Director Bob Orci Says ‘Star Trek 3′ Story Is Part of the 5-Year Mission

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star trek 3 screenwriters Director Bob Orci Says Star Trek 3 Story Is Part of the 5 Year Mission
Since J.J. Abrams is currently ensconced in a galaxy far, far away as the director of Star Wars: Episode VII, his Star Trek reboot co-writer and producer Roberto Orci has taken over directing duties on what we at this point know only as Star Trek 3, which is aiming for a 2016 release date to coincide with the franchise’s 50th anniversary.

Both Star Trek and its sequel Star Trek Into Darkness were financially successfully, enough so that further adventures set within the reset Trek universe go without saying. Yet, with longtime fan ire over the direction the new movies series has gone still an issue, where will the next chapter in the saga take the starship Enterprise?

Since Orci has stated his intention to “explore new worlds” in our Screen Rant Underground Podcast interview with him, hardcore Trek fans have allowed themselves to expect a movie that finally takes place within the five-year mission teased at the end of Into Darkness, which was also the setting of the original Star Trek television series.

During a podcast interview for Humans From Earth with former Hero Complex writer Geoff Boucher (via Bad Ass Digest), Orci has evidently confirmed that the next film will be set in “deep space,” saying:

In [Into Darkness] they set out finally where the original series started. The first two films – especially the 2009 [Star Trek] – was an origin story. It was about them coming together. So they weren’t the characters they were in the original series. They were growing into them and that continues on in the second movie. So in this movie they are closer than they are to the original series characters that you have ever seen. They have set off on their five-year mission. So their adventure is going to be in deep space.

Star Trek Into Darkness Enterprise Going Down 1024x429 Director Bob Orci Says Star Trek 3 Story Is Part of the 5 Year Mission

While a Star Trek prequel film spent gathering the staple characters of Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban), Sulu (John Cho) Scotty (Simon Pegg) and Chekov (Anton Yelchin) into one crew was expected, a second film re-treading much of the same territory seemed unnecessary.

Still, despite his lecturing fans online who criticized Into Darkness, Orci appears to understand these things, noting that Captain Kirk is now “an adult.” Since its inception, the Star Trek franchise has devoted its focus (as much as the various TV series’ budget allowed) to going where no one has gone before, and the life forms which await.

Given the retconned fate of the planet Vulcan – which must affect age-old Federation foes the Romulans – a whole new set of alien races must statistically be out there for Kirk and company to meet. Given their all-too-brief introduction during Into Darkness, fans have been expecting some renewed tensions between the Klingons and the Federation to perhaps take center stage in Star Trek 3. When pressed for details, however, Roberto Orci only said:

The Horta is actually the villain in the next one – no – they are in deep space now, so lets see what’s out there.

star trek 3 director roberto orci Director Bob Orci Says Star Trek 3 Story Is Part of the 5 Year Mission

Orci is teasing here – the Horta is a species featured in the original series episode ‘The Devil in the Dark,’ and while the episode explored intriguing issues of the effects of colonization on non-humanoid alien species, they’re unlikely to play a huge part in a feature film. Orci displays his command of Star Trek lore here, while deftly avoiding the question.

The original Trek series is still remembered for its relatively progressive nature – the first interracial kiss on American television was between William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols, after all – but the rebooted films basically play it safe (which is an ultimately defensible position, business-wise). Still, when asked if the rebooted Star Trek films might eventually feature a homosexual character (perhaps referencing original Sulu George Takei, who has been out and proud for years), Orci said:

It can be part of a character and not be the whole shebang…It doesn’t have to be like ‘South Park,’ like ‘what have we learned today.’ It can be so normalized that it just exists. I agree it can’t be shoe-horned in. And it is not necessary for it to be the whole point of the thing. It is an ensemble and there is lots of people to represent so no one point of view should hog it.

So don’t hold your breath, but it should be noted that creator Gene Roddenberry intended to add gay characters to Star Trek: The Next Generation but was denied, even though the show would go on to explore issues of gender androgyny.

Best TV Chairs Star Trek Bridge Director Bob Orci Says Star Trek 3 Story Is Part of the 5 Year Mission

Orci is a veteran of popular successes among both film and TV (TransformersFringe) and it stands to reason that Paramount would not entrust a first-time feature film director with an important, lucrative franchise without knowing precisely what they’re doing.

