Stan Lee Media Files Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Disney/Marvel

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Stan Lee Media Lawsuit Marvel Disney Stan Lee Media Files Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Disney/Marvel

The battle between Stan Lee Media, Inc. and Marvel over the rights to The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and more of the company’s most iconic characters has gotten a bit more interesting.

The comic book legend’s former company has filed a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit against Marvel and parent company Disney, demanding the maximum amount of damages available to them. And given the success of The Avengers, the stakes are high.

While Stan Lee himself has gotten his contracts with Marvel and Disney all sorted out, the nagging issue centers on two documents signed by Stan Lee in 1998: one handing the rights to all Lee characters, past and present to Marvel, and one signing them over to Stan Lee Media, Inc. (SLMI) The problem is, the Marvel agreement came second.

At least those are the claims made by the SLMI in the lawsuit (read it here, courtesy of Deadline) filed on their behalf with the Colorado courts. After having sought bankruptcy protection in 2000, the company now claims that Stan Lee signed the rights to both existing and future developed characters over to Stan Lee Entertainment, Inc. (which would ultimately become SLMI) in October 1998. Lee again signed a document “amending, modifying and confirming the validity of the 1998 SLMI Copyright Assignment” in 2000, which was filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission and the United States Copyright Office.

That may seem a bit jargony, but not out of the ordinary for a creative figure reinforcing the rights to their creations. Lee  was reportedly paid for the rights in shares of SLMI, and named Chairman of the Board. But here’s where things get potentially troubling. The lawsuit states that:

Oddly, in November, 1998, Stan Lee signed a written agreement with Marvel Enterprises, Inc. in which he purportedly assigned to Marvel the rights to the Characters. However, Lee no longer owned those rights since they had been assigned to SLEI previously. Accordingly, the Marvel agreement actually assigned nothing.

Since Marvel never filed such a transferal of rights with the Copyright Office when it the Disney merger was finalized, SLMI is claiming entitlement “to the billions of dollars that Disney has generated [...]within the past three (3) years from motion pictures, and from other media and merchandising” based on The Avengers and others. $5.5 billion, to be exact. This legal quagmire has been brought to court and dismissed half a dozen times, leading one to believe that the same will happen again, but that kind of money is nothing to scoff at. A cash grab on the part of SLMI? Certainly. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a case.

Marvel Disney Lawsuit Avengers Stan Lee Media Files Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Disney/Marvel

This isn’t the first time that Marvel has encountered legal issues with some of its creators, having most recently snubbed Thanos creator Jim Starlin (that’s been patched over, luckily). As much as we can sympathize with Stan Lee (the shares of SLMI used to purchase the rights became nearly worthless when the company went bust), the case is a difficult one to weigh in on just yet.

Obviously, the validity of SLMI’s claims – and Lee or Marvel’s explanations (if they have them) – will need to be heard to get some idea of how the case will play out and what role the statute of limitations will play in the proceedings. It’s unlikely Disney will part with that amount of money freely, so expect this to be just the beginning of another chapter in the battle, not the final blow.

We’ll keep you up to date on the suit as it proceeds. Hopefully, it’s over sooner rather than later, since Marvel isn’t showing any signs of slowing down their film development.


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Source: Deadline

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  1. Oh boy…

  2. If a judge orders Marvel from releasing any further phase 2 movies until the case is over that would make me a sad panda.

    • i agree, that would be a sad day indeed.

  3. The typical money-grab. Name one multimillion dollar franchise that has not had a similar lawsuit creep in. Either they will settle out of court for a pittance or (hopefully) Marvel will use its billions to bankrupt them for good to set an example of why this is an absurd popular revenue generating technique.

    • This has been going on for years with comic book properties, and it is not always cut and dry. Look what happened with DC and the creator of Superman’s heirs.

    • Harry Potter, Dark Knight Trilogy
      Warner Bros seems more organized.

