Stallone Intrigued by Rambo Prequel

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rsz rambo Stallone Intrigued by Rambo Prequel

Sylvester Stallone has employed a unique strategy to help promote his latest film, The Expendables - he’s been answering questions submitted by the readers of Aint It Cool. When asked about the possibility of a Rambo prequel starring a new (and younger) actor in the title role, Stallone seemed surprisingly receptive to the idea.

Stallone previously stated that the Rambo franchise was done after deciding not to move forward with a fifth film that would have seen the character taking on Mexican drug cartels involved with human trafficking. Stallone’s reservations centered around the fact that Rambo’s mission in that film would be more of a “mercenary gesture” rather than something confronted out of necessity.

Apparently a pre-First Blood story that depicts Rambo’s time in Vietnam seems like a better fit. According to Stallone:

I certainly think this is worth pondering because it’s intriguing to find the whys and wherefores of how people have come to become what they are. The traumas, the loss and the tragedy of being in Vietnam would certainly be a great challenge for a young actor and it would be ironic that Rambo directs younger Rambo after having played it for 20 plus years.

The reader who posed the question mentions that while Rambo’s back story is hinted at in the existing films, author David Morell’s First Blood novel (as well as his novelizations of the first two sequels) go into much greater deal in regards to the character’s history.  Despite the fact that this leaves them with plenty of material to craft a Rambo prequel from, I’m not crazy about this idea.

rambo Stallone Intrigued by Rambo Prequel

Of course this is 100% speculation at this point and Stallone’s obviously not making any sort of official announcement on the matter, but I really hope this never materializes. I know a lot of people were excited about the version of Rambo  5 that had him battling a super-soldier, but I was not one of them. I loved the human trafficking story (which seemed like a much better fit for the Rambo universe) and I was extremely excited to see that film. Despite my disappointment at its cancellation, I understand Stallone’s satisfaction with the way Rambo wrapped up the franchise.

However, a huge part of why that ending works so well is the way it pays homage to the opening moments of First Blood. So the reason Stallone finds it unnecessary to go forward is the same reason I feel it’s just as unnecessary to go backwards.

I remember when there were rumors of a Die Hard prequel and I didn’t understand the point. A film following John McClane prior to the events of the first film would be just another cop movie. I feel the same way about a Rambo prequel. A young soldier struggling with the atrocities of Vietnam? I think that ground has been pretty well covered. What do you guys think?

Source: Ain’t It Cool.

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  1. Prequel, sequel as long as it’s Rambo and Sylvester Stallone has something to do with it!!!


  3. If it’s Rambo, it’s good. Period.

  4. Well, Heroes is over and Milo Ventimiglia is out of a job. I swear that kid looks like he is Sly’s kid.

    • well, considering he PLAYED slys kid in rocky balboa, you might be onto something there

  5. I would love another Rambo movie if it was done well and was disappointed when the human trafficking film disintegrated but I agree with you 100%. The first two films provide enough backstory and a prequel will probably feel like a rehash of one of the last 3 films with more torture. We know how the story ends. We know enough about how it began. We didn’t need Darth Vader’s life story and I don’t think we need Rambo’s.

    • it wouldnt be a rehash, we only saw a glimpse of what he went through in vietman

  6. i dont think Milo would suit playing Rambo

  7. I think this is an excellent idea

  8. I thought that the prequel was called First Blood?

  9. No, the first Rambo movie is called First Blood..his name didn’t get into the titles of the movies until the sequels.

    Anyway, there are PLENTY of concepts and ideas that have been done already, but it doesn’t mean they can’t do another movie. There’s nothing new under the sun. As long as it is conceived well and executed even better, I have no issues with a prequel.

  10. Not a bad idea. I would like to see what Rambo went through previously that made him crack in First Blood.

    • its simple as to what made him crack, it was that ***hole sherrif

  11. I’m really on board with this idea actually.

    I was hesitant about a new one after the end of the last was a perfect tie to the story. However, finding a young Rambo and revisiting the past could open the door to a whole new line and fresh breath in the franchise.

    (Same thing I think they should do with the upcoming Mad Max movies, cover his time starting on the melbourne police force rather than trying to slip a new actor into a preconceived time frame for the character.)

