Don’t Count On Much Romance in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

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Star Trek Into Darkness Kirk Marcus Romance Dont Count On Much Romance in Star Trek Into Darkness

The increased action that J.J. Abrams will be employing with Star Trek: Into Darkness won’t just make for some impressive pyrotechnics, but will put Kirk and his crew to their most difficult test yet. Action aside, one of the most endearing and consistently entertaining features of Captain James T. Kirk isn’t his combat prowess, but his appreciation for women regardless of their species or planet.

Though the Star Trek reboot had Kirk’s advances spurned by Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Alice Eve will be giving the Captain a legitimate leading lady in the form of Dr. Carol Marcus, but unfortunately for romance fans (and those hoping the movie will follow the original canon), it doesn’t sound like love will be in the air.

Fans of the original Star Trek series and films will recognize ‘Dr. Carol Marcus’ as the name of the eventual mother of Jim Kirk’s children – leading many to believe that the same narrative and relationship will be continued in the next film.

It’s too early to say just how much of a romance we’ll see between Kirk and Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve), but Chris Pine did provide a few comments to MTV when asked if he and Eve’s character would get a chance for romance amidst the chaos:

“What I will say about the film is that so much happens, with the action, the plot, the current of it is so fast, there’s really not much time for Kirk to do anything other than save the crew and save his own ass, because danger is imminent, and all that. But clearly, Kirk being Kirk, Kirk loves a blonde, and Alice is a beautiful woman, so the flirting and the connection is there. I’ll leave it to the people who watch to see how far it goes. But what she adds to it…her scientific knowledge and her education, scientifically speaking, plays a big part in helping solve the crisis.”

Star Trek Into Darkness Alice Eve Carol Marcus Dont Count On Much Romance in Star Trek Into Darkness

Much as been made of the internal turmoil that Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain, ‘John Harrison‘ will be sowing among the crew of the Enterprise, and how he isn’t necessarily a ‘typical bad guy.’ For instance, we know from the nine-minute IMAX Prologue that Harrison informs Dr. Carol Marcus that he is able to heal a dying young girl under her care.

Given his apparent powers (evidenced in the teaser trailer) that’s not too surprising, but this might be a hint at the types of rifts Cumberbatch claims his villain will be forming within Starfleet, possessing the ability to both destroy and heal.

Dissent among the crew would also challenge Kirk’s leadership, as few are likely to be as clearly motivated as himself, having likely lost his mother in the attacks on Earth. Should that be the case, it would explain what Pine meant when stating that in this film, there’s no question that Kirk will “earn” his command, exercising his authority over the conflicted consciences of his officers.

Star Trek Into Darkness Kirk Uhura Dont Count On Much Romance in Star Trek Into Darkness

Could that task come at the cost of a relationship between himself and Dr. Marcus? Could this be another case of this timeline straying from the original and denying Marcus and Kirk a child?

Romance or no, the opportunity for infighting and disagreement among the crew is more than welcome, especially if it pushes Pine’s Kirk into territory rarely explored aboard the (first and foremost) military vessel. The cast, special effects, action and visual style proved to be a winning combination for J.J. Abrams and company the first time around, so a stronger, “bolder” story is likely all that’s needed to keep fans happy and advance the plot.

If you’ve still got questions, we’d recommend reading over our in-depth analysis of the Into Darkness teaser. It doesn’t answer all our questions (where does Project Genesis fit in?) but it’s a start.


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Source: MTV (via CBM)

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  1. That shot of Alice Eve gets me every time. She look like her jaw unhinged.

    • With a terribly fake scream

      • Haha her mouth says terror, but her eyes say “Is this loud enough??”

        • It looks like a “hell yeah” face from some tv commercial, like she’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs or something.

  2. I thought the Enterprise was a scientific vessel, not a military one?

    • It is both. Many times in the original series they refer to themselves as soldiers and military men. They aren’t Greenpeace or Jacque Cousteau but like all vessels of the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, military weapons and discipline but an “exploration” goal.

  3. “But what she adds to it…her scientific knowledge and her education, scientifically speaking, plays a big part in helping solve the crisis.”

    Yes!! That’s all I really wanted to hear, if the new Star Trek will go the using Science and/or Philosophy to solve the crisis! It’s gonna have the original element plus a grey antagonist, sounds like TOS to me. This is gonna be great!!

    • Probably a token nod to scientific research and exploration at best. You can’t have much philosophy in a ray gun fight movie.

      • Star Trek without Philosophy isn’t Star Trek

        • Star Trek is a lot of things. Is Kirk’s grudge against the Klingons philosophical? If not does it void Star Trek of philosophy?
          Why make absolute remarks like that? How can they be defended?

  4. Sounds good to me!

  5. honestly I dont care for romance that much in movies. it just bugs me that there has to be romance in every movie(me being single that is). as long as it is a good movie with a good script Im happy.

    • So get a chick so you can enjoy romance in movies more…

      • Well when there is noone available then it becomes annoying. I just never had any appeal to those type of movies. Its very rare for me to like movies like that. The only one I liked in that genre was the notebook and that was it

    • Hey, they have demographics to appeal to and that means sticking to “the formula”, which requires a romantic interest to appeal to the females (according to them).

      I jest, but not really. I just stomached Cowboys and Aliens on cable recently because nothing else was on and that “romantic interest” was completely contrived and unnecessary. We’re talking no set up in interest between the two and absolutely no visual interest in each other romantically and then suddenly they have to kiss… for no discernible reason than the formula demands it.

      • While I agree with you in general (see below) I have to disagree with you on that one. Of course you kiss Olivia Wilde, because she is friggin’ hot! That doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with romance… :D

        • Ha, I actually got kissed by Olivia Wilde, albeit on the cheek. But still.

          Wife was not happy, till she got kissed by Bradley Cooper.

  6. Good! Nothing is more irritating than a tacked on love story to appeal to some fringe demographic that isn’t actually the target audience for this kind of movie. Trust me. Women that are into Star Trek don’t care much for those either, so thanks for leaving the pandering out of it.

  7. I don’t think JJ even knows how to do romance. I don’t think any of his movies or TV shows centered around a romance.

  8. GOOD!! Hollywood isn’t going to F-up another potentially good action movie by injecting romance.

  9. Ha. Reading this is really amusing having actually watched the movie.

    There was meant to be romantic tension between Kirk and Dr Marcus? Really?

    I was a bit distracted by the ridiculous amount of chemistry and emotional angst between Spock and Kirk, personally.