      • Actually, both of these have had major lawsuits against them. The point is there are no cease and desist orders when these lawsuits are clearly frivolous because no one wants creative rights, all they want is to cash in on the perceived rights they have done nothing to exercise in the last 15 years.

      • more organized? have you never heard of all the super-man lawsuits? It’s gotten so bad that we may end up with a super-man and a man of steel as two different beings. one can fly, one can not. One has the red shorts and one does not. One has a symbol on his cap and one does not… etc etc etc…

    • Not a cash grab if they have a legitimate claim. If Lee signed off the rights to them first then it’s theirs, no more to it.

      • After Marvel had successful runs with its Phase 1 movies? I highly doubt cash grab isn’t a reason.

  4. ………..does this mean he won’t be making anymore Marvel movie cameos?

    • no. stan himself actually has nothing to do with this

      • well i think it is pretty clear he had something to do with this

  5. Oh lord!

  6. Stan Lee filing another lawsuit against Disney & Marvel, I guess his cameos weren’t enough for him looks like he needs more creative control. Why not give Whedon the boot and let Stan Lee direct Avengers 2 if he wants too so badly. So much greedy people in Hollywood wantin money throwin lawsuits left right and centre. It’s a sad decade we are living in when most of them can’t afford a proper job.

    • It is not Stan Lee. Please read the article before commenting. Stan Lee Media is a company that claims to have a contract signed by Stan Lee promising them exclusive rights to all of his future works. Stan Lee has gone out of his way to work with Disney, Marvel, and everyone else involved in high quality film adaptations of his work.

      • Then why is Stan Lee’s face plastered all over the article if it has nothing to do with him at all. I guess Screen Rant is trying to give him a bad name also along with his former corporation.

        • Dear lord. It used to be his company and it has to do with him – according to the company -supposedly selling the rights of the characters to them before he sold them to Marvel. Read. The. Article.

          • Exactly, here in Australia there’s a guy called Dick Smith, he used to own a chain of electronic stores.

            Now he sold them off, hasn’t owned them for decade’s yet his face is part and parcel of the company’s image, and it’s still called Dick Smith Electronics.

          • Come on Ben. You know this guy is just trying to get your goat. You explained everything in the article.

            • Well, Andrew explained everything in the article. :-)

        • Jersey – READ THE ARTICLE. Seriously, it’s one of the first things they mentioned. Wait, let me put a picture of Mickey Mouse on this post so you think it’s him writing this comment. -__-

          • I hope he doesn’t think that I’m really Spider-Man.

            • Or that I’m a living, breathing, big ‘A’ ;)

        • [Facepalm]

        • Here’s your sign

    • Reading is fundamental.

      Stan Lee has nothing to do with Stan Lee Media for several years.

      It’s almost like Doubleday Books. The Doubleday family sold that business off years ago, they have nothing to do with the company as it is part of Random House as an imprint.

      Before forming an opinion, at least understand the info int he article first.

  7. First Stan Lee Media vs. Stan Lee now Stan Lee Media vs. Disney…

  8. Ha, it looks like Cap is going to punch Stan Lee :)

    But in all seriousness to me it doesn’t sound like a cash grab, but what do I know.

  9. Stan Lee is in his 80′s. Wouldn’t live long enough to enjoy billions. It’s not like he has another 80 years, unlike the Mighty Thor. This may be for his heirs, or something else. I hope they quickly reach an out of court settlement and move on.

    • It’s not Stan Lee suing…you’re the second guy to miss that clearly made point in the article.

    • People, this is not people suing on Stan Lee’s behalf, it is a company claiming Stan Lee gave them the rights to his work, if anything it would take money away from his descendants if Stan Lee Media made anything off this lawsuit.

      • Like folks have said, this company isn’t Stan, and far as I understand it they’re suing Marvel, so in the craaaazy chance that they win this thing they still won’t get any of Stan’s money.

