Alice Eve’s ‘Star Trek 2′ Character (And More Story Details) Revealed

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You’ve see the first Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer. We’ve seen the nine-minute prologue. Now it’s time to share a few bits of information that Paramount Pictures gave us the go-ahead on.

If you don’t mind learning a little more about the plot, characters and some sequences for Star Trek Into Darkness, read on, because we’re going to tell you all about Alice Eve’s character and how it could be the biggest hint yet at who Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain is.

When Alice Eve was cast into J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek sequel, no information was given about her role. Unofficial set photos revealed her wearing starfleet uniforms, but all we had was our theories and the speculation that came with it. The one-minute Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer provided the official first look at Eve’s character, but with no dialogue outside of Cumberbatch’s intimidating voiceover, there was nothing to go on outside of the visuals. We can now confirm that Alice Eve is playing Dr. Carol Marcus.


*Spoiler Warning: The discussion ahead shares a few details from the Star Trek Into Darkness prologue and additional revelations from the film’s story*


What we saw in the trailer was Eve in two different sets of Starfleet attire, sharing a moment with Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and another where she’s reacting with a frightful scream to some horrifying event or situation. Based on the visuals alone, we noted that her hairstyle and uniform match that of a character named Elizabeth Dehner (side-by-side image below).

Alice Eve Elizabeth Dehner 570x285 Alice Eves Star Trek 2 Character (And More Story Details) Revealed

Dehner is a psychiatrist who in the original Star Trek series episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before” came aboard the Enterprise to study the long-term effects space travel may have on its crew. On that particular mission to the galactic barrier, Dehner and Kirk’s friend, ship’s helmsman Gary Mitchell, gained godlike psychic powers after being struck by an unknown energy. Mitchell of course is one of the rumored possibilities for who Benedict Cumberbatch may be playing in Star Trek Into Darkness, and with the visual similarity between Alice Eve and Sally Kellerman (who played Dehner), this was one working theory for the pairing of characters. Or it could be intentional (and fitting) misdirection on the part of the Star Trek 2 creative time.

We now know however, that Alice Eve is actually playing another scientist, Dr. Carol Marcus (originally played by Bibi Besch – see clip up top), a molecular biologist for Starfleet. In the original timeline, Marcus and Kirk fell in love and had a son named David. From the one-minute Into Darkness teaser depicting a smile between Alice Eve’s Marcus and Chris Pine’s Kirk, it’s very likely that we will see the beginnings of their relationship.

The more interesting ideas we can draw from this revelation however, are in what this means for Benedict Cumberbatch’s character and the plot of the film. Carol Marcus was introduced in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan when Khan raids her Project Genesis research station. We also learn here that Marcus and Kirk had a falling out many years prior. She (and their son, David) work together on Project Genesis – a key story point for the original Star Trek 2 & 3. In the third film, David dies at the hands of Klingons on the Genesis planet, who were there to acquire the Project Genesis device to use as a weapon just as Khan tried to.

Why is this important?

Star Trek Into Darkness Image 570x379 Alice Eves Star Trek 2 Character (And More Story Details) Revealed

In the nine-minute IMAX prologue, we meet a couple played by Nazneen Contractor and Noel Clarke. Their daughter is very sick, aging too fast in a London-based hospital on Earth, and the outlook isn’t positive. While stepping outside to catch some air, Benedict Cumberbatch’s character approaches Clarke and simply says he can help save his daughter. How? Could it be through Abrams’ version of the origins of Project Genesis or some special ability he has?

From what we’ve learned at Paramount’s Star Trek Into Darkness press event, the film will include scenes on the Klingon homeworld Qo’noS and viewers will see Klingons shown without their helmets. Combine that with the fact Alice Eve is playing Dr. Carol Marcus, and there are a growing number of connections between Into Darkness and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock).

How does Benedict Cumberbatch fit into all of this? We learned from the first official Star Trek 2 still released today that his character is named John Harrison, at least as an alias. With Bob Orci telling that Cumberbatch is not playing Gary Mitchell (his story was told in the in-canon Abrams universe IDW Star Trek comics) but is definitely a character from Trek canon, and with Alice Eve playing Carol Marcus, there’s more evidence piling for the Khan camp, especially if Cumberbatch’s solution to save the dying girl is through some process related Project Genesis… or genetic engineering (recall: Marcus is a molecular biologist). But that’s just speculation.

