More ‘Star Trek 2′ Plot & Villain Hints Surface

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Possible directions for Star Trek 2 More Star Trek 2 Plot & Villain Hints Surface

J.J. Abrams is notorious for being secretive about any in-development project with which he is associated and the Star Trek followup, Star Trek 2, looks to be no exception.

Screenwriters Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, and Robert Orci are currently in the midst of scripting Stark Trek 2, which begins pre-production in January 2011.  Abrams has so far been tight-lipped about the direction that the Star Trek sequel will take, though he did share the following nugget of food for thought with SFX magazine for their upcoming 200th issue:

The universe that [original 'Star Trek' creator Gene] Roddenberry created was so vast. And so it’s hard to say there’s one particular thing that stands out as what the sequel must be.  Which is on the one hand, a great opportunity.  On the other hand it’s the greatest challenge – where do you go?  What do you focus on?  But I’m incredibly excited about the prospects.”

The 2009 Star Trek movie used the plot device of time travel – which itself could be considered a staple of the Star Trek franchise at this point – in order to (literally) reboot the timeline of the original series.  While a number of longtime Trekkies would like characters such as the Klingons or Khan Noonien Singh to play a prominent role in future installments, Abrams and his crew have a lot of freedom with respect to the worlds and creatures they could factor into Star Trek 2 and beyond.

Star Trek 2009  More Star Trek 2 Plot & Villain Hints Surface

What foe will the Enterprise battle next?

Both Kurtzman and Orci were also interviewed by SFX and addressed their issues relating to who the villain of Star Trek 2 would actually be.  Kurztman specifically brought up Khan’s name in his interview and mentioned the following:

“You have to start with what is the right story.  And that if you can say “That’s a story that Khan fits into”, that’s how you get to that.  Not deciding on a menu list of items and then seeing if you can’t string them all together.”

Orci echoed his co-worker’s concerns and had this to offer as well:

“Introducing a new villain in the sequel is tempting because we now have this incredible new sandbox to play in… The trick is not to do something that’s been seen before just because you think it will be a short cut to likeability.”

Star Trek Sequel More Star Trek 2 Plot & Villain Hints Surface

Lindelof compared Star Trek 2 to The Dark Knight a few weeks ago, which left a number of fans concerned that the sci-fi sequel would strike an uncharacteristically gritty and dark tone.  Kurtz and Orci assured SFX this was not the case and that the Star Trek sequel – which Orci confirmed will feature more of funnyman Simon Pegg as Scotty – will be similar in tone to its predecessor.

J.J. Abram’s Star Trek was well regarded for striking a balance between effects-driven action sequences and character/plot-oriented scenes – not to mention the fact that it avoid the 2 1/2 hour + running time of entries from other blockbuster franchises such as Transformers or Pirates of the Caribbean.  The Star Trek sequel will hopefully be able to repeat that act and then some.

Star Trek 2 is scheduled for release on June 29th, 2012.

Source: SFX (via TrekMovie)

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  1. My vote for the new Star Trek movie based on the old TV show.
    - The Doomsday Machine
    - The Enemy Within
    - The Corbomite Maneuver
    - Arena
    - The Gamesters of Triskelion
    - Patterns of Force (With a new modern spin)
    - Spectre of the Gun

    Bringing a movie with Kahn somehow in the story would be cool but only if they did it right in a more modern spin without Spock dying.

    • If I had to choose a previous episode to “redo” in a movie, it’d be “The Enterprise Incident.” That being said, I hope they give me a new movie with a new plot and new villians. I like intrigue, good acting, and a plot that keeps me guessing. I must say that “The Enterprise Incident” did all of those things despite an incredibly low budget. Anything in that vein would be great material from which to draw, in my opinion.



    • I like your, “Arena” idea, that was my favorite episode as a kid, and, if they were to go with the Khan idea, I’d say go back to the original series episode, “Space Seed”, and use that idea, and, with that in itself would set up future Khan related movie plots…

  2. Stockard Channing as the enterprise computer voice in the new movie. Majel Barrett who died in 2008 was the computer voice for the series from 66 to 09. Majel got 1 voice scene with Chekov in the 2009 movie as the enterprise computer before passing…..

