Damon Lindelof is Scripting ‘Star Trek 2′

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Screenwriter Damon Lindelof announced that he was officially getting to work on the script for Star Trek 2, with a Tweet yesterday that his post-Lost vacation was “officially over” and he was is “ready to boldly go.” You gotta love how this kind of news breaks in the age of Twitter, don’t you? icon wink Damon Lindelof is Scripting Star Trek 2

Lindelof will work alongside Star Trek scribes Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, who informed TrekMovie last week that they “have a story, and the next phase is to get together and try to destroy it,” as they want to be sure it “stands scrutiny.”

Concerning Lindelof, Kurtzman mentioned that he was “incredibly relieved to have him full-time” now that Lost is over and done with, and that they’ll be “diving in” head-first into the writing process.

Meanwhile, Star Trek director/geeky TV meister J.J. Abrams remains as busy as ever prepping for his next directorial project, Super 8, and also has future production duties on Mission:Impossible 4 and the TV show Undercovers to handle as well.

Although I highly doubt that he will not be formerly announced as the director of Star Trek 2 in the future, Abrams will definitely reunite with his Trek writing duo of Kurtzman and Orci for the sequel, if only as a producer.

L to R: Robert Orci, J.J. Abrams, and Alex Kurtzman

With regards to the plot of Star Trek 2, Kurtzman and Orci agreed that the “big engine of the [sequel's] narrative [will be] about how does the team – now that they are on their journey – live together as a family?” They also confirmed that the villain would have a more substantial part in the next film, and that they have a “front runner” for who that character might be.

When Orci previously spoke about the sequel, they seemed relatively open to the possibility of using classic Trek baddie Khan in the new film.  If nothing else, their most recent statements seem to indicate that the villain could be a more familiar face and not someone new to the Trekverse, a la Nero in the reboot.

star trek crew1 Damon Lindelof is Scripting Star Trek 2

Who will the crew of the Enterprise face next?

Finally, there’s the question of what exactly the title will be for the Star Trek sequel.  Neither Kurtzman or Orci offered any specific hints – other than to say that it would definitely not be just Star Trek 2.  The two did seem to be intrigued by TrekMovie‘s suggestion that they break from tradition and NOT include the words Star Trek in the title – much like The Dark Knight did with the Batman franchise. It is probably safe to say that fans will recognize a Star Trek movie when they see one, regardless of what it’s called.

So what do you think?  Who would you like to see as the villain in Star Trek 2?  Any thoughts about a creative title for the sequel?  Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.

Star Trek 2 is tentatively scheduled for a release in theaters on June 29th, 2012.

Source: Twitter, TrekMovie (via /Film)

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  1. I would like to see them bring back the “Doomsday Machine” bigger and badder than before! Make it more than one ship can handle, suggesting a short term alliance between the federation and the Klingons and Romulans.

    • Herumph!! All you want is a video game. Their’s no real story there. It might make a good deus ex machina for another story, but it’s not a real story in itself…

      • Herumph !…LOL ! The machine is the villain and they build the story around it, just like they did in the original series. Since we have not “mind melded” you could not possibly “know what i want” or think. Have a nice day old timer.

  2. What a bore that is. To think you could build a decent story from such a premise. Pitch it to me I dare ya. Just the very idea says you live from the Chakras below your heart. Your still trying to master the world by the methods of war. The doomsday machine is an even more unexceptional story than “Nemesis.” A far more vapid story than “The Motion Picture.” and just a hair above dumber than “The Final Frontier.” Well I’ll give you that you beat out the Shat. Admit it your an Adrenalin junkie, grab yourself a parachute and go jump out of a plane, dude…

  3. I don’t take advise from pompous asteroids…dude !

    • excuse me “advice”

  4. No I imagine you don’t listen to anyone. What is it that you can’t muster a pitch? You scarred or just lazy? Gives us all a break and listen for a few more years to the real fans that are willing to put some thought into their efforts. It’s painfully obvious you have nothing to offer, otherwise you would have taken up the challenge…

  5. Who is a bore now ? I’ve been a fan ever since I saw the first episode of the original series in 1966. You can look elsewhere for some fool to take up your (so called) challenge. Get a life old man…get a life! I will waste no more time with your egotistical ramblings.

  6. Star Trek TOS “The Doomsday Machine”
    Plot: Enterprise crew play cat and mouse with planet
    destroying machine, “Doomsday machine” And if possible
    destroy it.

    Star Trek the Motion picture
    plot summary: Doomsday machine on its way to Earth, Enterprise crew on mission to stop it.

    Star Trek II Wrath of Kahn
    plot summary: Kirks Old Flame and son invents device that’s potentially
    a Doomsday Machine. One time Kirk adversary steals it and uses it to get revenge.

    Star Trek III the Search for Spock
    plot summary: Klingon’s covet Doomsday Machine. Attempt to get it.

