Star Trek 2 Titled ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

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Star Trek 2 Into Darkness Title Star Trek 2 Titled Star Trek Into Darkness

The wait is still on for the sequel to J.J. Abrams’ critical and financial hit that was his reboot of the Star Trek franchise. Ever since the director opened up about the basic story and casting, the topic of interest (beyond who, exactly, the villain will be) has been the talk of the stakes being raised for Star Trek 2, with no punches likely to be pulled.

Now the film’s title seems to have been revealed, and it speaks to the harsher, more hard-hitting story that lies in store. We still don’t know the details of the plot, but Star Trek Into Darkness will once again give Abrams and company the opportunity to blaze a new trail.

The title was uncovered by when Paramount appeared to be purchasing the domains for both ‘’ and ‘,’ with the site now claiming that the title has been confirmed. While an official announcement from either Abrams or Paramount is yet to be found, the title fits with the general impression that’s been given to this point. In an age of sequels and serializations, it’s worth pointing out that the title does not feature a colon (like other Star Trek films), which would seem to bear some significance.

Unfortunately, the title doesn’t provide any new insight into the “exciting” role being played by Benedict Cumberbatch. But the possible (spoiler-rific) villain that Karl Urban previously revealed and the original Star Trek series plot line that goes along with it fit the mood portrayed by the new title exceedingly well.

Star Trek Into Darkness Cumberbatch Quinto Star Trek 2 Titled Star Trek Into Darkness

The new face of Captain Kirk – and the franchise – Chris Pine, recently attempted to lighten the impression that Abrams’ sequel would be all doom and gloom by explaining that no one involved is intent on “making Batman.” The obvious allusion is to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, a grim and generally dark portrayal of personal conflict and the battle between good and evil. Since Abrams’ Star Trek managed to inject several one-liners and humor bordering on slapstick (“numb tongue??”) into a genocidal plot, the idea of a massive tonal shift wouldn’t be just bad news for fans, but potentially less appealing for a summer blockbuster crowd.

It doesn’t come as a surprise then, that Paramount is taking its time in deciding how to introduce the new branding. This summer showed how a film like The Dark Knight Rises – advertised as a taut, gripping drama – can be out-sold by The Avengers, a film much closer to the tone and style of Star Trek. So expect to see the unveiling of the ‘Into Darkness’ branding alongside some footage or marketing material that shows Kirk and Spock trading jabs.

Star Trek Spock Kirk Fight Star Trek 2 Titled Star Trek Into Darkness

We were expecting the sequel to Star Trek to push even further into the unexplored, making good use of the potential discovered with one of the most successful reboots in recent memory. If Abrams and his new Enterprise crew are taking things to a more serious and relentlessly honest place, fans might get the best of both worlds. And whether the villain of the film is Khan, Gary Mitchell, or some other character that co-screenwriters Kurtzman and Orci can think up, it seems that the film will at least be trying something different than its predecessor.

What do you think of the Star Trek Into Darkness title? Have the minds behind the reboot earned enough faith from the audience to place a clever pun in the film’s title, does it imply a new direction for the series as a whole, or is it just kind of… silly? Sound off in the comments.

Star Trek 2 will be out in theaters on May 17, 2013.


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  1. Still looking forward to the film, but the title, if real, is stupid.

    • Like or dislike the title, but I fail to see how it is “unusual”, as the hook to this story suggested…

  2. There will be a mysterious colon. Star Trek : Into Darkness would fit into the movie being “an episode of Star Trek” which was planned.

    Anyway its no worse than “The Wrath Of Kahn”.

    • THAT is precisely the problem: There is no colon. If they don’t add one, this title IS stupid…and certainly MUCH worse than “The Wrath of Khan”.

      • So if “into the darkness” comes under “star trek” on the poster it will be fine, and i’m sure it will. They have not planned how they will roll the title out yet, we only have urls to go on so of course there is no colon.

        • Good point!

        • THAT would make better sense…a subtitle.

      • “OOhh no ther is no colon” So without it that makes the title stupid?. the B.S. ppl cry about lol

        • No, the stupid title makes title stupid.

      • getting angry over a colon??? lmao!

        • Hmmm…I recall nothing about getting angry. I simply pointed out that the title sounds weak.