    • She’d be a good computer voice.

  3. One of my problems with the first movie is Kirk had no experience, but yet manages to become captian of Earths best star ship, the hole plot just didn’t seem plausible. He needed to work his self up on other starships first, and earn command. He also needs to be about 10 years older.

  4. I fully agree, D! That problem, was one of the things that I didn’t like, about it the first reboot movie. But the things I did like, made up for the things I didn’t like. I’m looking forward to the 2nd one, to see if it’s as good or any better. I sure hope the book comes out first, though. That’s one thing I didn’t like, too- the book wasn’t going to come out until the movie did, last May. It actually came out a tad later. But books based on movies, are supposed to come out before their movies.

  5. In any universe, J.T. Kirk will be a maverick and have an innate ability for starships and crew members. Having the right person in the right place at right time is essential for a good story. Thanks to the way Star Trek was re-booted, even the familiar will be slightly different. I hope those in charge will carry out Mr. Roddenberry’s intent to make whatever storylines developed will still be relevant to what’s happening in our world today. Movies based on books face a problem when the screenplay is edited in a way that leaves some incidents in the movie a bit baffling. Not many people will read the book previously or afterward. The first screenplay I’m aware of that had a book written to clarify the movie was “Fantastic Voyage”. In any event, like the rest of you, I look forward with great anticipation to Star Trek 2!

  6. Although an old fan of S.T., I do believe the new series must stand on its own as much as possible. Some of the things from the old series simply do not wash in today´s world, for instance, the Enterprise weaponry (in a world full of nukes, phasers are simply water guns) or the fact that the whole fleet was away at the Laurentian system (and left Earth absolutely unguarded when Nero came, not even missile defenses); the alien species, almost always humanoid (put on some makeup and you have an alien, pronto) and the lack of truly new technology, scientists today are exploring things that would – will be commonplace in the 24th century (Capt. Pike in a wheelchair?? 3 centuries from now, a WHEELCHAIR??) So these are some of the things that MUST be addressed properly for the series to catch in the world of today.

    • I agree it must stand on its own. However, there are a few points that should be addressed:

      1. Nuclear weapons are dirty. Phasers are very clean, very accurate, and have almost no collateral damage. Furthermore, the photon torpedo is massively more powerful than a nuclear weapon, given its ability to travel at superluminal velocities. Phasers can also stun, and be focused with great accuracy. None of these are true of nuclear weapons.

      2. I agree that the “Fleet is engaged in the Laurentian System” thing was a bit much. But, they sent a lot of ships to Vulcan. Nero’s overwhelming firepower could, should, and did easily destroy ships from almost 150 years prior to its time. Earth did have a planetary defense network: Pike gave it up thanks to the Ceti Eels that Nero used on him.

      3. Aliens pretty much have to be based on humans. We are the ones who play them, after all. CGI can only go so far before it becomes unrealistic. The “red thing” on Delta Vega was a decent use of CGI, but until they can get lip movement down, it’s not going to resonate with most audiences.

      4. Star Trek takes place about 150 years from now, not three hundred. While we are in an alternate timeline, TNG established that spinal paralysis was possible (Worf suffered an accident if memory serves, and he might not have walked again if it weren’t a series) so the paralysis piece holds up. The wheelchair is a very efficient means of conveyance when all factors are considered. While it could be an antigravity-based device, that could be extremely dangerous to the user if the technology failed while the chair was in use. We still use wheelchairs today, after all. We were supposed to have flying cars by the 1990′s in the 1950′s.

      Personally, I thought the movie did a great job establishing a connection with new and old fans alike. To use old timers, the nice tossbacks to Wrath of Khan was neat. I do think that the movie played off of TWOK a little bit too much, personally, but all in all, I was pleased. I am excited to see what the next movie brings, especially now that we’ve got the ship and crew all together and safely warping around the cosmos.



