Star Trek 2 Script Still Not Finished; Kirk Love Interest Debunked

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 12:08 pm,

Possible directions for Star Trek 2 Star Trek 2 Script Still Not Finished; Kirk Love Interest Debunked

A few months back we reported that screenwriting team Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci had “broken” the story for Star Trek 2. With a June 29, 2012 release date, and pre-production ramping up, many fans were hoping they’d hear about a finished script in the near future.

Today, as rumors of a potential love interest for Captain Kirk spread through the Internet (and were subsequently debunked), Orci set the record straight.

Orci was forced to make a response after a false report posted on an unofficial/impersonator Facebook page for actor Chris Pine stated:

“After a thousand questions regarding the Star Trek sequel I can finally say I am holding the draft script in my hand. I can also now tell you I have a love interest and it’s all looking very exciting. Sorry but I cant give you a date for filming yet, but you guys are going to love it!”

The report (and comment) was quickly debunked by TrekMovie who confirmed that no script drafts have been sent to actors. It wasn’t long before Orci put the nail in this particular rumor’s coffin – responding in the comments of TrekMovie‘s article.

boborci: “Wish it was true that he had read a great script se we wouldn’t have to finish it!”

Before you make the argument that anyone could pretend to comment as Orci, TrekMovie is a trusted source for Star Trek news and has confirmed that the commenter is in fact the Star Trek 2 screenwriter.

J.J. Abrams had previously stated that he intended to have a decision about whether or not he’d be directing the Star Trek sequel at the end of March. However, that decision was dependent on reading the script. Considering we’re nearing the final days of the month, it sounds as though scripting the sequel might be taking a bit longer than originally expected.

That said, concerned fans shouldn’t get too worked up – even if the script isn’t finished, J.J. Abrams, as a producer on the film, undoubtedly has a solid handle on Kurtzman and Orci’s writing process. Abrams can make a decision without seeing the final draft of the script – and there will still be plenty of time for the writers to work-out the finishing touches.

Captain Kirk Love Interest Star Trek 2 Star Trek 2 Script Still Not Finished; Kirk Love Interest Debunked

Should one of those finishing touches turn out to be a love interest (not because of the previously mentioned debunked rumor; rather, because a love interest would make sense), it’s likely the character will not be a high-profile fan-favorite – since, traditionally, Kirk didn’t have a static Lois Lane-style true love and meshing the iconic character with another permanent staple would limit story possibilities in future sequels.

Could Kirk end up falling in love with a dangerous, double-crossing, villainess? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time in the Star Trek universe.

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Star Trek 2 will arrive in theaters on, star date, June 29th, 2012.

Source: TrekMovie

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  1. Carol Marcus perhaps?

    • that would be the most likely choice, but with the time line altered, does Kirk meet her, do the have a Bast…(I mean illegitimate son), lol J/k.

    • Awesome idea. First decent idea I’ve read from a fan.
      I’m so glad kahn is a no go for story line that would have been an insult to moviegoers, it has been done and been done briiliantly.

  2. I’m gonna guess it’s Carol Marcus. The timing would be about right for them to have a kid (as this Captain Kirk is younger than the Kirk of the 5 year voyage). Would also open up the possibility of Khan appearing (a preemptive strike to stop Khan from committing his later atrocities? Opening up the taboo nature of acting on knowledge of the future trying to affect its outcome?).

  3. But only ‘old’ spock knows the future, and he surely would’nt mess with it.

    • The problem is that the future has already been messed with, once he and Nero came back. The future is already on a completely different track – one where there is no guarantee that the results would be the same from his time if he keeps his mouth shut. In fact, there is a good chance things will not work out right now that the timing of Kirk and the crew is all screwed up.

      What if the Enterprise isn’t in position to deal with V’ger? What if Lieutenant Ilia and Captain Decker aren’t assigned to the Enterprise at the same time?

      Just think about this line of events – The reason they were able to drive off the whale ship (Voyage Home) is because they were at Vulcan in a Klingon ship trying to restore Spock’s mind after he was reborn (Search for Spock), after he died saving the Enterprise from Khan and Genesis (Wrath of Khan).

      So basically, without Khan, the whale ship would have destroyed Earth. With the timeline all messed up, there is a distinct chance that Kirk will not find Khan. Do you think old Spock is going to keep the knowledge that will drive off the whale ship to himself if everything doesn’t happen exactly as it did? Because that results in the destruction of Earth, something else that didn’t happen.

      Either way, something that didn’t happen before happens. Logically, it makes sense to tell.

      • You also need to remember where in the relative timeline they are.

        The ‘new’ Enterprise, afaik hasn’t even been assigned to its initial “5 year mission” yet. That means the Botany Bay is still floating derelict in space. So if they decide to use the Khan story again it would be them discovering Khan in stasis which I don’t think would be all that exciting for a full blown movie.

        As for the whale ship….if the Enterprise is never blown up then they could, in theory, take it back in time. If a hunk of junk Bird of prey can do it then the Enterprise itself should be able to do it (although it won’t be landing on earth ;). In fact the whole thing could be pretty trivial if they had the resources of the Enterprise…..scan for whales, beam a few into the holding bay and head back, no need or any contamination of the timeline.

        If you really want to focus on what the movie could be about the best bet is to look at the episodes of the original series and see if any have the ‘meat’ to expand into a full blown movie.

