‘Star Trek 2′ Writers Reveal They’ve ‘Broken the Story’

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star trek 2 Star Trek 2 Writers Reveal Theyve Broken the Story

After the critical and commercial success of the Star Trek reboot, moving forward with a sequel was probably an easy decision. Determining exactly what Star Trek 2 would be about has turned into a more complicated matter.

Screenwriters Alex Kurtzman, Robert Orci, and Damon Lindelof have been mulling over story ideas since this past summer, but so far they’ve given the impression that in these early stages there’s still quite a bit that’s up in the air.

With a franchise that has spanned five television series (the canon status of the cartoon is debatable) and ten previous films, there’s certainly no shortage of inspiration available – but there’s also the challenge of delivering something audiences haven’t seen before. They’ve wisely decided not to use Khan as Star Trek 2‘s villain and last we heard, they were instead considering bringing back another well-known adversary from the original series.

In addition to settling on the film’s villain, the plot for Star Trek 2 has evidently taken shape at last. Kurtzman and Orci recently chatted with Geoff Boucher from Hero Complex and Kurtzman explained:

“Well, we have broken the story, which is very exciting. I think one of the weird challenges that we’re facing on this one is that in many ways, with the first movie, I don’t think people knew what to expect, so when we were in the writing process, Bob and I really spent our time going to things that we loved about “Trek” and it was a very unfiltered process. It felt intimate and small. There weren’t a lot of voices other than [producer] Damon [Lindelof], J.J. and [executive producer] Bryan Burke. Now, that first movie has come up and did well and everyone wants to know what happens next. We didn’t have that pressure, exactly, on the first one.”

The duo is well-known for keeping a finger on the pulse of Star Trek‘s passionate fan base and listening to their ideas and concerns. However, Kurtzman acknowledges that ultimately he and Orci have to filter out all of those expectations when they sit down to write the script:

“Part of what we have to do is listen to it all, ask a lot of questions about what people’s expectations are — and then let all of that go when we sit down to write. We need to find our way back to the same kind of vibe that we had when we wrote the first one: What do we want to see here? What moved us about “Trek”? Where can we go from where we left off?”

Star Trek 2009  Star Trek 2 Writers Reveal Theyve Broken the Story

Orci admits that with the first Star Trek being an origin story, finding a meaningful role for each member of the ensemble was a little bit easier. The challenge with Star Trek 2 was not just finding a compelling premise, but giving each of the returning characters something worthy to do:

“So now you want the character stories to be good for everybody but also not just be there to be stories but also fit into the plot and be organic. We’re looking at a lot of the old episodes for inspiration, still. Whereas the last movie was all about breaking free from “Star Trek” and its canon, now that we can do whatever we want, we still want it to feel like good ol’ “Star Trek” even though it’s a new story.”

Honestly, this is something every Star Trek film has struggled with. Inevitably, some members of the supporting cast are reduced to window dressing as the movie centers itself around the three or four most popular characters. The duo acknowledge what an amazing group they’ve managed to assemble and it’s reassuring to know they have no intention of shortchanging any of them.

Star Trek Sequel Star Trek 2 Writers Reveal Theyve Broken the Story

The Empire Strikes Back always seems to get mentioned in any discussion about successful sequels, particularly within the sci-fi genre. Boucher wonders if – like Empire- Star Trek 2 might be designed as the second act in a potential trilogy, but Kurtzman indicates they’re developing it as a standalone entry:

“I don’t know that we’ve ever thought of it in terms of a trilogy. We thought of the first one as, “How do we tell how this happened the first time and how do we free it so that it can go on forever without stepping on what came before.” So, if you were thinking of this movie as a second act, yeah, you would think of it as an “Empire Strikes Back” sort of story, but I’m not sure we’re thinking of it as a second act. I can’t speak for everybody on that, though.”

Orci adds that Empire isn’t necessarily successful because it’s a cliffhanger or the second part in a larger story, but because first and foremost it was an engaging film:

“The movies you’re talking about are movies that we’re still talking about, what, 25 or 30 years later, because they have such emotional impact not just on us as viewers but because they put the characters through the mill in a way that was so primal and visceral. Good sequels do that; they find ways to challenge their characters in ways that they couldn’t have necessarily been challenged with in the first movie because, as Bob said, the first is always, ultimately, an origin story. So now [with the second] it becomes about this family that’s together, so now it becomes about the thing that shakes them up and challenges them.”

