‘Star Trek 2′ Poster is Very Familiar

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star trek 2 poster Star Trek 2 Poster is Very Familiar

The cast and filmmakers for Star Trek Into Darkness (a.k.a. Star Trek 2) have been dropping vague hints about the plot for a year now, but Paramount (sorta) finally pulled the curtain back by unveiling an official synopsis last week. Today, the studio has also released the first teaser poster, hinting at the catastrophic event that forces young James Kirk (Chris Pine) to truly earn his captain’s chair in the sequel.

However, it’s a fair bet that speculation about the movie – including, what is the villain identity of Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) – is going to be set on the back burner temporarily, in favor of discussions about how much the poster rings a bell (with regard to one recent blockbuster sequel in particular).


Check out the full poster for Star Trek Into Darkness:


star trek into darkness poster 570x845 Star Trek 2 Poster is Very Familiar


As you’re sure to notice, the Star Trek Into Darkness one-sheet very much shows the influence of the Dark Knight Rises teaser poster (and The Expendables 2 poster, to a lesser extent). That is, we see a figure (Cumberbatch?) dressed in a flowing coat, surveying a demolished city – where the fiery rubble and crumbling building in the foreground forms the outline of the Starfleet insignia, much like the demolished Gotham City skyline formed the Bat symbol in Dark Knight Rises‘ one-sheet (or Sly Stallone stood silhouetted by a giant ’2′ in the Expendables poster).

That’s not to say the Star Trek 2 poster is inappropriate, seeing how the storyline does indeed involve the Enterprise and her crew setting out to stop “a one man weapon of mass destruction” (Cumberbatch) after he launches a surprise attack that leaves Starfleet in ruins. Moreover, screenwriter Damon Lindelof has made it no secret that he and co-writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci looked to The Dark Knight for inspiration (in terms of going “one step beyond” the previous film). Lastly, the Into Darkness title flat-out says the sequel is going to be, well, darker than its predecessor.

Star Trek 2 Official Synopsis Star Trek 2 Poster is Very Familiar

So, here’s the question: is this a sign that Star Trek Into Darkness falls closer to Christopher Nolan’s relentlessly grim Batman trilogy than the bigger, bolder, but still humorous, sequel that fans have been promised – similar to how the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, reflects the influence of The Dark Knight?

That seems unlikely, if only because Dark Knight and Skyfall resulted from two arthouse filmmakers (Chris Nolan and Sam Mendes) attempting to make a more personal blockbuster – whereas, with Star Trek 2, director J.J. Abrams and his writing crew seem more interested in raising the stakes, while also providing the crowd-pleasing entertainment of the Star Trek reboot. If anything, the Trek 2 poster feels like the handiwork of Paramount marketers who realized that selling things as darker and grittier is all the rage, regardless of how appropriate it is (see: Sony’s Dark Knight-esque promotion material for The Amazing Spider-Man).

Of course, we will have a better idea of what to expect from Star Trek Into Darkness after the first trailer and 9-minute IMAX preview premiere in the very near future – so, stay tuned for more here at Screen Rant.


Star Trek Into Darkness opens in theaters (regular and IMAX 3D) on May 17th, 2013.

Source: Paramount

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  1. Uhm, you do realize it’s Cumberbatch and not Pine in that poster right?

    • Yeah i was gonna state that, honestly it looks like a purely cgi character but pine has blondish brown hair compared to benedicts black.

    • Indeed, there’s no doubt that that is (or suppose to be (i.e. CGI)) Cumberbatch’s character.

      • Also…Why would Kirk be wearing a trench coat?

    • I know the figure’s wearing the same coat that Cumberbatch had on in set photos, but I wasn’t certain all the same.

      Anyway, I went ahead and changed it since, yeah, he’s more likely.

  2. Doesn’t seem like they’re copying anything. The second act is usually the darkest. So it makes sense to me.

  3. Well, it really does not look like one would
    expect a Star Trek movie poster to look like.
    Unless the point is to expect the unexpected.

    • Isnt any worse than the first ones teaser… was a blured mess to hide the enterprise.

      • Right. Not the best but not the worst either.
        Nolan’s influence is there as Sandy points out.
        Which is not necessarily a bad thing as he said.

        • Exactly.

  4. So Judging by that poster.

    The Crew of the Enterprise travels back in time to Detroit, they see the devestation until Spock says ” There is an error, this is Detroit at its finest.”

