Star Trek 2: Paramount Hasn’t Seen Script; Already Financing Pre-Production

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star trek 2 Star Trek 2: Paramount Hasnt Seen Script; Already Financing Pre Production

A source close to the production has told us that while execs at Paramount have not yet seen the script for Star Trek 2, they are already willing to spend money on pre-production offices for the sequel to the highly successful first film.

A few days ago TrekMovie reported a comment made by Simon Pegg (who played Scotty in the first film) on Twitter:

“I was making a comment about the industry yesterday not Star Trek. Word on the bridge is the new script is AMAZEBALLS and I cannot wait!!!!!”

Perhaps Pegg heard the reaction to the story pitch made to the studio.

While the studio has not yet read the script (which isn’t quite finished yet, but is oh-so-very-close to being done), they have been pitched the entire proposed story for Star Trek 2 and the word is that yes, they really liked it. Understandably, they really want this movie to be made – the first one managed to do what almost no one thought was possible: To revive the 40+ year old Star Trek franchise. With an estimated production budget of around $150 million, the film grossed over $385 million worldwide. It was a hit not only with general audiences but with critics as well.

Actually (and surprisingly for this type of film) over at 94% of critics gave it a positive review (average score 8.1/10) but only 91% of “regular folks” gave it a thumbs up. Granted, both numbers are impressively high, but it’s unusual to see critics liking a summer Sci-Fi tentpole movie more than the average moviegoer.

In any case, the story for the second film is shrouded in secrecy and fans are eagerly awaiting any details on the story and production, which the word is will be starting this August.

Star Trek 2 is scheduled to open on June 29, 2012.

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  1. Cannot wait for this.

  2. Wouldn’t it be “the story for the SECOND film is shrouded in secrecy” since the first film has been out for awhile now?

    • BigFoot,

      Bloody Hell! Thanks, man – does it show that I don’t cover the news very often any more (facepalm).


      • You were upset that The Last Airbender wasn’t nominated for Best Picture, so we understand. 8-)

      • Haha no problem! :D
        Everyone makes mistakes every once in awhile. :P

  3. I didn’t really think that Star Trek was that good, the hole thing with two Spok’s didn’t really make allot of sense and I didn’t really like any of the characters, except maybe Scotty since Simon Pegg is always funny. Maybe it’t just because I’m not a Treky, more of a Star Wars fan.

    • You’re young, right? That’s why. You haven’t had to watch this franchise slowly grind off the tracks over the years. There has been few bright spots over the last 40 some odd years but Abrahms reboot brought back the magic and he managed to make Leonard Nimoy (as Spock) not look like a sad gimmick to modern savvy audiences. Never understood the clash with trekkies and SW fans. I enjoyed SW as a kid, but I’m drawn to ST as an adult more.

      • Uggggg… Any new film with a younger cast would have made $385 million world-wide with the marketing this thing had. If it had a better writing team, better director, better set design and better Enterprise, it would have made a $100-200 million more easily.

        And in terms of “bringing the magic back”. Whaa???. There was little if any “Star Trek” magic in the film. Maybe an attempt at “Star Wars” magic. I heard the character names, but it felt nothing like the Trek I knew.

        • get a life pal, it’s all good stuff, with modern effects and budgets, any remake is great especially in sci-fi.

          • Here here nick! :)

    • Didn’t make a lot of sense? Spock goes back in time, which means there are 2 Spocks. If you went back to yesterday, there would be 2 you in that time line. But I understand why you didn’t like ST, if you are as young as Igdomanious says you are. Also, I am a SW fan as well as ST, I just know more about ST than SW (well, maybe :-) ).

      • I don’t understand why people feel you HAVE to either be a Trek fan or a Star Wars fan. I love both and as a scifi fan I am glad that we have both franchises. It’s like saying you have to either like ice cream OR cake, but not both….

        • I agree, i consider myslef to be a fan of both and extremely well versed in both universes, i personally loved the Reboot, I thought they did an excellent job of recasting the original cast. I cant wait for this to get moving.

        • Agreed! Well, just don’t put the Ice Cream on the cake; I hate that.

  4. Well, I remember an article here saying that the next movie will feature a villain from TOS (KHAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!! :-) ), but that’s all we really know.

  5. I have to say they did a good job of rebooting the series while still paying homage to the original. My only complaint was it felt a bit to rushed and contrived getting the whole crew together. I do understand they had to do it all in two hours so they kind of needed to do it that way.

