‘Star Trek 2′ Adds ‘Thor’ Actor Joseph Gatt

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After a few delays and the surprising departure of Oscar-winning actor Benicio Del Toro, Star Trek 2 is finally underway, with principal photography commencing this week. In addition to the returning cast of our favorite Starfleet characters and crew of the Enterprise, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch headlines a batch of new talent who’ve enlisted for the sequel to J.J. Abrams’ franchise reboot.

Cumberbatch is expected to play the lead villain, joining the previously-cast Alice Eve and Peter Weller in undisclosed roles. Other recent Star Trek 2 castings include Noel Clarke (Doctor Who), Nazneen Contractor (24) and one actor we just found out is also onboard: Joseph Gatt.

Gatt is another Brit actor – the third in a week – who made quite a few headlines over the last year due to his appearances in high-profile geek shows and films – from playing a Frost Giant in Thor to having appeared as a key character in the now-defunct Wonder Woman pilot, to his most recent stint as a guest on Chuck.

Although we have confirmation that Gatt is in Star Trek 2, we have no information as to which character he may be playing. With his background in voice acting (Star Wars: The Old Republic) and motion-capture work (God of War series) in addition to his resume of filmwork, he could be playing anything from an alien with physical prowess to a henchman of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character.

Multiple reports had the villain of Star Trek 2 being the iconic Khan but with Del Toro dropping out and the surprising-yet-inspired casting decision to bring in Cumberbatch as a replacement, we can expect a performance and character entirely different from Ricardo Montalban’s original Khan. If anything, Cumberbatch’s character will likely enter confrontations through a battle of wit, leaving the physicality of the original Khan to other characters – if the movie actually goes in this direction, that is – and actors like Gatt could provide the brawn to match Cumberbatch’s brains.

Joe Gatt joins Benedict Cumberbatch, Noel Clarke, Alice Eve and Peter Weller as newcomers to the sequel, which will of course bring back the entire crew of the USS Enterprise, including Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, John Cho and Anton Yelchin.

Star Trek 2 hits theaters on May 17, 2013.

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  1. I like all these new additions. I more glad they are finally going to start shooting. I love this new series and the spin that JJ put on it. I really hope this sequel lives up to the first film. It was highly enjoyable and fresh for such an old franchise.

  2. Hold on a minute. Cumberbatch is a VERY physical actor as his creature in Frankenstein shows. Stop pidgeonholing actors please. Infact take a look at Sherlock which is actually very physical. CumbErbatch can do any type of role.

    • Agreed.

    • We actually have a good convo about this in this week’s episode of the Screen Rant Underground podcast – check it out when it goes up Wednesday.

      Most of us here do watch Sherlock and by physicality, Cumberbatch’s character is definitely not going to embrace that of Ricardo Montalban, buffed up, with a massive V-neck. They wouldn’t cast him for that and if he is playing Khan, it’s going to be totally different. That I can guarantee you :)

      • Well, it wouldn’t necessarily be a different take if he decides to bulk up for the role, like Christian Bale. Not sure if that’s a great idea or not, but still…

        I’m curious aslo if he does indeed play Khan if he’ll change his eye color, Cumberbatch has blue eyes, Khan has brown. He wouldn’t necessarily, after all William Shatner has brown eyes and Chris Pine has blue and nobody seemed to notice the discrepancy. Plus a blue-eyed Khan might be more resistant to charges of any racist stereotype…?

        In any event, I like that the words ‘inspired casting’ are being associated with the addition of Benedict Cumberbatch to the cast of Star Trek.

        • He can’t “bulk up” – the movie starts shooting in the next few days

          • Well… fair point, but then again, Khan isn’t that big of a guy and Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t that small of a dude, I’m sure a high calorie diet with a few intense days spent in the gym and some of the old Hollywood makeup department and he can look however he wants for whatever part this ends up being.

          • Isn’t he supposed to be in New Zealand? Cumberbatch has been seriously overbooked for the past couple of years, but now we’re getting into Time Turner territory.