      • [ref: point 4] Check your dates mate, Star Trek is set in the 2260′s (give or take) which is 300 years from the day Gene Roddenberry created it. And for the record Nero’s ship is from the 2390′s, nearly 400 years from now.

        • I stand corrected. But, I’m a doctor, not a mathematician. Regardless, wheelchairs are unlikely to disappear for the reasons enumerated above.



  7. I have often felt that those who were making Star Trek episodes for all the variants used Time Travel as a crutchy plot device for when they otherwise could not produce a good story line arch.

    I am glad that the only real reason that J.J. Abrams used it was so that he could esentially remove all prior plot lines and go fresh. So I really hope that he never again uses the time travel plot line (leave it for Dr Who) and get back to the core of Star Trek – space exploration.

    My only peeve with the Star Trek reboot was that it is unrealistic to have the Enterprise build in a yard in Ohio – if you look at what was being built, the decks were such that a real ship just would not have had all the room you see in the Enterprise underway — Now, we don’t have to worry about the origin of the Enterprise and so all stories should be staying away from unrealistics like that in the future.

    • Just to be clear:the Enterprise was built in Iowa, not Ohio, in the reboot. That was a tossback to the then-unconfirmed canon-wise fact that James T. Kirk was from Riverside, Iowa. He confirmed he was from Iowa in Star Trek IV. “I’m from Iowa, I only work in outer-space.”

    • Honestly, the Star Trek phenom has always had enough plot bombs in it to blow up the universe. It is crude dreck on good days, and I can only recall a handful of episodes from DS 9 as having any real entertainment quality. I hate to say it, because a real quality series about the distant future would be a wonderful thing, but ST ain’t it.

      • On those grounds, science fiction could never succeed in movies. Since we can’t foresee the future, it can only be “semi-educated” guesses. Star Trek is a story about people who happen to live in the future, not the future itself. The further you go into the future, the less it becomes science fiction, and the more it becomes pure fantasy.

  8. Woot! I’m -really- happy to see this movie under way. I really enjoyed the first movie, J.J. Abrams really brought it the flair it needed to survive with today’s audience. I actually went to watch it 7 times, (Because you know nothing compares to seeing it in the theater ;P) and know of at least 3 others who did the same. I truly wish to see more of a development in Spock and Uhura’s relationship in the second movie, it was my main highlight of the first one to be honest, and it just makes sense. It was apparently supposed to be canon as well in the original series (or at least, they wanted to develop more on it), but as the company didn’t like “colour being on the set”, Uhura’s roll was diminished and they were unable to act further on it. Another thing is, to all those “Spirk” people out there, come on, be honest, that just wouldn’t make a good story. You have to admit it, it was a running gag to be sure, but that was all. It made the audience laugh. Not to flame you :P It would be interesting to see it as a sort of gag still, but I’m -really- happy to see Spock with someone, they fit well together, (unlike Nurse Chapel, dunno about you, but I hated her. She didn’t seem to suit him either), and a bit of actual romance is always a good thing. Besides, it’s fun to think of how Uhura and Spock would’ve developed said relationship beforehand, (seems like Spock’s a bit of a risk taker, dating his student, naughty professor ;) lol), and with such an intimate moment shared between them, it makes you want to see how they develop right? See them stick together. I’m not saying the movie should revolve around it >.< But definitely have some little tidbits either giving hints or outright statements on their relationship :) Please don't flame me X3 <–(Kitty face :P)

  9. With production and filming starting in January of 2012, I wonder if the film will hit its targeted release date? Now I recall what it felt like between the releases of II, III, IV, and VI. Looking back, the two-year average gap was relatively short for sequels, but in the era of Harry Potter movies, et cetera, I doubt I’m alone in feeling that this movie is taking forever!

    There’s a good article on on an interview with Zachary Quinto. His discussions on Spock and Star Trek,/i> in general are pretty insightful.