We don’t yet know and from the footage we cannot conclusively determine who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing. If not Mitchell or Khan, what other character from the original series or films do you believe would fit?

J.J. Abrams returns to direct Star Trek Into Darkness off a screenplay by Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof and Roberto Orci. It stars Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho, Anton Yelchin and Simon Pegg.

Star Trek Into Darkness opens in theaters (regular and IMAX 3D) on May 17th, 2013.

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Sources:, Cinema Blend, HitFix

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  1. I have to say, as much as I like this reboot and especially the casting,
    I never like the altered timeline theme which is just an excuse to
    mine classic Star Trek stories for characters and storylines.

    • I think of it more as to have creative license with a pre-established, revered fictional universe. I personally find alternate timelines and the such fascinating.

  2. *GASP!!!*

    What if John Harrision is actually John Frederick Paxton, Cloned and augmented with the technology from Cold Station 12!?!? It would explain Peter Weller’s role in the movie.

    After all Arik Soong Did steal the embryos. Paxton probably did interact with Soong. Either way, this story really goes back to the episode from Enterprise, Cold Station 12 episode. Because everything in Enterprise happened until the altered Mirror Universe time line. O.o

    • Whoa Ho ! Someone’s been doing their homework! Lol

    • Cool idea, but I think they will tread very lightly if at all when it comes to the idea that Enterprise is the only show still “true” to this timeline. Likewise, the idea that they would follow up an ENT ep, and let people know that this is a relevant connection… It all sounds a bit unmarketable, sadly. I like what you said though, so I wish you were right. A more likely ENT connection, (since it can be glossed over quickly) is the storyline of Klingons using DNA from human Augments such as Khan, only to dissolve their head ridges. We know there are Klingons, and that the issue of head ridges is a very sticky wicket to get around, and that JJ was timid about this before (seeing as the deleted scenes last time only had helmeted Klingons), and that ENT came up with a fascinating, canonical, and Khan related solution…

      I think the villain may be a Klingon after all!

      This movie may have them with and without big foreheads.

      So what famous Klingon could the villain be? Kang? Koloth?

      • I don’t think it will be a Klingon. But I am sure we may have a Klingon helping John Harrison. My gut instinct tells me Harrison is working for Terra Prime, or he is a product of Terra Prime. OR he is in connection with Arik Soong.

        But on the other hand I do see where that COULD be a possibility. Given that we do see Harrison fighting the Klingons on Qo’noS. That being said, Abrams did want to include Klingons in the last movie and he is definitely adding them in this one. But lets say your theory is right, my guess will have to be General Chang. He absolutely despises the Federation and did go far enough to kill his own commander in chief to assassinate the Federation president and start a war.

        I would however LOVE to see Kang or Koloth in this movie, since home planet Vulcan has been destroyed, the possibility of the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets getting into some kind of conflict is VERY high and very possible.

        But nothing would please me more to see Scotty beat up a Klingon because they trashed talked the Enterprise. lol.

        • That would be pretty funny. As for Chang, I suspect they’d rather use a Klingon who hadn’t already been the main villain in a trek movie, despite the idea of reusing Khan… So, not Chang, maybe Kang (not Khan). Clear? :]
          Really doubt they will be bold about an Enterprise connection since it may alienate the Trekkies who disliked the show and the general public who may feel like they lack the esoteric knowledge that may be a prerequisite. Clearly the movie will be designed with newbies in mind, regardless, and a connection like you have stated here would be awesome, and could work very well, but would they risk such a strong Enterprise connection? I wish they would, but I doubt it. (of course if they do make such a strong connection, that would just beg the prospect of a cameo from that show. I think that could be done really well, but will it be risked? How about a flashback to the Terra Prime story’s with a brief scene including Trip and Archer…? I wish! I also doubt it.)

