More ‘Star Trek 2′ Plot & Villain Hints Surface

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Possible directions for Star Trek 2 More Star Trek 2 Plot & Villain Hints Surface

J.J. Abrams is notorious for being secretive about any in-development project with which he is associated and the Star Trek followup, Star Trek 2, looks to be no exception.

Screenwriters Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, and Robert Orci are currently in the midst of scripting Stark Trek 2, which begins pre-production in January 2011.  Abrams has so far been tight-lipped about the direction that the Star Trek sequel will take, though he did share the following nugget of food for thought with SFX magazine for their upcoming 200th issue:

The universe that [original 'Star Trek' creator Gene] Roddenberry created was so vast. And so it’s hard to say there’s one particular thing that stands out as what the sequel must be.  Which is on the one hand, a great opportunity.  On the other hand it’s the greatest challenge – where do you go?  What do you focus on?  But I’m incredibly excited about the prospects.”

The 2009 Star Trek movie used the plot device of time travel – which itself could be considered a staple of the Star Trek franchise at this point – in order to (literally) reboot the timeline of the original series.  While a number of longtime Trekkies would like characters such as the Klingons or Khan Noonien Singh to play a prominent role in future installments, Abrams and his crew have a lot of freedom with respect to the worlds and creatures they could factor into Star Trek 2 and beyond.

Star Trek 2009  More Star Trek 2 Plot & Villain Hints Surface

What foe will the Enterprise battle next?

Both Kurtzman and Orci were also interviewed by SFX and addressed their issues relating to who the villain of Star Trek 2 would actually be.  Kurztman specifically brought up Khan’s name in his interview and mentioned the following:

“You have to start with what is the right story.  And that if you can say “That’s a story that Khan fits into”, that’s how you get to that.  Not deciding on a menu list of items and then seeing if you can’t string them all together.”

Orci echoed his co-worker’s concerns and had this to offer as well:

“Introducing a new villain in the sequel is tempting because we now have this incredible new sandbox to play in… The trick is not to do something that’s been seen before just because you think it will be a short cut to likeability.”

Star Trek Sequel More Star Trek 2 Plot & Villain Hints Surface

Lindelof compared Star Trek 2 to The Dark Knight a few weeks ago, which left a number of fans concerned that the sci-fi sequel would strike an uncharacteristically gritty and dark tone.  Kurtz and Orci assured SFX this was not the case and that the Star Trek sequel – which Orci confirmed will feature more of funnyman Simon Pegg as Scotty – will be similar in tone to its predecessor.

J.J. Abram’s Star Trek was well regarded for striking a balance between effects-driven action sequences and character/plot-oriented scenes – not to mention the fact that it avoid the 2 1/2 hour + running time of entries from other blockbuster franchises such as Transformers or Pirates of the Caribbean.  The Star Trek sequel will hopefully be able to repeat that act and then some.

Star Trek 2 is scheduled for release on June 29th, 2012.

Source: SFX (via TrekMovie)

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  1. @David Knowles, yeah I wasn’t saying Star Trek 11 was like Batman Begins, it should have been,,,

    Without the martial arts and fight scenes of course.
    Well maybe one fight scene.

    Dant dan dann dann dannn dann dant dant dant daa,,,!!!

  2. @Danlister, True it wasn’t till an actress named Lucelle Ball, (who co-owned Desilu Studios) said she liked the show and agreed to give it a shot…

    Thanks Lucy!!!

  3. @Flashback, it was a different time back when TWOK came out nobody expected Mr Rourke of Fantasy Island to be cast in a Star Trek film. Then everyone remembered he was in thr Original series as Kahn. He instantly became the biggest Star Trek villian ever.

    I don’t want to see his role recasted ever… Why try and top that performance when you can create new villians?

    • me neither.that was the point of my post.

      if it was not clear i appologize.

  4. @Flashback, I didn’t mean to come off like I was trying to prove a point I was just flashbacking to that time in my life after reading your comment.

    Thanks man,,,
    You know they renamed the famous downtown Doolittle Theatre, the “Ricardo Montalbán Theatre about 6 years ago.

    • thats cool.its easy for comments in message boards to be miss understood.

  5. Oh I meant to type Downtown “Hollywood” Theatre.

    Wasn’t Christopher Loyd great as Krudge?, in “Search For Spock”. ;-)

    • lloyd was the best klingon ever.

  6. Krudge:
    Helmsman, target their engines,,,, very carfully,,,

    Yes,,,,, sir. (Gulp)
    That one goes out to my SR bro, Kahless!

  7. @Flashback were totally on the same page!


  8. Yeah Flashback my favorite Trek films will always be, “Wrath of Kahn”, and its cliffhanger sequel, “Search For Spock”.

