Stallone Is Made Of Stone!

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Time waits for no man.

However one man who doesn’t seem to be aging at all is Sylvester Stallone. The 62 year old is about a week away from shooting The Expendables and it looks like Jason Statham, Jett Li Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke and the rest of the cast had better get down to the gym right away.

The picture below of Sly posing at a gym shows the action icon ready to kick serious ass.

stallone1 Stallone Is Made Of Stone!
A ripped and buff Stallone at age 62

Granted there’s no way that at age 62 you can get to this point without shall we say,
pharmaceutical enhancements” (and I don’t mean Viagra), but regardless – you still have to work your ass off at the gym and control your diet to the nth degree, and the man deserves huge props.

The film follows a team of mercenaries on a mission to overthrow a South American dictator. Stallone is tattooed up for the role of Barney Ross in the action epic that has put Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds in the shade.

Brad Pitt’s probably not feeling too good either!

The Expendables has an all star cast featuring Stallone, Lundgren, Rourke, Li, Ben Kingsley, Forest Whitaker and Randy Couture

Source: AICN

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  1. this will probably be pretty Badd A** but still bad acting lol!

    Stallone was only good in the Rocky movies! But, i love watchin him in movies anyways..
    His body is OLD! but dang he could kill me with a slap!

  2. @ Zukny

    First Blood was awesome and Stallone played the role of a lost Vietnem vet to perfection..I also thought he was great in Cliffhanger and Daylight..I think this will and has overshadowed Tarantino’s latest..If Inglorious Basterds doesn’t do well I think Taintino will be back to making films for under 5 million like Reservoir Dogs..

    And sure The Expendables will feature a lot of B-list action stars (where is Jean-CLaude VanDamme) but it is on every guys wish list to see a movie like this especially to those of us old enough to remember the 80′s heydays of the action flick…

    Stallone looks great but it surely is a rhoid body..Not taking away from the work he has to do to define that muscle because that takes a lot of work but he obviously is using rhoids..

  3. i love sly he looks as buff as he did in rocky 4.

  4. Stallone is the fittest of the has-been action stars, what can I say.

    Arnold’s a slob now and so is Seagal. Stallone seems to have a second wind in his career. I think The Expendables is lacking another 80s action star – Van Damme. And maybe Chuck Norris.

  5. Just for laughs….
    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Mr. T was the leader of the bad guys in The Expendables, mohawk and all?

  6. To be honest, can’t wait for this movie.
    It was only a year or 2 ago that I bought the “Rocky Anthology” box, I had never seen the Rocky movies, but the thing was cheap so I gave it a shot. My respect for Mr. Stallone sky-rocketed after that (I can even say I didn’t despise part V, though It is clearly the worst), also bought the Rambo box since then, and REALLY enjoyed part IV.

    Ever since I have a weak spot for mr. stallone, his acting might not always be up-2-scratch, and there might be discussions about his way of getting into shape (who are we to judge ? He most likely knows the risks he’s taking), but the guy still manages to entertain, and get his fans going.

    @ Nowhereman:

    Yes, that would be a hoot, its one of the few things that could make the outlook of this movie even better.

  7. @Jae Senn

    How old are you? I’m 47 and pretty fit but I can tell you that once you’re over 40 it is VERY hard to stay in shape. If I continued to eat and just work out a little as I did when I was 25 I would blow up like Steven Seagal. :-P


  8. it must be very hard to be a american Icon everytime you come out with a new movie you have armchair experts say very stupid things about your work (not you Vic)I am just glad that John Wayne isn’t alive now because he might have given up acting because of the internet and some guy like me sitting in my robe and saying bad things about his work so let me just say I love Stallone very few of his movies are bad he has given us Rocky -Rambo -Judge Dredd even eye see you was pretty good to me ok ok ok so stop or my mom will shoot wasn’t oscar worthy but it did its job it made me laugh I was thinking while watching it what was Sly thinking so it made me laugh atleast he tried something different I will see this movie and I know I will like it just remember Stallone is a action Icon

  9. @Vic

    I know what you mean, Vic. I’m turning 31 and I can see how different it is compared to 5 years ago.

    Back then I could go to the gym just twice a week to maintain my physique, but these days no matter what I do it seems like there’s no stopping those love handles from growing..

  10. Oh, and by the way.. Steroids and HGH don’t make things easier. If you don’t put in that dedication and all those hours and intensity, you still won’t grow and get ripped.

    Stallone is a HGH user and that’s not a surprise, as it’s a widely-used supplement for males and females who have hit andropause and menopause.

    But the fact that he can still workout with such intensity as to produce such stunning results at his age.. let’s see how many old guys after 60 can look like that when using HGH! Heck, or even steroids!

  11. This could be a huge hit if it’s done well. When they start to show clips with this cast people will eat it up. Going by the title I’m guessing not everyone will make to the credits but this could be a franchise. Previous comments named Chuck Norris, Van Damme and Seagal. Add to that Wesley Snipes, Carl Weathers, Kurt Russell, Harvey Keitel, Antonio Banderas, maybe even Samuel Jackson ( He’s in everything else). Who else?

