Damon Lindelof is Scripting ‘Star Trek 2′

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:29 pm,

Screenwriter Damon Lindelof announced that he was officially getting to work on the script for Star Trek 2, with a Tweet yesterday that his post-Lost vacation was “officially over” and he was is “ready to boldly go.” You gotta love how this kind of news breaks in the age of Twitter, don’t you? 😉

Lindelof will work alongside Star Trek scribes Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, who informed TrekMovie last week that they “have a story, and the next phase is to get together and try to destroy it,” as they want to be sure it “stands scrutiny.”

Concerning Lindelof, Kurtzman mentioned that he was “incredibly relieved to have him full-time” now that Lost is over and done with, and that they’ll be “diving in” head-first into the writing process.

Meanwhile, Star Trek director/geeky TV meister J.J. Abrams remains as busy as ever prepping for his next directorial project, Super 8, and also has future production duties on Mission:Impossible 4 and the TV show Undercovers to handle as well.

Although I highly doubt that he will not be formerly announced as the director of Star Trek 2 in the future, Abrams will definitely reunite with his Trek writing duo of Kurtzman and Orci for the sequel, if only as a producer.

L to R: Robert Orci, J.J. Abrams, and Alex Kurtzman

With regards to the plot of Star Trek 2, Kurtzman and Orci agreed that the “big engine of the [sequel’s] narrative [will be] about how does the team – now that they are on their journey – live together as a family?” They also confirmed that the villain would have a more substantial part in the next film, and that they have a “front runner” for who that character might be.

When Orci previously spoke about the sequel, they seemed relatively open to the possibility of using classic Trek baddie Khan in the new film.  If nothing else, their most recent statements seem to indicate that the villain could be a more familiar face and not someone new to the Trekverse, a la Nero in the reboot.

star trek crew1 Damon Lindelof is Scripting Star Trek 2

Who will the crew of the Enterprise face next?

Finally, there’s the question of what exactly the title will be for the Star Trek sequel.  Neither Kurtzman or Orci offered any specific hints – other than to say that it would definitely not be just Star Trek 2.  The two did seem to be intrigued by TrekMovie‘s suggestion that they break from tradition and NOT include the words Star Trek in the title – much like The Dark Knight did with the Batman franchise. It is probably safe to say that fans will recognize a Star Trek movie when they see one, regardless of what it’s called.

So what do you think?  Who would you like to see as the villain in Star Trek 2?  Any thoughts about a creative title for the sequel?  Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.

Star Trek 2 is tentatively scheduled for a release in theaters on June 29th, 2012.

Source: Twitter, TrekMovie (via /Film)

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  1. Please GOD, don’t let Lindelof miss up the STAR TREK Sequel.

    And by all that is right in this world, please, PLEASE don’t let let Carlton Cuse even get news info about STAR TREK anything until its at least too far into prodcution for him to do anything to the story.

  2. Obviously of the next Star Trek movie is going to be about Gary Mitchel, first best friend of Captain Kirk in STTOS. Telepathy/Telekinesis powers gained by going to the very edge of the galaxy and not being able to handle the experience. Just a guess.

  3. Gary Mitchel?

  4. I’m kinda hoping they don’t go with khan. I just kind of feel like us trekkies are over khan. It’s like he had an entire episode of TOS dedicated to him. Then he had a film about him with his name in the title (The Wrath of Khan) it’s just old news. I’m all for reviving a character we’ve seen in the original series but there are loads. I would even be happy if they brought the Gorn back. 😀 anyone but khan. He’s old news.

  5. Just a thought regarding what I would consider an interesting thing for the writers to try, given that the current “cannon” in in an alternate time line, and I wouldn’t mind seeing the character of admiral Pike continued…why not consider one of the most compelling episodes of the original series? “Menagerie”…anyone?

  6. so did i jus read that jj is NOT returning. and i agree kahn is old news they should re imagine an old foe since it is an alternate timeline

  7. Gah wont pay to see this in the theater……

    Rogue-x is there a particular reason you want to know? You are human and like movies/TV etc. That is all that matters.

  8. Logical captain simply logical..



    • Fair enough. Hard to say though most of the people here seem to bull heaed to be anything but male however I have met equally bull headed females.

      Looking at the “facebook” link there are quite a few females that at least subscribe to this…


      Maybe the Title will…

      The Next Generation.

      It will include time travel, being stranded on a planet, a polar bear and then no logical explanation (Spock wont even “get it”) as to how/why anything really happened as at the final 2 mins of the movie it will be turned into a totally character driven story after cramming 120mins plus of scifi/action down our throats.

      Bitter? Just a little… 😀

  11. “They seem to be intrigued by TrekMovie‘s suggestion that they break from tradition and NOT include the words Star Trek in the title – much like The Dark Knight”
    How disgusting!!!
    This kind of unimaginative, creativly bankrupt. dedication by the writing staff is why Star Trek is dead to me…

  12. The Talosians would be something wonderfull to delve into again or the flying lasagna from the episode “Operation Annihilate!”