Still, as many fans have pointed out in the wake of the blockbuster reboot films, Star Trek is about more than big-budget CGI spaceship battles and pretty actors.

Stay tuned for more details on Star Trek 3 as they become available.


Star Trek 3 is currently expected to open in theaters in 2016.

Source: Humans from Earth [via Bad Ass Digest]

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  1. I’m just hoping the rehash stories stop now and they bring in a new and fresh adventure. Let’s leave the past in the past and let’s move forward where no man has gone before ;)

  2. I thing it could be better watch the new 5 years mission on TV as a return of ST to the small screen instead of in a Movie, a movie is more suitable for just an adventure or spin-off as Wrath of Khan.

  3. Really could care less ,as far as I’m concerned they killed Trek with the terrific writing. Now a writer who never directed anything gets to be in charge , Trek is dead.

    On a different note about gay characters, Sulu could easily have been revealed as gay , he never appeared with a girlfriend /woman in the original series ,and the only thing revealed about him in the movies was he had a daughter.

  4. An odd example, but Brooklyn Nine Nine handled a gay character more organically than anything I’ve ever seen. Andre Braugher said it best himself on Arsenio.

  5. It just pains me every time an article does the whole “look, Orci worked on Transformers and Fringe, so of course he’s okay!” thing.

    The Transformers movies may be financially successful, but they’re complete turds when it comes to storytelling and characterization.

    And it really needs to be pointed out, though people who actually watched the show probably know this even if they don’t consciously realize it, that Fringe struggled in its first season while Orci, along with Alex Kurtzman, were still very engaged in the process and writing episode scripts and so on. The show really only came into its own and became the fan-favorite that it is when it was handed off to Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner towards the end of season one, and built up by veterans like Joe Chappelle and Akiva Goldsman throughout season 2.

    I suppose Paramount should really just be glad they’re only entrusting Orci with a single film, that’s also a sequel with a built-in audience. God only knows they shouldn’t be comfortable giving him any more than that.

    • Fringe was crappy storytelling as well. Everytime they wrote themselves into a corner (which happened often) they just shuffled things around (universe change, months or years later) and went on from there. There was no coherence, no proper character development and no real consequence either. just a lot of “wouldn’t it be cool if we did that?”. It’s was a mess and unwatchable after Season 2, which at least a good X-Files “Monster of the Week” thing going on.

      • “Fringe was crappy storytelling as well”

        Totally disagree. One of the best SF series of the past 20 years. And the third season was it’s best once they dropped the dopey X-Files MOTW modus operandi.

        Also Orci had little to no direct input on the series after the pilot and first season so to lay blame on him for anything that happened on Fringe after Season 2 is unwarranted.

      • First half of season 3 was the high point of Fringe, to me. You should try to watch up to that point at least. 4th season was weak though. I haven’t watched 5th season yet.

  6. There’s nothing progressive about Star Trek. You are allowed to fool yourself into thinking there is, however. How can you know? Try this: Spend a couple of months just re-watching episode after episode of every Star Trek tv show made – not every waking moment of your days and nights, but frequently (the way I have done, leaving out the first show with William Shatner). And tune your sensors for the immorality hiding in the morals. You’ll be appalled. One example: An episode of DS9 (S6E “In The Pale Moonlight”) has Sisko going along with Garak’s plan to bring the Romulans into the Federation’s war with the Dominion. Garak’s principles are like those of Paul Bremer. He’s inhuman but is intelligent and can put on any face that’s needed. Hollywood’s tactic is to introduce such characters but not have them do things that will make you dislike them. They are tweaked. You can, if you look at them at a certain angle, support them. (See the ISR article titled “The Corporate Invasion Of Iraq” by Rania Masri –

    Garak doesn’t expect the Romulans to go along with the deceit he employs, which Sisko participates in, willingly. Sisko knows in the back of his mind that Garak will do anything to achieve their aim, but decides to go along with Garak because he doesn’t want to think about what he’s getting into. He’s too moral. But, in the analogous reality that Hollywood/Pentagon/CIA is trying to convey and have us accept, that’s the ‘fiction’ part of Sisko. (That’s like suggesting that Obama is too moral to bomb Syria. Lost leftists might argue that, but they know better. As if the bombing and other atrocities he’s committed don’t matter. He happened, for whatever reasons, to decide against that particular action. So what?) Garak is made out to be a good guy, which is accomplished by having Sisko, a saint, accept him, before and after his evil deed of murdering Romulans in order to manipulate them into joining the Federation. Only Sisko knows about Garak’s mass murder. But the others know he’s smelly. But they’re okay with him too, So we should be. There’s even a story arc in which he’s in love with Gul Dukat’s daughter. And she loved him, prompting him to exclaim ‘But I don’t know why she would.’ Maybe Hollywood/Pentagon/CIA went to work on her first.