  12. I’m not sure why his objection to the human-trafficking story is that it would seem “mercenary.” You just introduce characters who have connections with Rambo that make it necessary for him to take action. Say, the daughter or granddaughter of the guy who he’s going to visit in the opening minutes of First Blood, the one that died of Agent Orange-related cancer. If she were the one in jeopardy, you can’t tell me Rambo wouldn’t take action, nor even that there isn’t something he has left to learn about himself and his connections to others.

    I hope Stallone changes his mind on this one, because I really like the idea of an aging Rambo… you listen to guys who know old special ops soldiers, and these guys are VERY lethal, simply because they know how to stay alive and don’t take unnecessary risks. I want to see Rambo using his lifetime of experience, rather than merely his physicality, to stay alive and win. (Not that there’s not plenty of that sort of thing in the first movie.)

    • there wont be another new rambo adventure, it was brought to closure in Rambo, which to me was perfectly fitting.

  13. All take this over a remake of Total Recall,,,

    • u and me both 790, and the fact tht stallone hinted at directing it means no cgi crappola

  14. I’d go see it.

  15. This is very interesting. I have so many thoughts and ideas about it. When i first watched First Blood i remember thinking wow how did he learn to do all that stuff. I think it would be cool to see. If i was doing the movie i would start when he was a teenager. What made him go into the military? Did he have a choice? His first meeting with Troutman, what was that like? He had friends that he went looking for that were in his platoon that all died, were they like him? How did they interact? What kind of mission did he go on? what was his training like? Before he was in special forces what happened? I understand why he was treated the way he was in first blood because my Dad was in vietnam and he explained to me how people treated him bad when he got back. The soldiers didn’t understand it and they were treated like they did something wrong. Not like soldiers are treated now. I think it would be interesting for people to see how Rambo thought about things going in and how they changed or even if they did. I mean from the movies you don’t really know what his mindset was going in.

  16. i would much prefer stallone direct and produce hunted(the book he was going to base rambo5 on(super solider one)) then to make a sequel/prequel to rambo. the franchise is finished, people should just leave it be, if they do make a prequel people will get angry of how sly isnt in it, and if they make a sequel then the die hard fans will get angry at seeing him go back to the action after making it clear that he was at peace with himself at the end of #4.

  17. You liked human trafficking story ? God !
    Can’t believe that,I think it was an awful idea.
    Hunting a Super Soldier was the better choice,but still not what I would wish for a sequel !

    Much better is a prequel…were we could se ortega and the guys..a young trautman ! Sounds good !

  18. I welcomed the idea for Rambo 5 with the plot about human trafficking etc. But found it was better to leave the franchise end as it did with Rambo at the sametime. If they were to make a prequel, id expect it be little more or less like Rambo was, with the flashbacks seen in First Blood of him being tortured etc. And that being done to someone younger probly wouldn’t go over with some people. My opinion would be not to do the prequel and just leave the franchise as it is, and hope it doesnt get a reboot which it possibly will.

  19. sam worthington as rambo?

    • no, hell no

  20. A prequel would be great. I would have sly in with a therapist or someone that had him in for an interview (or maybe even in court fighting some charges due to Rambo (final) and saying that he was going to be reported anyways) after killing those pirates. He could then be talking about his past and vietnam experiences and training. Sly would be the narrator in the beginning then it breaks to the Prequel. I would be a huge fan of that war move and training and I believe it would be very successful. “Go for it” (rocky reference, but suits perfectly here)

  21. I think a prequel is a great idea, and I never heard of a possible super soldier story sequel but I think that would have been awesome, I all so like the Mexican drug cartel concept. If garbage like Friday the 13h and Nightmare on Elm Street can have a million sequels why something good like rambo have a couple more. there should be a prequel and to sequels one dealing with the drug cartel concept and the other with the super soldier. I know that the rambo universe deals with more real life issues involving war but the possibility of unnatural enhancements to soldiers is becoming more a reality as technology moves forward so it would not be that out of place anymore.

  22. If you were intrigued by the Vietnam flashbacks in Sylvester Stallone’s First Blood, you’ll be interested to see She Died Productions’ vision of what that story could be.

  23. Personally, I would love to see a Rambo prequel (and ones for Rocky/Apollo Creed/Ivan Drago), and see what exactly happened in his life that made him who he is. Obviously, the war changed him, but he had to have personal issues going into it, before the younger Trautmann (two words – Aaron Eckhart!) took him in hand and chiselled away the rough edges to bring out the highly trained killing machine underneath. Also, to the guy who claimed ‘rehash’, all films at least borrow from others at some point during the process. Just look at the first ‘The Fast & The Furious’ movie, which was basically a carbon-copy of the script of Point Break.

