Stallone Turns YouTube Into a War Zone for ‘The Expendables’

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Stallone Expendables YouTube Stallone Turns YouTube Into a War Zone for The Expendables

It’s easy for some movie-goers to simply dismiss The Expendables as a testosterone-fueled run-and-gun-adventure – brought on by the collective mid-life crises of several fading 80s action stars. Instead of fight the notion, that The Expendables is built entirely around vapid 80s action-movie nostalgia, the marketing team at Lionsgate has full-on admitted it.

The result is one of the most clever, and entertaining, marketing campaigns in recent memory. Fortunately, Sylvester Stallone is in on the joke, and today we’re getting another exciting video-tease for the film.

We’re used to big-budget action films with big-budget ad campaigns – gone are the days of simply cutting an exciting trailer and designing a great theatrical one-sheet. Movie-marketing has become a monstrous business – and it requires true creativity to break through all the noise.

Just in the last month, we’ve seen a veritable hot-shot team of incredible Expendables marketing materials: an 8-Bit Contra-style flash-game, NSFW featurettes, and now an explosive, tongue-in-cheek, Stallone interview turned YouTube ground war.

The teaser doesn’t allow for embedding (for reasons you’ll soon see).


Watch the Sylvester Stallone interview-turned war-zone – HERE.


Christopher Nolan definitely holds the torch for the most creative viral marketing but Lionsgate has put together a great campaign for The Expendables, one that everyone can enjoy – and encourages sharing as well as repeat viewings.

That said, if you happen to be a fan of the more traditional filmclip-fair, we’ve also included the most recent Expendables clip featuring Stallone and Li discussing the pros and cons of being the “smaller” guy on the team – while getting shot-at of course.

At first glance The Expendables seemed like a laughable venture but Lionsgate managed to draw from the best aspects of the concept, as well as recruit an incredible cast, to capitalize on our love for 80s-camp-action. The marketing has continued to build momentum for the film, highlighting that the actors, as well as the studio, know the film is mindless escapism – but quite possibly mindless escapism at its best.

Well, at least until the female Expendables movie arrives.

The Expendables opens August 13, 2010.

Source: Lionsgate, Yahoo

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  1. The marketing campaign for this movie is simply amazing and I will be the first in line August 13th to watch this movie.

  2. I need that truck.

  3. that was great!

    • I saw “the Expendables” last month, in a special presentation, thank you to the military at Camp Pendleton CA. Stallone, Crews, Couture and Stone Cold where there, it was great. I liked the movie a lot, brings me back to that time where Arnold and Stallone where the big guys on the block, lots of action, the fight scenes where very good too.

  4. Expendables is one of those films that I’m turn on. One minute I’m so excited, but the next I realize what it actually is. I have to say I’m having trouble deciding if I’m actually going to watch it in theaters. I think I’ll wait to see if there is actually a story worth a damn in it. I’m not want for way to overly simplistic crap popcorn flicks, but Stallone has written decent stories in the past so I hope he can again. I hope it’s not just things blowing up with out a meaningful story. I’d be disappointed because I know Stallone can do better.

    • Daniel F,

      Yeah… I’m really looking forward to this but so far I haven’t heard good things. Hope that’s wrong and it turns out to be a fun action pic.


      • you guys realize that the majority of the audience wont care for a story, they’re there to see guns, explosions, and a tough cast of misfits, which to me, story, or no story will work for what im expecting from this:)

  5. Yes Anthony we all do realize that but we are all talking about what we want to see. We aren’t disscussing what the general mind frozen crowd wants lol I think we all know what they like based on the box office. Doesn’t mean we can’t say what we personally like and want.

      • daniel, as always what you wanna see and waht you usually get, based on your rants are two different things LOL

  6. Jwalka if you liked the A team that’s fine but I’m not sure what makes you think it had any depth. It was summer popcorn flick all the way. If you like that cool but let’s not fool out selves there was no depth.

  7. Not sure what your point is anthony. I’m simply saying what I hope this film is. How likely it is that I’ll get that or what other. People want isn’t relevant to what I’m saying. IME XPRESSING WHAT I WANT. Not what you want or what it’s probably going to be buy what I want. Not sure what your issue with that is. I like films that are about something I hate mindless popcorn crap. That’s me that’s what I like. Never claimed every one wants that or that the film will be that.

    • if you hate mindless crap, then just avoid this one, simple, i dont think youre gonna get a deep meaningful story that youre looking for in this type of film then. and i never claimed that you said that everyone wants the same as you either, we all get different things in viewing movies, good stories, bad stories, i go to be entertained.

  8. Daniel. Listen you and Vuc seemed to want substance with this movie. It’s a throw back 80′s action flick. Firing guns, killing bad guys and watching things blow up. It’s not gonna be 2nd coming of Titanic. The people that see thus movie will enjoy it b/c they aren’t expecting much mire than what trailers are showing us. Ur may cone off like the original Predator from 87. So so story to get you there then keys see the action. Nobody us looking for a love story to develop here. To be honest I liked the A-Team as well.

    • Ac, daniel wont bend on his stance i can tell you that lol. its why i actually like reading his comments, they come from what he believes in, as do mine. i understand that he wants a good deep story from this film, i just think that he and many others that want the same wont get too much story

  9. Anthony i’m sure you prefer EAT PRAY LOVE, but for those of us who are fans of 80′s action films this is going to be awesome. This is going to be a fun summer action movie, people need to go see a movie for themselves and not base their opinion on other reviews.

  10. Lol you guys act like I’m expecting Citizen Kane. I’m just asking for something with more substance than films like Transformers, A team or GI Joe. I’m not expecting Inception or The Departed or anything like that. I just want a step or two above shallow and empty. A little substance.

    • like they said its gonna be pretty much identical to the 80′s action movies… watch commando and tell me what you think, your answer will pretty much reflect what your going to expect from expendables.
      and about the A team comment i made earlier, what i meant was this movie is going to have just as much char dev as that movie did, maybe abit more but its not going to go hardcore emotional where viewers call their dads and say they love them ;)

  11. It bothers me that when some people hear you talk about wanting substance or depth in a film they instantly think you mean a love story. Do some of you really think that depth and substance is only conveyed in a romance? It makes me wonder how many people really know what those things mean.

    • hehehe i know what you mean i was just being a prick :P
      hehhe i doubt this wil have any great depth, they might show the characters ‘bonding’ with each other but i doubt we’ll see anything more then that.

      btw viewers have posted reviews for this on imdb

  12. I love movies with a great story,action and romance…..i hope Expendables isnt too bad it will have some flaws(its a lionsgate film) but the fact that all these action actors are in it is great!!!!