    • But that was one of the beauties of DS9, it was not always black or white, there were gray areas. Garak was a character with a bloody past but had a warped since of honor. I think Garak could best be described by his answer to “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”; the moral of the story is not to lie but Garak believed that the true moral was “Don’t tell the same lie twice”. Sisko, in this episode you mentioned, knew he was doing something highly immoral but to not do it would mean certain defeat for the Federation. I, for one, thought the final seasons with the Dominion were very good (well, some episodes were a bit boring but overall, very good).

      • I love sci fi and mostly loved Star Trek – all of it. But my political views are what they are.

    • It’s novel to see Hollywood/Pentagon/CIA strung together as a single entity. Isn’t “Hollywood” (as if that amorphous institution can be characterised as having a single voice in the first place, which is another debate entirely) customarily accused of having a leftist/liberal agenda?

      • Perhaps some do. But I don’t. I don’t know whether the author of “The CIA In Hollywood – How The Agency Shapes Film And Television” would agree that Hollywood is leftwing, but you’d have to radically re-define ‘leftwing’ to come up with that, so I’m sure she doesn’t. Is the military-industrial-complex leftwing? Are boosters of the mic leftwing? Ergo… (I have the above book, but haven’t read it yet.)

        • It’s not an accusation I make myself, you understand, but it’s undeniably one that gets thrown around a lot in certain circles. From what I can tell, Tricia Jenkins is claiming a direct CIA liaison with a number of producers, directors and screenwriters from the mid-1990s onwards to counter this exact perceived bias in some very specific movies, not that the agency affects Hollywood’s entire output. I could be wrong there – looks like an interesting read.

          • Indeed. Tom Hayden reviewed the book (, which is how I came to learn of it. But I follow politics. None of this is surprising or, really, old news. I expect to pick up some interesting details and it’s always good to be able to talk about this stuff authoritatively. Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman wrote “Manufacturing Consent,” an incredible book (made into the famous documentary). In it, they mention the budget that the Pentagon has for propaganda and it’s bigger than the major networks combined. Americans pay to be brainwashed by the 1%’s enforcers who have no desire to share wealth and security and the good life. But they want us them, and the rest of the Western world, to support that.

    • Not understanding how you are using the word progressive exactly since you’re including a moral/immoral distinction, seems to be contingent on what you consider to be progressive or not. Same for your moral/immoral distinction, again contingent on how you go about determining what is moral and what is immoral.

      I mean, it seems like you’re off put by some immorality within morality? I don’t think you’ll ever find a completely moral or a completely immoral decision outside of concocted scenarios, all of which is again dependent on what one considers to be moral or immoral. Greater good would probably also come into play with your scenario.

      There’s also the notion of application of progressivism, how it differs when talking about being progressive within the confines of one entity/nation/state/federation and how it is applied when interactions happen between/among other entities/nations/federations/etc.

  7. I just got done watching the first two the other day, and wile Into Darkness is good to watch, its a let down in the case of actual story telling. I love the 1st one (there’s a few issues but what movie doesn’t have any?) I really hope this entry can stay away from any reference (Leonard Nimoy this means you) to the old series and start a fresh narrative that follows the crew in deep space.

    • There’s lots I find ‘funny’ with these new Star Trek movies. But unless I’m making them, I’ll expect I’ll always have that problem. The production values are high. And the weaknesses are so bad that you can’t ignore them and just take the movie as entertainment. So far. They can go too far. I’ve never been a fan of James Bond. It was part romance and part thriller, forever. And it never delivered on either. When Daniel Craig’s Bond appeared, I had a feeling I might like it. I really did. The romance wasn’t romance. It was sex and it didn’t go overboard. And I liked that. I liked the first two installments, but then with the third, they lost me. The shadowy threats out there line just annoyed the hell out of me. That’s s**** that comes right out of mouths like John Kerry’s. There are no shadowy threats out there as serious and scary as the threats that we all see and know about, namely the US/Israel, which composite state is quite good at creating their own shadowy threats. Now I see Bond as merely a hit man for the 1%. I can’t enjoy him anymore.