    Star Trek IV The Voyage Home
    Plot Summary: mysterious machine shows up at Earth threatening to destroy it. UMM irregardless of why, isn’t this just another Doomsday

    Star Trek V The Final Frontier
    Plot: search for god turns up devil.

    Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country
    Plot:Détente. The Doomsday war is implied but at least it’s not about the Machine but the unwillingness to change. Gee of all the Star Trek’s
    to this point you think someone is trying to tell the audience to move on already, but it takes another couple more movies.

    Star Trek VII Generations
    Plot: Alien bad guy uses Doomsday Machine to reach nirvana. I guess someone should reach eternal bliss for going to all the trouble of creating and using a Doomsday Machine.

    Star Trek VIII First Contact
    Plot: Basic war picture about world domination. I guess if you can’t get your script to go blow up a world or the universe with a fancy Doomsday Machine then taking it over is the next best thing.

    Star Trek IX Insurrection
    Plot: Adam and Eve’s Children trying to sneak back into Eden and steal the tree of life. Federation brass promised Apples for their help. Picard teaches em it’s not right to steal. Looking back this seems like the second reminder that indirectly chastises the powers that be that they should stop stealing Norman Spinrad’s work! You know what it doesn’t take..

    Star Trek X Nemesis
    Plot: paper Thin wrapper about Reman/Romulan plot to mess with Federation minds, then use their own special Doomsday Machine on Earth.

    Star Trek Reboot
    Plot: Spock invents Doomsday Vacuum cleaner but is too late to stop Natures Doomsday Machine from dooming Romulus. Kirk does it right when Romulans create ad Hoc Doomsday Machine using Spock’s Vacuum motor and an orbital mining machine. Can’t decide if J.J. stole story from Spinrad, Mel Brook’s “Space Balls,” or perhaps Marvel’s Origin’s “Silver Surfer” cartoon?? Probably felt he’d be safe if he stole from all three!

    I bet except for the first one Spinrad didn’t get a dime from all these plots that stole from his story, maybe he should sue?

    Have we had enough Doomsday Machine stories or does Star Trek reboot+1 need to be about another Doomsday Machine?? Maybe J.J. should tell these hot shot writers to contact Spinrad and ask him if he has any new ideas? They need more material to stretch his Doomsday Machine story out another couple of movies!!

    Perhaps now anyone can see that I have every right as a Star Trek fan to be thoroughly disgusted when someone glibly suggests their should be another Doomsday machine movie. 7 out of 11 movies 64 % were about somebodies Doomsday and most about bringing it about with a machine.

    • Well put, old man! Interviewed back in 1978, Gene Roddenberry said: “There was a great deal of room for drama in science fiction at the time that Star Trek appeared. The stories are about people. And, if they aren’t people, they must have some characteristic that is human. When you do a story, you imbue the characters with personality qualities with which you can identify.”

      “The other part of it to which we were subject was censorship and limitations imposed by the FCC. In those days you couldn’t talk about Vietnam or other social issues. That limited the stories. I knew that Jonathan Swift in Gulliver’s Travels used allegory to comment upon social issues of his time. I did the same thing with Star Trek. each episode had social commentary applicable to the times. Things are not like that today.”

      “The people living in the future will have values and lifestyles and attitudes so radically different from ours. If I would have put them on the screen, my audience would have been shocked. It is the equivalent of a 10th century European being introduced to our 20th century society. The things we do would seem so blasphemous and immoral…It simply would have been difficult for a mass audience to comprehend. I cannot say I understand the universe. There may be possibilities of beauty and pleasure beyond what we have now. There are many things like that I could write on. But it was TV and you can imagine how long my programs would have lasted. I did as much as I could at the time. I did bring in the possibility of another consciousness beyond ours.”

      “I think the thing that had the most impact on mass culture and science fiction was getting Star Trek into millions of homes that hadn’t even seen a science fiction idea. Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov credited Star Trek with the SF revolution with the mass audience. Ray Bradbury once said science fiction’s architects are philosophers and dreamers who make all things possible.”

      It’s a simple correlation: the bigger the budget the fewer the risks taken. The Star Trek movies have basically been recycling elements from a tiny handful of TOS episodes for thirty years. Some more successfully than others, but the hand-me-down aspect is undeniable. In the words of E.E. Cummings:

      listen: there’s a hell
      of a good universe next door; let’s go.

      Death Star knockoffs and strutting demagogues need not apply.

  7. That’s exactly what’s so damn frustrating about this thread Big D the whole idea of Star Trek has ossified! Are we so stuck in this hole and so rigid that as fans we see no other possibilities and can’t climb out? The status quo so fearful of the new that they just can’t look up at the landscape and realize that change needs to happen? It’s not that hard. You take the pulse of the people that are crying out for a good, thoughtful story and then look for one among the options. They know how to do it, they have examples. If it’s fear that’s the problem, they’re allowing it to get the best of them, and as an entertainment consumer, it’s boring me to death. Duffy’s response is a symptom of the disease, too much navel gazing and insufficient mental stimulation. Hell it’s got to me as well…