‘Star Trek 2′ Image Clarifies Japanese Trailer Footage? Villain Alias Revealed

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Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Name Star Trek 2 Image Clarifies Japanese Trailer Footage? Villain Alias Revealed

One day after our own Vic Holtreman had a chance to check out the nine minute Star Trek Into Darkness prologue (read his preview), Paramount Pictures has released the first official image from the highly anticipated sequel. While the image isn’t quite as revealing as the gallery of HD trailer screen grabs we collected from the Star Trek 2 trailer, it does add a new bit of speculation for footage associated with the Japanese trailer debut – specifically a shot that was reminiscent of the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan finale.

Of course, for every mystery that we might solve, a new one usually arises and the new image is no exception – begging the question: who is John Harrison really?

Check out the new Star Trek Into Darkness image below (click to enlarge):

Star Trek Into Darkness Image 570x379 Star Trek 2 Image Clarifies Japanese Trailer Footage? Villain Alias Revealed

Let’s start with the good news.

The new Star Trek 2 image, which features Zachary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Chris Pine could create context for the controversial closing seconds of the Star Trek 2 Japanese trailer – which depicts a black-blue sleeved hand and a blue Starfleet sleeved hand separated by a piece of glass. Many viewers immediately noted that the clip was a nod to the closing of  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) – where Spock locks himself inside a glass-walled Enterprise warp core, absorbing a lethal dose of radiation, to save the ship and the crew (not to mention setting up the plot of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock).

As a result, commenters and industry insiders began to wonder if a) the image could be taken as evidence that Cumberbatch’s villain is actually Khan and b) would director J.J. Abrams present Quinto’s Spock (or Chris Pine’s Kirk) with an equally uncertain future at the end of his Star Trek 2?

However, the image might shed doubt on speculation that Kirk and Spock are separated by glass in Trek Into Darkness – as that fitted black-blue sleeve could belong to Cumberbatch, who is trapped inside a glass prison cell at one point (wearing a tight-fitting black-blue shirt) instead of Kirk (wearing a black-blue jacket). Could Cumberbatch escape his cell, cause a lot of havoc, and end up separated from Spock by another piece of glass? Maybe there’s a connection we don’t yet know between Spock and the Cumberbatch character that could lead to a tender moment late in the film?

Star Trek 2 Spock Hand 570x243 Star Trek 2 Image Clarifies Japanese Trailer Footage? Villain Alias Revealed

We’ll have to wait and see more footage for a reason behind his capture and the potential fallout but, for now, skeptical fans might be able to relax a bit with an alternate take on the clip – especially since Abrams isn’t likely to deliver a point-by-point recreation of the Star Trek 2 plot (whether Cumberbatch is playing Khan or not).

Now the bad news: the image also includes a head-scratching caption that further muddies Cumberbatch villain speculation – as the character is actually “named.”

Here’s the associated caption:

(Left to right) Zachary Quinto is Spock, Benedict Cumberbatch is John Harrison and Chris Pine is Kirk in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.

It’s easy to dismiss the John Harrison name as nothing more than a placeholder for the villain’s true identity – or, at the very least, a less-recognizable alias the character uses in the film. However, Paramount’s choice to caption the official image with a potentially “fake” identity, instead of a real one, tells us one thing: whoever Cumberbatch is playing, his name will be recognizable – be it Gary Mitchell or Khan Noonien Singh. There would have been no reason to withhold the character’s true name this long if he was a new person entirely.

The Gary Mitchell character has come under a lot of scrutiny ever since Karl Urban dropped his name several months back but he’s not the most recognizable member of the Star Trek rogues gallery – meaning, why would Paramount go to such great lengths to hide the identity of a character that only regular Trekkies would remember? This isn’t to say that Mitchell wouldn’t be interesting, and the filmmakers could be trying to keep as much of his storyline under wraps as possible, but this is an all-new Trek universe – meaning whether Cumberbatch plays Khan, Mitchell, or a young time-displaced Captain Picard (kidding), the plot does not have to follow the same twists and turns.