These statements, coupled with Lindelof’s desire to see Star Trek 2 infused with a great deal of thematic substance, leave me incredibly optimistic about the film. I know many Star Trek fans felt that the first movie favored spectacle over story, but to me it really sounds like they understand what made the best entries in this franchise so memorable.

We’ll find out when Star Trek 2 hits theaters on its recently announced release date – June 29th, 2012.

Source: Hero Complex.

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  1. I don’t want it to go down the dark sequel route, I know no one is saying that but it is often what happens, the best thing about Star Trek was that it was fun and entertaining.

    Also, dependding on who you ask, the animated series is considered cannon. It has the original voice cast, stories that tie into TOS, and more importantly its fantastic! I class it as canon, I cant see why anyone wouldnt?

    • You’re right. The issue of TAS canon has become pretty ambiguous recently. I just remember Rodenberry “decanonizing” it early in ST:TNG’s run.

      • I think Roddenberry might have been ashamed of it :)

        But I’m sure these days it is considered canon, I have it on DVD, the box is of the same design as the other TOS seasons its just white.

  2. Also, this has to be my film of 2012. Without a doubt. The first one was the most fun I’ve had at the cinema for absolutely years, they updated Trek and made it feel new and old at the same time.

    • I agree. I had a blast watching it. While some people had a problem with the “resetting history” thing, I thought it was a really cool way to reboot the series and keep it a sequel to the other 10 movies. With that, I hope they don’t title this Star Trek 2 (since it’s actually Star Trek 12). I think they could come up with something catchy.

      • It’s one of those very rare instances where they found a way to please 50 years worth of fan base and create a legion of new fans all at the same time.

        And yeah, they could call it Star Trek -Insert Random Subtitle.

        • Exactly. I was never into Star Trek. I mean, I had seen some old episodes on Syfy, but I was never a big fan. That movie got me into it. I was going google crazy trying to figure out what goes on in the Star Trek world. I’m excited for the next one.

          • I hope that happened to a lot of people, they knew about Star Trek but it never meant much to them, but after Trek 2009 they looked back and discovered it anew.

            • Abrams has done in 1 movie what Berman and Braga could not do in 3 series and 4 movies. That is the true beauty of Trek 2009.

              • It’s unfair to criticise all of their work though, DS9 was fantastic and Enterprise certainly had its moments, and as for the films, well, I love Generations, First Contact is amazing, Insurrection and Nemesis arent great though but have some good parts.

                • I cannot find DS9 anywhere on cable; but Voyager and Enterprise always comes up. DS9 will always be my third choice behind TOS and TNG. I loved that show and a climatic battle that totally wiped out Voyager and Enterprise.

                  • I’m like foopher, I saw some episodes but wasnt a big fan untill the movie. I cant wait for this to come out.

                • Berman and Braga had nothing to do with ds9 whatsoever, other than Berman getting the show on the air. Thank Ronald Moore (bsg) and Ira Steven Behr for what made ds9 work over time. Also thank J Michael Straczynski for giving them the ideas to “adapt”. That’s the truth about Deep Space. Overall, it had the best writing of all the Trek series, even if it didn’t have as many stand out episodes as TNG did. It had a terrible 7th season, but so did TNG in comparison to 3-6.

                  Season 4′s “The Visitor”, however, remains one of the 3 best episodes of any Trek ever produced.


      • Actually it’s Star Trek 2. It’s the 12th Star Trek film yes, but it’s a new series. Hence why the first one is just called Star Trek. But I doubt it’s going to be called Star Trek 2 or just Star Trek 2. I’m sure it’ll be “Star Trek: something something.”

        • Well a new series it may be, they can’t very well call it Star Trek II as there already is a film called Star Trek II.

        • Well like I said it is a new series, but at the same time it’s the same series… haha

  3. They already went against canon by having Spock-prime being on Delta Vega and seeing Vulcan being destroyed; Vulcan had no moon. Also, I know many people don’t want to see Khan but realistically, he is still out there. Sure, you can have the Enterprise destroy the Botany Bay because of info given by Spock-prime, but I don’t think that would be something Starfleet would like. I still say Khan should be involved in this new Trek somehow, maybe becoming Praetor of Romulus or Emperor of Qo’Nos. A brand new adventure would be refreshing but we just can’t throw away things that happened before George Kirk was even born.

    • Thats true. In this new Trek universe, Enterprise still happened.