  10. I say leave it to the creator’s imagination– most of the comments relate to nostalgia. Frankly, I’d like to see some of the top mind’s in the world advising them on the next film. I am guessing they have some pretty amazing theories that could be explored. Plus I loved the humor in the “first” film and think that it is consistent with the franchise.

  11. Maybe I’ll be the villain in Star Trek 2. Boom!!!!

  12. Personally, as much as a traditional trek fan as I am, I don’t want the new movies to revisit stories from the past. This is a new timeline, tell new stories. Don’t remake the past – leave that to the horror genre.

    I’d like to see some exploration of the new timeline and the ramifications of the events of the ‘first’ film – what is the position of the Vulcan’s within the Federation council now that they are an endangered species, previously they were a major player, but now? With so much of the fleet destroyed or disabled, have others taken an interest in ‘testing’ the Federation? JJ and crew have created a whole new parallel timeline here, they should explore that and not remake the past, which will only feel like a ‘cheat’ to many fans.

    And I want to know if Admiral Archer’s beagle ever reappeared lol

  13. I agree – no remakes of the old Star Trek plots. You cannot do better than the original characters and it would be cheating anyway. Look at James Bond – many Bonds but only one of each movie. I wouldn’t want to see Goldfinger with Daniel Craig or any of the other Bonds. Connery did that one just fine. Stay new and you will get the audiences.

    • Me, I think that James Bond is a Time Lord who changed himself to Human (like in the David Tennant regeneration); how else to explain the changes?

      • Simple James Bond is his operational code name and not his real name. Just like the head of MI6 is always called M, and the head of the science division is always called Q, MI6 operates a set name lists for there 007 agents.

  14. Heard today that the actor who played Robocop will be in the next movie. Exciting!



  15. I think Fleet Captain Garth should be the next villain…

  16. I think its awesome that the timeline has changed.

    What is the big picture now?

    The core of the imagination leaves the Romulans to travel beyond the neutral zone now that the Klingon Empire is left defenseless after Nero’s escape, and sudden death. More-over, the Federation is also left crippled, and for sure the new Enterprise will once again save our world, or will it be James T. Kirk to save the day again? Whatever plot, what I like about Star Trek is the explosion of the reactor thus catapulting the Enterprise away from the black hole…How ingenious Scotty…half the fun is learning new things from the star trek episodes. Movies always gotta have villains, where as the T.V. episodes like DS9 had an entire civilization as a villain like the Dominion from the Gamma Quadrant…

    If you remember from Star Trek Voyageur episode YEAR OF HELL part I and II, a ship that erased an entire planet’s inhabitants, and so forth on to an entire civilization to non-existent, and-how the sector in the delta quadrant changed from who occupied the space to those who had the means in a blink of an eye…Well my point is the Vulcans are out of the picture now, and so who will guide the Federation from over exerting itself. In a way, the entire Alpha Quadrant has been left to Romulans to dominate, now that two major powers have been downgraded to a few vessels.

    The next movie will have to portray the Enterprise somehow balancing the terms of the next engagement. HAHAHA

    • This post has some very interesting comments not brought up in other discussions and I find it intriguing. I find a couple of thoughts to be overstatements, but the less-Vulcan-influence item is one that should prove itself as challenging. All that being said, the “majority of the Fleet” was in the Laurentian System (wherever that is) so while Starfleet lost some ships, I don’t think it was a devastating loss. I would also suspect that there are other vessels under construction, so new ships may be rushed, but I don’t think we’ll find a toothless Starfleet about. Also, the Klingon piece was severely reduced in the actual movie, and so the long term impacts on the Klingon fleet are really unknown. The Original Series made it clear that at the time, there were twelve Constitution-class starships in service. Enterprise was not supposed to be the first, and it was never implied that she was. With respect to the Klingons, we have never really had a count on their fleet numbers. I just know that whenever a Klingon ship (or three) was needed, they always showed up.

