‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Stan Lee Wants a Bigger Cameo

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The upcoming sequel to this year’s The Amazing Spider-man is coming together fast. The film – which will hit theaters everywhere in summer 2014 – has already secured the return of director Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, and all signs point to Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx joining the cast as classic Spidey villain, Electro.

However, no Marvel film is complete without a signature cameo from Stan Lee. The man who co-created Spider-man with Steve Ditko back in 1962 had a memorable appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man as a clueless librarian (see the clip above), and we’ve already heard early details about who he’ll play in next year’s Iron Man 3.

Now, courtesy of Collider, we’ve got word that Lee is hoping for an even more significant role in The Amazing Spider-man 2. Here’s what Lee had to say about his cameo in the first film as well as his hopes for the sequel:

[The first film's cameo] was all right, but it wasn’t big enough. You refer to it as a cameo. Couldn’t we think of it as a leading role? Or couldn’t we think of it as a key scene that the whole movie sort of hinges on? People haven’t stopped talking about it. But I think in the next one, maybe we ought to go a little deeper and probe the real me, what I have to offer… People are still talking about that cameo and saying “why wasn’t that longer?”

stan lee iron man 31 Amazing Spider Man 2: Stan Lee Wants a Bigger Cameo

While Lee’s statement retains his signature wit, his message remains clear. Since his last cameo was better integrated into the main plot of a Marvel film, it looks like Lee is hesitant to return to the throwaway scenes in which he has typically been featured in the past. One can’t blame him for wanting to play a more crucial – albeit still brief – role in the next film.

Would you like to see Lee get a bigger (i.e. more important) role in The Amazing Spider-man 2, or does a little Lee go a long way? Let us know in the comments.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 will be released May 2, 2014.

Source: Collider

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  1. i think it would be cool if lee had an extended cameo or even a small role. have him appear in a couple scenes and have several lines would be nice.

  2. but as what? i love spotting him in his short cameos, it was half the fun, besides it being Stan Lee.

  3. Shouldn’t the headline read “Stan Lee to play ‘the Vulture’ in Amazing Spider-man 2?”

    • Or maybe he could play Odin, Thor’s dad. Odin is at least several centuries old. Just like Stan!

      • He’ll probably bury us all.

  4. A small cameo like Bruce Campbell in the Orignal trilogy would be cool

  5. He could play The Usher that stops Parker from seeing Mary Ja….oh, sorry, wrong Spiderman 2.

    As long as it’s a fun scene, I don’t mind what he does in it.

  6. He wants an even bigger cameo? Does Stan Lee’s ego ever get a rest? (no.)

    If Stanley had it his way, he would BE Spiderman. And Captain America. And Thor. Etc….

    I’m sure he wants his scheduled cameo in ” Man Of Steel ” and ” Justice League ” as well.

    • I agree every time I see him I wanna puke. All of his” creations” how many people did he stab to get to where he is? Ditko should have an accurate figure.

      • Right on, Cyborg. You speak the truth.

        • YOU 2 are clowns, SORRY but this man IS THE REASON we have ALL these characters and have had them for 50 yrs…. CMON give the old guy a break he just wants 3 mins instead of 30sec is that soooo wrong? I DONT THINK SO, HE IS GREAT!!!

        • It takes me out of the film every time I see him. Oh, and there’s this– HE’S NOT AN ACTOR. He always comes off like he’s reading from a teleprompter.

          • Yeah, he is like personified Wilhelm Scream now. It was cute at first but it starts bordering on being obnoxious, just like the mentioned sound effect that takes me out of every movie that it is featured in. Small cameos are fine and he even was a good fit for the doorman in Fantastic Four. But please leave it at that.

            • Alfred Hitchcock did it best– with him it was like ‘Where’s Waldo?’ and it was fun to try to spot him, but he was never calling attention to himself like a child who’s dropped all his sweets.

  7. I think they should keep his cameos short. He is fun to see in the films but he is not a great actor really.

  8. J. JONAH JAMESON! If that happens my life will be complete.

    • Stan has wanted to play JJJ in the past, albeit for the 70′s TV show.

    • No way. He is not the right type of guy. JJJ is a big bully kind of guy while Stan Lee is a frail old man. Besides, just about anybody can only lose the comparison to J.K. Simmons. That guy IS Jonah Jameson, just like Ian McKellen is Gandalf. Can you imagine anyone else in that role? I can’t. Not anymore.

  9. I think its time we took Lee out back. I remember vibrantly my smile turning to frown when I saw him in Avengers. This whole cameo thing is ridiculous and has turned into some weird vanity project if he wants more screentime. I cant standz no more. I can only imagine a person who doesnt know who he is wonder why this old man is appearing in so many films and think theyre going crazy.

    • I agree.

    • I agree. I’m kind of sick of the cameos. They aren’t really surprising anymore, and they’re becoming more elaborate.

      On the one hand I say let him do them. How long can he physically do them, as he’s getting older. On the other hand, Stan seems like the sort that will hang on to age 100.


  11. I think it would be way cooler if Stan Lee could produce & direct the movie, but I guess an extended cameo is okay. eh, whatever

    • Does he have any experience in production or directing? I don’t think he does…especially not on AAA superhero flicks. Not to sound rude, but that is a terrible idea…

  12. This “Stan Lee” cameo stuff is starting to get old! Yeah he’s the mind behind the characters but to think he deserves a bigger role? Come on now!