      Part of me would like to see Khan but done in a different way, I’d like an uneasy friendship between Kirk and Khan, so that Kirk almost looks up to Khan, and that would make his betrayl all the greater. I did come up with a plot involving Khan, at the end of the film he stabs Spock and nearly destroys the Enterprise, leaving it stranded in deep space. And they need to tranfuse Spock, but there are so few vulcans left… To be honest I didnt get very far with it.

      • I like it, but I think people would think of that more as “Darth Khan” and complain about it…

        • yeah I can see the comparrison. I trust that they will come up with a decent idea.
          I have so many ideas for Star Trek, but I think they should do something new rather than just reuse old episodes, lets have some exploring, epic space battles, weird aliens. The final frontier.

      • Kirk and Scotty did show some admiration for Khan, to Spock’s dismay. :-) I like your idea. At first I thought you were going to say that Khan would eventually become Kirk’s friend, which would never happen; glad you didn’t say that.

        • Definitely not. They should be enemies, but the best way to make that work is have them as friend or at least allies. I picture a new Khan as barely controlled rage, he knows how smart he is, but hides it from Kirk, yet we the audience can see him becoming more and more unstable as the film progresses.
          Maybe they discover the Botany Bay deep in unknown space, similar to the original plot, have Spock totally distrusting of Khan and Kirk wants to give him a chance. Builds tension between the pair.
          I did also think about Khan stealing another Starship from space dock at the end, after he stabs Spock, and doing a similar battle to Wrath in the nebula, but with the added complication of Spock desperately needing Vulcan blood, Kirk forcing himself to break off pursuit and Khan escapes…

    • I’m not against using Khan at some point, but why so soon? Why immediately set yourself up for comparison to one of the most beloved Star Trek films ever made?

      I think this new series should continue to concentrate on establishing its own mythology first and foremost.

      • I’d like to see some original aliens, and some actual exploration of space, where no man has gone before sort of stuff.

        • Completely agree. The writers have got a blank slate and opportunities that won’t come around again if they get locked into a format and paint themselves into a corner.

      • Chris,

        Great point – if Khan has ONLY appeared on the TV series, that would be one thing. I can’t believe the film comparison aspect hadn’t occurred to me (facepalm). 8)


  4. I want Q back. Please let it be Q.

    • Q wouldnt work without John Delancie.

      • You’re dead right with that statement DSB

  5. They are going to probably go with Harry Mudd, maybe a Sam Rockwell / Paul Giamatti type slimeball role. Really make it fun and exciting. I don’t know why Harry never made it into the movies. He was the only other villian to appear more than once beside Q or Khan.

    • DS9 had several recurring villains.

      • The only villains I can think of that I hated were the Kazan. What a waste of paper and ink. The Xindi weren’t all that great either but much better than the Kazan.

        • The Xindi were an interesting idea that was never fully developed, I liked that they were not just one race of humanoids who all looked the same, they were different species but the same race.

    • Perhaps a Borg Tribble?

      • Would that be called a Bibble?

  6. I would like to see them pull something from one of the old TV eps. I loved the show when I was a kid and it would be nice to see a new turn to one of them…

    • The Doomsday Device is still out there, as well as Nomad, the space amoeba, Rayjack, the brain cells, the Guardian of Forever, and no one has crossed the galactic boundary yet. There are numerous stories that can be told in totally different ways.

      • Doomsday machine could be epic on the big screen.

        • That would be rad. Yes i said rad. :)

          • Yes, it would be totally RAD!!! Also, let’s not forget the Menagerie, Pike in the wheel chair and all…;)

            • The Cage, with Kirk, might work but Pike is just in a wheelchair and can communicate (he hasn’t been bombarded with delta rays) so I don’t think The Menagerie would work.

        • I think they’ve got a tough job with this sequel, on one side u have the die hard fans wanting to see a mixture of new but with the familiar characters then u have the average movie goer who wont have a clue what a tribble or a tholian is. Its a fine balance they’ll have to play between not distancing old time fans or confusing new one’s with back story that they may have only a few minutes of screen time to work into the plot,

          Personally I think it’ll be good whatever they do, but I WANT a new tv show!!!!
          The dominion wars the romulan wars I don’t care, the standard tv effects are good enough to me now to really open up the trek storylines for a series

  7. A lot of bloggers bring up Kahn as some kind of super villian, he was just some guy with enhanced physical chracteristics. Big deal. Montablan made the charater work, why mess with that? In a world of reboots and remakes you really want Kahn again?
    The ship and her crew met a lot of impressive foes and the only trick Kahn knew was how to decieve and manipulate. Once he played those cards he became any other adversary on the run or behind a phaser.

