Rumor Patrol: ‘Star Trek 2′ Bringing Back Old Villain (Not Khan)

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:28 pm,

Star Trek Sequel Rumor Patrol: Star Trek 2 Bringing Back Old Villain (Not Khan)

Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman, and Robert Orci are currently hard at work on the screenplay for Star Trek 2 and have only dropped a few hints about the plot and/or villain that will appear in the sequel.

Now an informant who claims to have an inside scoop on the Star Trek followup is saying that the baddie of the pic is definitely not Khan Noonien Singh and that the film will revolve around a classic Star Trek character from the original series.

The Star Trek 2 script is still being developed, so, assuming that this information is accurate, things could change once the final draft has been completed. Khan has always been a long shot to appear in J.J. Abram’s sequel; his reboot went out of its way to change the classic Star Trek mythology and even included a short monologue from young Spock (Zachary Quinto) about how fate of the Enterprise’s crew was now, essentially, up in the air. To repeat history and have Khan appear in the second of the new Star Trek movies would seem like an odd move on Abram’s part.

A classic Star Trek character – one that appeared in the first season of Gene Roddenberry’s original Star Trek TV series, that is – is supposed to be the non-traditional antagonist in Star Trek 2, according to the insider. ┬áBut who exactly?

Here’s their hint about the character that will be the focus of the Star Trek sequel:

“It’s definitely a character that will make fans of TOS excited. Think along the lines of Harry Mudd or Trelane or Gary Mitchell or the Talosians or the Horta. Actually it’s one of those that I named.”

For a rundown of who exactly these individuals are and how likely they are to appear in Star Trek 2, check out the source article on Badasss Digest.

Star Trek 2 villains Rumor Patrol: Star Trek 2 Bringing Back Old Villain (Not Khan)

L to R: Harry Mudd, a Talosian, and Gary Mitchell from TOS.

Lindelof compared Star Trek 2 to The Dark Knight, but he and his fellow screenwriters have made it clear that the Star Trek followup will not be overly dark or dreary in tone. The sequel will certainly feature lots of action and humor, but it will hopefully also present Kirk and his crew with greater emotional and philosophical dilemmas than the reboot did.

The villains in the classic Star Trek TV show tended to force the crew of the Enterprise to make difficult decisions and resolve situations in a manner that tested their personal beliefs. If that’s the kind of adventure that Abrams has in mind for his sequel, then long-time Star Trek fans have yet another reason to be excited for the film.

Pre-production on Star Trek 2 begins in January 2011, so we should hear some definite information about the plot and villain in the near future.

Source: Badass Digest

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  1. Looking forward to seeing Chris Pine as “Captain Kirk” on the big screen again.

  2. Glad it wont be Khan, hope they go with the Talosians.

    The challenge is to re-capture that old school flavor without meekly going where we’ve already gone before. The mere mention of Gary Mitchell’s name or Harry Mudd, or some sort of subterranean “monster” will immediately clue the audience in as to what they’re dealing with.

    With the Talosians you could be well into an illusionary mind f#*% before you get the first clue, until then, anything goes. Blow up the ship, kill off major characters, you name it. The Talosians cannot just create convincing illusions, they can also project them across interstellar space (Spock’s “trial” in the Menagerie”).

    Pike needn’t have encountered them “before” because this timeline parted paths with the original one some time ago, likely with “First Contact” and they wouldn’t be “discovered” unless they wanted to be.

    The central message of “The Cage” was about the power of illusion to pull people away from the real world. In it’s day, it was meant to be a metaphor for television. As our forms of entertainment grow ever more sophisticated and immersive, the tale of the Talosians becomes more relevant than ever.

    • Hey how silly but funny (given today’s film advances) would it be to have them run across “The Horta?”

  3. Just so long as they get rid of all the pointless lens flare, that would improve the film tenfold

  4. Aw, weirdsoup…lensflare is a cheapskate filmmaker’s best special effect!

    • Yeah soup, don’t hate on the “flare.” It helped to give that look of all the overhead lights being just out of frame.

  5. If they were going to do Gary Mitchell, they should have had him in the *first* film, in however small a part, as a good friend of Kirk at Starfleet Academy and on the Enterprise. It’s a bit late to try retconning that for him *now*.

    And Harcourt Fenton Mudd… one doesn’t really want to think of him as a *villain*, even when he tries to be.

    Which leaves the Talosians. Against whom one can’t and won’t really win, only come to terms.

    • Gary Mitchell would be intriguing, especially with today’s CGI technology. I’d imagine it’d be like a live-action version of the anime “Akira” — debris whirling around in a psychokinetic maelstorm, incredible devastation, cities and life erupting out of the ground. Of the 5 ideas mentioned in the article, I think this one is the most promising. (Though I wish the writers would make a Mirror Universe or Borg-themed story.)

  6. King?

    You used “skewered”, which is the act of poking a stick through a piece of meat/vegetable; I THINK you meant “skewed”, which is to suddenly change direction or position.

    • thanks for the auto-correct. Now about what I actually typed…..I think it would be awesome.

  7. MIRROR UNIVERSE or the Borg.

    I think these would have been awesome. If Kirk faced the mirror universe, we could see Zachary Quinto in full-on Sylar psychopathic mode with a beard. It’d make for good drama and let the characters explore darker elements of their personas.

    If the Borg, it’d be awesome to see Alice Krige come back as the Queen, with maybe a time-traveling Seven of Nine as a supporting character. It’d also be interesting to see how the characters would deal with it, given their technology is so much less advanced than in the TNG-era.

      • I particularly love the Mirror Universe idea. Imagine how it’d go:

        — Kirk is off-doing some hijinks (possibly rock-climbing Mt. Capitan). He’s suddenly arrested by Starfleet security.
        — He’s accused of a crime, shown security footage of himself stealing something vital to Federation security.
        — Kirk is proved to be elsewhere at the time, cleared. Investigators think it might have been a shape-shifter or other imposter.
        — They follow up the trail…meet alt-themselves and the ISS Enterprise.
        — Spock with a beard! =)

        Hey, it could work…I think….

  8. Why can’t we just have something totally new instead of regurgitating old characters and concepts?

  9. Personally, I would like to see an inclusion of Q, or a Q predecessor in some way, seeing as they kind of messed with time and all, it might be interesting if another time fluctuation shake things up.

  10. Personally, I would like to see an inclusion of the Q continuum in some way, seeing as they kind of messed with time and all, it might be interesting if another time fluctuation shake things up… btw, not pertaining to the sequel here in any way, just wondering…did they ever do an episode/movie on how the borg/borg queen actually formed?

  11. I don’t want to see a remake with old villains or rewrite of past stories. What I liked about the ST reboot was it was an original story and that is what I am looking for in the next movie.

  12. if you bought the movie, there is an easter egg witch involves the botany bay, khans hibernation vessel.

  13. This hint of who the character is has to be a windup or disinfo, why would they slip who the antagonist is? Even as early as way back when.