Star Trek 2 Wrath of Kahn Star Trek 2 Image Clarifies Japanese Trailer Footage? Villain Alias Revealed

As a result, the more that Paramount tries to keep Cumberbatch’s identity a mystery, the more it stands to reason that the final reveal will be worthy of secrecy – i.e. a new take on Khan. Remember, Cumberbatch himself referred to the Star Trek 2 role as “iconic” and “memorable.” By the time his identify is finally unveiled, complaints about Abrams revisiting a classic Trek villain will mostly be drowned-out by excitement for the final film’s release.

Of course, we could be entirely wrong and the filmmakers could be paving the way for an all-new name to terrify humanity…  John Harrison! Right, probably not.

For more Star Trek Into Darkness trailer speculation, check out episode 69 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

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Star Trek Into Darkness opens in theaters (regular and IMAX 3D) on May 17th, 2013.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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  1. In b4 this gets 1000 comments

    • LOL I agree. Screen Rant is about to get bombarded with comments about “John Harrison”. I still think a Young Picard would be awesome. He sounds just like him in the trailer.

      • Didnt get bombarded, not an article about comic book films.

      • I’d be up for it if they got the same actor…he could even bring his Bane mask and I’d be happy

  2. I’m still sticking with Gary Mitchell. Or some reasonable variation thereof.

    • Gotta agree with you on that one. He’s prob gonna be some variation of mitchell. Khan dosent really fit. for one he was not alone and altough khan was a super-soldier of sorts, unless there’s low gravity in the trailer when he jumps 30 feet in the air.. I dont rememeber khan ever displaying abilities like that or being described as a one man weapon of mass destruction…

    • I agree… Namely because the historical John Harrison of note was the English inventor of Marine Chronometer to aid in Navigation…
      John Harrison (24 March 1693 – 24 March 1776) was a self-educated English carpenter and later a clockmaker. He invented the marine chronometer, a long-sought device in solving the problem of establishing the East-West position or longitude of a ship at sea, thus revolutionising and extending the possibility of safe long distance sea travel in the Age of Sail.
      Gary Mitchell was a Helmsman (Navigator) before his transformation by the Galactic Barrior.

      Khan’s, Klingons, and Romulans have all been done. Doing a new take on Gary Mitchell is Poetic, and should be Epic. Maybe they’ll re-visit the invading Kelvan Empire from the Andromeda Galaxy for the 3rd installment. 😀

      Would be too campy for Trelane/Q to make an appearance to stop Gary Mitchell, and carry into a third movie where he resets everything back to the original timeline? 😉

      • @Muse1492, Nice! I was just going to post who John Harrison was. From who he was, it can be a huge hint on who the main villain can be. He can be a Star Fleet navigator or a time traveler. However I believe it’s a huge hint that it’s Gary Mitchell.

        Compared to Gary Mitchell, once he obtained his powers, he started to “self-educate” himself from the ship’s wide ranged computer library; obtaining a ton of advanced academic knowledge. So there is your hint for “self-educated.”

        As for Navigation, yeah, Gary Michell was a navigator. The Enterprise has always been known to be a pioneer ship to explore our galaxy. During their time, it’s their “Age of Sail” in space. Gary Michell was the one who navigated the ship to the galactic barrier. Therefore “Navigation” and “Age of Sail” are the next hints.

        I am more certain now that Gary Michell will be the main antagonist of this upcoming movie.

        As for the hand to glass scene, that’s Spock preforming the Vulcan mind meld on Cumberbatch… or should I say, “Gary Michell.”

        • @ Guardian Outlaw: the photo of the hand to the glass might also be a red herring — a purely staged publicity shot designed to throw off curious fans. Also, when have we ever seen Spock perform a hand-to-hand mind meld? It’s usually done hand-to-head. To me, the photo suggests Cumberbatch’s character is dying and Spock is bidding him farewell — yet, in the photo he seems perfectly healthy, which takes us back to the red herring explanation.

          Then again, your guess is as good as mine. Anyone else care to weigh in? Anyone? Anyone?

          • Correction. I meant to write “…yet, in the other photo he seems perfectly healthy, which takes us back to the red herring explanation.”

            • @Pat, Yeah you’re right, Spock does the mind meld from hand to head. I can be Spock saying good by to Cumberbatch.