    • …he hasnt been the mind behind them in a long long long long time and theyre are better for it.

      • Well you know what I mean with the whole Creation of Marvel and all

  13. What ever he does its ok with me, but yeah he deserves it

  14. I CANT BELIEVE all you guys that dont like him… HE CREATED ALL OF THESE CHARACTERS and worlds!! it is REALLY no big deal, so what give the guy a 3 min scene or a cpl short scenes he is after all STAN LEE!!!!!
    WOW NO RESPECT, unbelievable

    • I respect the guy for what he’s done with the marvel universe! Be he isn’t the only guy who was behind all the characters. What about the other creators? You don’t think they might want a cameo? But no one will no any of them because they are not “Stan lee.” I don’t think Stan lee should get any more than a couple seconds worth of a cameo.

    • I respect the guy for what he’s done with the marvel universe! Be he isn’t the only guy who was behind all the characters. What about the other creators? You don’t think they might want a cameo? But no one will no any of them because they are not “Stan lee.” I don’t think Stan lee should get any more than a couple seconds worth of a cameo. I respect the guy for what he’s done with the marvel universe! Be he isn’t the only guy who was behind all the characters. What about the other creators? You don’t think they might want a cameo? But no one will no any of them because they are not “Stan lee.” I don’t think Stan lee should get any more than a couple seconds worth of a cameo.

    • Stan Lee didn’t create ALL of them. He really only stuck his foot in the door on certain character projects, most of them aren’t even his. I’m 100% sure Captain America’s creator is Jack Kirby. The only superhero Stan Lee really created himself was Spider-Man

    • I like him and have respect for him. But that doesn’t mean he has to prance around in movies for extended periods of time. ;)

  15. Stan Lee should retire and stop bothering people who want to make good Marvel movies. He should be satisfied with the brief, comedic cameos. He’s not in the spotlight, so what? I know he created half of the characters, but why isn’t there or some of Didko’s or Kirby’s family members who have survived them? If the movie does not feature Lee, would it still be a Marvel movie? Yes.

  16. Why does everybody jump on the creator rights issue whenever stan’s name crops up in any context? The dude’s 90 years old, if you met him in person would you give the old man a piece of your mind? If yes good for you for picking on a very old man. Stan’s worked for marvel since he was 16 years old and is at least co responsible for all the awesomeness we obsess over. The issue’s are complex but the bottom line is he’s stan the man. The same can be applied to Walt Disney, flawed character by some accounts, who isn’t …. But he’s Walt Disney!

  17. i could tell if he was kidding around or is actually serious about wanting a bigger part. He did pop fun at his cameos with a video asking the academy awards for a “best cameo” award.

    I wouldnt mind a bigger part for him, but not anywhere near a lead role. Maybe as the guy that has the next clue to Peter’s parents. That would give him maybe a whole scene to work with. But i think thats enough of him.

    My favorite cameo came in Spiderman 3. The other have been funny, but that one really stood out as a moment for both Lee and the spiderman franchise.

    Remeber the last episode of the animated series. Madame Web takes him to a universe where he is a fictional character and he meets Stan Lee. And then takes Lee on a tour of the city via web.

    • Yeah, I feel like he’s comment was said with total sarcasm. “Lead role” lol he’s the man!

      They should have him confront Peter Park in the movie and give him a few words of courage. That would be great 3 min cameo for him.

  18. I loved the cameo in The Amazing Spiderman and I think that’s what a Stan Lee cameo should be. I want it to be a spot the Stan (a wheres Waldo of sorts) keep them brief, keep them fun!

  19. Silly old man, I can see him as the next Bruce Wayne. He is an artist, not an actor and his ‘cameo’ (or extra) proves this in each movie he is in.

  20. I’ve been escaping into his creations and company my entire life. Stan the man can do whatever he wants.

    excelsior true believers!

  21. If it’s humorous, I’ll take all the Lee they will give us.

  22. They should have it where Peter Parker is sitting somewhere in a public area, depressed. Stan “The Man” Lee sits down next to him and offers him quick lines of guidance that lifts up Peter’s courage.

  23. I agree with the others in that I’m getting tired of his cameos. In the beginning it was cool, and almost like an inside joke, but it’s definitely gotten old, and actually a little annoying to see him in all the Marvel movies, and now he wants an even bigger role? No thank you.

  24. Stan Lee will jump in at any moment in the movie wearing a Deadpool costume, say “CHIMICHANGAS!”, and then leave.

    Would be my favorite cameo if that happened.

  25. Common guys, if we all had creating something this big, our ego would want to ba part of it.

  26. I am so sick and tired of Lee’s cameos. Everytime he shows up I role my eyes and just pray the scene ends quickly.

    • By no means does his cameos ruin a movie. So why would you ROLL your eyes when he shows up? Makes no sense to me.

  27. More Cameo please Stanley!!! :)

  28. it would be awesome if they show him having a hard time trying to draw spidey’s face..or maybe clips of him trying to make a comic book..or a both of both

  29. Maybe it could turn out that Stans cameos are for a reason… He could be some omnipresent, omnipotent being like Uatu The Watcher…