    The Doomsday Machine was just a big trippy snowcone shaped ship, it didn’t even have a conciousness. Is Kirk going to try and talk it out of destroying Earth this time or what?

    Here’s a suggestion, create a new villian/adversary. How much are these writers getting paid and they can’t even come up with something new?

    Harry Mudd? Ya gatta be kiddin me.

    • We, the fans, bring those things up because they are part and parcel of the Trek universe. Yes, we would like new villains, new situations, but you just can’t ignore decades of lore. Should we just forget about Lex Luthor in Superman, or The Joker in Batman? Khan doesn’t have to be the main focus of the movie. One suggestion I had, for a sequel, was a Romulan threat to the Federation with Khan being the Praetor.

      The Doomsday Machine lame? A machine built to destroy solar systems lame? I suppose you thought the Deathstar was lame? :-)

      Harry Mudd was really just comic relief. They can have him in the movie but it shouldn’t be about him.

      • “Should we just forget about Lex Luthor in Superman, or The Joker in Batman?”
        Yes, Yes and Yes please!!!

        The Doomsday Device was a cool machine, but it was really a “plot device”. The real meat of that episode was Commadore Decker taking commamnd over the Enterprise and the redemption that saved the stardate.
        Remember how great it was seeing a new villian or alien for the first time? The Gorn, Q, the Borg, species 8472? In your case klingons?
        That’s what I’m looking for with this “new” Star Trek. A new tale, a new adversary a new planet.

        If I want to see Kahn or the Doomsday. Device all wander over about 6 feet and grab the dvd. Ask yourself whens the last time you’ve seen Space Seed or Doomsday Device?, your all such massive fans of those characters/plot devices. :/

  8. i would like to Romulans or klingons dammit! lmao!

    • Or how about the Kingons around Uranus.

      • well that was mean Anthony! if i comment i will be reprimanded but i can think of place to send Romuluns and its further up Uranus than mine.>:(

      • HA! Now that was funny.

        I’d like some 2012 stlye Klingons in the next movie.

  9. i love star trek, i’m not to knowledgeable about it other than the movies, but i still love it. i’m not too concerned with what they do with this next movie as long as they stay true to what star trek is. the new film was great for the most part. the only part i’d have to say i didn’t enjoy was the bedroom scene between kirk and the green chick. it wasn’t really necessary; sure it introduced the transmission uhura received but there several ways you can do that. that stuff really isn’t what star trek was about and hope to not see any of it in the upcoming film.

    • I agree. TOS always implied a sexual encounter. Also, I’ve never seen a redheaded Orion slave girl before; that was strange. :-)

      • Why can’t Orions have different colour hair?

        • They can, I just thought it was strange since I had never seen one. Come on, it is the 23rd century after all. :-P

          • Thats such two dimensional thinking.

            • Well, there are worst things to have in common with Khan. :-)

              • Lol.

                Glad you’re here dude, not many people are as obsessed with Trek as I am.

                • No one here believes I don’t have the ears and suits. I did have some of the models but my kids got to those. One of my sisters knows more about Trek than I do, if you can believe that. :-)

  10. They won’t do the plot I want, which is a large scale Balance Of Terror, except with a huge fleet of cloaked Rommies and Plasma torpedoes instead of just the prototype. In TOS canon, nobody knew what the Romulans even looked like until Balance of Terror. In Nu-Trek Uhura already knew “all 3 dialects”. Ugh.

    Hey, I liked the movie, but I have no faith in the writing of these clowns in any which way. If they waste any time on Uhura/Spock relationship cheese it’s going to be unbearable. These guys claim to be huge fans of Prime Directive (it’s a novel by the Reeves Stevens), and I hope they read it a few more times before they wrote this script. If any of you want to read one of the best and most original Trek stories ever, grab a copy of that old novel, it’s incredible.

    I’m expecting a disappointment, especially if JJ doesn’t direct this himself. The cast is good, but expect more shoddy plot devices. These are the Fringe writers, after all.

    I hope to hell the Klingons aren’t in this, either. End of rant by a very long time fan.


    • And what is wrong with the Klingons, petaQ??!!

