Stallone Clears Up Rambo 5 Confusion [Updated]

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rambo 5 sylvester stallone Stallone Clears Up Rambo 5 Confusion [Updated]

Last night, we reported on breaking news for the next installment of the Rambo franchise, which centered on the story of Rambo 5 in addition to its title and first teaser poster. From what we heard, the idea for the fifth installment seemed a little odd and it resulted in some confusion and mixed reaction. This provoked Sylvester Stallone himself to quickly address the confusion and explain himself what the film’s story is (and is not) about.

Originally, I had this latest news written in as a hefty-sized update to last night’s post but I wanted to expand on it, now that we have a more concrete concept of Rambo 5’s plot.

Sly read the reader feedback to the news last night on several sites that over-emphasized the science-fiction aspects of the story for Rambo V, so he left a message with Harry Knowles at Ain’t It Cool News, who first broke the news, to clear up the details.

Read on for what Sly’s explanation of Rambo V: The Savage Hunt

In the voice mail, Stallone first emphasized that the story is not about him fighting a group super soldiers like in Universal Soldier, but instead, it’s about him and a team brought in to fight a “savage beast” of a man – A man that represents an “amalgamation of fury and intelligence.” (The result of conditioning people from when they were kids onward to make them fearless, intelligent and cunning warriors, a la 300)

This villain’s ability to survive is rivaled only by that of Rambo and that’s what makes the movie interesting. The doctors at this facility couldn’t control this guy’s mind and he became a “savage killing machine.” Hence, the title.

He also clarified again that it’s not Rambo battling a squad of super soldiers but instead that it’s like you worst nightmare, “battling your primitive self.”

Head over to AICN to hear the entire message Sly left.

[UPDATE: The official synopsis for Rambo 5 has been revealed and it turns out that what we heard before isn’t too far off – we also know what the movie is now based on, so check it out here!]

Sly’s idea of this savage beast-like character adds a great element to the nature of the film. Instead of a focus on physical ability and raw killing talent, we’ll be seeing heavy emphasis on the strategic and tactical cunning of John Rambo and this villain, as one hunts the other.

I’m very interested in seeing this movie and I think hearing Stallone directly explaining what the film is really about will turn around the negative opinions resulting from the misinterpretation of what was reported last night.

I can’t wait to find out who he has in mind to play the villain of this film and if we see Rambo leading a black ops team, I think it’d be cool to see Matthew Marsden return as the bad-ass sniper (aka, School Boy) from last year’s Rambo.

What do you think of Rambo V: The Savage Hunt now?

Source: AICN

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  1. sounds much better than the one before heheh, i bet at this rate sly is just making up stuff to keep the crowds happy, and when one of the ideas gets a good feedback he’ll lock it in as the storyline.
    its like before when he denied rambo5 then when people all around thought that it will be good(judging by his performance as a 65 yr old) he now states that he will be making a rambo 5 how convenient.

    i liked rambo 5 because he come in terms with who he is (flashback scene) i wonder what this movies moral will be

  2. i agree it would be pretty sweet 2 see the Young Sniper back in the film.

    great post/Btw

    really cleared up some of those crazy rumors.
    Like RAMBO vs Capt.AMERICA.


  3. title is still terrible just call it rambo 5

  4. love it. it’s almost like Rambo vs. Benicio Del Toro from ” The Hunted”

  5. Hm. Funny to see that my idea of the story wasn’t too far off 😛

    I had the intelligent, determined, psychologically influenced part right (sort of) 😀

  6. Not that its a bad thing,,, but the plot sounds a lot like Apocalypse Now.

    At least we won’t be seeing Rambo adjust to a normal life working at a Walmart,,, 😉

  7. this is freaking awesome, i love this idea.

    i chuckled when seeing rambo 5, thought i should start looking out for ROCKY 7 : when the senior citizen hits back!!


    but rambo vs rambo. koolZ

  8. Personally, I would like Rambo to do what he has done in the previous films. Rambo is an altruistic warrior – a mercenary with who fights for those who can’t. Although a fictional character, I want Rambo to stay true to his roots.
    I like the idea of him doing rescue missions or hiring himself out as a soldier of fortune. Maybe he could become a CIA assassin!

    Please don’t duplicate other movies a la “Soldier”, “300”, “Universal Soldier”. Keep doing what Rambo does best – war!