      • I meant to say that “the weaknesses aren’t so bad.”

      • Dang Arby – you took the words right out of my mouth. I felt the same way about the new Bond. But I have to admit I started to feel that way even before the last three films. I think Craig is most realistic. He’s cool to the point of being cold, and he can be downright cruel. I supposed that’s the to be expected of a real MI6 man, but I don’t like that. And I find I’ve lost my taste for the whole Bond mythology. Becasue the reality it points to is rather apalling, and I know I can’t really support that reality. I just don’t enjoy that stuff any more.

  8. I really hope they do not do a Klingon war for the next film. Other tha Khan the Klingons have been over featured and we need a few films before we see them again.

    If they teased the Klingon threat over the next two Star Trek films in the way Avengers is teasing Thanos with the Klingons adding things that will make their victory more assured without taking too much screen time.

    Orci and crew have talent, no doubt about that but moving on in the storytelling has yet to be seen. Bringing in new blood in that department sound very promising though and perhaps something they should do every film to keep things fresh.

    I would love to see Tarantino consult on story development for a Star Trek. I know many think of the violence when they hear that name but Quentin Tarantino is really a master at capturing the gold that gave those old tv shows their heart and from that perspective I think he could add something that would payoff for years to come.

    • When I say Khan is overdone I also mean in his other guises as Shinzon and Nero

    • No Tarantino in Star Trek! That would destroy the franchise. Good lord, he’s the LAST person that should go anywhere near Trek. Trek doesn’t need foul-mouthed characters with gratuitous violence thrown in. All his movies are the same.

      • Tarantino is an overrated, one trick pony hack of a film maker. He did two episodes of Alias and they were the worst thing I have ever seen, completely pathetic and pointless episodes. He should come nowhere near Star Trek or any other series on the planet.

  9. Star Trek 3 will have Spock be killed suddenly in the beginning, and send his remains to this mysterious planet and they are order by Spock’s father to search for him.

  10. Voyager Season 8 please!

    • uhhh…No. Even Though Voyager had some good episodes….don’t want to see a season 8. Enterprise should get a season 5 since it got better with season 4. Truthfully…a new series is in order. I say set a new series a thousand years into the future.

      • I was not entirely serious, if they were going to make a new season then Voyager is not the one, they got home so its over, sorry, spoiler!

        I just miss tv series and I got something from TNG, Voyager and DS9 that just does not seem to be present in these new films. I would take more episodes of Enterprise they pulled the plug there way too soon.

        I personally would like them to do a series based on Starfleet command, following a number of different ships on an ad-hoc basis.

      • Well, As far as I know – from sites like this – there will be a new Star Trek franchise. And it’s looking like Captain Worf. Does that thrill me? Yes and no. The Worf we were given was hardly functional (and in real life would not have made it to the rank he did in Star Trek). Think about all the times Worf wanted to do exactly the wrong thing but was stopped by Captain Picard or others. If we had him for a Starship Captain, they might not make it out of the terran solar system before disaster struck. If they go with Worf, Will they change him?

    • Greetings, Would the new Director of Star Trek 3 Director Orci consider reviewing the world’s newest technology ship the USS Zumwalt DDG-1000 under the leadership of Captain James A. Kirk which was comission this past April 2014 in Bath. ME Maybe in the new film the Enterprise could go back in time and beam up the USS Zumwalt to deflect the next issues in Star Trek 3
      The ship is a great ship and I think since Gene Roddenberry vision of the future would be a graet way to honor Mr. Roddenberry and members of our armed forces of yesteryears and current years to date. If interest please feel free to reply back on this link

  11. Star Trek 3: The Search for Lens Flare

  12. Most people don’t care about “progressive” crap when it comes to Star Trek. We just want great sci-fi. Both new Star Trek movies did just that and I don’t see them changing that formula since they both did well financially. The handful of “fans” who want a gay scene may have to wait.