        I think these episodes might be good source material:

        Arena (the Gorn episode)
        Who Mourns for Adonias (the God Apollo episode)
        The Changling (Nomad)
        The Doomsday Machine
        The Gamesters of Triskelion
        The Tholian Web

      • actually there is more likely hood that none of what happened in the original time line would happen in the new time line, That would be due to the change in power, the Vulcans whom were one of the largest and strongest powers in the Galaxy has been wiped out so all those Vulcans and their knowledge and tech will not come in contact with any of their previous encounters there fore changing the whole dynamic of the time line. So medical research that was discovered by Vulcans, tech developed by them wont exist in the new time line, This could also change the Romulans as a society as well, considering the fact that they are cousins of the Vulcans and there greatest Foes.

        • Actually, I can see the Vulcans still being able to accomplish a lot of what they did in the other timeline, because the Vulcans, as a species and as a culture were not destroyed. Yes, millions died, and the planet no longer exists, but the survivors are settling on another planet and being advised in some capacity by “old” Spock. They still possess their knowledge and much of their technology is already spread throughout the galaxy and is, thus, usable… still a viable resource.

          Will they have a tough time? Yes. Will they research, develop, create, produce, aid, and fight the same ways they did in the other timeline? Doubtful. The Vulcans, however, are not done yet, by any stretch of the imagination. At least, that’s what I believe…

          • Small point…but I hope it pleases:

            Wasn’t “old” Spock listed on the script-and-such as ‘Spock Prime’?

            I think that’s way cooler a title for him. :)

            • lol yes it is

          • yeah , i agree with that it makes sense , but where the problem lies is with characters like Tuvok or Savick. There have been some specific Vulcans that have had specific effects on the original Time lines

            • While I do agree the loss of Vulcan will have a rippling effect on the new timeline, it won’t be so far reaching that it would interfere with most of the planets and species the Enterprise encountered in the original series.

              This is akin to tossing a stone into a pond but that pond over yonder won’t be effected by the stone.

              No Vulcan shouldn’t have any bearing on whether the Whale ship will arrive, or the Gorn attacking or Apollo waiting for mankind, encountering Nomad or the Doomsday Machine or the Tholians and I’m sure Triskelion has never even heard of Vulcans.

              The only issue would be whether the Enterprise would be in the right place at the right time to have those encounters again.

            • We don’t that all of those particular Vulcans have been killed or wiped from the timeline. Yes, events will likely play out differently, but those events might lead to the same (or very similar) results. Destiny might involve itself too (maybe the Enterprise, through a completely different set of circumstances, winds up right where it needs to be…or at least right where the fans EXPECT it to be.

              …or events in THIS timelime, having already diverged more than enough from their starting point, may lead to completely different adventures for the crew…

              • …ugh…

                “We don’t KNOW…”

  4. I dunno…Since we’re talking “just out of SF Academy” Kirk, and for the most part in TOS he was not super picky about zooming on anything with a pulse, I’m thinking his love “interest” will center on getting some space nookie of one kind or another soon as it presents itself.
    The green girl was not a bad start.

    Just my two cents…

  5. Why would Kirk even know Carol Marcus? He didn’t even enlist in Starfleet until 5 years after he did in TOS. Who says Carol Marcus was even there anymore? It’s probably someone completely new.

    • It doesn’t have to play out the same way it did in the original series. The first film showed that.

  6. Thank goodness.

    This is Capt. Kirk we’re talking about here. He just needs women around that he can bang and leave.

    Stop pandering to female audiences. It’s the boys, teens, adults and the fanboys among them who are the bulk of this movie’s audience.

    Before soon, they’ll be inserting a child actor in order to bring in young kids.

    • I’m female and want nothing to do with romantic story lines nor child actors. with that said people will fall in love in movies so deal.

  7. Oh just have it be the hot green chick from the first one….

    • Yes, as Rachel Nichols won’t be having to prepare for the G.I. Joe sequel (she played Scarlett).

    • I think she died when Nero destroyed all those starfleet ships… Cause I didn’t see her on the Enterprise

      • Was she at the graduation scene at the end?

  8. I hope its a new character, I hope they can actually bring in new charcaters to the crew as well, this is a whole new universe, I don’t want constant rehashes of old characters.
    That said, I would love to see The Doomsday Machine on the big screen!

  9. J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman need to surpass the last film and rectify the mistakes that they made because as much as it was a tremendous film, I was still privately disappointed because it could have easily have been so much better. The Orion Syndicate as the villains, larger all-star cast as well as many cameos including by William Shatner and Lady Gaga, larger space battles with more starships, James Kirk having better fighting skills and several (human) love interests, no cut scenes and the Jerry Goldsmith theme music from the Insurrection end credits used at the climax.

    • Reads like spam. Fairly certain I have read that exact comment before.

    • Did you say LADY GAGA??? WHY?????

      • cause she is a real life space alien, lmao

  10. We have never known much about Rose, the woman Kirk thought about, and manifested, in Shore Leave. We also don’t know much about Antonia from Trek: Generations.

    But I don’t think we really need to see a love interest. There are many TOS stories that can be translated to film and done in a different way. The Doomsday Device, as a couple of posters already said, is a prime example. They can show what race created it, come forward a number of years and have the Enterprise realize that the solution that Spock-prime had given them won’t work this time because the Enterprise is the first ship to encounter it. They have to work fast because the machine is on a direct course for earth.

  11. Nick Meyer should be hired to oversee the script\

    We had fun dumb popcorn with major plotholes now’s the time for a dose of gravatas. Loved the film as a reintroduction but I they should tone done the hyperkinetic running grunting and shouting, shakey camminng and lens flaring this next time out. I understand that most people are dopey and this skew audience generation is incredibly stupid, effeminate and hopped up on ridelin and energy drinks compared with previous generations but just a bit of gravity, all I ask

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