          Making a case for a no-ridges Klingon connection… JJ in this issue was central to the problem of using Klingons, hence the helmets in those deleted scenes. He also could never resist reviving the Klingons versus Kirk vibe that is so classic to the franchise. Would he therefor defy cannon somehow, avoid the subject and annoy the fans, or find a way to embrace the canonical Enterprise explanation for the no-ridge Klingons without dwelling in storylines that will confuse the uninitiated? The last option seems like a delicate dance, as does using Weller for the same role he had, but it sure sounds irresistible and unnavoidable at the same time. Best case scenario here is very impressive and exciting, but possibly unrealistic. Sounds like fan fiction. Does the team know trek lore that well? Sometimes…

    • Robert Orci said it was a person in Canon.

      But this is where it gets really strange.

      Star Trek Enterprise, already altered the time line, long before JJ Abrams and company did anything.

      They already know about the Augments, They know about the Borg, they know about the altered Klingons, they know about everything.

      Yet, they do not mention anything anywhere about Earth being attacked by the Xindi. Had they know about the Xindi attack, they would have much better defenses and ships a hundred years later.

      If they know about the Augments, then they know about Khan, and if they know about Khan, they know that the SS. Botany Bay is out there and they have already found it. Now with that said, Khan would be over a 100 years old.

      None of that has come together to give us an idea of who Cumberbatch could be playing.

      Everything of importance in TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager, were thrown out of the Window. Berman and Piller already established their version of Trek, then blew it out of the water.

      JJ Abrams and his group, reboot Star Trek and use an alternate Time line. Time line has already been altered, and combined….The Pure existence of Spock Prime coming back in time.

      Now one of the Prime Laws of Physics, no two of the same mass can occupy the same space.

      What was a linear time line, broke with Star Trek Enterprise. The future from that point of everything we know about the future of trek was negated on a level that was not the smartest thing to do.

      Now some may dismiss it has a work around, but if any of you recall Star Trek Nemesis, one of the ships going after the Scimitar was the USS Archer. Names after Henry Archer, so that proves the point…Nothing makes sense in Star Trek since Enterprise.

      JJ Abrams and company dropped the ball on this. Because, they did not follow through on their research, and they have added Archer into their time line.

      This is what is known as a FUBAR.

      • Several of your points are perfectly valid, but the basic rebuttal is still pretty simple. When you put Time Travel into any series you create an unfixable mess. Every series has dealt with time being altered, broken, fixed, improved, and even perfected in some kind of crazy loop of unbreakable destiny. No single canonical use for time travel as a story device has been established, no one version of it has been treated as any more true than any other, and consistency has not even been found within a single show or generation. Scientific theories about its plausible laws, as well as fictional tropes of fan expectation have all been fair game. Even if this weren’t the case, and a single vision of time travel had emerged or been established as the go-to model, we would still have a real mess on our hands. The ultimate point of your observations, in my mind, is simply that we can never make total sense of this. Fair enough.

        Other points can be argued separately. Did the Xindi encounter fuel military research? Undoubtedly. So did the Borg encounter with Picard. These motivations did not result in true preparedness. Knowing the tech level of the “neighborhood” has seemed to be a lulling factor of sorts. Which characters knew exactly what about the Klingons, what they said, what was classified, what even mattered… That is an interesting issue. As for Archer and the Borg, they did a fairly eloquent job of eliminating loose ends in that ep, just like the Ferengi ep, so that it was not a simple, straight line from meeting them to knowing anything of value. They didn’t even get the species names at the time, or much insight of any value. The Borg ep was one f those causality loops, where the story we already know from Picard’s time is in fact bolstered by the Enterprise story, rather than contradicted, which either implies an unbreakable single reality, or the more reasonable conclusion that the entire Picard era as we know it is just another parallel, rather than some pure and undiluted “original.”.

        If we can accept the new movies as just one of many skewed tangents, mutations of time as it was “supposed ” to be, then why be any more upset at the notion that none of the series were ever truly untainted or clean?