    All I can say for any future ST movies is……PLEASE stop abusing the space/time continuum! I have had my fill of ST + time travel thanks.

    • Unless they use The Guardian of Forever in some aspect….

  6. I tolerated the newest Star Trek movie, but I really was thrown back by the destruction of the entire TREK HISTORY!!!

    Recently I’ve been watching all the ds9 episodes, and the last few seasons are quite good. And Gul Dukat is awesome.

    I think Khan is as stupid an idea as another Zod in Man of Steel. Montalban cannot be beat.

    • To me Dukat was the best Trek villain of all time, he was charming, creepy, and most importantly for a villain, he didn’t realise he was evil.

      • Yeah Marc Alaimo was brilliant as dukat, probably THE best trek villain.

        • mainly because they had 7 years to develop his character, one of the reason DS9 worked so well was that it had a 7 season arc, one story from the first episode till the last. I really wished they had made a DS9 movie.

          • I still can’t believe he “did” Kai Winn. UGH. Of course he was chasing bajoran babes years before.

            Yeah, no DS9 movie, that should’ve replaced insurrection.

            • on a side note I just watched Enterprise Season 1, episode 21 “detained”


              you know, dean stockwell and scott bakula!

              • Great episode! Archer should have said “Oh Boy” though….

  7. Amazeballs?

    • Yup. That’s a quote.


  8. I loved the last Trek film. I really am looking forward to the second film, but I also hope that it is NOT Kahn. I’ve been a Trek fan my whole life and I thought they did a fantastic job with the last film. I’d LOVE to see the use the Tholians as the main protagonist as modern SFx would finally be able to do them justice. The Klingons HAVE to make an appearance in this film as well.

  9. Some of the best trek was in Next Jen,DS9,Voy and season 4 of Enterprise.

    I detest this new Trek. It sickens me.

    You can all but bet this will be in 3D. Yucck!

  10. David M, the ugly truth paramount spent over 200 million promoting Abrams, Star Trek.

    They made a few million at best feature wise.

    • The only marketing I saw for it was a few tv spots, an iPhone game and a tie in comic. Far less marketing than most blockbusters.

  11. Why are some people bothering to comment if they have nothing positive to say? I’ve been a massive trekie all my life and have seen every episode ever made and I must say I did have some doubts about the latest film. All those doubts were gone after I saw the first scene which I believe to be the best opening sequence in any star trek film. I thought JJ did a fantastic job and I can not wait for the next movie though I am a little nervous about it. Fingers crossed we’ll see some klingons, also think it would be cool if the ferrengi and reptile zindi made some kind of appearance. And T’pol! soooooo sexy!

    • Don’t worry about the negative comments, most people here and around the world absolutely love this movie, I like you have seen every episode ever made and thought this new film got it spot on in every possible way. It should have failed epically but it was totally superb. Not only my favourite film of 2009 but it earned a priviledged position in my top 10 of all time.

  12. I dont get people that complain that they destroyed the Trek Time line, Are you fans of the show at, I mean Trek has pretty much made its bread and butter on time travel and alternate Universes. What is the difference from whatthey are doing here, s if they had done a Movie that was based on the Mirror mirror Universe, they would have been destroying the original, I dont think so.

    • You’re exactly right there. To me, this new Star Trek is simply a mirror universe story.

      • A mirror universe story? Lol. It was the best Starfleet Academy film they could write, and it sucked the life out of the franchise for me.

        The mirror universe was best shown in the season 4, 2part episode, “In A Mirror Darkly”.

        In the Mirror Universe the Federation doesn’t exsist and the ship is called ISS. Enterprise.

        • Yeah you don’t have to tell me any of that, I didn’t say it was the same mirror universe!
          The mirror universe was created by a slight difference in the timeline (humans shooting the vulcans during First Contact) and this mirror universe was created by a small difference (the death of George Kirk) both small events cause massive differences to the timeline, it’s the basic principal of parallel (or mirror) universes.

        • The Enterprise mirror universe didn’t have a Federation, and neither did the mirror universe in TOS nor the 24th century, but Kirk did leave a thought for evil Spock to consider: Is it logical to support an Empire that will eventually fall? So the seed was planted.

        • Long live evil Spock!

  13. All this talk about the “first” and “second” Star Trek movie, bring to mind this question… Weren’t there 8 or 9 other Star Trek movies previous to this, or am I stuck in a weird dimension or something?