              • It* can be

  3. I wonder what ” John Harrison”‘s revenge would be… Lol

    • Gotta be better than Montezuma’s.

      • Touché

  4. I’m gonna go with a more powerful khan.

    • So would thry only thaw out khan? What about all the others?

  5. Him being trapped I think will either occur in the middle of he movie ( like the joker in jail), or this could be somewhat of a flashback sequence. It can’t be early on because of what I’ve heard from the nine minute prologue

  6. The Japanese trailer obviously shows that it’s spock on the other side (at one point). He’s doing the Vulcan hand thingy.

    • But we don’t know who he’s reaching for – it might not be Kirk and we don’t know which side of the glass he’s on.

      • Kirk doesn’t wear a black sleeved shirt anymore.

        • He does in the Japanese trailer. As I mentioned in the post, he wears a black-sleeved jacket.

          That said, I only mentioned the black sleeved shirt because everyone else immediately assumed it’s Kirk and Spock in that scene with the two hands.

          My theory is still that it’s Spock and the Cumberbatch character.

          • That black sleeve in the hand-glass picture isn’t a jacket. It is clearly what Cumberbatch is wearing.

            Yeah, I agree with you on that the hand-glass scene is Cumberbatch and Spock. It can easily be Spock doing the Vulcan mind meld.

          • It could be Cumberbatch and Bones in the medical room after some kind of exposure to a lethal atmostphere.

            • Bones wears a short sleeve blue shirt cuz he’s a surgeon who can’t get his sleeves stuck in the way.

      • He’s on the otherside of the glass, obviously…

  7. I’ve been saying it all along.


  8. “However, the image clearly depicts that the dark blue sleeve belongs to Cumberbatch – who is trapped inside a glass prison cell – not Quinto.”

    Did I miss something here? I don’t see anything to suggest that the image at the end of the Japanese trailer was John Harrison and not Spock. Just because Cumberbatch is behind glass in this released photo does not prove that it is the same sequence being shown at the end of that trailer.

    Also the hand with the blue sleeve clearly did the live long and prosper hand gesture, which makes it even sillier to suggest that it was Cumberbatch.

    Again, I wonder if I missed something, because this seems like a giant reasoning leap that makes absolutely no sense to me.

    • I’ve reworded this sentence a bit – Cumberbatch is also wearing a black-blue sleeve in the prison cell. Meaning that the arm we do not know (the one that people assume is Kirk – because it’s followed by a shot of Kirk in a black-blue jacket) could instead be a shot of Cumberbatch (wearing the sleeve he has here).

      Maybe his villain isn’t as bad as we think by the end? Or maybe there’s a connection that we don’t yet understand between Spock and the villain.

      The point is, there might not be as clearly defined an explanation for that glass scene as we might have thought.

      • Its BC and quinto the colors of the shirts confirm. and BCS shirt is black how do you see that as dark blue? the fact is we dont know who he is and wont know I could care less about speculation just tell us sooo pointless to keep it a secret.

        • Blame it on all the lens-flare!

          In other posts, commenters kept talking about the dark blue shirt. It looks black here but I mentioned black blue so that none of the “dark blue” people outright dismissed our analysis on the grounds of a different color shade (i.e. see grammaton’s comment above).

      • It’s easy to figure out the connection, if you assume it’s Gary Mitchell; they were all friends.

        • … If you assume it’s Gary Mitchell – which may or may not be the case. Either way, even in the Khan scenario, there’s plenty of room for a complicated history that factors into that scene.

          As you indicate, it’ll be easier to determine that connection once we know (for sure) who Cumberbatch is playing.

          • Well Khan isn’t Caucasian, therefore it can’t be Khan.

            • Nick Fury isn’t black, but look what happened there… Don’t discount possible identities simply because they don’t fit with previous incarnations.

              • Where does the name “Khan” descend from?

                • My surname is German; I can assure you, I am not German. My point still stands.

                  • I’m sorry to disappoint you but you couldn’t answer my question correctly.

                    The names “Khan” and “Singh” are descendant from the Punjab region of South Asia. The character Khan Singh from Star Trek is a Sikh descendant from that area.

                    Last I checked, Germany wasn’t in South Asia.