  24. there will be or not, in any case, I wrote my Rambo prequel.
    It’s my sixth long novel.

    I published the first two chapters in english language in my RAMBO YEAR ONE blog.

    no registration, just click and download the PDF

  25. how about rambo finds out that trautman dies during a mission and rambo goes out for revenge

    • A delta force soldier, is searching info regarding his missing in action father, lost during the vietnam war. The name John Rambo comes out, and the guy goes serching him, to have a talk. But no matter how many years has gone by, vengance is a never aging demon.

      this is my beginning for a V Rambo movie.

      I wrote 3 books regarding the young Jonh Rambo during the Vietnam war, and I am currently fighting to get them published.
      if you want to support, contact me (I will never ask or accept any money)

  26. Hello,

    Personally, I LOVE the First Blood/ Rambo movies, and I love Stallone. He portrays the Rocky and Rambo character to a T. And I feel that both the prequel idea And a Rambo 5 idea, starring Stallone, are great. People didn’t think Stallone could pull off a 4th rambo movie (or another Rocky for that matter), but he did and he did it with flying colors. I just know he could do the same with a Rambo 5 as well. I personally liked the very first Rambo 5 idea which was similar to the First Blood setting.

    The first idea was that after Rambo gets back to the states, he learns that he has a daughter (maybe even a couple of kids). r maybe he learns that he has a niece or nephew or both. They are being harassed by a White Supremacist gang, and maybe a satanic one at that (being that Stallone is now a born-again Christian, which to me is just awesome, as I am a born-again Christian too). Stallone as Rambo first tries to tell his kid or niece and nephew to just ignore the harassment, and turn away from it. But then oit gets worse and maybe one of the kids are even hurt. And that is when Rambo has had enough and all Hell breaks loose.

    I loved that idea, but I hated the idea about a genetic super-soldier gone haywire. That to me just sounds like a Universal Soldier remake, but with Rambo and not Van Damme or Lundgren. I also don’t see why they couldn’t make a Rambo 5 And a First Blood prequel back to back.

    I would even go for a First Blood remake/ reboot, but I wouldn’t want Rambo dying in it. Because based on its success, they could carry on with a new Rambo 2, etc… Maybe an idea of Rambo having a nephew or son who was in the Iraq war, and then comes home and gets harassed by local law. I think that is a decent idea for a new First Blood movie. What can i say? I just don’t want the Rambo movies to end, Ha ha! Guess I just love those kinds of brutal underdog-whips-em-all movies. Besides, I have a handmade First Blood knife and a handmade Voorhios-Lile collaboration Rambo Missions knife. With a little face make-up, I could even look young enough to play Rambo. Hell, I even got s few showable side teeth missing that gives me that really rough and rugged look. OK, I will quit dreaming now, Ha Ha! Take care!

  27. Prequel would be awesome! All the guys in the Baker team. Danforth, Ortega, Messner, Barry, Colleta! s*** you could have a slew of young actors play the team.

    • Absolutely. They could also explain the split between Rambo and his father, who would have been of the Pearl Harbor generation – the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 was similar to the 9/11 attacks in that public reaction in the US was that ‘this cannot go unpunished’, however, US involvement in Vietnam was largely condemned in America, as it was considered to be an ‘illegal war’, and Rambo Sr. would’ve severed ties with young John for enlisting for military service in Vietnam.

      Stallone movie trivia: John Rambo’s mother maiden name was Drago (the Russian boxer from Rocky IV!)

  28. I disagree – a prequel of Rambo would not be a ‘basic vietnam movie’. His job in that war would have been very unconventional. Much was classified and now is unclassified – the history itself would be a major draw to the movie.

  29. The rookie Mcgee is right.

    It could be the first movie about the unconventional warfare fought by special forces in Vietnam, and they surely sere not the usuall ‘kids scared by boobytraps’ that you see inside Vietnam-war movies.
    Marlon Brando character in apocalypse now is largely based on the SF soldiers Rambo fought for, which is something NO moive ever talked about… But only very rare history books.

    Which is is why a wrote my personal Rambo prequel saga made of four books, that I will freeshare in 2015, in italian language.