  12. Carl Weathers should definately be in this one! It would be great seeing Rocky and Apollo together again! Or, better yet, seeing Ray Tango and Major Dillon together on screen!

  13. @Jae Senn

    Indeed. You can’t just do steriods and HGH and then go sit on the coach to watch TV and eat potato chips if you want to look like that. :-)


  14. SLY IS AMAZING. A true inspiration for all MAN KIND. He is a true legend. GOOD LOOKIN SLY. Cant wait for the movie and more movies to come. Please keep doing what you are doing sly :)

  15. It looks mostly as if Stallone has just slimed extremely down rather than taking HGH. Went on a fat-burning cycle to cut out all that mass from his Rambo physique. Probably took a page out of Statham’s book because he just has lean and toned muscles. Nothing to the gigantic size he had in say Rambo 3!
    Most likely went on hardcore circuit training, which at 62 is extremely impressive!

  16. @SK47

    It’s documented that Sly uses HGH, and the use of it would be to help him get that lean at such an advanced age, not to get huge.


  17. @Vic,

    Yes that is true! Especially at Stallone’s age HGH would extremely help, but if you notice, Stallone looks as if he went through the 300 training regiment. Circuit to get lean muscle and low body fat rather than the bukly-ness of the 80s.
    Either way, its damn good for a guy 3 years away to getting a senior ticket at the movies.

  18. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I’m 45 and I could look like that easily….if I ate lettuce for 10 years and ran 50 miles a day. :-)

    Stallone doesn’t deserve all the flack he has gotten over the years from many people about bad acting and all. Heck, the way he portrayed Rocky as some not-so-smart bruiser was spot on. And look at his performances in movies like Cliffhanger and Daylight (as someone above mentioned). The man is fantastic and I am looking forward to this film.

  19. Curse you Stallone. You’re in better shape at 62 than I am at 20. Not that I don’t try, but you and the entire 300 are ruining my sex life by raising the bar! Thank God for Seth Rogen still getting the girl. I hate that slob, but at least I can take my shirt off in public again.

  20. I’m a big fan of Sly’s work. Loved the Rocky movies as well as the Rambo films. I once met Sly when I was in H.S. and he was a very friendly and cordial to me. I just couldn’t believe how short he was. I just hope that I can look half as good as Sly when I hit 42, nevermind 62!!!

    This movie is going to kick butt. I think adding Chuck Norris and Carl Weathers would be SWEET!! C’mon Sly, make it happen!!!

  21. Does anyone know if those tatoos of his are real? They seem pretty new anyhow.

    He looks to be in great shape. I wonder what Arnold will do about his shape whenever his desk ain’t full of political files again…This movie would have been the bomb with Arnold in it. Still looking to be a real 80s revist, and we all love the eighties! :D

  22. Those are temporary tattoos for the film.


  23. Thanks Vic! I Recall seeing him with just one of those shoulder tattoos though from a couple months back. Maybe that one is permanent. Kind of schocked me back then as I don’t feel Sly is a tattoo guy. Not that I ming tattoos though being inked up myself and all, I just didn’t think of sly as that kind of guy at all. I’m glad at least the rest is temporary for the film, thanks for the answer Vic!

    By the way, does this seem like a real 80s movie or what? Crap plot, bad muscular actors yet still entertaining,a real popcorn blockbuster. Gotta love that hah!

  24. @Dr Thriller

    I know Sly and Chuck Zito got huge tattoos on their arms, they were pictured together. Like you say, one might be for the film and the other is real.

  25. My favorite movies of all times (I was born in the 90′s, is actually Rocky
    Even tho it’s an old film, I really love these movies and I really adore Sly for his efforts within film making and other stuff

    He’s really great and I’m soo looking forward to see this movie in the theaters! :P

  26. Anybody who thinks Stallone can’t act hasn’t seen Copland.

  27. I hope The Expendables is worth the ‘kalibur’ of talent working on it. Can’t wait for a preview.

    Anyone know when principal photography is suppose to wrap…?

  28. I didnt even hear about this movie and it sounds awesome.Stallone is still in tip-top shape..Hope the movie rocks

  29. People need to stop bagging on Sly’s acting to excess – he’s actually a very good actor, when he has a good script and is well cast. He was a great actor in Rocky I and II and III, pretty good in parts of Rocky IV and had some good moments in V, great in Rocky Balboa, did a great job in First Blood, was good in Rambo II, and was pretty funny in Rambo III. He was superb in Copland, he was pretty good in Cliffhanger, and he was good in FIST. There are some things he’s not very good at doing, too, but he has a pretty good range. He’s a lot smarter and more knowledgeable about acting than he’s often given credit for – watch his interview on The Actor’s Studio on Youtube – he knows his craft and should be given more credit for his abilities. If you have big arms and a muscular chest, people want to stereotype you as dumb. Sly isn’t dumb, and has turned in some very good performances. I’ve never seen any actor who plays emotional pain better than he does, for example.