          I’m still very much looking forward to the film.

          • you also pointed out the whole colon thing missing, and how retarded it was :)

            • Actually, Deerang pointed out the colon initially, not me. I simply pointed out (afterward) that the colon is the minimum addition to keep the title from being stupid.

              OH, Ava…as darling as ever…

              • lol you really are smart :). yea Deerang pointed it out FIRST. But you just said you also pointed it out yourself(afterwards) Were you trying to imply my reply before was wrong??? pfft! And yet you still feel its a stupid title without a colon.

                • uuh ooh I spelled somting wrong in my last sententhh. Stuck up grammar powice gonna get me.

                  • @This is my Avatar saying

                    Actually, you spelled “grammar” correctly… You should have wrote “grammer” since you’re obviously trying to intentionally misspell everything… :-P

  3. Klingons, it’s starting to give me the whole Undiscovered Country feel about the darker side of the Federation of Planets being corrupt assasins trying to start a war with the Klingons.

    • that’s not what the undiscovered country was about. it was about two countries used to an adversarial relationship coming to terms with the ending of that relationship and the fear of a new future unrecognizable and feeling threatening to those with either vested interests in the conflict or entrenched mistrusts and hatreds who were so fearful of the unfamiliar consequences of peace that they sought to perpetuate the conflict; an almost perfect metaphor for the feelings of individuals on both sides of the cold war that was coming to end at the very same time.

  4. I don’t really mind how far the tone of the series shifts. As long as it isn’t dumbed down like most big summer blockbusters. Actually a shift in tone would be preferable to an increased amount of bitchin action sequences.

  5. This is now going to be abbreviated by all as ‘STID’—oh boy. But that’s an extremely uncreative and lame title. The best Trek titles were pulpy (Wrath of Khan/Search for Spock) and/or a literary allusion to its theme (Final Frontier/Undiscovered Country). This title is just cheesily melodramatic. If they are going with the episodic format for this series, they should really give episodic titles as per tradition.

    • Maybe Star Trek: Turn Off the Lights would be a little better? if we’re going for cheese, it might was well be fully cheesed out

  6. We did live through Transformers:Dark of the Moon. A Title I may add was the silliest I ever heard of.

    • All they had to do was add the word side and it would be a bearable title

      • And get sued by Pink Floyd? They took themselves into court. Over an inflatable pig.

    • For me, this one beats it…and that’s saying something.

  7. Star Trek:The Motion Picture of Khans Search for a Voyage Home on the Frontier in an Undiscovered Country for the Genrations who made first contct into an Insurretion and became the Nemesis of Star Trek into darkness.

    Now thats a Movie Title.

    • I’d buy that for a dollar!

      • And Fiona Apple could sing the title track, of the same name!

        • Sometimes I am immensely saddened that this isn’t reddit- or at least Facebook. I can’t begin to tell you how badly I want to upvote or like this or something.

          • I know right!
            I always have urges to ‘like’ things :(

            The title is kind of corny, but I’m still excited for the movie.

          • Thank you, I have nothing better to do on weekends.

    • That would be the best movie ever!! All the crews. TOS, TNG, NEW CREW

    • SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!! lol XD

    • While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

      • Well…I just spit take on my computer on that one!

  8. I’m hoping that the character could be a darker Harvey Mudd, but that’s just me (would be an interesting comment on trafficking problems anyway). I’m not really into that title, if it is the title.

  9. Paramount has not officially released the title nor its format.
    While “Into Darkness” would likely appear to be included from the
    domains purchased it should not be assumed there won’t be a colon.

    A colon cannot be included in a web address and that is why
    the colon is missing there even if it is to be in the final title.

  10. You can’t have DARKNESS without a COLON! It’s physically impossible!

  11. Just to make this clear, The Avengers didn’t outgross The Dark Knight Rises because no one was interested in TKDR’s dark tone, but because people were scared to go see the movie because of the shootings. I went about a week after the shootings happened due to my class schedule being tight, and the showing I was in only had about fifteen to twenty people in it, compared to the same weekend four years ago for The Dark Knight where I barely got tickets for that showing.

