‘Star Trek 2′ Delayed Until Holidays 2012 with J.J. Abrams Set to Direct?

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Star Trek 21 Star Trek 2 Delayed Until Holidays 2012 with J.J. Abrams Set to Direct?

Back in 2009, J.J. Abrams’ reimagining of Star Trek took the industry by surprise – delivering a charming throwback to the iconic crew of the Starship Enterprise while also carving out a unique (and canon-friendly) path for Star Trek 2 and beyond. Not only did the film sate the worries of most Star Trek-superfans and deliver an action-packed ride (with a dash of campy fun), the movie also succeeded in wowing general audiences – due to a great ensemble cast and heartfelt storyline.

It’s been no secret that breaking the story for Star Trek 2 has been a challenge for writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman as well as Damon Lindelof and, thanks to a recent update on the script, the industry is now abuzz with uncertainty regarding whether or not the follow-up will make its original release date – June 29, 2012.

According to a recent report from Deadline, there’s good news and bad news on the horizon for the Star Trek sequel.

The good news suggests that J.J. Abrams has elected to return and direct, not just produce, the film. It’s been known for some time that Abrams was holding back confirmation of returning to helm the Enterprise next installment of the film series – until he had a chance to look at a near-complete story. Monday’s report from Orci suggests that the script is now at a point where Abrams could make an informed decision about the sequel and with the release of the director’s supernatural action-flick, and love letter to 80s cinema, Super 8 only two short weeks away – Abrams should now have enough free-time to determine whether or not he’s the right man for the Star Trek 2 director’s chair.

Given that his schedule is freeing up (respectively, considering Abrams is also producing and/or overseeing a number of TV and film projects), with no concrete director duties in the near future, it’s fair to assume that Abrams has penciled-in Star Trek 2 – barring any serious aversion to the story (which, according to Orci, is still malleable enough for Abrams to add his own input).

Captain Kirk Love Interest Star Trek 2 Star Trek 2 Delayed Until Holidays 2012 with J.J. Abrams Set to Direct?

As a result, the bad news suggests that it would be next to impossible for the filmmakers to deliver the Star Trek sequel by the June 29, 2012 release date – at least, not without compromising the high bar set by the first one. Instead, the film will likely be bumped to the holiday film season later in the year – to give the filmmakers a chance to capture the same magic again.

While it might seem as though the potential delay is coming out of nowhere, we probably should have all seen it coming – since earlier reports suggested that the script-work was lingering-on (longer than originally planned at least) and at this time there’s only thirteen months left until the scheduled release. Many fans were probably expecting that a lot of pre-production work on the sequel was just kept under wraps – despite Abrams’ full plate of in-production projects as well as the busy schedules of Star Trek 2′s three writers (Lindelof poured a lot of energy into his Prometheus script, Kurtzman made his directorial debut with Welcome to People, and Orci has been hard at work writing Ender’s Game).

Fortunately (or unfortunately for fans who hate delays) it sounds as if the filmmakers have, to their credit, been dedicating quality time to the Star Trek sequel script – instead of rushing it out the gate to make their scheduled release date.¬†While it might come as a disappointment to some moviegoers, there’s no doubt the film will be much better for it in the long run. Obviously, as many fans already know, the last time a Kurtzman and Orci script was rushed into production, in favor of a release date, we ended up with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – which, despite some fun action and epic battles, was a soulless and muddled story. As a result, both the writing team and Michael Bay have apologized for the deadline-over-quality approach – which everyone seems to admit allowed them to lose sight of the story (and subsequently control of the film).

Many fans will also remember Abrams’ first Trek film was bumped from a holiday 2008 release to its actual debut in May of 2009. While that particular rescheduling had more to do with capitalizing on summer box office hype, rather than a drawn-out production schedule and busy filmmakers, it’s still a good reminder – i.e. the wait was worth it.

Star Trek 2 in 3D Star Trek 2 Delayed Until Holidays 2012 with J.J. Abrams Set to Direct?

In an industry where sequel turn-around is getting shorter and shorter (remember when we told you that sequels to Thor and Captain America as well as DC property, Green Lantern were already in the works?), the wait for Star Trek 2 has been excruciatingly long. However, it’s encouraging to know that Kurtzman, Orci, and Lindelof have taken their time with story (in spite of their busy schedules) and delivered a script that’s simply waiting for Abrams to set the gears in motion.

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Star Trek 2 is (for the time being) slated for theatrical release on June 29th, 2012 – but expect the film to get bumped to the 2012 holiday season.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Probably a good move…considering its competition (Avengers & Batman) are already filming….

  2. It’s taking too long. They built up so much goodwill and positive buzz with the first movie, this delay is just too long.
    Sherlock Holmes was released 6 months after Star Trek. Yet, SH has a sequel filmed and ready for release this Christmas. I understand ST is more effects intensive, but they really need to get their finger out.
    They may have avoided The Avengers and Batman, but now have to contend with The Man Of Steel instead.
    I’m not massively bothered about Abrams coming back, the writing, the characters and the actors are what made the first film special, not extensive lens flares.

    • Batman Begins came out in 2005. The Dark Knight in 2008. A three-year gap between sequels is fine.

      • That depends if you like The Dark Knight. And the gap between Treks will be three and a half years. Long time.

        • Doesn’t everyone like TDK? ;)

          • No, they don’t.

    • It was said that Tron had the longest gap between sequels. People who saw Tron in the 80s weren’t all able to see the sequel because of, well you know. I was glad I lived to see it.

