Star Trek Sequel To Start Pre-Production Late 2010 (Or Not)

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star trek header Star Trek Sequel To Start Pre Production Late 2010 (Or Not)

Like our friends over at First Showing, this little snippet of news/info kind of slipped past us over the Christmas break, but we thought it was worth sharing with you: In an interview with MTV last week, actress Zoe Saldana spoke about the movies she has upcoming in 2010, and one of the movies highlighted in its own segment was “A Star Trek Sequel.”

It was a kind of off-the-cuff remark when Saldana let loose the info that she believes that the Star Trek sequel (Star Trek 2?) will go into pre-production around this time next year. Here’s the quote from MTV by Saldana herself:

“I spoke to J.J. and Bryan Burk, his producing partner at Bad Robot, and they are still in the middle of building the script with Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci, and we’ll probably be going into pre-production around this time next year.”

So basically that sounds like complete speculation on Saldana’s part, but what the heck, we’re hungry for news on the sequel, right?


star trek uhura Star Trek Sequel To Start Pre Production Late 2010 (Or Not)

Zoe Saldana as Uhura

The last we posted about what Star Trek screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are thinking of doing with the sequel and where they were in the ideas/writing stages, they said they were brainstorming and were going to get together soon to start putting things together. They discussed how they can get back into the the world that they’ve “modernized” i.e. where are the characters now? And hinted at the fact they’ll be starting to think about who the foe is this time around.

We asked Mr. Orci where things are currently and whether Zoe is on the mark with her pre-production comment. He told us that “until there’s a script… all bets are off” and that they’re currently into the story breaking process. They have not yet put pen to paper (so to speak) but that should change very shortly into the new year.

So there you have it. Sounds like IF a script is completed without too much delay Saldana might be right, but at this point it’s too early to tell.

Sources: MTV (thanks to FirstShowing)

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  1. which means there is absolutely reason for telling us this.

  2. @ realist,

    To clarify what’s being reported out there.

  3. What Rob said.

    Other sites are taking this as fact – I contacted Roberto Orci to get clarification.


  4. Personally, I appreaciate the clarification .
    Its always hard for me to know which Trek rumor to believe.

  5. wait so trekmovie might be wrong lol, there’s a first. guess the guys at worstpreviews are going to rip a new one…again

  6. Well we didn’t say for sure pre-production WON’T begin at the end of next year, just that it’s not confirmed/official based on a comment from an actress from the film in an interview.


  7. Sounds like they had no plan/direction for a sequel and that’s pretty lazy when it comes to a franchise like Star Trek.

    This lazy attention to detail attitude permeates throughout the entire new (20 something) direction in Star Trek…
    Too bad,,, the franchise will never be the same. As long as they stay the course, Abrams Trek will forever be compared to The Original Series, it won’t have a revolutionary new vision or premise.
    It will always be a copy of the original…
    A copy = (reboot)

    I would have preferred a 3 film epic set beyond Voyager, but were stuck with this crap,,, yeah, call me bitter?! 😯

  8. i am not much of a fan of this new trek because of the countless errors/mistakes/and just the attitude of “who cares what came before, we’ll just do whatever we want” as in “we’ll just piss down your back and tell you it’s raining”. btw, trekmovie is the most bias site on the web. really, the article about her should never have been printed in the first place. these movie sites are getting as bad as yahoo, no fact-checking, just rush and print. we’ll correct later or retract, that’ll give us another story to write! boy have standards in reporting fallen greatly.

    in my day, news only came out after verification and it was handled by people who weren’t worried about being cool or regarded as cool or who got what first (or second, for that matter) but they knew they had a reputation to keep and a lot of these sites are so similar now (btw, who can even navigate ain’t it cool news?)

    as far as trek goes though, there was no need to recast and reboot, they could have just made a whole ‘nother trek, but paramount is quite scared that trek can never make it on its own without TOS crew/characters. I suppose that’s right. and before you go saying “waht about TNG”, they had a healthy boost with TOS crew connections to get them through. what JJ should be doing is making, i mean, rebooting star wars, since that’s what he’s tried to pawn off on us and call it trek. hey, there’s a pattern starting to develop here…

    since they’re rebooting and making movies from cartoons and comics and now video and board games and websites, i can’t wait to see movies made from commercials and maybe even traffic signs, now THAT’S something i’d like to see, and hey, if it sucks, they can just reboot it 3 years later!!

    as Sam Spiegel used to say “include me out!”

  9. I’m actualy excited about a new Star Trek film. Can’t wait.

  10. I loved the new Trek more than anything, it might be my movie of the decade!

    I hope they dont call it Star Trek 2! Reboot or not, it will be Star Trek 12, give it a cool title.

  11. I’m amazed they’re taking so long on the sequel, considering they claimed they were working on it in March, before the first film even came out. What’s taking so long?

  12. @David B

    I feel the same way, but wouldnt you rather they spent the time and got it right rather than just churn out a sequel for the sake of doing so?

    I hope they are working on the story, an Original story and not just doing plotlines from the older films.

  13. The first was just an excuse to hang lots of big explosions on the screen – do we really want another? Not my father’s Star Trek, and not Roddenberry’s either. These guys got no imagination.


  14. @Trek Star

    I’m an old guy who’s favorite Trek series is TOS and I thought they did an admirable job with the new film.


  15. @Vic

    I’m so totally agree with you on this part admirable job with the new film… since I’m not fan and with my respect to you all there real=heart=die fans I didn’t knew about this franchise at all..!! But thanks to this new Film;right now I’m so addicted to it.. I love the movie my favorite of 2009 and can’t wait to find out more news about the Sequel..

  16. I am a Trek fan and have been since the wrath of Kahn came out. This new Star Trek film did the franchise justice. The alternate time line was executed well. The main thing is that they did not try to copy TOS they actually built on Enterprise which as a whole was not a bad series. They could not go back to the shoe string budget TOS had for three seasons and the boxy sets. They modernized it and IMO it worked.

    I too am looking forward to the sequel.

  17. I’m psyched about another new Trek, but if this one isn’t polished in terms of plot and character motivation then I’ll be disappointed.

    Star Trek was one of my most enjoyable theater experiences of 2009 but if you break it down to what actually happens in the story… it’s got big issues and my idea of Trek shouldn’t be convoluted or “dumbed-down.”

    I have faith that now thee studio will allow for more freedom and confidence that Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof will bring us something special with Trek 2.

    Let’s just tone down the lens flares. :)

  18. Star Trek was EASILY my favorite film of the year. I thought Abrams did a great job of keeping to spirit of Trek alive while opening up the franchise to a wider audience. Let’s face it, the last few Trek movies with Braga and Goyer at the helm didn’t exactly light the box office up and didn’t really make most Trekkies happy either. While I enjoyed all of the previous Trek movies to an extent, the new film was a breath of fresh air and arguably the best Trek film since “The Undiscovered Country.” I’d love for Abrams and company to dive into a story with the Klingons as the main protagonist!!