      You just had to go there, didn’t you? :-)

      If they do have the Klingons, they will have to be the smooth-headed ones because of the events of Enterprise. I have read that the Klingons were in the extended version of Star Trek but wore head armour, probably because they were ashamed of the smooth foreheads. But I agree, we don’t need to see the Klingons just yet.

  11. I wouldnt mind seeing the Gorn again honestly.

    • That’s what I was thinking. Would love to have them explore and expand the Gorn aspect of Star Trek. Something beyond the conflicts with Klingons and Romulans.

    • I would love to see the Gorn. None of the other series encountered them, yet they had an empire.

      With today’s SFX, they would truly be bad mammer jammers if written well.

      • The Gorn were in Enterprise, and yes, the effects were much better than TOS.

  12. As for the title, I think they should go with what’s posted on wikipedia now. “Untitled Star Trek Sequel”

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2009 film, it was supremely entertaining and exciting. Despite a few flaws – the red matter, Spock sending Kirk to an abandoned planet etc, It was still one of the better exmaples of a summer blockbuster in recent years. Looks great on Blu Ray too..

    The alternate timeline reset means they can go wherever they want with this sequel without worrying about sticking to continuity. A more developed villain is a must , but glad they’re not going to reimagine Khan, which would instantly create a backlash from fans. I would say that along with Darth Vader in Empire, and Terence Stamps’ Zod in Superman 2, Montalaban’s Khan was one of the most memorable screen villains of the 80s

    I also hope we get a bit more substance to the story and that the characters convince more of their status. Many attained their roles on the Enterprise purely by default. Yes the 2009 version felt more vivrant than the older films – Star Trek’s I-V all had a certain intelligence with a deeper meaning and something always thought provoking about them.

  14. blah

    • blah blah blah! I vant to suck you bladddd.

      Living up to your name eh? :p

    • “Grups, always talking! Blah,blah,blah” :o

  15. I don’t think Spock Prime would divulge anything about the future, the timeline has already been irrevocably changed, for better or worse. If he said anything it could in effect make matters even worse.

    Interesting to consider, what if, now that they know about the super nova which destroy’s Romulus, when it occurs again in the future, and this time we presume they are able to prevent Romulus destruction, would that create a time loop? Nero would have no reason for revenge and wouldn’t chase Spock and neither of them would go into the past. Bit of a conundrum.

    • No, because even though they changed history and the way things would happen, they (Nero and Spock) are still from the reality where that happened. They aren’t linked to the future. They weren’t like Marty McFly. They weren’t going to evaporate if something went wrong. That’s why old Spock told Spock that he had told Kirk that bad things would happen if Kirk told Spock that old Spock told him what to do. He pretty much said that nothing they did would cause the universe to tear into bits. Does that make sense? haha

      • Nah, just tractor them to Ceti Alpha VI…and let nature take its course. :-P

        • “THIS IS CETI ALPHA V!!!”

  16. I’ll wager 10 quatloos that it’s the Gorn.

    • That’s what I hope! Bring on The Gorn! The only race in the ST universe that was alien because of their Foreheads!

  17. The crew just needs to stay clear of planets with Greek gods, planets with puppets from another galaxy (I still can’t believe I could see the strings :-) ), planets of molten rock, the edge of the galaxy, planets with child gods (Trelane), Charley Evans (well, not really since the timeline has changed), planets with mind-manipulating aliens (Talos, Metrons), and time-travelling planets. :-)

    • So they’re staying home for the next movie, it’s the only place thats safe!

  18. Please, no operating on Spock’s brain as campy as that was in the TOS.

    • “Brain, brain; what is brain?!”

      Come on man, tell me you wouldn’t want to be one of those Morgs? :-)

  19. Definitely looking forward to this, I hope they will make a lot of good sequels…:)D

  20. Definitely looking forward to this, I hope they will make a lot of good sequels…

  21. So let me get this right.

    They now can do anything they want, new adventure, new foe/threat (there is even a two year period in a five year mission never seen) —

    and they want to use a classic antagonist and be inspired by the past stories.


  22. I fear Khan would be a bit of a trap for the writers. Considering old Spock is still alive, if the Enterprise encounters Khan, it would be really tempting to get old Spock’s insight into him but at the same would defeat the purpose of the ‘reboot’. Then again, if old Spock is not incorporated at all and some viewers may ask why he isn’t incorporated. I think this series is going to run into this with any of the major TOS villains (or TNG villains for that matter).