    • That is the best comment of the day! Zing!

    • This actually made me laugh.

  5. So anyone else notice the London Eye and the Gherkin in the background

    • I noticed the Gherkin, but now you mention it, I do see the Eye as well.

    • Holy crap! You’re right, that’s flippin’ London!

      • Crap on a cracker.

        Did I just compare a devestated London to a Pristine Detroit?


    • Well spotted!

  6. So, judging by this poster and the teaser synopsis, the new Star Trek movie has neither trekking nor stars. I’m sure it’ll be fantastic and visually-stunning with a lot of great performances and action sequences and maybe even some clever dialogue and plot devices; but how is it “Star Trek” anymore?

    • Even if it doesn’t take place ALL in space, how can you question and criticize it’s conception? A lot of episodes featured little to no spacecrafts and star travelling. The Voyage Home (a lauded instalment in the Star Trek film franchise) had little relevance to space travel and there were only a few quick scenes in the crew’s spacecraft.

    • Indeed. I get quite hot under the collar when I can’t reconcile the literally interpreted title with the plot suggested by a poster before a trailer even materializes. That is obviously more important than the overall mythology/canon, characters, worlds, and races that make it Star Trek…. or exactly the opposite, I’m not quite sure.

    • I have been a fan of Star Trek for years… and it never really occured to me until I read your post Stephen M that the “Trek” in Star Trek refers to travel. LOL :P

  7. the Poster looks great! this coming from a star wars fan

  8. Interesting that they would suggest that in the future these buildings would still be around. The Eiffel Tower is still shown to be in existence, the Golden Gate Bridge is still around. I suppose that buildings of great historic and cultural significance will still be preserved. Not sure those buildings in the poster that are identifiable would be deemed all that historically and culturally significant.

    • the poster has the London Eye and Gherkin building. so this poster represent London

    • I can imagine the Gherkin’s energy-saving, low-maintenance interior structure being one reason it could well still be around in 250 years, not to mention its looks and Norman Foster’s international appeal. The London Eye’ll probably be kept spinning as somewhere to refuel your jet-boots without having to land…

  9. Very familiar? Who cares, why even put it on the title? And that’s not Pine on it.

  10. Boy, I wish I could make holes in buildings like that

    • @ACW…Would be pretty easy to track you down?

      • It seriously looks like a giant took his nose and rammed it through the building

    • Cavity Creeps make holes in teeth.


    I must have lens flair. AND LOTS OF IT.

    • Not if it’s in London.

  12. Does everything with a darker tone now have to be said to be influenced by Nolan’s trilogy now? I’m excited to see the Trek sequel and I love how they’re keeping (or seem to be, anyway) the new films very epic in scope.

  13. I’m convinced Cumberbatch is a bad Vulcan, who somehow blames humans for the destruction of his planet or something, this would explain his threat due to his advanced knowledge and how he could use his logic for bad, like the flip side of the Jedi, the Sith! This would make him a deadly opponent and as we have seen in the previous movie, Vulcan’s are capable of behaving badly when we saw Spock bullied as a child, of course I’m probably wrong, can’t wait for this!!

    • I guarantee you’re wrong.

    • @ The Good Dr.

      Nice Theory. However it is stated it is personal on a level for Kirk as well, so someone in Starfleet has had it out for Kirk.


      • Hmm indeed! Maybe the death of his mother by bad Vulcan makes it personal?!

        I only think this from the dodgy set photos I’ve seen and the above poster, Cumberbatches ears look off, in the poster they looked pointed, in set photos like he has clipped his Vulcan points?

        I just don’t see the relevance of Khan or Gary Mitchell in this new Trek universe, a disgruntled foe from the past does not fit in due to the fact we haven’t seen or heard from him in the previous movie and we now have a new reality with the only remnants of the past being Spock Prime

        I love how Abrams keeps us guessing and we know very little about the movie, it’s like the good old days before the net covered every movie from start to finish and ruined most of the surprises!

  14. After the synopsis and now the release of the teaser poster; we know the story will be about terrorism. The synopsis did state something along the lines of “detonating”. And so the poster makes sense when we see the destruction. It can also be said, that these terrorist attacks is not just going to be starfleet headquarters in san francisco, but prehaps worldwide as well. So this movie is bascially about navy seals (The Enterprise crew) going after Bin laden ( Cumberbatch…my bet is, he’s playing Gary Mitchell) And the producers did say, they would base their story off real life events. Classic trek

    • Nothing you said makes any sense to me.

