‘Star Trek 2′ Update: Pre-Production, J.J. Abrams, & Romulan Rumors

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Star Trek 2 update from Roberto Orci Star Trek 2 Update: Pre Production, J.J. Abrams, & Romulan Rumors

While most of the heavyweight Hollywood titles due to hit theaters next summer – like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises - have either recently begun filming or will in the very near future, Star Trek 2 has yet to reach that point in its development. Paramount has nonetheless already committed to the sci-fi sequel by going ahead and financing pre-production on the project.

Co-screenwriter/producer Roberto Orci revealed a few months ago that he, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof had not yet completed the Star Trek 2 screenplay. Jump ahead to the present and Orci is saying that this remains the case – however, pre-production is still pressing ahead, even though the film doesn’t technically have a director onboard just yet.

Orci informed TrekMovie that a 70-page outline for the Star Trek followup has been finished, and that it allowed for progress on the project to be made while J.J. Abrams completed post-production duties on next month’s release, Super 8. Star Trek 2 is still tentatively expected to begin production by this fall – even though it may still ultimately be delayed from its current June 2012 release date.

With regards to the actual Star Trek 2 script, Orci offer the following:

“Just been waiting for J.J. [Abrams] to be free to really decide if he likes the story and hear his suggestions before we finish our script. Once he says go, we’ll have it in no time…”

Abrams is reportedly “hopeful” that he’ll return to direct Star Trek 2, which may end up having to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor by having its release date pushed pack several months – so as to not rush production in order to make an increasingly tight deadline.


Romulans in Star Trek 2?

Eric Bana as Nero in Star Trek Star Trek 2 Update: Pre Production, J.J. Abrams, & Romulan Rumors

While chatting with Empire about some of her upcoming projects, Zoe Saldana naturally touched on the potential character arc of her on-screen counterpart, Uhura, in Star Trek 2. To quote:

“I can tell you for what I’d like to see happen [which is] for Spock and see Uhura to really hook up [in 'Star Trek 2'] and for Uhura to kick some Romulan butt.”

With virtually nothing in the way of concrete information having been released about the plot of the Star Trek followup (other than word from Orci about its thematic content), it’s not surprising that Saldana’s comments prompt speculation that Romulans will indeed once again serve as a villainous force in the film – much like the renegade Captain Nero (Eric Bana) did in the original Star Trek reboot.

Last year there were rumors about a character from the original Star Trek television series serving as the antagonist in Star Trek 2, but without even a complete script at this point, there’s really no way to determine if there’s any truth to that claim. However, Orci has talked about the prospect of introducing a villain in the sequel before, saying that “the trick is not to do something that’s been seen before just because you think it will be a short cut to likeability.” Take that as you will.

Star Trek 2 remains (for the time being) slated for theatrical release on June 29th, 2012.

Source: Empire, TrekMovie (via /Film)

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  1. I’m so looking forward to the movie, hope J.J. joins

  2. Hope Nick Meyer directs

    • As long as it’s not Stephanie Meyers. 8-)

  3. Hope J. J. Accept, that way we can be sure of the quality and dedication to the movie

  4. Take your time, boys. I would rather wait for a great sequel than to see a rushed lackluster product. If Romulans are to be the villains again, and it’s going to be a TOS villain, maybe they are thinking of one of the commanders from The Enterprise Incident or Balance of Terror.

  5. Honestly I am worried that this will end up being ‘hey how about we show how and why Kirk exiles Kahn in full detail’ kind of thing…wstar trek 2…exil of kahn…i hope not and it is not likely…but there is still that devil sitting on my shoulder telling me not to trust hollywood…or is it an angel?

  6. How can you all want another director who butchered the original star trek cannon and produced a truely shoddy movie with no resemblence to the original Star Trek universe. There are so many holes in the first movie you can fly a star ship through it.

  7. The Talosians would be great villains!!!

  8. MORE Romulans? /yawn

    Come on guys you’ve already done them. The main antagonist race during this time period are the Klingons. There are also a LOT of other races so going back to Romulans feels a bit like Man of Steel using General Zod and crew again.

  9. I’m not a big Star Trek fan but I don’t ever remember Uhura? Being Spocks girlfriend? He had no emotions on the tv show and only fell for a girl when it was like a evil plot from the baddies?

    What gives eh?

    • A) Spock & Uhura weren’t together prior to the reboot, that’s why you don’t remember it.
      B) Vulcans have emotions, they just think Logic should dictate their actions, and have become really good at suppressing said emotions.
      C) Spock is 1/2 human, so he’s going to have human emotions + the Vulcan ones.

    • Basically they made Star Trek into Beverly Hills 90210 and simply added in aliens and space ships. Bad writitng from people who have no clue about the star trek universe.

      • Yeah your right.
        Having Spock dating Uhura is nothing but something for the girls to latch onto.
        I recall Vulcan’s have a 7 year mating ritual. In one of the tv episodes he even flew back to Vulcan to get married to a Vulcan.
        O well I didn’t like the Abrams Star Trek anyway. What’s going to happen in 6 years when this cast moves on, are we going to reboot this franchise again like Spiderman? What a Star Trek disaster. Had to copy Star Wars with a reboot prequel. Lame!!!

    • Actually, Spock has had relationships with females even in TOS. Zarabeth was one and the girl from the planet where the plant spores gave you perfect health and happiness (he had a relationship before and after infection).

      • But that was outside influence affecting him and reversing his Vulcan training. He also was to be married in TOS but the Vulcan training is not somehting you turn on and off which seems to be the case in this film.

        • I don’t see that at all. I see it more as the Vulcan training ISN’T on & off, which is actually the problem for Spock. It’s not “well this training will magically surpress all emotions when I activate it,” which would actually be great for Spock if it did work like that. In the film it seems more organic than that…. “the emotions are there, deep down, and we go through training to suppress and control them, and it’s a constant struggle.”

        • Not necessarily. The woman from the planet bombarded with baritol rays obviously had a past relationship with Spock.

  10. I am so sick of this waiting….originally we were to know by April 1st weather Abrams was directing…and now the whole project is on hold til he can read the script/outline? C’mon JJ! Damn you Super 8!!

  11. Three highly paid professional screenwriters can’t bang out a script? Something’s doesn’t sound right here.

    • Eh? The whole article is about how they can bang it out.

  12. I think she’s commenting in response to what happened in the first, actors are usually the last to know about what they are going to be doing in a film and sometimes they don’t even know till they see the first screening

  13. Have Spock go through the “7 year itch”, pro-create with Uhura and make Bones busy with the birth of twins!!!

    Then one of them is kidnapped by Lazurus, goes through the Arch of Time…..etc etc. Maybe give Kirk another chance to proclaim; “Let’s get the Hell outta here”.

  14. I want to see a better SFX version of the Gorm! Come on Hollywood!

    • What’s a Gorm? Is that some sex child of the Gorn and gagh? 8-)

  15. I like the idea of going a new direction with Kahn although there are a number of possibilities in the “altered” Star Trek universe…I also know we better get a glimpse of Uhura’s famous fan dance!

  16. Spock would NEVER have a girlfriend, I don’t care if he’s half human. Totally out of character.