    My take is the series should conitinue to have new villains. An all out war with the Klingons could work, or maybe an accelerated alliance with them depending on how crippled they were after Nero’s attack. So many opportunities that shouldn’t be limited to old characters IMO.

    • I agree that new villains are the way to go, keep us in the real world guessing. Any use of original villains should be a means to an end for the story and/or the new bad guys.

      With old Spock telling Kirk he must not tell new Spock about his involvement and telling new Spock he couldn’t deny him the chance to learn what he and Kirk could do together set the precedent that Kirk and crew will not go running to old Spock with every little problem (thankfully).

      As for Kahn: you wouldn’t try and paint a reboot of the Mona Lisa right? Leave that witch is perfect, perfect!

      • The Star Trek universe is all about nostalgia. They could open the movie with a brief 2 min intro showing them having troubles with Tribbles before the real action started and people would pee their pants just because of the way they felt about the original episode.
        The Gorn was probably the best race introduced. Klingons are worthy of honorable mention simply because their so prominent in the ST universe and series, but they’ve been done to death. Not to mention they were revamped for the Next Generation series.

  23. I would go for a new alien race, new space warships and an entirely new problem with a new planet.

  24. why dont they use the borg in this one i know they used the borg in star trek tng, voyager, enterprise and first contact but why not bring them into the kirk era because they were never brought up in tos so why not bring them up now because it would be so ignorant to not bring up the borg and also the borg were lil bit featured in deepspace nine in the 1st ever episode so why not bring them up for kirk and the new original enterprise crew be a fantatic way to start off a sequel so id vote for the borg in jj’s star trek 2

    • The borg are tired.

  25. panda i have to disagree about bringing the klingons into it because the tos and star trek movies 3,4,5,and 6 dealt with the klingons and not to mention deepspace nine when the klingons n federation went to war again be pointless i agree new enemies and allthat im voting why not bring the borg into it they have never been mentioned in the kirk era they were mentioned in archer era picard er sisko era and janeway era its a perfect opportunity because its summat new for the reboot gets too add soem things what have never been mentioned before

  26. @ daniel – you don’t like the Klingons because they have already been done but the Borg haven’t? The Borg have been done, and done, and done again. I’m not saying the Klingons have to be enemies either (hence I mentioned an accelerated alliance with them if they were badly crippled by Nero’s attack). The thing with the Klingons is that they were so prevelant in the TOS that they can’t just disappear in the reboot timeline. Then again to justify not having Klingons, maybe they are focused on recouping after Nero’s attack as a reason why they are not prevelant in this timeline. I didn’t mean that the Klingons are the only way to go, but the Abrams Star Trek was much more action oriented than the TOS, so more battle scenes would be welcome and a new aggressive Klingon captain could provide that (so could other TOS races for that matter).

    If they come up with a new adversary, great. I would rather see Klingons than the Borg – anyting but the Borg. One reason is that the Borg don’t have individual personas (other than the Borg queen which didn’t really work) and Kirk really needs an evil figure to square off against IMO. The Enterprise is off in deep space exploration, many opportunities to introduce something new.

    • I kind of have to agree, Voyager murdered the Borg as a concept.

    • If you think about it, the Klingons should be really active in the new timeline. They just had their assets handed to them by one ship. kinda like kicking a hornets nest. So they should be aching for a fight even if not fully prepared to go to war. To have them show up at a bad moment with a chip on their shoulder could be a blast to watch Kirk and crew handle.

  27. I don’t really care what they decide to do in the end, I’m still gonna be in a seat on opening day…or earlier if possible (caught a sneak preview or whatever of 2009 ST).

  28. Star Trek should be targeted to the existing (large enough) fanbase of geeks/nerds which is most likely larger than ever. Stop trying to write for a “general” “blockbuster” audience. Focus on the time and place. ‘Tangled’ is not for everyone; ‘Avatar’ is not for everyone; ‘Up in the Air’ is not for everyone; This should not be a consideration. Stay true to the original material—then let the rocks fall where they may.

    It shouldn’t be a “struggle” to write the darn thing. If it is, they shouldn’t be doing it.

  29. Three words for three words:

    Bruce Freakin’ Campbell as Harcourt Fenton Mudd.

    ’nuff said.

    • Campbell just doesn’t play well for me in anything but a B movie. And Burn Notice.