        Also, people always knew about Khan and the Augments. They ruled a third of Earth in the 1990’s after all, and led to the eugenics laws which made such alterations of the genome illegal. (This was explored pretty well with the DS9 ep. “Dr. bashir, I Presume?”. In it the creator and hence doppelgänger of Voyager’s doctor arrives to scan Bashir for the next iteration of the EMH. During his interviews it is revealed that young Julian was all but retarded, and his parents chose to illegally “fix” him, resulting in criminal charges, and the good doctor’s guilt-born need to mix up his ganglia on valedictorian-crucial test .) What they didn’t know was where and how he ended up, until Kirk defrosted the augments and gradually figured it out. Guess they don’t have solid facial recognition in the future! How long Khan was frozen for, and how fast he ages are different questions. He is super human after all. The primary likelihood of his being found “early” is for a distinct implication that this new reality drove the Enterprise onto a collision course, so to speak, with the B.Bay. The easiest way to do that is to have old Spock simply tell them to go looking for the guy. The deeper irony being that while the last movie established his desire for events to unfold naturally so that the strife would bring the crew together, (especially Kirk and Spock), telling the, about Khan would go profoundly against that sentiment. Not that they couldn’t write it well, but surely it was the events that led to the death of Spock that made Kirk realize what a profound bond he had with him, and the rebirth of Spock was in large part an education in how much everybody loved him, so skirting those events would seem to diminish the friendship and leave a gap in their evolution that needs to be filled.

        None of these details feels like a deal breaker for any potential story, character or villain. There is a heightened desire for them to handle these details well though, so that people like you and I will not be typing our sputtering discontent for years to come. Here’s hoping its all very well thought out, and oh yes, entertaining…

  3. It’s Joachim, Khan’s right hand man…

  4. It’s Mitchell. My prediction…They start the movie at the beginning of WNMHGB and a star ship is at the barrier,but it’s not the ENterprise. it’s another ship. and Kirk is not there to kill Mitchell. and he kills the crew and heads to earth to get even for something.

  5. There was a wish-list scenario we cobbled together on the ST1 comments monster thread;

    During the NuEnterprise’s 5-year mission, acting on information provided by Spock Prime, Kirk proceeds to neutralize threats such as the Doomsday Machine, the Space Amoeba, Nomad, and Voyager all too easily, but when he encounters the Botany Bay, which he has been advised to destroy, his sense of compassion and honor won’t allow him to fire on a sitting duck with a sleeping crew, so he stays his hand and let’s Khan sail on.

    Unbeknownst to Kirk, he is being shadowed by a Klingon D-7 just out of sensor range. When the Enterprise leaves the area, the Klingons go in to investigate. Khan is taken aboard and revived, but as you may well imagine, the Klingon captain isn’t quite as gracious a host as Kirk was and his questioning methods aren’t anywhere near as polite.

    Khan’s strength, spirit, and resistance to pain make quite an impression on his interrogators however, and on one female officer in particular, whom Khan manages to seduce into betraying her captain and freeing him.

    Khan revives his shipmates and takes control of the Klingon vessel. Unlike the Enterprise, the Klingon officers and crew swear loyalty to Khan, rather than stand by their captain. In the Klingon mind and in their culture, Khan has proven himself the better man and earned his place as their leader, and they are also quite accustomed to dictatorial rule.

    After a few spectacularly successful missions and battles, Khan becomes a favorite with the Klingon high command and is given more ships and the rank of Admiral, It is then when he sets his sights on……..home.

    That tale is still floating out in the Screenrant archives, I wonder if ST2’s creative staff has lifted any of it.

  6. the genesis device was something created by carol marcus and her son… david… many years later and it’s a process of destroying a dead planet and changing matter to create a living breathing planet… how would that help a dying girl?

    the writers have also said it’s not khan so if we believe them it’s neither khan or mitchell

    khan would be frozen in space at this time… if he is thawed out like in the episode of space seed then maybe he has some sort of super brained knowledge to help the girl but it sounds more like someone with super powers like a gary mitchell type… now i’m just confused and annoyed but looking forward to it

    • have u forgotten spock died and reborn on the planet

    • You’re comparing to a changed timeline.

      As for Project Genesis being run with David’s help, again that was in another timeline. Project Genesis creates life at a molecular level – the missile launch system, the planetary destruction are how it can be applied. It’s a stretch, I know.

  7. Well, if we hear Kirk yell “Khaaaaaaaan!!!” in the full trailer this week, we’ll know… 😉

  8. Spock tells Kirk ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’ in the 9 minute preview.

    Carol Marcus, Cumberbatch using the word ‘vengeance’ in the trailer (the original title of Star Trek 2 was Vengeance Of Khan), Spock touching someone’s hand thru glass.