      I do look for the possibility of a new species emerging as an antagonist in the new movies. I’m really rather tired of the Romulans as being portrayed poorly. The cunning Vulcan-cousins as seen in Balance of Terror or The Enterprise Incident have been absent largely since those episodes aired. There was a hint of it with Ambassador Nanclus in The Undisovered Country but that’s been it. Nero was a whack job, and I would really love to see them follow a little of Diane Duane’s excellent Rihannsu series of books for establishing Romulan Culture.

      Since these are movies appearing about every two-to-three years, I don’t really expect much culture to be established. Since the principal actors are not likely going to appear in any new series, and I don’t think they will recast the roles a third time, when/if CBS releases a new Star Trek series would be where I look for cultural development.

      I hope we see more Andorians, Tellarites, and some of the other “alien” races that were harder to display in TOS. Let’s see an official Orion male, maybe a Deltan, and some of the other species be more prevalent in the crew. TOS was way too White-European at heart. Yes, you had Uhura and Sulu on the bridge, but the Engine Room wasn’t full of non-white humans. I just look for a diversifed crew to make stories more interesting.

      Still, a great post upon which to reflect.



      • I beleive that the new vilan should be the Borg. They could make people understand the apearance of the Borg a a speices. One ossible scenario could be that after the Romulan (Niro) was sucked into the black, he was sucked into another universe\time span of an advance civilization which was a bit primitive but experimenting with cybornetics. when this advanced ship apears they get a bost in technology and technological know how, but as they over do it, they are either distroyed or taken over by the machines they created. In their attempt to return home\avenge the federation, the early Borg experiment with some form of time travele etc etc…….

  17. Indeed, the Romulans have been poorly presented numerous times (unfortunately), but what I find to be most fascinating out of the major species portrayed in any timeline is that which species are actually more technologically advanced (or more superior)? Presumably, they would always have the upper hand in leading the way of exploration, peace or conquest?

    Here in Star Trek, Spock hands over Scotty’s invention of transwarp beaming techonoloty which was crucial to the success of the Enterprise’s intervention.

    What about the Klingons, they certainly would have had 25 years of investigating Nero’s ship’s technology. Their engineers certainly would have had reverse engineered those impressive torpedoes, and along with other technologies that might have been onboard.

    I would presume Spock handing over all his knowledge possibly to his younger self (through a mind meld?), thus giving the Federation the edge it needs to overcome the new improved Klingon’s firepower. But how far would Spock presumably give the Federation the upper hand it needs to being the peace keepers of the galaxy? Would he at all, in this point in time and space? Those ramifications could prove vital in the success of the Federation…

    What would be cool in the next movies is seeing more of that technology from the future being utilized. Imagine an attack by the Klingons flexing their muscle, creating an even greater threat to the Federation. A war in any sci-fi movie is cool when battleships are exchanging firepower. Perhaps the Federation would consider building these warships to repel the evermore engaging Klingons with their new weaponary? Awesome isn’t it? So where does Captain James T. Kirk fit in, in all of this madness? Perhaps his supposedly five year mission to explore the cosmos is halted, being the flagship of the fleet, he is needed elsewhere to engage in battle or being recalled for a refit, or sent on a mission of espionage or sent to seek new allies that share the Federation’s interests? Because they need greater numbers to outmatch a few heavily armed Klingon battlecruisers?

    Perhaps the war with Klingon’s is inevitable…the Klingons being a warlike inferior species hiding behind their honor?

  18. can we have a “and then quark showed up” moment that would be cool. otherwise Klingons, lots and lots of klingons.

  19. Remember…even tho the timeline has changed…Voyager 7 was still launched before this new time line split off, therefor “Veger” is still on its way back to Earth to connect with its creator. Could be a problem for us earthlings…..unless !!!!!

  20. I totally agree, Todd. But, I haven’t seen announcements of them casting any space probes, so it’s all speculation at this point. ;)

  21. i vote not to do another awful faux star trek popcorn brain dead movie and that we burn abrams at the stake for clearly not caring