        Star Trek-Galaxy Of Fear.

        • Could work. Also, because of all the firepower and red matter (shutter! :-) ) that was used in the first movie, the probe has altered it’s course towards federation space. Sounds like it could be a special effects extravaganza.

    • I think it could work, but the problem is that the machine is just that – a machine. It’s faceless, without humanity, and unrelatable even though the situation it creates (chaos, disaster) may be. The strongest antagonists in the Trek films have always been a character (Khan, the Borg Queen). I think if they make the Machine an enemy it could end up like The Motion Picture and VGER — not too good.

  25. I’ve always wished the Orion’s and the Tellarite’s could get more screen time. There seemed to be enough underlying tension with those characters that it would be easy to make the bad guys in some way. From what I recall though, their villainy would be more political intrigue and less action or battles.

  26. GD, I want to the lizard men, the Gorm, on the big screen. With today’s technology, they would totally be awesome. Why arent’ you listening JJ?

  27. hans solo and luke skywalker are de new villans

  28. Put some Doctor Who villains in there lol

    Na I like them usuing old villains,just would rather have the gorn or gorm…the lizard men

    • Hopefully they will play the same theme music from when old skool Kirk and Spock fought on the planet.

    • Holy Crap! Can you imagine if the Federation tried to go up against the Daleks? Now that would be futile. And awesome.

      • There is a series of audio book/podcasts on Itunes called Section 31, and in that they do exactly that, Federation against the Daleks, it is extremely cool.

  29. Kirk never faced the Talosians per se so although the villain is technically a rehash, an all new adventure could occur. I think they could be epic. Especially if we get some cool fantasies of several crew members and see another faction trying to subjugate or destroy Talos (Gorns, Klingons, etc).