  9. Kudos to Sly for trying to do somehing different.

  10. @790



  11. AS long as it’s not Rambo vs. a Captain America type super-soldier, I’m for it. I still think the premise sounds a bit out there vs the last film and especially the original. Why can’t Rambo just go into some hot spot and blow the living daylights out of everything?? I guess we shall see, but I do have some faith in Sly to make a good film. Next to Iron Man 2, The Expendables is my mostly anticipated film next summer.

  12. Much better plot. Rambo not only fighting a virtual younger version of himself, but also what he could’ve turned into. I think it is also great to finally see a physical threat to challenge John. With the exception of Rambo 3, we haven’t really ever see a villain that could go toe-to-toe with our hero.

  13. They should get Arnold to play the villain . . . it could be Rambo vs. the Terminator. yea? yea? . . . no haha

  14. So how do we understand this character they’re hunting? Do they show it in flashback? What about a voice over of the lessons he was taught, compare that to Rambo’s training? Is this training an extension of Rambo’s, just reaching back to younger and younger subjects? Does our society do that already, even today? Is their a statement beyond the story or is the story to be a mirror?

    I think most people want “just compelling enough” to convince them that they got their monies worth in entertainment value. Does anyone feel differently? Do you want more?

  15. He’s gonna kill Wolverine?

    I still say he should sneak into Afganastan and hunt insurgents. maybe he runs into that little kid that was with him in 3 and the kid, now all grown up, is a woman stoning, cliteral castrating, jew hating, fanatic and Rambo guts him like a fish and then expends a solitary tear for the little RPG boy he once knew as a brave innocent caught up in the tragedy of war.

  16. “RPG wielding”

    Damn I need a spell checker here

  17. Yeah the thought of Rambo wearing a hairnet working in the meat department would just ruin the franchise for me.

  18. “Something like that combined with a form of pharmacotherapy could account for even more modification. Aricept is a drug that many have heard of that can help the mind focus, prescribed for Alzheimer patients. So why not a cocktail that a soldier is programmed to use additionally?”

    I don’t see where this falls under the banner of Science Fiction. If its demonstrable its science fact in a work of fiction, just as movies with submarines, jets, and cars that drive themselves would be.

  19. i think vin diesel would be great for the part of the enemy! kinda like the part he played in pitch black.

  20. 790 says: “the plot sounds a lot like Apocalypse Now”

    Yeah, if you could get the Coppolas involved in the music end of it, you could make a fascinating and pretty scarry movie Titled “Nightmares of Apocalypse Now!” I’d buy it..

  21. It does sound like Apoc Now.
    Military needs an expert in black ops to take out a rogue/super soldier.

    I’m sure Rambo will have a boat load of solders with him that get picked off as they get closer to the end.

    I’ll prob see it anyways,,,, 😉

  22. A fifth rambo movie, cool. I grew up watching rambo and will continue to do so.

  23. I’m sure it will be awesome. I love the Rambo movies. Now it just needs to take place on an island called “Shadow Moses” and the savage beast by the name of “Liquid.” (just joking, I love Rambo & MGS)

  24. Even Captain Willard had someone he
    felt was worth saving, Lance Johnson.
    This Rambo film needs its Lance Johnson.
    Actually it might be a good idea for them
    to save each other. You kind of get the
    father son myth going. Despite Rambo not
    having kids, they walk out of that crucible
    together, the son respecting the father the
    father admiring the son, or is that grandson?

  25. yeah very interesting that they are planning another Rambo film. I really liked the last one and wasn’t sure that I would. From the early description, it sounds like it may be heading back to the original rambo style, more stealth and not so much guns blazing, so yeah I’m interested to see where they will take this.

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  26. Sounds similar to the predator……. i mean rambo wiil probably have a group of soldiers with him beign killed by the beast 1 by 1….. and he will be the one to kill the beast… i hope they change it up a little, maybe 2 or 3 guys surive or if they are going to end the series, he sacrifices himself… something like that……

  27. @ JadeMan838: “Sounds similar to the predator”

    I see your point but don’t forget you have an attrition mechanism in most every conflict. Congrats. You just put your fingers on one of the Tools that all of this genre uses.

  28. Whatever they do it will be hard to top the last Rambo.
    I thought that one was the most realistic.