    Awful lotta shout-outs to Khan for a movie with Gary Mitchell. 😉

    • well it was not Spock touching Kirks hand through the glass…That has been proven.

      • Proven how? It sure was the Vulcan salute. Bizarre fake-out if that’s all it is, but the the whole Marcus/Dehner thing was pretty strange too….

      • I’ve been thinking it could be Bones taking the dirt nap.

  9. All I know is May needs to happen next week.

  10. As a Trek Fan, I think I may have lost interest in this movie already.

    Because if it is Khan, it makes no sense, even for Sci-Fi.

    Kind of like accepting Cylons as Hot Blondes. It dont feel right.

    And despite the Success of JJ Abrams and company, they really should not think all fans are going to follow suit.

    They are good, they are just that good.

  11. I finally got around to watching the “Star Trek” 2009 movie. I must say, I really really enjoyed it and am looking forward to this no matter who the villain is. I can’t really complain because the 2009 version is all I’ve seen as of now lol

  12. i gotta say…i think Spock is going to die in this one.

    • Have you been dipping into those godlike powers again? 😛

  13. I’ve seen a lot of reporters still saying it’s Khan absolutely so either its not, or Abrams has seriously not done his research and realized Khan isn’t a white guy from London. I still think it’s Mitchell or a good theory I’ve read is that it’s Captain Robert April coming back for revenge against Pike with powers of de-aging, and in which case Dr. Marcus makes sense. Supposedly the big gun Cumberbatch had is called April’s Gatling Gun

  14. LMAO! I finnally figured it out! John Harrison is gonna end up being some random red shirt they left for dead! think about it! it would be BRILLIANT! no KHAN no MITCHELL but some random red shirt named JOHN HARRISON who was abandoned on the mission from the opening sequence of the film and for some , as yet, unseen reason obtains god like powers. THE REDSHIRTS WILL HAVE THIER REVENGE!!!!

    I totally solved that in SHERLOCK-esque fashion !

    • I love this theory more than anything else I’ve heard!!!

    • I’d watch that.

    • May as well close the thread, we have our winner!

  15. John Harrison is the alias of an Antosian. He saves the girl with the method his people use to heal Garth, cellular metamorphosis technology. Later, when the alien looks like Peter Weller, Garth assumes the form of the alien’s younger self, Benedict Cumberbatch. The girl is Carol Marcus and she uses the technology to create the Genesis Project. She has the form of Dr Dehner, her psychiatrist.
    That only ties together things we already know, so if it’s right don’t blame me.

  16. The only way they could do Khan is by giving him more back story
    It would have to start with Genetic Engineers coming up with technology to create the augments.

    Them it would have to go into Khan growing up discovering his power and eventually him becoming a dictator and controlling an empire developing his following.

    It’s possible that the augments became strong enough to overthrow governments lead by the normal humans in 1996 to come to power and Khan rules over his new empire.

    Humans would have to be able to overthrow Khan and turn some augments against him in order to put him and his followers onto the SS Botany Bay
    which is a sleeper ship.
    Enter the 23rd Century

    It’s possible that in this timeline The Klingons came across Khan and the Botany Bay and let’s face it the Klingons aren’t very smart and they woke up Khan and his augments. You do see in the trailer Benedict fighting Klingons after that he either steals a ship or builds a ship returning to earth while The Enterprise is on it’s way home.

    • Kinda’ writes itself, dontcha’ think?

      …”But captain, shouldn’t we place him in restraints before he regains consciousness, just to be sure?”

      “One weakling Earth Human from a primitive, unarmed, sublight vessel, aboard a ship with 400 of the Empire’s finest warriors?, I always knew you were a peta’q!”

  17. It wouldn’t be hard to attack a lone star ship board it and look through it’s database to find out what’s happened to earth since they were banned and still federation clothes in order to fit in…Remember Khan is a thinker and what makes you think Khan wouldn’t think of doing something like this..

    Prior to this Khan probably has never seen a Klingon before so I think he’d be a little curious about where he is and the year it is and yes it would be a possibility that he stole a Klingon ship to returned to the earth.