    Totally agree Loyd was great but not the best klingon ever. That is debatible. ;-)

    • Agree totally that TWOK was top notch, and that Khan shouldn’t be recast as long as anyone who remembers Montalban is still alive. Star Trek III would have been great if they hadn’t blown up the Enterprise. It was an excuse by ILM to do some showy SFX and Harve Bennett forcing Nimoy to do things he didn’t want to do as a new director. ST IV was totally Nimoy as far as directing went, and was a much better movie cinematically. It was also what they needed with the “-A” moment at the end to set up TNG. Most people never make the connection that Kirk’s line at the end of the movie saying “My friends… we’ve come home” is the basis of the movie’s title. I don’t know about Lloyd being the best Klingon… buy Lloyd certainly had gravitas. You can’t discount Plummer as Chang in ST VI as a great Klingon, too.

  9. The only original Trek film that I didn’t LOVE was The Final Frontier. That film was just all over the place. I absolutely LOVE The Voyage Home, it’s my favorite Trek film. The concept of the film, as well as how well it was written and the humor in the film, really make it a fun film to watch. I would LOVE it if the new Trek film took a cue from TVH and did something totally different than the Klingons/Romulans, etc.

    • TVH was a good film, would of liked to learnt more about the probe.

      I also think the new film should take the same cue, but I doubt it will.

      • There is a novel that goes into the history of the Probe. I actually think it’s called PROBE.

        • Yes, a decent novel. I don’t think they could’ve ever afforded to do the SFX required for that book, and it’d be pretty bad at future movies involving Romulans, but I did like it.

  10. @ David Knowles

    The Excelsior, the Defiant, the Titan, the Ent-J…all of them work for me.

    One thing we have learned by now is that you need to ask for more than a tall ship and a star to steer it by.

    You also need a bold and charismatic captain to run the thing and a varied and likable crew to back them up. Both Voyager and Enterprise were always wanting in those areas.

    The action and spectacle of the cinema was never a good fit for either the Over-The-Hill Gang or the Evolved Sensibility Generation. This new crew is very much made for the big screen, and has a lot of potential given the right scripts.

    The hard cores may dismiss it as “Trek Lite”, but the elite forces will always be drawn from the ranks of the regulars. If these new movies increase the fan base and public interest, the better the chance to start a new TV series. The real trick is in getting CBS to partner up with a cable network like HBO, AMC, or SyFy who would know how to handle a property like this.

    I can always dream.

    • “The real trick is in getting CBS to partner up with a cable network like HBO, AMC, or SyFy who would know how to handle a property like this.”

      Um, SyFy? The same network that features WRESTLING on a Science-Fiction Channel? The same one that features weekly mutations and Genetic Lego beasties like the upcoming “Sharktopus”???

      • True, but also the same network that has such awesome shows like Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Haven. Shows, which if not for SyFy, would have never been put on the air. I’d LOVE to see a Trek series designed just for the SyFy channel. That way if the ratings are like 1-2 million people it won’t get cancelled.

        • Possibly. It’s too hard to tell what cable channels will or won’t do. And most cable channels aren’t yet transmitting in HD… a must for a new ST Series!

    • Yet another nail hit on the head by Bright Eyes. I must differ with you a little bit on the “Over-the-Hill Gang” comment, though. Given the right director, they were more than capable of performing, and I think that the concept of a biennial release made the possibility of more films endearing to people. What it couldn’t overcome was bad writing (ST TMP), bad acting and directing (ST V) or too many people in the director’s chair (ST III). ST II pushed the actors to accept they weren’t in their 20s or 30s anymore, and we grew with them. ST IV returned us to “a serious message behind a bit of humor” which had been lacking. ST VI taught us that we have inherent prejudices, and the actors learned that, too. The common theme of all of the good movies is Nicholas Meyer. He wrote II and VI, and he wrote the “middle” part of IV (the entire part of the movie that takes place in the 1980s). The best thing JJ could do is partner up with Nick Meyers and get the secret recipe. CBS is clueless, as you said, just as NBC was 40 years ago. I’ve found that, if history is a judge, the best thing that could happen to Trek were it to have it air on NBC, currently the weakest of the three networks for evening line ups. They’re more likely to fund it, and make it a cornerstone of their programming. They’re also not limited on budget as much as a cable network is likely to be. To quote an intelligent man, “I can always dream.”


  11. I don’t get Syfi nor Sci Fi, these days. How about NBC? Or paramount could just make movies. I’d like to see some Star Trek movies, or even a Star Trek tv series, based on Peter David’s Star Trek books!

    • Not 100% sure of the last one myself, they do like to make those cheesy CGI ’50′s revisited monsters, but they also gave us Galactica. (Having to choose your favorite Cylon between #6 and Boomer was the most deliciously agonizing dilemmas since Ginger Vs Mary Ann or Betty Vs Veronica.)