  3. If it will be as solid as the first one, then I’m willing to wait

  4. They’ve had 2 years to work on the script, and all they have is a 70 page treatment. Pathetic.

    • Bob’s shifts at the North Highland Starbucks puts a crimp on his writing time. ;)

  5. I’m fine with this , it wouldn’t have mattered if they had the script finished early anyway they still would have had to wait for Abrams to finish up on Super8 anyways. I think they are smart in moving it back rather then rushing it, and i’m pretty sure that ABRAMS wouldn’t have been pushed to rush it out anyway

  6. Now it will have to contend with Superman Man of Steel and The Hobbit.
    That is some stiff competition. Maybe release it in November instead.

  7. So I get to see the Hobbit pt1 and Star Trek 2 before the world ends? ok.

    They better not be X-Mas day releases though!

  8. They better squeeze it in before the end of the world in December 21, lol.

  9. I honestly think this guys just got together a couple of months ago to begin working on this, pretty much ignoring the cravings from fans to get a sequel going. And I don’t blame them! All the people involved in the Star Trek reboot were skyrocketed after the movie with a bunch of new projects and opportunities!

    I say good for them! And good for the studio to allow them to change the release date, give everyone the time to go full gears into the Star Trek reboot. I’m happy waiting an extra half-year, if we’ll get a quality product!

    Nobody wants another Revenge of the Fallen :D

  10. This is not the REAL problem. I can already see what is going to happen. They will push the official release date back to December 2012, then start production later this year and everything will seem to be going fine. Then, just like last time, they will decide that they can make more money by capitalizing on the Summer blockbuster season, and so sometime in mid-2012 they will push the release date back to May/June 2013. *sigh* I know it will be worth the wait, but still…

  11. lost is great but it’s far more difficult to put together a good prequel story/stories for an already exsisting franchise that has a long standing & diverse history. thanks for ruining star trek with an easy way out or in jj abrams, you suck!

  12. im goin to have to go with Fito on this one. i’d rather wait and have them nail it than rush it and have it flop

  13. I’d rather wait for an awesome sequel, then have a hashed out piece of crap just to see within next year, hell i’d wait till 2014 if it made the difference

  14. I think the realese date is going to be moved to Summer 0f 2013, because I don’t think that Paramount will want to risk the hoilday season.

  15. using a temperal paradox to wipe out the original Star Trek and start from scratch is NOT CANNON FREINDLY!!!!!! J.J. SUCKS!!!!

    • I agree with you Frank S.

      Where are the Lost skills? I didn’t see any in 2009 with Star Trek.
      He just screwed it up with the worst temporal paradox ever!!

      ANYONE who watched ANY of the Star Trek Series knows, Star Trek takes
      a Temporal Paradox very seriously and knows how to do it well.

      Unfortunatley, JJ did not. So maybe, it’s time to move on from the island.

      I’m glad there’s a delay on the next Star Trek movie.
      Maybe they fired JJ and are looking for writers to put something together of value.

      Star Trek isn’t Felicity, Alias or Lost. It should really be in the hands of someone who understands it.

      Paramount should really let Brannon Braga, Jeri Taylor and crew have a crack at it, they know what’s really going on. They have done it before and can do it again.

      Get it together JJ Abrams or PLEASE GET OUT!!

  16. No offense, but the tiny minority of uber-Trekkies who hate J.J. Abrams for making Star Trek fun and popular again just need to get over it. :)

    • No no, you have got that wrong. It’s the “Trekkers” who have the problem. That’s the rabid group who takes the Star Trek thing WAY too seriously. You can spot them by calling them Trekkies and have them vehemently correct you :D

      Personally I though the new Star Trek was just ok. My only beef is they really strung together a LOT of convenient segue’s to get the crew together in one place. I admit though it was almost necessary considering time constraints. Also not a fan of the whole Spock/Uhura thing. Spock should be the SAME dispassionate Vulcan we have all come to love.

      • I don’t understand peoples problems with Spock/Uhura. Spock was still the same disapassionate vulcan from before, there is no law that says vulcans and humans can’t have a relationship, Spock himself is a prime example of that.

  17. yes!!! ive been anxiously awaiting this news!!! i think its a really good sign that they have taken there time with the script. im really excited and am praying that abrams does indeed direct the film.

  18. My problem with ST 2009 is a very very bad plot..I mean, script is an army of blackholes,nonsenses and supercoincidences,characters-clich√©, silly humor…ST MUST be more than a popcorn movie for teenagers. ST is not GI JOE, ST is not Transformers, ST MUST be the most intelligent and sophisticated sci fi show.
    There are a lot of popcorno movies for teenagers but only a ST…

    Abrams ST is GI-JOE-Trek, and GI JOE is not ST.

  19. I feel JJ Abbrams is LOST (if you will excuse the pun) on Star Trek and has no fundemental understanding of science. He just throws stuff on the screen and expects the EXACTING fans of Star Trek to accept it. Abbrams needs to bring in NASA, other Scyfy writers, and people who simply understand the science before he plunges headfirst into another Star Trek project.

    If he blows it on this one, I, as a Star Trek LIFER (Yeah, 1966 kids is when I got hooked!) am done with the franchise. OR maybe I’ll pull a Bjo Trimble and flood Paramount with another writing campaign AGAINST Abbrams directing.

  20. Anybody remember Generations and Insurrection? Really do not want that to happen again