‘Star Trek 2′ Clip: Blink and You’ll Miss Spock

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It’s been a long four-year wait for Star Trek 2 – now officially titled Star Trek Into Darkness – and Trekkies have been understandably insatiable in their consumption and dissection of any and every little bit of material that has hit the Interwebs, which is why we know that hardcore fans will appreciate the quasi-gift we have for them today.

Star Trek 2 director J.J. Abrams was on Conan recently, and took the opportunity to treat fans to the first ever clip from the sequel…. well, sort of. As seen in the interview above, Abrams alleges that Paramount only allowed him to bring a clip that was three frames long, literally making it a ‘blink and you miss it,’ experience.

While this “micro-clip” is likely to annoy many casual moviegoers hoping to be fed actual Star Trek 2 goodies, the hardcore elite will, as Conan so aptly pointed out, be pausing the footage to analyze every micro-detail. Check out a screenshot of the clip below, which Abrams describes as ‘Spock (Zachary Quinto) in a volcano':

Star Trek 2 Into Darkness Clip Spock Volcano e1349444994349 Star Trek 2 Clip: Blink and Youll Miss Spock

 Star Trek Into Darkness finds Kirk, Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew facing the challenge of a nefarious villain (whose identity we STILL can’t confirm) played by Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who promises “iconic and exciting” things from his character (take that however you will). We’ve seen Cumberbatch and Quinto’s Spock doing battle in what looks to be a scorched environment (as far as green screen and makeup can convey), and I have my own growing suspicion that this sequel could emulate the path of Stark Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), which ended with the death of Spock in act of noble sacrifice. Could Abrams’ Conan tease actually be sly revelation of a critical moment?

And so, as has been the usual with this film, we end with just as many (if not more) questions than when we started. Though, with the release date finally inching closer, and the demands for a trailer mounting by the day, we should start getting some solid answers soon.

Star Trek Into Darkness will hit 3D and IMAX theaters on May 17, 2013.

Source: Team Coco

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  1. Complete waste of time. What’s the point in him even showing this ‘clip’.

    • I think it’s called “humor”.

      • More like a wind up than humour imo :)

      • THAT WAS JUST FU++ING GENIUS….. HILARIOUS, I laughed very loud at this clip!!! BRILLIANT

  2. This movie is going to be amazing. It will be harder to top the first one.

  3. Conan’s reaction to the video with his slow clap to standing ovation was hilarious :)

  4. I completeley forgot about this movie. Where’s the trailer already?

    Oh, and Star Trek into Darkness? What a s***** a title.

  5. Had to be a joke about Paramount only allowing him a 3 frame clip. But somehow, with all the ultra secrecy involved, I wouldn’t have been surprised.

  6. They should combine the Star Trek and Thor sequel titles so it reads “Star Trek and Thor into the World of Darkness”.

    • You mean, “Thor’s Star Trek into the World of Darkness” or “Star Trek: The Wraith of Thor: The Dark World Rises.”

      • or maybe Thor Trek: The Dark Star World

        • Now that one actually made me laugh…

          “Thor Trek”

  7. More like a wind up than humor!

  8. This “clip” had more to do with promoting Conan than the film.
    And considering all the resultant Internet chatter they succeeded.

    • it´s his promo-tactic, just like his other movies. why has he got the same hairstyle like -pauly d-jersey s***- ?

    • A movie like Star Trek 2 relies heavily on visual effects, most of which probably aren’t done yet, because they are in the middle of post production. Of course there isn’t a trailer yet, because they don’t want to show people a bunch of actors hoping around in front of green screens. The trailer will only be made when most of the movie is finished.

    • what the hell are you talking about? “…going to be horrible i know it now”…really? we havent gotten IM3 trailer yet (i know, we will on the 23rd) does that mean that movie sucks too? MOS finished filming along time ago, and still no proper trailer, so i guess that will fail also.
      tell me, what is it like to be right all the time? to know everything?

      • Wrong, I am right this time. IM3 already showed a trailer at Comic Con like MOS already did the same, and we both know those trailers shown at Comic Con were proper previews if you do not remember the descriptions, I saw the trailers myself since I was there. They had footage already set way back and Star Trek 2 still has none further for viewing. You clearly have had no idea of what you typed so I will excuse you on that one.

