Christopher McQuarrie To Write Live Action ‘Star Blazers’ Movie

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:25 pm,

Hollywood has never been shy, particularly in this young 21st century, of looking to decades past for ideas for big-budget, live-action features that (mostly) draw in huge crowds, with Transformers being one of the most successful examples.

Now we’re hearing word from Deadline of another well-loved animated series coming to the big-screen in live-action form – the anime series Star Blazers.

For those of you who don’t know, Star Blazers was an anime series first broadcast in the U.S. in 1979, based on the more elaborately named Japanese anime Space Battleship Yamato. Star Blazers was basically an edited (and some would say watered-down) version of Yamato with the voices re-dubbed and some new scenes thrown in. It is considered the first popular anime to have an overarching plot, which meant the series had to be shown in the correct episode order to be understood properly.

Not to be confused with the recent Japanese live-action version of the original Yamato series, this new Star Blazers movie is being set up by David Ellison’s Skydance Productions (True Grit, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) which, if the company closes the deal, will hire screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, The Tourist) to pen the script. McQuarrie will also produce the adaptation alongside Ellison and Josh C. Kline.

Aside from the obvious worry about Hollywood doing a big-budget version of Star Blazers in the first place, you might be questioning why McQuarrie is the one being targeted as the screenwriter. It’s true that he doesn’t exactly have the experience suited to this type of “space opera” material (even the WWII film Valkyrie was more of a thriller than all-out action), particularly when a big-budget version is sure to (or at least should) have its fair share of epic space battles.  However, McQuarrie may soon prove his worth in the big action genre as he’s written scripts for both The Wolverine and Jack the Giant Killer, both of which are in pre-production and due for release within the next couple of years.

Hollywood is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the material it chooses to bring to life on the big-screen, so I guess it’s no real surprise Star Blazers is next in line. The project really can’t be judged until we start to see the usual pics and footage, but, as with any adaptation of a beloved property, Hollywood is going to incur the wrath of the fans if it doesn’t get the adaptation right.

More on Star Blazers (including when we can expect to see it in theaters) as news comes out.

Source: Deadline

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  1. God Nooo, the recently released Space battleship Yamato, is a perfect adaption of the original series , to americanize this would be a big mistake.

    • Is there an English subtitled release in the US?

      • I was just released in Japan less than 3 months ago. Give it some time. It takes quite while for American movies to make it over to Japan because of the need to subtitle. Plus it might not make it into theaters here regardless.

        As to the article…….this is not “leaving no stone unturned” it’s more akin to stealing a newborn from a crib. Japan just made this EXACT movie so for the Hollywood to create an American version seems beyond wrong. At least have the decency to let the dust settle before blatantly stealing something. Doesn’t someone in Japan have the rights to this to prevent it from happening in the first place?

        • they have the rights for Space Battleship Yamato, but not to Star Blazers. I wish they would have done Captain Harlock. However if they do plan to do a robotech or Gundam it should be by those same guys that did SB:Yamato

          • Ack, WHAT? All Star Blazers is is the Japanese version dubbed over and gutted of some material. I can’t believe that would qualify as separate rights.

            Would be funny though if this was done and the Japanese version was STILL better.

            • the japanese one looks great i cant imagine something looking better unless they are going to buy the sets from the japanese

              • dude that movie is like a japanense all my children in space. terrible terrible film you can watch the jap torrent online

    • Yup Agreed, Just needs english voice over perhaps

      • Second thought if Hollywood Leaves it’s Political Garbage, Sex Scenes, and excessive language out of this and stick to the script. ie what I as a kid remember; and I have on DVD all 3 yes 3 specifically 1 & 2 are the American Favorite. Any way it is doubtful that Hollywierd can do anything like this anymore. Keep it clean. You can have lots of Action without the stuff listed above and watching people getting blown to bits.

        And as originally stated the Japanese Version looks awsome and well we’ll see. Lucus made films much like Star Blazers with the aforementioned nasties left out. Star Wars ring a bell. So yes I guess hollywood can make a good film but they derailed some where.

  2. Whaaaaaaatttt? Leave stuff where it is. Last Airbender, DragonBall, and Speed Racer proved that.

  3. Awesome! I loved this show when I was a kid.

  4. how about a gundam or robotech movie, omething that destroys the transformers franchise

    • BIG BUDGET GUYVER!! do you even realize how awsome a halfhorror action thriller scifi film based on the guyver would be? done right? amazing

  5. I loved this show. I cannot wait for the subtitled Japanese movie too.

    I hope they do the Space Marines story arc.

  6. WTF!!!!! why hollywood always messed up with Japanese film. Are they don’t have any ideas left to create a film. It would be a big mistake if they make the film. Example the japanese film ruined by hollywood : dragonball evolution, Tekken, The King of Fighter and Street Fighter. They all Sux….

  7. Is Brian synger directing? This writer did the usual suspects, Valkyrie, and jack the giant killer. How about a trigun movie Hollywood. Since Keanu is already destroying cowboy bebop.

    • I heard that was a rumor , they arent making Cowboy beebop, cause it would cost to much money to do it. If they where to do it it should be done by Whendon, he would be prefect for it.
      Jet Black: Bruce Willis
      Spike Spiegel: Brad Pit
      Faye Valentine:Eliza Dushku
      Edward: Chloe Moretz

      • theyre rewriting the script to downsize the budget. and reeves as spike is already awsome. i cant see pitt performing jeet kun do or however you spell it. spikes martial arts are based off of bruce lee and judging from the matrix reeves can pull it off. id rather see a ghost in the shell movie thats focused on bato and the major being a supporting character.

  8. I would totally love to see this. At least an American version wouldn’t have either the annoying subtitles or dubbing. I was a HUGE fan of the show when I was a kid and this would be a total blast from the past.

  9. They should make a Voltron movie first

  10. It has been nearly 2 years since I have heard any news. Any updates? The Japanese live-action movie was cool but a little disappointing. I am hoping the US version will right their mistakes.

    • Problem: Hollywood has never “righted” any “mistakes” (what would those be anyway), instead has it taken good productions and made them worse.

      Every single Hollywood remake is like that.

  11. Emmerich’s Godzilla all over again. Or does remember all the Hollywood remakes of European movies couple of years back, which were all inferior to the originals?

    Hollywood, living off remakes. Laughable.

    And it will suck. Huge CGI fest, of, compared to what the Japanese productions tend to field, inferior quality. That’s all it will be, cause that’s all Hollywood can make these days.