        And when Stan sold his leverage/rights to his characters to Marvel in November of 1998, he got a lifetime contract of 1 million dollars a year for the rest of his life, and then $500,000 per year to his wife when he passed on, plus ten percent (!!!!) of profits from films and tv shows of Marvel characters, although I think Marvel eventually tried to wriggle outta that one and I’m unclear how that ended up.

        Anyways, the point is that Stan is probably a very very rich man and he and his family will be very comfortable in case anyone’s concerned about him. And lots of times when you’re this wealthy, people like his former parters try to come and grab as much of one’s stash as they think they can get away with.

        • And I also know that Stan has had a lifelong habit of stamping his name on things he didn’t write, or write much of, just because he can. I know for a fact he didn’t write those How To Write Comics By Stan Lee books that recently came out, for instance. But what really bugs me is that he’s stayed silent when other people have tried to claim their fair share as well, which contradicts everything I learned from the wonderfully heroic characters he supposedly helped birth. Stan’s biggest talent is looking out for #1, thank god Spider Man and the Fantastic Four and all the rest don’t reflect that.

  10. They’re going up against freakin’ Disney in court? I’m sure that will go well for them…

  11. ^???^

  12. Good. Hopefully this will get Disney to quit screwing things up anymore and force them to get things back on track so we don’t have another Avengers catastrophe. Yes I know that movie made money, so did BP and Enron. The fact is it was an artistic travesty on many levels. So hopefully we’ll see all phase 2 movies delayed and completely rehandled to ensure the rest of the Marvel universe doesn’t go the way of the X-Men movies.

    • ..How about, …No? How about you try to come up with a better insult? Or better yet if you have a problem with my statement why not try to prove me wrong? There’s an idea there. Trying to prove your point. That’s not a new concept. Less traveled maybe. But not new. Not by a long shot. And I know a C-L-O-W-N who would be offended by your using the an individual who dresses up in makeup and costume and performs acts for the amusement of others in many cases children including children. Luckily the worst he ever did to seek vengeance on clown-haters is chase after one with a balloon chainsaw making motor noises. See folks, when they have no valid point they just lamely insult you. That’s the first sign your right, people can’t come up with a good argument.

      • Valid point = 1.5 billion from Avengers
        Valid point = unanimously agreed on as the bast superhero move ever made, Avengers
        Valid point = public demand for sequel after sequel for marvel movies .
        Just go away Bob. Are u related to that Jersey jerk in some way? Sounds like it. If you don’t like marvel movies, don’t watch them, the rest of us will.

      • why a better insult -bob-. you are trollin´around and put again the -avengers- debatte in the pot. what are you expectin, i think 99 % of this site loves -the avengers-. go on another site to make a fantastic movie down, you troll. and then people like you always say that people like me or -your mammy- can´t come up with a good argumen. i´ve never met people like you in real life,they are just ghosting around the sites to make something good to in your opinion something bad.

        • -merdan- you have to go out into the real world in order to interact with them. So maybe you should get out of your room occasionally and you’ll meet more than just teenagers online with no ability to back up their opinions with facts. And you should really consider going back to school considering that half of your comment was grammatical jibberish. IT’S CALLED SCHOOL, SON! How do you expect to be taken seriously with your simple childish argument reverb if you can’t even create a proper sentence?

          • you are one of those teachers who say things like – go into the real wprld, get out of your room, meet real people, the internet nerds are all stupid teenagers- and that stuff. but, that comment, i think comes from peoples wwhich have that problem themselfs. and i have a great life, i don´t care if you believe that, because i have no complexes. so, now translate that to german,but not with google translate. there you will see how hard it is to find the right words from a foreign language,my friend.

        • So your point is your right since your surrounded by tons of other people who will blindly love the same movie as you? That’s not exact grounds for a movie being good (Let the record be known that I enjoyed The Avengers). Bob’s right being a good movie isn’t the same as being THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. Who agreed on that? Where are the studios that prove people around the work think it’s the best movie? This might surprise you but there are actual human beings out there right now who hate Superhero movies, I know right? GASP! SHOCK! HORROR! How can that be? It’s hard to establish what the best movie is as it’s something that’d mostly in the end come down to the opinion of the majority rather then of actual quality.