  9. Spock Farted. huehuehuehuehuehuehue.

  10. Those 3 frames were still better than the whole of PROMETHEUS : )

  11. OMG this film is going to suck. I deconstructed the 3 frames, it’s terrible. Nothing but watered down crap. So tired of these remakes. Its clear from those 3 frames Abrams has lost it. This is franchise death. I predict it will earn $20. Its called Into Darkness but there is LIGHT IN THE CLIP. I feel so ripped off, i wanted 3 frames of darkness. The acting is terrible, the way Quinto slightly moved his arm a nano inch was so unconvincing. The 0.2567 of a second music was dreadful. This has flop written all over it, how dare they release such a sloppy 3 frames, i blame Peter Jackson and Obama.

    • I for one agree with your assessment. I have lost much of my enthusiasm for the film: the actors are only there to collect a paycheck it seems. WHERE’S THE HEART? WHERE’S THE FIRE OF DESIRE???? Sad to see the crash and BURN…Oh Gene, where are now that we need you so…

      • Totally agreed! The acting is HORRIBLE, the soundtrack dull and forgettable, and the story is basically non-existent!! TIRRIBLE!!! :-( What a cash grab. :-(

    • LMFAO!!

    • lol!

    • IM LMFAO AT THIS THREAD…. you guys are hilarious, OMG do any of you ppl watch CONAN???? this is what he is a HUGE CLOWN, it was ( I guarantee ) his idea to do the 3 frames “clip” GUARAN-F**KIN-TEED, Conan all the way! this was not the studio or J.J. abrahms this was the CONAN show
      WHAT A LAUGH that some of you are really getting upset about it?! its a movie ppl not ur life so chill when its ready we will se a clip and all of you that are crying saying “im not gonna see it cause its gonna suck” are gonna be all up GREASING UP UR PETERS and sitting at the edge of ur seats so ur nutts hangs out loving it!!!! so quit whining and SHUT UP
      LMFAO AND ROFLMAO at you jokers

      • Dude satire is totally lost on you.

      • Dale M needs some help from the internets- can anyone spot him some sarcasm font, please?

      • Hahaha!!!!LOL!!

  12. Amazing. Mind-blowing clip. Kudos Paramount.

  13. universal has a well deserved record/reputation of not caring much for the fans…a perfect opportunity to flame interest in the movie [can you ever really have too much FREE publicity?]. BUT instead, they treat me [and us all] as idiots. If I ever get to the position of having a film to be made, you can wager on your children’s lives, Universal Studios will have NOTHING whatsoever to do with it. This is why. Tremors? remember what they are doing to that franchise: as fun it succeeded, but it is treated w/ disrespect to the fans/creators, and overall unprofessionalism by Universal. So sad…

  14. I wonder if the first REEL clip is going to be attached to Skyfall?? (and yes, I spelled REEL that way on purpose.) This is one my most anticipated movies of 2013, along with Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and The Hobbit Pt 2.

  15. There’s just not enough info yet to claim whether or not it sucks. So, my usual approach with such movies: Pleasedontsuckpleasedontsuckpleasedontsuck!


  17. I hope this movie doesn’t have things like three main characters just happening to get marooned on the same ice planet and just happening to have the exact knowledge and technology to build a super transporter to get them back on a ship moving at warp speed. Or a Spock who angrily exiles Kirk to a monster infested ice planet to die. Or a villain who hates Spock for trying to rescue his planet. In short be less illogical.

  18. Clip didn’t work.

  19. I think this whole secrecy thing is getting to be beyond a joke now. Fans want to see something, there should be a trailer or even a short teaser, yet we haven’t even had a single official production shot.
    Abrams likes to keep secrets, fine, but this is really going too far. And it will start to annoy fans.

  20. Much thanks..I now have one frame as my desk top background …HARR!

  21. A quote from The Sarcasm Society>
    “There is nothing more beautiful than sarcasm. That is definitely an overstatement but it should balance the moronic comment which says that sarcasm is the lowest form of humor. Now, whoever made that statement was desperately in need of a rectal broomstick extraction procedure.

    Sarcasm usually requires a quick wit, and the ability to extract the minutest points of weakness in a conversation. So it is quite unlikely that it is the lowest form of humor as some would like to call it. Perhaps not being able to enjoy sarcasm is directly related to not having the ability to come up with sarcastic comments, which in turn creates a feeling of inadequacy, which in turn can spawn a Napoleon complex, that can cause someone to logicise that sarcasm is the humor of the stupid.”

  22. Just as Abrams ROCKED the first one, this will ROCK too!!! Can’t wait!! Haters gonna hate!