                    • mexico wasn’t in southern asia also but ricardo montalban played khan.

  9. Nobody has mentioned the starfleet insignia on “John Harrisons” shirt. It has to be Gary Mitchell. Then again, his eye’s are normal. Very well, I vote for Harry Mudd.

    • It’s Carlie X

    • Having pointed ears (ala Vulcans’) and pointy ears (ala most humans in real life) are two different things…

  10. It’s a bit of a leap to assume this screenshot and that scene at the end of the trailer are happening at the exact same moment. For all we know, at the end of the movie, Cumberbatch’s character could trap Spock in the same glass cell that he was put in in the first place.

    Additionally, I would not claim to be a hardcore Trekkie, but from what I understand, Gary Mitchell is human, correct? It’s clear in a closeup shot of Cumberbatch, he has pointed ears.

    • so…Sybok

  11. Didn’t Gary Mitchell have silver eyes though?

    • After he got his godlike psychic powers at the Galactic Barrier, yes.

      I don’t think it’s Mitchell because his character arc was explained in the first two issues of the IDW tie-in comic series, of which producer/writer Bob Orci said IS canon.

      He also said Cumberbatch is not Mitchell in the summer.

      • Plus for what it’s worth in the IDW comics again he had his silver eyes. Kinda seems like we’d have seen those by now…

        • LOL who actually reads those comics… 95% of the people who will be watching this movie will prob have no idea a comic even existed.

          • And that’s the point. The comics are written in canon, and they’ve already introduced a silver eyed Mitchell and he’s dead. Therefore, if they bring him back in this new movie, why would they refer to a story that few but the comics fans have read? I personally feel it’s clear this is Khan, but I’m 100% certain this is not Gary Mitchell.

            • No way, it’s NOT Khan. There are too many reasons on how it isn’t Khan. Please list why you think it is Khan.

              Also, my point before was, who cares about a comic no one has ever read before? The movies can be ignoring the comics completely. There are more reasons toward it being Gary.

              Plus, this won’t be the 1st time Abrams has ignored canon. He has ignored the fact that a Vulcan can’t display their emotions in public.

              • it’s not really a can’t so much as it being distasteful and offensive.

              • in the trailer we see a room fool of sleeper pods could be inside of botany bay which makes it more khan or one of his people ala with the help of peter weller’s character. i wouldn’t doubt if one of the two people leaving the room from that sceen in the trailer is peter weller. BUH BAMM!!

              • i agree with you on the comics as in the first movie there was a comic to explain the years from before, during the narada in the alternate time line. so since this is an alternate reality it gives JJ a reason to do what ever he wants. i don’t like it as much as the next guy but whatever.

        • Still in Post Production, if it is Mitchell, those will be edited in.

  12. For a Kahn set up this would suck so much it’s ridiculous to even think about little lone comment about. No take this at face value it IS Harrison! The regular crew member from several TOS episodes…

  13. Given the fact that the first movie relaunched the series at a point before even the TV episode that had Khan in it aired. It would make more sense to do a movie that was loosely based on that classic episode and not Star Trek II. This would mean that perhaps the Enterprise will find the clones still floating in space cryogenically frozen.

    • great idea and i don’t know why people keep saying this is a remake of TWOK when it could be a retelling of space seed. i think its someone else who finds the botany bay (peter weller) and weller has john harrison killed off and khan surgacally altered to look like crewman harrison. this theory would explain the threat from with in and how he has a starfleet uniform. khan did wear a starfleet uniform in space seed. just an idea anyway

  14. The Prisoner’s Gambit trope AGAIN!


    Joker in TDK…. Loki in Avengers…… Silva in Skyfall…… All in jail. Manipulating events behind bars (or behind glass.)

    • +100

  15. Abrams would be foolish to try to play out the Spock death scene this early in the game. The audience isn’t invested in these characters at this point. When Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner played that scene, there was roughly 30 years+ of camaraderie, friendship, blood and sweat between those two characters. They were as much “married” to one another as two beings can be without a physical relationship. That is the reason that the scene carried the gravitas and emotion that it did. Pine and Quinto have eons to go before a similar scene between them would actually mean anything, to them or to the audience.