          1.5 Billion is still a lot of money though, I don’t get Bob’s point of bringing up the fact that Enron, BP and Donald Trump have made a lot of money. So? What do any of those guys have to do with this? The point still stands, The Avengers made a crap ton of money. When you see the latest video game do you say “Well big deal, Activison, EA Games and THQ all made games as well!”

          Last point. If Bob knew marketing he’d know that making a product and trying to rely on brand name alone has been a pitfall a lot of people have fallen for before. There’s been films in the past that have failed since the creators assumed their fans would just come back, turns out when your insanely loyal to something your more of a critic to that

          • James, you’re right. And I never said 1.5 Billion isn’t a lot of money. I was merely using the examples of the others to prove that making a lot of money doesn’t make it good.

            And of course marketing on brand name alone isn’t a smart thing to do. It’s bound to cause a backlash even if it starts as a success. More than once movies have had trouble getting off the ground cause of the names alone (for example video game movies. people hear a video game title in a movie and immediately tend to cringe before going to see it) and in many cases to carrying of the name has brought an abrupt end to the success (on a title factor alone many fans of the series agree they’d like Final Fantasy Spirits Within a lot more if it didn’t have the Final Fantasy part in the title.) .

            But in this case that’s not what happened. Build up from previous movie successes in a sequential release lineup over the past several years, current ongoing multi-generation popularity of the characters through multiple other venues on their own and extensive marketing of the characters and titles through the venues were the largest attributing factor the movies first week box office success. And it’s a known fact that first weekend and first week box office reports do have an affect on the next months gross. In fact that decides how long it stays in which theatres before being shifted to the ‘dollar theatres’. It’s a snowball affect that’s created. Avengers was by far the easiest marketing job created in the last decade.

            • iam from germany,so it´s my schoolenglish. oh, yes it was again the avengers discussions, and that you are trollin´around. my motherlanguage is german/turkish and i know a little bit english. not emough to discuss clearfully,because i haven´t every word in my mind but enough to make a comment. i think in your and my country are some an-alphabets which can´t write their own mother language. like you see i´m not from that sort. you will laugh, but a german football/soccer manager who must talk often english would be happy if they would have my poor english-knowings. how many languages can you speak ? so,i hope you read this to let it be,next time,because that is respectless.

      • Hey Bob he’s referring to Silly Sally or the person clearly trying to scam people out of money. Don’t worry Silly Sally it wasn’t working, nobody was falling for it, if anything I saved you the hassle of working it out for yourself.

        But you Bob, I’m almost certain he wasn’t talking about you.

  13. I don’t understand how Stan could sell the rights twice. Couldn’t Stan be in legal trouble for doing this?

    And don’t SLMI know their name will be mud if they stop Marvel from making the movies?

    • WOULD you care about your name for 5.5 billion….???? you can call me whatever in the good lords universe you want for one quarter of that 5.5 billion


      • When you consider the fact that you’re only receiving a base sum that qualifies as an above-your-means paycheck until the product is completed. After it would hit theatres and leave theatres there would than be a 1-2 year period of deciding the “exact” totals of that amount from the theatres maybe even longer when including full international release. Now figuring in that 2-3 years for the movies completion that youre spending that base paycheck to live on while completing it. So at this point we’re looking at 5-7 years possible just to get the base figures. Than of course majority of the other funds are normally based on the variety of your royalties and the overall percentages from them including the bi-lines put into the agreement based on whether your percentage is from overage intake, intake including merchandise and retail sales, a profit margin, a profit margin based on overall profit after complete expenditures, etc. etc. And this isn’t including payout periods which sometimes can be spread over decades.