  13. Pity they didn’t bother destroying the story of the first one to see if it “stood scrutiny”. They’re clearly open to anything except the possibility that a Star Trek movie might not actually need a villain at all. To go with a new cast, ship and visual style, but keeping exactly the same structure of every Trek movie since Khan (except IV) is madness. Along with lumbering itself with a canon increasingly impenetrable to the average viewer, isn’t following a tired formula what killed the franchise in the first place?

    • 😀 LOL 😀

      So, so true Big D if they don’t make a movie that isn’t about something more than a spiced up UFC match but in space, neither you, Vic, or even 790™ could convince me to go as far as to RedBox the dam thing! This show was about more than Mano A Mano stories and it’s about time it gets back to those roots. The whole world stage could use a shot of positivism and encouragement to explore beyond the boundaries that have hampered us in the past. Since this is suppose to be a rebooted franchise then why not raise the consciousness of those new found viewers? I have a sign that the writers for this movie should hang over their desks and word processors “Everything Is New Again.” When something is new we examine it to see what its all about. Lets do that with Star Trek…

      • Or to look at it another way, Star Trek wouldn’t have entered the collective consciousness in the first place if Shirtless Kirk had made an appearance in every single episode!

  14. I for one would love to see Kahn as the villain. It would be great to see a “fresh” (I usually hate to use that term) take on the Kahn story. But really if it’s as good as the first movie, I don’t care who the villain will be.

  15. Whatever they do, please stay away from time travel. One of the main problems I had with the first movie was that in the Trek universe, there are these timecops (for lack of a better word) from the 29th century who monitor the time stream. The last movie (although enjoyable) should not have even happened because it changes the timeline tremendously and the temporal agents wouldn’t allow that. I know many wouldn’t like another Khan movie but I think a different perspective on the character could work; say, for instance, the Klingons or Romulans find the Botany Bay, and Khan becomes the ruler of one of those empires. But this new writer worries me. After all the stuff that went on with the finale to Lost, this guy just doesn’t inspire confidence.

  16. Ironically…I just watched the first movie last night and was thinking: “I wonder when the second one is coming out.”

    Perfect timing in my book! 😀

  17. Oh come on ,,,,Q,,,, or god sakes not the borg

  18. Couldn’t be happier that Damon Lindelof is part of the process.

    • Hey Fury, check the “Review” thread! Bright Eyes posted the mother of all instalments of his script a while back, and though we seem to have lost Johnny and Steve, Katherine was on today for the first time in a couple of months. Like the Monty Python parrot, we’re not dead yet, we’re just resting…

  19. New villians need to be klingon. You make it classic Star Trek with todays special effects.

  20. Well,,,Old Man, my friend,,, 😉

    Without saying so initially, I TOTALLY AGREE with BIG D’s comments, he couldn’t be more dead on with his views. The last thing I’m going to do is talk you into seeing this tainted franchise. Lol,,,
    But yes I agree Star Trek isn’t a hero vs villain science fiction show. These guys are morons.

    At its core Star Trek is all about exploration.
    Something the producers and paramount have abandoned with this reboot formula.

    I’ve posted long ago that the (well paid) writers for the new Star Trek were doomed to repeat the so called mistakes of Berman/Braga unless they generate something new… Are we there yet?

    Pandering to the twitter community and online sites for inspiration is a admission of a complete lack of vision and hence acknowledges these guys are the wrong team to write this script. (Like I couldn’t figure that out after watching Transformers)

    But it doesn’t matter at this point Star Trek has been reborn in the minds of those that never grew up having dinner on the weekends watching reruns of Star Trek back in the 70s.

    What they don’t know won’t hurt them,,, only me…

    This franchise is a zombie of what it could have been!!!!

    • Eating TV dinners on fold out trays….. HEY! I remember that. 😀

  21. I would know it was an impostor if you recommended a failure 790™. Everything you’ve recommended that I’ve bought I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

  22. Rogue, I’m female, a long time Trekkie and very much into sci fi.

    My question would deal mostly with, do we want to follow a timeline in the Trek universe? In other words, choose a familiar villain early in the show, or later? Does it matter just because of the fact this is not the original time/universe, but a newly created one.

    Would they concentrate on one storyline and villain, as opposed to choosing several things to deal with. Or go off in a totally different direction and choose nothing familiar, but entirely new to the Trek universe? Would that be too risky? I would go see it regardless if they used a new character or one from the past.

  23. how ’bout the enterprise goes back before jfk is assassinated and stops it??

    • Red Dwarf did that one in “Tikka To Ride”. Plus, as Kahless says above, they really need to avoid time travel like the plague at this point.

  24. To (loosely) quote Nichelle Nichols when she once spoke to Gene Roddenberry: ‘I know what your doing, your making morality plays.’ That is what made Star Trek great and that sort of insight is needed from the current writers. Without which Star Trek will surly become a tired old franchise that it (nearly) became in the past.

    As for a Villain, which I don’t feel is really necessary, anything that doesn’t come from TNG, DS9, ST-V, or ST-E would be OK with me. Try checking out ‘Journey To Babel’ for inspiration. How about rescuing some civilization from The Planet Killer? Maybe even having a ‘guest alien’ instead of a villain.

  25. Oops! An ill tempered tired old franchise? Surely not Star Trek!

    • McCoy’s bedside manner? Never gets old! :-)