      Why does a franchise about the future have to be the property of a broadcast TV dinosaur like See B.S.?

  12. NBC would be the worst for a new tv trek. It would be canceled at the first drop in ratings.

    • You must be a fan of “Team Conan” because NBC has weathered shows that have had tremendous ratings erosion, including the original Star Trek. And we owe NBC for Star Trek – Roddenberry had already tried the other networks. Without the Peacock, we very likely wouldn’t be having this discussion.


      • SyFy, TNT or FX would be the best outlet for a new Trek series.

  13. Doc I like NBC but it’s true that they have a hard time holding on to shows these days. They have low ratings.

    Who isn’t apart of team Conan? Seriously he’s much better than Leno and NBC shafted him.

    Still I think NBC could pull it off. Our best chances at a show are NBC, FX or a premium station like HBO or showtime. CBS has some truly awful TV shows same with ABC. Fox just rapes every thing they make and drops the ball house is pretty much the only show they got right lately. I guess USA could pull it off as well.

    Let’s not even get started on the awful SYFy network they screwed that network so bad.

    • Well, I’m not a part of “Team Conan” because I don’t find him funny at all. But that aside, yes, NBC “shafted” him, but that’s the industry. Don’t think for a moment that if Star Trek movies don’t make (enough) money that Paramount will keep making them. That’s why they stopped making TNG movies. It’s all about the money. And for a show like Star Trek to be truly successful, it needs deep pockets for its SFX, and a company that needs good ratings is likely to fund a good show. Thus, NBC is the most likely right now because they’re lowest in the ratings. NBC can make the same stupid decisions as other networks – they passed over CSI, after all, and CBS just milks that cow like there’s no end. NBC had too many shows end in too short a period (West Wing, Friends, Frasier, pretty much all of “Must See TV Thursday”) and they weren’t able to hold onto that day. Add to that the stupidity of the USA in its obsession with American Idol, which killed its competition in ratings, and its hard to put anything up against it. Thus we get “America’s Got Talent” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” NBC is far from perfect, but I think we have to remember that bad Star Trek is worse than no Star Trek, and a network that won’t commit to making good Star Trek isn’t a friend to us.

  14. I like NBC, most of the time, but I think that maybe the reason they have difficulty hanging onto shows, is because they really don’t like them, and don’t want to hold on to them.

  15. @Daniel F..

    SyFy didn’t turn out as bad as I thought they would with the name change. Yes, having wrestling on there is beyond idiotic, but it brings them some ratings. Ghost Hunters and Scare Tactics are horrible shows, too. But there some shows on there that I really like. Warehouse 13, Eureka, Haven and Stargate Universe are shows that I don’t miss. For every crappy program they put on, they seem to pull out a good one too. I personally hated the new Battlestar Gallactica series, but I know LOTS of people loved it. SyFy has the capability AND the outlet to make some unique SciFi programs without being hampered by major network ratings problems. If they can get 1-2 million people watching, that show will stay on. I wish SyFy had picked up The Sarah Conner Chronicles and Journeyman. I think they would have given both those shows the time they needed to really tell their story. NBC and FOX didn’t give a rats behind about those shows because they wanted their cheaply made, lowest-common denominator reality shows instead. Give SyFy a break, at least they’re TRYING to put out good SyFy shows.

    • If by “trying to put sci fi on” you mean “low budget cheesy sci fi shows that appeal to people who have the IQ of the temperature of the room they are in” then yes I agree with you.

      SGU was the smartest sci fi show I’ve seen since Firefly, and it met the same demise. Not in the same league as firefly, but far and beyond crap like Andromeda. It’s a damn shame.

  16. Good idea, Andy, except I don’t get those networks, at this time, so I couldn’t see it, if they were to broadcast it, tomorrow.

  17. Wow doc the America insult was uncalled for no need to be an ass.

    You do know a show just like American idol exists in nearly every country that TV is widly viewed in? And is popular in all those places as well. So if America is stupid for it you just insult at least 15 other places. We got the idea from across the pond does that make us smarter because we havnt been obsessed with it as long?

    • I don’t comment to be an ass, and just because something is “popular” doesn’t mean it is also “good.” If you want to run a show with substance against a talent competition, feel free to fund it, but don’t be surprised when networks (who are out to make a buck) don’t do so. Star Trek – at its best – was about presenting themes “in disguise” and making us see our own weaknesses as people. We’ve come a long way, but we’ve got a long way to go.

  18. Believe I know popular does not mean good and I wasn’t calling the show good. I’m saying it’s popular all around the world so if you are gonna insult one country insult the rest.

    You may not comment to be an ass but that’s what you make your selfout to be when you insult an entire country because a show you don’t like is popular. Bash the show all you want but calling an entire country makes you look like an ass.

    • Yeah, but explain how “Jersey Shore” is popular then…. :P

      I actually felt myself lose some IQ points after 5 minutes of it.