        Even in figuring a box office success the amount of money you’re actually gonna see at any given period is actually pretty low and most of it will be on paper and not totally accessible at any given time based on the clause/s in the original agreement. You want to know what it’s worth to be told you’re guaranteed a percentage just ask David Prowse how much a ‘percentage’ is worth. So you’d be doing it all for the value of a quarter of 5.5 billion which doesn’t seem to do much for Trump considering he keeps having trouble with business to the point he’s doing reality tv.

  14. Scree Rant, please fix your spam filter. I keep seeing this useless comment all over your site.

    • shhsh
      Id rather have spam then to have to type captchas.

      • I’d rather have spam than jersey……..

        • I am starting to feel the same way, Stark.

        • I’d rather have spam than a wannabe internet toughguy who runs from an argument and starts making random comments in a peonic attempt to insult someone proving they are, in fact, just an ignorant child who can’t backup their own opinions. Ay, there Stark? Now I’m gonna start Trolling you just because you decided to act like a small child in need of learning a dire lesson, you filthy north-milwaukian. lol

        • Haha!

          • That comment was a reply to Stark’s “I’d rather have spam than jersey……”

  15. I was criticized for not reading the article correctly and that Stan Lee is not in the suit. In fact, Stan Lee’s name is throughout the article and intermixed with his company. If it involves his company how does it not involve him? Obviously at some level it must.

    • He is no longer affiliated with the company.

    • Quick business lesson:

      People create companies… and sometimes name them after themselves (i.e. Stan Lee Media, Inc.)… someone else comes along and says, “Gee that looks like a profitable company, let’s buy it if he’s willing to sell!”

      So Stan Lee sells his company (possibly loses controlling interest… pending on the type of sale) and Joe Blow now runs Stan Lee Media, Inc.

      Joe Blow says, “Hey we should get a bigger piece of that movie pie!” and sues Marvel and Disney, hence the name of the article ‘Stan Lee Media Files Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Disney/Marvel’… NOT STAN LEE

  16. October 11, 2012

    Re: Highly important matter involving the Walt Disney Company

    Dear Stan Lee, Stan Lee Media, Inc. shareholders / investors and to whom it may concern.

    My name is Royce Mathew, and I am an independent artist with professional industry credits (see for some of my credits). This matter involves criminal acts including copyright infringement, theft, fraud, corruption and conspiracy all within the Walt Disney Company, and thus everyone including investors need to see all of the documents and the facts. Furthermore, in addition suing the Walt Disney Company, and the posting of documented proof of my claims against the Walt Disney Company on my website –, I have also filed formal letters demanding investigations with various United States government agencies including with the Securities Exchange Commission.

    My website contains photo proof of my claims – on three separate pages. Including photo proof of my direct dealings with Michael Eisner and the Walt Disney Company back in the early 1990′s.

    Here is an online 2011 interview which details more of my credits and circles within the entertainment industry.

    In review, it is a documented fact that the Walt Disney Company, (Michael Eisner / Robert Iger) working with individuals Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio and the business of Jerry Bruckheimer Inc./Films, had engaged in gangster styled tactics, which included deliberately concocting facts and lies, destroying, discarding, tampering with, concealing, deliberately making false entries on documents which were absolutely crucial and relevant to unfolding litigation which I had brought against them, that greatly and totally affected the legal proceedings, while they maliciously threatened me because I had sought the intervention of the court, and they maliciously threatened me because I had then pleaded for intervention from Disney’s board of directors, all while they purposely altered the public’s perception of the truth, and all while they profited from their illegal acts. To this day, they, including Disney shareholders, including Michael D. Eisner, and Robert Iger all still continue to profit from this. Is this how they were able to purchase Marvel?