  16. I think this is a somewhat new story with a somewhat familiar character thrown into a new set of circumstances. How he gets to be who we see in the clips is the new circumstances and why and what he’s doing is the story. Notice too it draws somewhat from contemporary history. You have someone who was an ally as evidenced by Harrison wearing the Starfleet uniforms then turns into an enemy like bin laden and becomes responsible for terrorist attacks.

  17. “The Gary Mitchell character has come under a lot of scrutiny ever since Karl Urban dropped his name several months back but he’s not the most recognizable member of the Star Trek rogues gallery – meaning, why would Paramount go to such great lengths to hide the identity of a character that only regular Trekkies would remember?”

    Well, as if Khan would be more recognisable. That movie 30 years old! As if Khan would be a selling-point to the young mainstream-audience.
    I still hope that it will be Gary Mitchel, because Khan in this movie would not made any sense at all. Khan was born before the time when Nero rebooted the timeline. Therefore Khan as a character is already predetermined. Abrams cannot change him like any other character who was born after the Nero-Reboot!

  18. To Quote the Great John McClane.

    Just a Fly in the ointment Hans, a monkey in the wrench, a pain in the ass.

    • What do you make of this John? Ur the captain of the Trekkies here. Lol

      • I mean Jeff. Spellcheck*

      • No, I sit on the council. As we all do.

        I just approach Star Trek with a little applied Science. :)

  19. I think he’s a genetically altered Ferengi.

  20. I saw a comment on IGN saying something like, “John Harrison is the terrifying new villain for Star Trek 2, while the next movie will feature the even-more terrifying warlord named Bob Smith.” LOL

  21. Perhaps it is Khan with a different story. Perhaps it ends with him being banished by he enterprise?? The possibilities of this story are frying my brain like an egg… Lol

  22. Yes, there’s Sith’s on the plane AND I HOPE THEY ALL BURN IN HELL!

  23. If Khan woke up from his stasis with amnesia, they would give him a standard issue uniform and haircut and call him John Doe, or John Harrison, until he starts to piece together who he really is and begins to wreak havoc? Maybe he is the lone survivor of the augments, or the rest were captured by, say, Klingons…?

    • Where the rest of them at?

    • Possible… And Jeff the guys might just not be shown in the trailer? Idno…

      • They are all working at the New InterStellar IHOP

  24. STAR TREK…whatever,we got new Star Wars movies coming up. ha ha,just kidding I looking foward to new TREK.

  25. Maybe he’s Q

  26. If this is an alternate dimension, wouldn’t things go differently? That being said, wouldn’t ANYONE be possible since their original story lies in the original dimension?

    I mean, the first movie was about bringing Kirk onto the Enterprise and making him a captain. Who is to say that they haven’t encountered Khan or Mitchell in this dimension yet?

    Just a thought

  27. The first half of the footage begins with Noel Clarke and Kayla Hassan as parents visiting their sick child – who appears to be losing her hair – in the hospital. We see Cumberbatch come up from behind Clarke while he is standing on a terrace grieving and the mystery man says, “I can save her. I can save your daughter.” As an extra tease, Clarke actually asks Cumberbatch who he is, but instead of getting an answer we just get a slow zoom on the Sherlock actor’s face. So we know that his character has some kind of healing ability – whether he’s a doctor or it’s something supernatural – but we remain in the dark about his actual name.

    That part takes up all of two minutes, leaving the rest of the footage to focus on the crew of the Enterprise – Abrams’ really living up to his word in that respect. As seen in the trailer that was released this past week, Kirk (Chris Pine) and Bones (Karl Urban) are down on a strange planet with weird red plants running for their life while Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Sulu (John Cho) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) are flying around on a hovercraft somewhere else on the same world dealing with an erupting volcano that threatens to destroy everything on the planet (this also happens to be the scene where Spock is wearing the volcano suit that we got to see not only in on-set photos but also the three-frame clip that Abrams brought to Conan last month). It’s an interesting way to re-introduce the characters, as they are seemingly three-quarters through a mission we know very little about, but it’s definitely thrilling and by the end the stakes are so high that you become immediately engaged with what’s going on.”