      • For people who don’t know what “classic Trek” is, watch all the episodes of the original “StarTrek”. then Google key world events from 1950-1962.

      • read it again. Better yet, let me break it down to you. Star Trek INTO DARKNESS is about a terrorist who decimates the federation. OK…got that out of the way. 2 ) Navy seals ( In our reality) are concidered elite. The Enterprise crew is concidered the elite of Starfleet. It’s a comparison I made. 3) The mystery villian Benedick Cumberbatch is playing is a terrorist. Star Trek’s Bin Ladin. Again, I am using that as a comparison. It’s classic Trek storytelling. They use real life events, use allogories…ect…to tell a compelling sci-fi story. 4) It’s not that hard to understand.

  15. Honestly it kinda reminded me of the Battleship poster. Still pretty cool though!

  16. Can’t wait for this one

  17. Looks pretty cool

  18. So by the looks of it, Star Trek yet again will not be exploring strange NEW worlds… star TREK….. TREK… meaning a journey, an exploration. Instead it looks like they’re taking Trek into Nolan territory with the ‘darkness’ and yet again boring villain of the week film.

    Lazy if true, and very VERY disappointing…

    Paramount, for Trek 3, how’s about getting some genuine sci-fi writers in to really steer Trek back on a Roddenberry-esque course, and give us back some Trek exploration and perhaps a little 23rd century optimism/imagination?……

    • do you really want a movie dedicated to them exploring an alien culture? If so, watch avatar. also, i’d rather watch starfleet actually police the universe as opposed to them standing around whining about tribbles or landing on a planet where everyone is a gangster.

      • uh yeah, that’s what I want. As JohnM pointed out. that’s what Star TREK is all about now isn’t it?

        And can’t we have BOTH exploring an alien culture while policing the universe? The two ideas aren’t mutually exclusive you know ;)

        • the reason the first movie was good is because they didn’t really do all that trekking. The story wasn’t bogged down by philosophical questions or “Ooh look it, we’re exploring the universe”… story wise what could be the conflict in an exploration film? Exploration works in a tv show, not a movie that’s being made to be a summer block buster. Trek fans need to realize that this isn’t the old trek franchise, this trek is shiny and lense-flare heavy and only passingly clever. Anything deeper than that, most audiences won’t be into because then it’ll be like the old Star Trek Franchise with Vulcan’s and Klingons quoting shakespeare and exploring the human condition. eff that noise, you got 2 hours to entertain people.

  19. This is going to AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  20. This movie will be very interesting if it weaves current events and fears into the plot, the same way original Star Trek TV show wove current events and fears into every episode. Paramount has been enriching the back story of the StarTrek universe ever since an alien prototype weapon attacked Earth in an episode of “StarTrek:Enterprise”, and cut Florida in half. The new StarTrek poster frames a catastrophic event that implies an act of terrorism, or a massive sneak-attack of Earth that parallels the attacks on Pearl Harbor,and the World Trade Center, and the young Captain Kirk–and what is left of Earth’s leaders and the young Federation–are mobilized for interstellar war.

  21. I like it! Definitely reminds of the Dark Knight Rises poster.

  22. So far in the background I’ve found London’s ‘gherkin’ skyscraper, the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye. I think it’s fair to say that Cumberbatch has brought it home to England… The question is, does 221B Baker St survive this holocaust??

  23. And another thing, don’t the strong vertical and horizontal lines framing the picture look like he’s stepped out of the shell of a particular brand of starship? Now where’s my ocular implant when I need it…

    • I think you’re right – I noticed the Borg style ship immediately. I really do hope the Borg are involved, friend or foe!

  24. /yawn at the poster design. Graphic Artist laziness at its worst.

    This reminds me of when the movie SE7EN came out. A clever idea that was then ripped off left and right as people replaced numbers and flipped letters ad nauseam.

  25. No matter how many spaceships they build, the leather trench coat will still be in style…..

  26. Ben Finney.

    Some of us, me included that it could be Gary Mitchell, some say otherwise.

    We assumed a One Man Weapon of Mass Destruction in some what god like powers.

    But what if the Weapon is A Ship, the fleet detonated, someone deep inside Starfleet. It comes to Ben Finney, someone who has a hated relationship with Kirk, who framed Kirk for His Murder, who was sentenced. But still have the ability to sabotage ships in the fleet?