    Although Michael D. Eisner is no longer officially works at the company, Michael D. Eisner is still a controlling force within the Walt Disney Company, being both one of the largest shareholders, and as documented, many of his loyal groomed people are in full control of the company, including its current CEO Robert A. Iger and its board of directors. Yes, all of the Walt Disney Company corrupt and illegal actions all stems from one person and that is Michael Eisner. Michael Eisner wanted the Muppets, and he pulled a scam on Jim Henson – (which you can read about in various news articles. ) Michael Eisner wanted Pixar and used Robert Iger to obtain it. Michael Eisner wanted Roger Rabbit, and there is still an ongoing fight with Steven Spielberg as well as the creator of Roger Rabbit over that creative property. Michael Eisner wanted my creative property, and I refused, and so they stole it. Michael Eisner wanted Marvel and he got it regardless of Stan Lee. (Oh, Michael Eisner also got for himself, the Topps company).

    In closing, from correspondence, through professional meetings, to legal and court proceedings, as well as to Disney’s own posted company governing protocol, it is impossible to carry out any productive progress whatsoever when the Walt Disney Company resorts to, relies on and employs a wide range of corrupt and illegal acts all the while pretending that they uphold ethical and lawful practices. One could expect this type of behavior when dealing with an organized crime family, but as documented by its actions and proven by its own evidence, the Walt Disney Company is indeed controlled by a bunch of unscrupulous individuals employing gangster style tactics who are proficient in using anything at their disposal with which to commit criminal acts, and who are highly skillful in using the vast resources of the company with which to cover up their criminal acts, and who maliciously threaten those who seek accountability in court.

    Thus I welcome all communications and will answer any questions and provide anyone with as much details and documented photo proof to my claims.

    This matter is far from over….

    Royce Mathew

    • SHUT UP! You’re gonna ruin Avengers 2 for EVERYBODY!!!

      • Like :)

    • Nobody is going to like you if you ruin The Avengers. You will have zero friends, and you will deserve to die lonely and broken. Long live Marvel-Disney!


      If this is the fault of anyone, it is that of Stan Lee for trying to sell his characters twice. How do even do that? I would remember for sure!

    • i´ve stopped reading after the second word !

      • 11?
        (Remind me never to write the date on my comments ;))

  17. youre*

  18. This is just pure greed, Stan Lee sold the rights to his Characters to Marvel/Disney. So, SLMI wait for Captain America, Thor, IM 1&2, TI Hulk and Avengers to be released, all the hard work that SLMI would not have put in, the expertise that is has taken to make a film or the magnitude of Avengers and want to rape all of the profits of this hard work on a technicality?? If I am honest, a company filing for bankruptcy protection in 2000 makes you realise just what type of person is running SLMI and I for one hope that this lawsuit costs a LOT of money and the court finds in favour of Marvel/Disney putting these shysters out of business penniless.

    • Hey Chris: You need to look at the factual history of Stan Lee and Stan Lee Media (SLM). Stan Lee caused SLM into bankruptcy. While in bankruptcy SLMI could not act on its own behalf. SLMI just recently emerged from BK and now has standing to bring legal action on its own behalf. Do a search and you will find all the supporting documents.

      nuf said…

  19. Oh Stan, what have you gotten yourself into (this is why no one should ever have their name be part of a business title).

    One thing that baffles me though is why did SLMI wait till now to sue Disney? They had years to do it.
    …could it perhaps be that this is a blatant and stupid cash grab! :o

    Anyway, SLMI probably doesn’t know the little truth that DISNEY HAS VERY GOOD LAWYERS lol. This won’t end well for anyone.

    I just hope none of this will affect the movies in any way.

  20. Disney.

    Not like they ever stole anything EVER, I mean it is not like oh lets take the most obvious of rip offs.

    Kimba The White Lion. If anyone can honestly sat the Lion King is not a rip off, I present to you a new prescription for glasses.

    Disney has been sued, and they have lost.

    • Well, besides the fact that The Lion King is based off of Hamlet, I wouldn’t say they rip off a lot of things.

      • The following works were public domain (mostly The Brothers Grimm & Hans Christian Andersen if I remember correctly) until Disney put their grubby paws on them:

        Snow White
        Sleeping Beauty
        The Little Mermaid

        If it’s in the public domain, Disney will try to get their hands on it and lock it down in their own copyrights.

        they rip off a lot if you study the history of content.