  3. just get it done but these added additions should
    make the movie a whole lot better :)thankyou j.j.
    next time don’t take forever,instead of using impulse
    power use warp speed and you can get it done faster

    • I don’t think he was even using impulse power, I would say he was using thrusters. 😎

  4. this man posed for my life drawing class multiple times. its crazy that he keeps coming out in movies.

  5. I’m kind of curious, is JJ Abrams going to bring back one of my favorite characters Harry Mudd?

  6. Ron Jeremy would make a perfect Harry Mudd.

    • Ben you made me spit my coffe out!

  7. i am curious as to why screenrant keeps calling the next villian khan. just because they were trying to cast a latino in the role of an un-named villian, everyone just assumes it’s going to be khan. abrams has denied it (yes, i know that should be taken with a grain of salt, but still…they don’t lie ALL the time) and now that cumberbatch has been cast, SR keeps implying that he will be playing khan. i just dont know why you all are stuck on that, unless some un-named source has read & leaked the script and said khan will be in it. personally i hope khan will not be in the plot. i hope they (the screen writers) can come up with something original, and not just re-hash the same old stories with a slightly different spin, and call it new due to the time divergence. just my opinion.

    • agreed.

      • Well, my take on that is that what JJ Abrams denied was not that the villain wasn’t Khan but that Benicio Del Toro was going to play him. When he made that denial it was in the context that BDT had been cast, and looking back they had known he’d passed on the role but had not gone public with his decision yet. So at least the way I see it, no one has officially denied that Khan is the villain, only that Benicio wasn’t going to play him. (Discloser: I am pro-Khan.)

        On the other hand, doesn’t it seem like they’re casting guys who have had a lot of acting experience without eyebrows (Peter Weller, Joseph Gatt)? As in, Talosians…? They should cast Michael Berryman as the third Talosian if that’s the case!!!!! :)

    • Thank You Jeff! I’m trying not to SCREAM that at my computer! Any new villian and/or character is the only way I hope they go for this Trek!

  8. Based upon his photo Joe Gatts could be a young Kang or Kor. He has a Klingon look to him.

  9. this dude Gatt looks like he’d be perfect to play Mal’Ak if they ever made a movie for THE LOST SYMBOL…..

  10. I would think it would be hard to do Khan without the backlying information, which came from the series. But if they can manage that, I’d be very impressed. But I’m clamoring for Klingons. I want to see Kang, Kor, all the wonderful crew that made the TV series fun. I personally think they’d be far easier to introduce at this point… but that’s just me. 😀

  11. Cumberbatch as Q and this guy as Borg – pretty obvious really.

  12. Also, the blond lady will be 7/9

    • How could that be, since she hadn’t been born yet? Or is this 7 of 9 a different person?

      • pretty sure firstly the Borg could time travel, secondly Q had the powers to time travel anything he wishes and third the timeline is now very different. Also Spock time traveled many times, so would be a ‘no brainer’ explanation if needed

        • Beni cumberbatch went to school round the corner from me, almost the same age!! Did not know that

        • I think I read somewhere that JJ said he wouldn’t be doing any more time-travel arcs, at least for a while. Also, the first time the Borg time traveled was in First Contact, and there was a logical reason for them to do it. What logical reason would they have going back to Kirk’s time? And having Q transport the 24th century Borg to the 23rd century makes very little sense to me; the Borg exist in the 23rd century, so why get the future Borg involved (and it would also be to much like the first TNG episode with the Borg)? Because of the timeline change, I doubt the 7 of 9 from Voyager will even exist.

  13. This Gatt dude looks to me a lot like Clancy Brown (around the eyes) and I could see him playing Curgan in the Highlander reboot\remake….whatever it is.

  14. I would love to see Khan again! I was thinking more along the lines of Antonio Banderas. As I remember Khan was older than Kirk.

    And if they were to do him he should be someone who can command a legion. which is why before they do him in the movies, they should do a big budget prequel, of Khan, like they did the scorpion King. SHOW US why he was a supreme leader in the 21/22nd century.

    Then follow that up with the star trek movie. That would be great. But lets not have the writers of the trek film do it. The one dimensional story and ‘oh you graduated now comes the villain part. Khan deserves better. Think epic, not sell out!!