  13. the only thing im concerned about is Orci…hes a great story teller but he has no experience in the directors chair and to bring on someone with no experience directing Orci is gonna do what he knows and that is to tell a good story, but then again he may not deliver on the action set pieces

  14. Honest question for all you Trekkies out there :
    With J.J out doing Star Wars and Roberto Orci in the directors chair, is it good news or bad news ?

    • Bad news for me. I enjoyed STID but it was not Star Trek. The story suffered and the characters were just shadows of the originals (except Karl Urban was a very good McCoy, IMHO). I want Kirk to be the master strategist he was in TOS and that Spock/Uhura relationship made no sense; Spock would never engage in such behavior when he is an instructor and she is a cadet. And they have to make Starfleet Security actually do something; where were they in STID? And Paramount has to get some actual scientists to help with the science fiction. No more red fracking matter or magic blood.

      • Seriously doubt they’ll be getting actual scientists to help if you go by their history, the previous two films and Fringe. I mean I sorta liked Fringe but it was because of the characters, not the shoddy LSD science. They’ve also sort of established transwarp as a thing and eventual Klingon conflict (along with magic blood) which kinda digs them into a hole from my perspective. It would seem a bit disingenuous (can’t think of the right word) to just ignore those things altogether. Trek should just be back on tv.

    • Bad news. He sounds like an egotistical a-hole who has written nothing but bad scripts that make money because they’re established franchises. The very fact that he reacted to criticisms over the internet (he was actually reacting to the article “Star Trek is Broken-Here are Ideas on How to Fix It”) shows that he doesn’t understand the most basic rule of being a writer–not getting defensive about criticism. It appears that in public, he has a thin skin, and losing temper is a bad idea on set since he has to work with so many people: actors, director of photography, writers, other producers, special effects department, wardrobe, etc. Film is a collaborative effort and each person can bring a whole new dimension to a story the original creator didn’t think of before. If he’s too much of an asshole to his own staff and shutting down new ideas, the film will suck badly because he’s not bringing out the best of his team.

  15. Mr. Obvious…i think it can go either way, Orci is a great writer and hes written alot of good movies ( Transformers , MI 3, the amazign spider mans, star trek 1 and 2) i mena the guy can tell some stories but what frightens me is he has no experience behind the camera, which could force the action set peices to not be very good…and JJ Abrams has his own diffeent styles of directing so maybe this will be more a start of a new story

  16. Deep space sounds good and promising. Some adventure movie like exploration, space anomalies and a bit of actual science probably is too much to ask, though, is it? They probably just encounter a hostile species and create lots of explosions until the credits roll.

  17. Call me weird, but… I would like to see a “Star Trek” alien-horror flick. “Prometheus” should have been “Star Trek 3″.

    • You’re not weird caude that would be really awesome dude! Star Wars did a novel called Death Troopers and it was a cool horror novel. Being that Star Trek is more exploration and stuff, I think they could make an awesome movie like that. What if the thing infected one of the members from an away team and came abord the ship? It’s true that with the tech they have they could easily discover the alien but not if the thing infected the captain and he/she sabotaged the ships computers or put it on a lockdown or something!

    • Ahh, one of my favorite TOS episodes was Wolf in the Fold with the Redjac murders.

  18. I’m happy for the film because they are fun to watch. Sure it’s not the greatest story telling or character development but they are fun to go see. I’d still rather have a weekly 45 minute Star Trek show back. Perhaps set a few decades after Voyager where the Federation begins to explore the Delta Quadrant because they really botched the villains from Voyager. I mean seriously season 1-3 had villians outsmarting Voyager when all they had was futuristic space spears.

  19. For STAR TREK 3, or even 4, I’d love to see a blending of “City On The Edge Of Forever” with “Mirror, Mirror.” Kirk, Uhura, and Scott could be on hand at the Guardian to search for Dr. Mccoy, but as soon as he escapes into the past, our next shot of those three reveals that they are from the Mirror universe! Suddenly regaining a missing doctor doesn’t seem that important to them, so they abandon him and return to ENTERPRISE–to an evil Sulu, a conniving Chekov, and a bearded Mr. Spock!. However, as time passes, the landing party begins to feel appalled at what they see from the Mirror Federation,sensing that something isn’t right. This results in talk, speculation about their proximity to the Guardian when the Dr. went through, yadda-yadda-yadda…. They decide to return to the Guardian to go through and find McCoy, and undo whatever he did to change history (save Edith Keeler’s life). The mirror Spock insists on accompanying them, and is cold enough to make sure that Edith dies to set matters straight.