  19. Andy that show is awful same for all the real house wives shows. I agree all those shows are stupid but I wouldn’t say any of the people that watch them are. I hate all reality tv but to Many people like it for me to say they are all stupid.

  20. I have no problem declaring anyone who enjoys those shows, regardless of their countries of origin, stupid. There are inspiring shows (Biggest Loser, for example) but even the “best” of them lose their appeal after they become a big advertising gig and nothing more. Star Trek sought to increase the IQ of its viewers, so I would have said that viewers of that show are intelligent. And offense can only be taken if you’re so inclined. If you wish to feel offended, there’s nothing I can do to resolve that. But I don’t recall the last time a “reality” show made me think, other than “I think I want to change the channel, now.” Given the limited amount of time my schedule allows to watch television, I try only to watch quality, informative, or really good television. Andy S – I couldn’t agree more.


  21. I hate reality tv just as much If not more than you. It’s awful and I can honestly say there is no reality shows out there that I really like that doesn’t give me the right to call every one who likes them stupid. I think it says alot about you when you call every one that likes things you don’t stupid.

    Still my only big problem was you insulting America. If you want to be overly insulting and judmental of differing opinion fine but you insult the entire country and not all of us like reality shows but some how you call america stupid.

    Either way If you want to be an ass and call every one who doesn’t hate what you hate stupid go for it. Now I know what type of person you are. Always good to know.

    Reality tv is stupid the people who like it are not…at least not all of them I’m sure there are stupid people who are fans of every thing. There are even a few stupid star trek fans I can think one right off the top of my head. Doesn’t mean they all are.

    • You’re entitled to your opinion. Lucky for you, I don’t form my opinions of people based on a sentence posted on a discussion forum. But, please don’t try to put words in my mouth. If you’re going to quote me, quote me exactly as I wrote, not inferred comments that are not true.

      I don’t know if it’s even possible to get more off-topic than this, so I’m done replying to this chain. If you wish to keep attacking me personally, that’s your right. Vic may choose to just shut down this thread as it’s not talking about the topic much, anymore.

  22. I watched the Warehouse 13, finale tonight, (after the hot babe wrestling show, what was that a Sy-Fy deal/is it friday?, GLOW!!)

    first ep I’ve seen of “Hanger 13″, the show, It seemed pretty campy, and really nothing new going on.

    There’s the b**** from Dexter season2, and the Heeb guy from what was that film? And what’s with that guy who’s gay but in love with that chick, yet doesn’t see that his partner loves him. Ahhhhh,,,,, the drama!!!!

    Wtf ???

  23. I think Showtime, or HBO, would take Trek into a whole new world,,,,,,,,,»

    Nbc can bhjkl me.

    • HBO was the first pick on my list before the conversation descended into an OT hairball. Star Trek was conceived as the first ADULT Science fiction TV series and a premium cable network would be a really good fit to take it to the next level.

      Imagine a Trek set aboard the Enterprise J during the decline and fall of the Federation, a crisis brought about because men dared think of themselves as gods.

      Back on-topic, I wish we had seen more of the training at the Academy. Hopefully they will show a few flash backs before the crew ages too much to pull it off convincingly.

  24. Your right I should quote you

    “the stupidity of the USA”

    “I have no problem declaring anyone who enjoys those shows, regardless of their countries of origin, stupid. ”

    in the first one you call the Usa stupid and In the second you say anyone who likes shows like Idol are stupid.

    Personally I hate idol and all so called reality TV but my mother likes it. So not only did you bash my home but you essentially called my mother stupid.

    You can complain that I’m attacking you if you want but i’d prefer being called an a$$ over stupid, i may of personally insulted you but you personally insulted millions of people.

  25. OK, folks, let’s dial it back, shall we?


    • Excellent idea, Vic.

      How about this idea (it can’t be any more ludicrous than rehashing Khan w/o the Space Seed reintroduction)?

      Biogenetic engineers create in the lab…a tribble that gets smarter by eating, instead of reproducing; imagine a tribble bent upon galactic domination…the Klingons team with the Federation to stop this evil beastie!

      (*Runs from room amidst barrage of rotten veggies*)

  26. I agree with people who say don’t rehash khan. The Klingons have always been a great enemy of the federation. What about making the villians themselves??? Why not do a mirror universe????

  27. As a fan of Mirror, Mirror, (which would be a great movie sub title)I think Stevo’s idea, is a great one!

  28. My personal preference would be to make the “villain” a villain of the Federation instead of a lone gun like almost all of the Star Trek movies. For example: Federation vs. Klingons. I’d love to see huge battles between multiple Klingon Birds of Prey and Federation Starships.

  29. I agree with doc.. Whatever he typed is what I wanted to write.. He’s not the bad guy here..