  18. I think they will no doubt emalagmate a few characters from the old series for Benedict Cumberbatch’s and Alice Eve’s characters to boost the action and make it more distinct from the original Trek films…

  19. The thing is though in the 9 min footage in the hospital scene it’s implied that this Villain is a healer and something we know Khan isn’t and in order for it to the Gary Mitchell character they’d have to alter how he got his powers and the only logical way I think would be through Genetics.

  20. Keep in mind this is an alternate timeline and everything we know about Kirk and Spock has changed and it’s possible that the villains have changed how they enter into the story of this timeline too

  21. After watching these trailers over and over. The only villain I can think of that fits each criteria is for the villain.

    Dr. Roger Korby

    Using Androids he can save the girl, explains his physical power, his mental capacity his immunity to the Vulcan grip. It would explain why he is not evil, and not good.

    The revenge part is me guessing that he is not responsible for earth being attacked but is bent on revenge for Christine Chapel in it destruction.

    This would also make him a good guy at the start, and how he became a villain at the end.

    /end Geek speak.

    • Alex.

      You always end geek speak, but you never start it?

      Hmm? :)

      • Never said i was good at it!

  22. I believe that Cumberbatch is playing Joachim, Kahn’s follower. We will see Kahn at the end of the movie setting part 3.
    This is basically what would have happened had Kirk not stopped Kahn in the “Space Seed” episode.
    Something happened because of the altered timeline and the Botany Bay was discovered by someone else instead of the Enterprise.

    • There’s a problem with the Khan theories. It’s been stated that the threat comes from within Starfleet. That the villain has knowledge of federation ships that enables him to “detonate” the fleet. Which is odd because I wouldn’t think anyone would have such knowledge.

  23. Hm. John Harrison. He could be a clone created from the dna of John Lennon and George Harrison. Explains the British accent. Maybe Kirks a relative of Hinkley.

    • I thought Hinkley shot Professor X on behalf of Palpatine. The whole thing was a plan by the Klingons to turn mutants against Imperials.
      Granted, it’s pretty hackneyed.


  25. I think at the moment that John Harrison is John Harrison! He appeared briefly in several TOS episodes in several different capacities. I think the first one was in the science field, blue shirt. Now what if he’s leading the research into the uses of proto-matter the key ingredient in the Genesis device? Remember in the Star Trek movies proto-matter’s use is banned at some point so maybe this is this time lines excuse for banning its use. The curing of the child leads Harrison to use it on a more daring experiment on himself. Whether he has an excuse or not to go anti-federation is part of the story. Just my current theory given the data…

  26. Watch Abrams throw this crazy curve ball, and John Harrison ends up being “Q”

    1. He certainly does have the power to cause such devistation.
    2. Alteration in the timeline could of sparked his interest.
    3. Testing a Captain of the Enterprise to the brink of terrible desperation is his ammo.
    4. All the destruction and shocking events will just be a “just kidding, Kirk, you past the test!”

    • Best theory I have read yet. And one i would enjoy. Q runs rampant!

  27. Maybe it’s not Benedict who’s the Villain maybe it’s Bill Cosby and he made giant pudding machine or something…

    I don’t believe Paramount or JJ would ever go with some nobody character from TOS and turn him into a Villain…

    Yes it’s still possible for Carol Marcus to be in this movie without it being Khan and without it having to do with Genesis.

    By adding Carol Marcus it adds more of a back story to her and expands her character to give it more depth. From watching Star Trek II we know she helped to create Genesis and her and Kirk had a kid.

    It was never explained where they met or how they got together and for awhile I thought the lady at the top of the hill in Generations was Carol Marcus that Kirk was looking at…Instead in turned out to be some other woman he was going marry.

    Then in Star Trek III Carol Marcus disappears becomes a nun or something and is never talked about again and frankly i’d still like to know where the hell she went in Star Trek III

  28. It’s not impossible for the movie to start with Mitchell serving aboard the Enterprise gaining his power and then being deserted by Kirk on a planet

    Then moving the story a few months later

  29. Taken a bit of “Where no man has gone before” and “space seed” to combine a similar story around Gary Mitchell is not impossible.

    Think about it…They go through the barrier in the first part of the movie he experiences these new powers and tries to take over the Enterprise then they capture him send him packing and the story moves ahead a few months later

    Enterprise is on assignment meanwhile Gary has found a ship in order to return to the earth…The thing is that the Klingons play some part in it.