    It’d be great. And, most importantly we could have Chris Pine’s leading lady from JACK RYAN–KEIRA KNIGHTLEY–as “Edith Keeler”!

  20. Let’s say the Horta are in it. If the solution is to shoot it with phaser blasts, that would completely ruin the idea behind the Horta, which was that even this weird lava monster had children to protect. Basically, the crew has to react in a way that isn’t dumb action schlock, but the only thing Orci has done in his entire career is action schlock.

  21. What I would really like to see is more alien species that looked in fact more alien! I really love Star Trek but I have to say that threw the years as a Star Trek fan I have been constantly disapointed with the whole wrinkeled nose, strange eared and just feather on head aliens. It doesn’t bother me that they use it for maybe two or three species but man! Millions of light years in space and mostly all you find are english taking humanoid aliens. That is saddly one of the things I have always though that Star Wars has done right. Why not give us creatures of different shapes and sizes? Aliens that talk in a weird dialect. Isn’t it funny that some of Star Treks tech like the transported for instance, is way more advanced than Star Wars’s tech but they don’t have a measley translator unit? English being the universal language of the cosmos really sucks and having a almost all powerful race of aliens named Q is cool but not seeing them as just more stinking humans. The Borg have assimilated tons of races and yet every single one of them is human! I hope the new movies delve deep into space and awesome new alien species are found and not just the same Bajoran, Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian, Kazon and all the humanoid type dudes cause that stinks. Give me Species 8472 any day over the comun humanoid dudes.

    • Yep. But the worst offence was when they did the species 8472 arc, which was interrupted. They came up with an alien alien and, like a chef producing a flawless soufle and then spitting on it, they turned 8472 into humans. Paramount has always had attitude.

      The new Trek movies are great, at last, but they are still lacking. Paramount is still Paramount. Star Wars is my idea of sci-fi that involves spaceships and aliens, notwithstanding the obscenity of a pathetic, utterly annoying, uninteresting teenage Darth Vader.

      • I hear you my friend! Let’s hope that they get it right with the new Star Wars movies coming out and the new Star Trek movie being in deep space. I agree with you completly that the new Star Trek movies are great but I also feel that there’s still a little more that could be done. Star Trek has always been about exploration but the new movies, even though they are awesome, have been more on the line of action and battle. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the new movies, both SW and ST can give us all what we fans have been wanting for so long!

    • Star Trek DID have a universal translator. I don’t remember what episode it was first mentioned in, but it was always there:

      • Thanks for the link Andy! I read it though and there are still a lot of far fetched theories. There are many bloopers since some people say that the supposed universal translator is in the com badge. This makes no sence though since many times crew members have been stripped of their badges and they have never been a time when they couldn’t understand the aliens. This is the same for primitive species that have been brought onboard many federation ships. They have no way of having a universal translator yet they still understand english perfectly.

  22. At least Abrams isn’t directing. After into Darkness I’d accept anything… It couldn’t be worse than that run of the mill drivel of a movie.

  23. Into Darkness was kind of cheap. First of all it wasn’t even half as dark as the first. Second, Star Trek 2009 was an awesome Star Trek film, Into Darkness was a poor man’s Xmen: Days of Future Past – with future scenes only.

    Third Wrath of Khan sucked too. I don’t know if it is just because of how old the movie is, but i found it incredibly disappointing and lame compared to what I had heard. Wrath of Khan waswhere near as good as mid to later films like The Undiscovered Country and First Contact, and even Insurrection. It seemed really stupid to bring Khan into the Xmen Jr.

  24. Finally… Kirk & Spock get it on!? T’Hy’La

    • Absolutely, Astra! Bring it!

  25. How did this story somehow become one about gays? Why is it that everything has to lead back to gays ‘ie – code word for, lesbianism’? The world is full of Other more pressing issues that would make for great film drama. Ok, now you can call me a homophobe for having an opinion in the new leftwing fascist america.