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magneto trailer ian mckellen SR Picks [Video]: X Men Origins: Magneto Concept Trailer

One of the many potential X-Men movies pushed into early development after X-Men 3: The Last Stand was an origins solo film for the master of magnetism, Magneto, played of course by the talented sir Ian McKellen in the X-Men trilogy.

I was always skeptical of a Magneto origins film, thinking it wouldn’t be as bankable as many projects touted, but this trailer (using X-men trilogy scenes and Star Trek music) does make it seem pretty epic. That being said, a lot of that awesomeness comes from the music.

Check out this fan-made concept trailer by YouTube user silverlightsaber after the jump.

The only issue here is that it presents Magneto when he’s older and we know the origin film would have to be about him when he’s young, learning his powers, defining his beliefs, working with professor X to start the school, build cerebro, etc. This is a story I hope and think will be explored as part of X-Men: First Class and would work perfect having Magneto working alongside Professor X as a teacher before they separate paths. Not too mention how well that would tie into the Bryan Singer’s first X-Men movie.

As we know, a Mangeto film would re-cast the actors we know and love from the X-Men franchise and I believe that’s the big sticking point for Fox Studios who have pushed aside X-Men Origins: Magneto for the time being to focus on the plethora of other X-related projects in development.

What do you think of this trailer and would you still like to see Magneto’s origins on the big screen?

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  1. Why does every fake trailer use the same song?? lol

  2. The trailer wasn’t bad at all.

    I could see Chris Pine being a young Magneto or if you want to go a little older Aaron Eckhart.

  3. This reminds me tune in to AMC next Sunday; Ian McKellen in “The Prisoner.”

    Ian could be tapped for a Magneto movie, where he didn’t play Magneto he could narrate the movie for the earlier parts. What might be interesting is start the movie where X-3 left off. Need an excuse to get him to talk about his life story. Perhaps a chess game? As lame as this might sound it could be made interesting and exciting.

  4. @Ken J

    Ever since this years Star Trek used that song in their official trailer, everyone’s been using it in their fan trailers. :p

    Frankly, I’ve seen much better fan trailers made than this one, this is just okay editing of clips from the movies.

  5. I think the magneto movie should culminate with (inspired by the Uncanny X-Men issue) Mags sinking the russian sub and drowning everyone on board, in a cold war stand off that ends with he and charles going their separate paths and the students deciding who to follow.

    The trailer portrays Magneto as the fascinating character he is. The clips from the 3 X movies combined justify an origins movie. This era of Xavier’s and Magneto’s past is shady, it would be cool too see the blank spaces filled in.

  6. @ M-Cat

    Pine as Magneto? lol, I can’t see that at all but I have a feeling the Trek music in the trailer put that image in your mind ;)

  7. Maybe it was the trek music but what’s wrong with Pine as a young Magneto? Anyone else have an idea about who should play him?

  8. i would love to see the young magneto and charles team up against hitler super mutant apocalypse. since magneto is not a villain until after he help build the x-men watch x-men 3 then that would work. and charles does not lose his legs until after that either.

  9. x-4,and 5 back to back would be great.and first class 1,2,and 3 with sinister and john sublime after powerful mutants,stryker unleashing sentinels to hunt down mutants makeing magneto very angry.a new mutants film would be great only if the new mutants were from differnet x-men stories like chamber,husk,beak,tito bohusk,angel salvador,glob herman,anole,rockslideprosimian,orb weaver,qiull,and sunspot.i would really really want to see these films if made.

  10. i could see some one like chris nolan making a great x-men film.

  11. or guilmoror del toro,or peter jackson would make a hell of a trilogy with the x-men franchise. to think about what they could do with character like beak,chamber,or any of the charcters i mention above or for that matter colossus,angel,iceman,nightcrawler,gambit and others. and the sentinel story would blow everyone away they would be great directors for these films if the producers would just think the same way i do.

  12. I think Magneto has the best “Story” for a movie. Casting would be hard, but he has, hands down, the most empathetic storyline of any villain. Hard to argue against his points when you have lived that life. I say definitely make this story… it could be on the level of IRON MAN if they do it right.

  13. Why does everyone say ‘Chris Nolan could make this’? Its really annoying and unimaginative, just like his take on Batman!!!!!!!

  14. Magneto film will never happen

  15. They better get on it, Gandalf isn’t getting any younger.

    I mean Magneto.

  16. I think this movie convinced me of the possibilities of a Magneto film! This really made me think that maybe a Magneto film really has some amazing potential! I at first was like “oh whatever, I just dont see it.” But now I do. Even though it might not be the same vision as the people that are developing it, but this is my concept that I think would be groundbreaking for a film- especially comic film:

    “Picture this as an origin story of a young Magnus, living in Germany and his experiences of persecution, seeing the dark side of humanity. The worst and the most vile. How it taints his soul and his heart, but there’s still a humanity there.

    He starts to discover his powers, but he holds it in. He is an introvert, and he never really displays his powers much through the beginning of the film cause he’s ashamed. He grows up with numerous betrayals by friends of his. He gains a love and that love dissolves into another failure.

    He’s staring as a young teenager into a camp fire, examining himself and his place. The injustices he sees happening to the people he loves. To the Mutants who are starting to pop up from place to place.

    He ultimately sheds all his fears and his insecurities– his thick shell and he becomes a phenomenon that we know today.

    The difference I think in this film is that they should really put this in the perspective of not a Protagonists but an Antagonistic angle. Where you are not liking human beings yourself. Your seeing everything through his eyes. You’re rooting for him and his very dramatic actions. This movie makes a case for his perspective. Period. Almost like this movie should recruit some of the viewers to the side of Magneto. Isn’t that what the Xmen comic books brought us anyways? Various perspectives!

  17. But this movie has to have only Professor X as a guest star NOBODY ELSE!! AT ALLL!!!!! JUST MAGNETO!!!!!!!