    • Well the most funny irony is that Disney has paid off everyone under the sun to keep Mickey Mouse from ever becoming Public Domain….

  21. The settlement would be worth the investment by Marvel surely.

  22. Wait so Stan Lee is suing Superman….. what?


  23. It’s a little bit confusing for sure, but the article makes it clear that it is not Stan Lee himself, nor his legal entity that is making the lawsuit but some company called Stan Lee Media. Obviously they’re not going to put a picture of Stan Lee Media or whoever is behind it because nobody has a bloody clue who they are. Of course, they’re going to use Stan the Man’s picture. It all sounds like a bunch of lawyers swinging their you-know-what’s at each other, but none of us is a creator of fictional characters that generates a ton of money. Wouldn’t you want to make sure you got your due if that was the case? Obviously, there’s a point where enough is enough, but this Stan Lee Media seems to think it’s not enough yet. It’s of no concern to us, unless some court starts issuing injunctions to delay any current and future movies.

  24. The main thing i got from this article is that Stan Lee is a dope and has no idea who owns his creations.

  25. In other words – does it mean that Stan Lee himself obviously not owning these characters rights at all since 1998 instead it should be Stan Lee Media? Then this old man is a pure scumbag…I mean c’mon no way he could not remember those papers he had sign but the offers from marvel studio was just too tempting for him to resist. But how the hell Marvel isnt aware of this matter?

    • Hey deacon: Wow, in a few short words you show that you got the point, If you do a seach you will find the agreement Stan Lee signed giving everything form the past, present and future concerning his creations to Stan Lee media, then two weeks later sold the same rights to marvel. Search for the evidence. It is out there.

      • Now that’s not true, Stan definitely didn’t try to sell the rights to his characters to both Stan Lee Media and Marvel, only Marvel. Stan Lee Media was intended to be all original mostly web based material based on Stan’s input, far as I understand it.

        If there’s evidence of Stan having sold the Marvel characters he had a stake in to Stan Lee Media, I’m not seeing what you’re seeing…?

        • Hey Cake, Stan Lee was a majority shareholder in Stan Lee Media. When things were not going well with this company (that Lee helped to form) he simply took the property (from Stan lee Media while it was in bankruptcy) in violation of the Court’s order. He then started marketing and using the property under another California company he controlled, POW!.

          Actually, Lee did not sell his characters, they were transferred to SLM in exchange for a generous contract. He then did the same thing with Marvel a short time later. Stan Lee is a POS.

  26. GREED.


    STAN LEE,………………….WE LOVE YOU 1,


  27. The question I want to know is why Stan Lee neglected to mention this to Marvel in the first place. Did he not think it was important to tell anyone at Marvel that he sent all the copyright to these characters to another company?! What the hell was Stan thinking?! Was he even thinking?!

    Marvel’s lucky that it’s just the past three years worth of stuff that this company is asking for and that their haven’t thought of attempting to take damages for the vast amount of comics Marvel’s made using those characters throughout the years.

    • Yet Marvel have always had publishing rights to these characters in terms of comics, so slm have no rights to that revenue. I think only the film rights are in question. If the lawsuit did go to court I would grant profit rights from the first Ironman movie only, stating that was when they should have first gone for a lawsuit. Also it would be interesting to see if there was a time clause on the rights like studios have with X-men, Spiderman & FF.

      • Trip, you are tripping. Get the facts. Marvel went backrupt and cancelled his contract with Lee. do a simple google search. You will find the facts onf the series of events that has created this saga.

        all I can say is Stan Lee is a thief.

    • As Nelly once sang “Hey, must be the money!”…Stan f’ed up by being stupid…either out of greed or negligence

  28. After reading some of these comments, I think Hooked on Phonics™ should do some advertising on

  29. Lol. Years from now the truth might come out, but for now we’ll just have to kick back and read the news…