    • You’re stuck in a mirror universe. Reconfigure your quantum vibrations to match your quantum reality. 8-)

      Yes, there were other movies but this last one reset the entire universe from Kirk onward. Some things are still the same, like the Tholians, Talosians, V-Ger, Nomad, etc… but now we have a new timeline and things will not turn out the same way.

  14. I enjoyed the last Star Trek movie. I also liked that Xmen Wolverine movie, though. lol

  15. 20 bucks says the new films will all have Simon Peggs character Scotty beaming into odd places and when he’s rescued he’ll have some Shawn of the Dean/Hot Fuzz comment. Because that’s just sooooo funny.

    Note to Abrams, there’s a really high tech sanitation plant here in Van Nuys they can use for Engineering level on the next film. Just fyi.

    The film sucked in soo many ways. :)

  16. Yeah did Spock have girlfriends in the mirror universe?

    I love how new spock is written like Kirk and Kirk is written like a spoiled brat,,,

    If get some time, I’m going to write up a comment exposing all the lame moments of Abrams Star Reck.

    • I will look forward to not reading that.

    • How about Eric Bana? Man, he was miscast. And Red Matter? please… they should’ve used some Geordi LaForge techno babble to explain that one.

      It really was more like Star Wars. Well… maybe Battle Beyond the Stars.

      • That was one of my problems with the movie…Nero. And yes, that red matter stuff didn’t make much since to me nor did the star going supernova threatening the entire galaxy. Others things I had a problem with was orbital diving that didn’t show the re-entry effect, the Miller Warehouse-looking engineering deck, Delta Vega orbiting Vulcan (a planet with NO moon), and transwarp beaming (why use star ships). But even though I had these problems with the movie, I still enjoyed the heck out of it.

        • Did they specifically say that Delta Vega orbited Vulcan? I just thought it was simply in close proximity and Spock chucked Kirk off the ship on the way to meet up with the fleet?

          Watching the deleted scenes, I thought Nero was a much more fleshed out character and they should have left that stuff in the movie.

          The engineering deck didnt really bother me, but it does need more of a centralised hub for the next movie, a main area. Tell you what though, I thought the idea of the ship having more than one warp core was inspired. How many times would that have been useful in the old shows and movies?

          • DSM,

            Pick up the movie prequel comics – really adds a ton of backstory.


          • The problem is, Spock saw Vulcan being destroyed, from Delta Vega. The only way to see a planet being destroyed is from a ship, station, or moon.

    • Me too! Who on earth is going to want to read that dribble

  17. Ummmmmm…not touchin’ that one.

  18. Ahw come on DSB, you have nothing to worry about if the films as awesome as you think it is.

    What mistakes? should have been your reply,,,, :)

    • You know I’ll read it anyway regardless. I may disagree with you (ALOT!) but I will always view someone else’s opinion.
      Plus I would have the oppurtunity to retort. And I enjoy that.

  19. @DSB,,,
    “I thought the idea of the ship having more than one warp core was inspired. How many times would that have been useful in the old shows and movies?”
    Guess you forgot, Voyager, had a primary and backup warp core,,,

    Inspired, nope Voyager already did that,,,

    • To my knowledge the back up core was never actually shown in an episode was it?
      And there is nothing inspired about Voyager, not a damned thing, it’s a traversty that it was on for the full seven years and Enterprise was cancelled after only four!

      • Voyager = Lost in Space.


        • SGU = Lost In Space.

          • DSM,

            Yup, totally.


      • I think the Intrepid Class starships were designed with secondary warp cores. I wouldn’t consider Voyager a travesty, but I do think the writers dropped the ball on more than a few occasions. The Kazon were probably the worse Trek enemies I have ever seen.

  20. So the backup core didn’t impress you on Voyager because it was never used?

    When was it used in the latest film?

    • It’s not a matter of it not being used, it was never even seen, it may be a tech specification for an Interpid class ship but I don’t recall it ever being utilised in the show.

      That was the nerdiest thing I have ever written.

  21. This generation = Lost in space.


  22. I was thinking about a Halloween costume,,,,
    Star Trek costme

    I was also thinking of a character

    skin color pink&black haircolor,,,, pink & black

    cheron character

  23. The continuation of the CHERON I would love to see the continuation of that,, thank

  24. Wouldn’t it be fun ,,,, if you could bring back the cheron in a way nobody seen before,,,
    I know about the news Star Trek,, and the crewmember,,, which was quite interesting
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