    This isn’t to say that The Avengers wasn’t a great film, it was. But if the shooting’s hadn’t happened, The Dark Knight Rises would be very close to where The Avengers is now, due to the four years of anticipation for the movie to get made and the long period of time where we weren’t even sure that there wasn’t going to be a third one, compared to Marvel flaunting their plans to build to The Avengers since day one.

    • That is totally irrelevant to Star Trek, tired of every single thread turning into Avengers vs TDKR.

    • This isn’t relevant to this discussion at all.

    • Ah yes, a Nolanite in every thread…

      • Just to be fair didn’t every post after the avengers came out talk about how it was the best and grossed over a billion. It won’t happen if people stop commenting. there is 2 sides to everything and everyone just needs to stop, trollers and people arguing with them.

        • @trey

          No, not really, only if it was relevent to the topic… Randomness like this, typically a Nolanite…

        • Agreed with trey.

        • Then you may want to start your own website, Trey. Then you can have control. This is ScreenRANT btw, as I have been reminded by my fellow ranters before.

          • I understand people can and Will rant as Will I. just saying its not a one sided affair

            • I don’t really see the problem with someone mentioning the avengers or TDKR when they were both mentioned in the actual article. It is not like this article had nothing to do with either movie. they was mentioned so of course it can be expected for someone to mention them in a coment.

    • It is absolutely impossible to prove what effect if any the shootings had on cinema attendance.

      Fearful people will spin it one way, optimists another.

      Let it go.

  12. Maybe there is no colon because the “trek” itself is into darkness.. Trek into Darkness

    You don’t ‘Put Food: Into your Mouth’ , You just put food into your mouth!

    • It sounds corny that way like a really bad joke

    • Haha like!

    • the darker part of space… uncolonized? No people means no lights.
      OR evil, consumed by darkness (possibly controlled by some rising force?).
      OR darkness could be a reference to darker, bleaker situations.

      They chose the name for a reason, and as we haven’t seen the movie, we can’t truly say it’s bad.

    • No

      “Space is disease and danger wrapped in silence and darkness.”

      • OOPS…

        Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.”

        Had to get it correct.

    • It depends on how close to the stars you trek?

  13. Star Trek into Darkness – 2013
    Thor: The Dark World – 2013
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Transformers: Dark of The Moon
    The Dark Knight

    I guess Dark is “rising” to be a new trend after Rises

    • lmao, its nothing to do with batman… why dont you go a tell us all the movies with dark in the title before TDK

    • Wow. Nolanites have penetrated a Star Trek forum hahaha. At least this one didn’t get in a huff trying to explain why TDKR is better than Avengers and should’ve made more money

    • Its like every single discussion on this site will eventually boil down to a Nolanite trying to prove something about TDKR. It’s exhausting. I hope he’s paying his devoted cult for the extensive publicity here

      • What’s worse than a nolanite? People who assume and bash people for being one with no idea if he is one. the dude made a comment, not to mention Jersey didn’t even like the dkr. so don’t assume for the sake of bashing people you don’t like.

        • Alright alright folks, can we get back to the topic of bashing this title because of the possible lack of a colon?

          Nevermind, that’s just as stupid…

          *shakes head*

          • Haha now that’s funny way to end an argument. 1 Point Ken (no sarcasm intended)

      • Yes, but what is your agenda, o mock voice of reason?

    • IM SOOOO SICK OF HEARING ABOUT THE DARK JERKOFF, my god can batman and his 40 incarnations just go away!!! PLEEZ, there have been more BMen than nfl teams just get the F*CKER right already…. now in a cpl years we will have 1 more batman to figure out in a J/L movie. christ he is all played out

  14. I cannot believe how anal people can be about the possible title of a movie,will they or won’t they use a colon? Get over it! Does everyone sit around waiting for the slightest bit of movie info so they can over analyze the possible meaning of each word and fantasize about the imagined ramifications of said word? As someone once said “get a life”, this is geekism gone wild!

    • And why are you here?

    • I cannot believe that anyone would take a continuing show about a highly trained crew and powerful interstellar vessel being so occupied with so many stories about them VS a singular person for very long. Khan, Kruge, Sybok, Soran, Shinzon, Nero, and to a lesser degree Chang, Ru’afo, Vger, and even a Borg queen. Common is that all you got Hollywood, little Hitlers vs the world?

  15. Seriously, are we really bitching and complaining for a colon??? We are going to judge a movie that haven’t come out yet for a punctuation mark? Seriously? You guys have to be joking right??

    • Oh, and the funny/ironic thing is, I bet most of you complaining do not even use proper punctuation when you type… :-D

      Geez, I hope my grammar and punctuation was correct in that last sentence or this could be really bad, lol. :-D

    • i know…its so retarded. now watch some grammar police get angry at me for not making my “i” capital “I”. or spelling “people” as “ppl”

    • Yeah, this is pretty ridiculous. URLs can’t include colons, I don’t think. So this entitled whining doesn’t make any sense, really. I’m pretty excited for this movie anyways, colon or no colon.

      • i think most would agree even if you like or dislike the title. it should be a really good movie. and my most anticipated of next year.

        • @trey

          I’m just hoping it’ll be as good as the first one, and hopefully even better. I couldn’t care less about the title…

  16. Hmmm I do not agree with the tdkr comparison in sales to avengers. That gun shooting would have an impact on sales.

    Also these movies real dark.

  17. IMO it is a lame title. I will see this regarless of the title but it is still lame.

  18. The “numb tongue” scene was brilliant!

  19. There is no way to know what this title refers to but we’ve already seen this series doesn’t emphasize the values of Star Trek as much as it does appearance.
    It’s all about taking the quick and easy way out. 1) Trade on a brand name and in the process corrupt it. 2) The brand becomes worthless and you’re left with no way to market your noise.
    When all the dust settles, the goodness of the original is still there, politely embarassed for you like a patient Vulcan.

  20. Title doesn’t seem that bad really looking foward to this love Ben Cumberbatch thought Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto were excellent working together and excellent at taking the roles of Spock and Kirk in different directions loved it can’t wait to see them square off against a great actor like Cumberbatch. Title sounds good i’m seeing the hell out of this one with pride :)

    • @Conor

      Actually, for me it was Karl Urban’s “Bones” that I was the most impressed with. He was pretty awesome as that character. :-)

      • Same here, Kenneth. Karl was a revelation as “Bones”.

        • I also like Simon Pegg as Scotty quite a bit. I think the casting was brilliantly done in the 2009 film and they could name the new movie Star Trek Into Your Wallet and I’d still go see it.

          • Quite true, Andy. Casting was brilliant all around.
            And no matter what it’s called I’ll be there too.

          • @Andy

            Star Trek Into Your Wallet would have been an epic title… :-D

  21. Into the Dark. Sounds like this story might have to deal with some very “dark matter”s. Or maybe Spock will continue his affair with Uhura.

    • lmao love that idea

  22. They slept on the abyss without a surge—
    The waves were dead; the tides were in their grave,
    The moon, their mistress, had expir’d before;

    The winds were wither’d in the stagnant air,
    And the clouds perish’d; Darkness had no need
    Of aid from them—She was the Universe.

    — Lord Byron 1816

  23. Is the title Star Trek Into Darkness or Star Trek: Into Darkness? Hmmm…

    • @boogoo

      Wow, that’s an interesting question. Glad you brought that up. Nobody here have mentioned that conundrum yet…


  24. I have never watched the original star trek… mainly for the same reason i never played dungeons and dragons. Society has made me look at it as something thats at a level of nerdyness even i dont want to go to…. but I did however watch the movie and it was awesome and I will watch the sequel no matter what the name is. A rose by any other name smells just the same

  25. In an age of sequels and serializations, it’s worth pointing out that the title does not feature a colon (like other Star Trek films), which would seem to bear some significance.

  26. Ah well. I guess they can’t all be winners, but we’ll probably look at it differently after the film is released.

  27. Not going to mention either movie…But the total for one that gross over a billion dollars, and one that has yet to gross a billion dollars…Take away the 3D Equation and you have two movies equal to their haul…One was not done in 3D….

  28. An entire thread article and thread devoted to how “stupid” or “not stupid” the freaking title is, especially when we know nothing of the plot yet.
    It’s official: every last lame joke people have made throughout history about fanboys, alas, is true. Pathetic.