SR Picks [Video]: Star Trek Vs. Star Wars

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star trek vs star wars SR Picks [Video]: Star Trek Vs. Star Wars

Did you see the new Star Trek movie that opened this past weekend? If you have, you no doubt also saw that little movie called Star Wars that came out back in 1977. Did you notice any similarities?

J.J. Abrams has been openly honest all along that he was a fan of Star Wars growing up and not so much Star Trek. It’s no secret that he guided his new Star Trek movie in a more Star Wars-like fashion because of it.

From more differentiable aliens, to faster-paced and more dynamic ship battles, we saw in the movie many similarities to the classic Star Wars films. Even the little things like the phaser fire from the ships and sidearms looking and sounding more like Star Wars and the massive increase in usage of smaller craft to emphasize the grandness of the larger capital ships.

Here is some evidence that the J.J. Abrams’ entire movie is just like Star Wars. Watch and enjoy:

When you think of it, it was the perfect time for Star Trek to make its return. Star Wars has unfortunately turned away many fans and support with the prequels and then The Clone Wars (and Indiana Jones 4). Up until then, Star Wars sat strongly on the sci-fi throne. Now, as it falls (in terms of quality and not financial success – it still makes a fortune on the new kids show and ridiculous merchandising among many other facets), Trek comes swooping in at warp speed, returning from the dead, to take the mantle as the leading Sci-Fi movie franchise.

The movie will have several sequels and will likely help give rise to a new Trek TV show down the road.

Although way over-simplified, it’s an interesting and funny video. What do you think?

Source: College Humor, Tom Bowl (Image)

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  1. I enjoyed the new Star Trek film, but I must say that I’m still more into Star Wars, and yes even the prequel films I enjoyed.

  2. It’s funny you posted this. I saw Star Trek Tuesday night and when I went to work on Wednesday I told a good buddy of mine, who is a HUGE Star Wars fan – I’m talking buys every toy, knows every question in SW trivial pursuit kinda huge, that the new Star Trek was better then any Star Wars movie made.

    i thought he was going to have an aneurysm.

    Good times … good times.

    And I wasn’t lying to him.

  3. Rob said, “It’s no secret that he guided his new Star Trek movie in a more Star Wars-like fashion because of it.”

    Star Trek had a great story, great acting, lines that were supposed to be funny actually were and Star Trek has Ohura. Doesn’t sound ANYTHING like Star Wars (Especially the prequels)

    ‘Nuff said.

  4. About this article…LOL

    I love both.

    However, I don’t remember seeing any product placement in any Star Wars movie…

    I’m betting the Star Trek sequels will have alot more characters (aliens) to maximize merchandising :)

  5. i love both franchises. Though i am more of a Star Wars fan. Star Wars is my favorite sci-fi films and i even love the prequels just as much as episodes 4-6. Episode 3 is actually my favorite out of all 6 movies.

  6. Yeah, next to “Empire Strikes Back” episode 3 is my favorite

  7. Have been and always will be a gigantic Star Wars fan. but having said that, the latest from Lucas seems lame at best. The new animated stuff though, pretty good. Its much more reminiscent of the original trilogy in my opinion. But again after all that, this Trek was by far and away was better than any other previous big screen attempts. I dare say that it is the best Trek since the original series of which it only surpasses by virtue of the spectacular visual effects. The casting was beyond perfect and the action sequences were phenomenal.

  8. The original Star Wars trilogy is definitely superior to the new prequels crap. And I have always been a big Star Wars fan, never really a Star Trek fan. But this movie was very enjoyable. Must be all of the Star Wars characteristics, lol.

  9. Because it’s designed chiefly for kids, I give the new Clone Wars some breaks. Not a whole lot mind you, the “movie” was pretty much drek. HOWEVER! The animated weekly series? There are subtle bits in there that they don’t hammer home nedlessly but let the more aware viewer enjoy.

    All in all it really is good stuff. But, again, there’s some awful convenient loose end wrap-ups :-)

    Despite all the cool eye candy Trek has (when it’s at its best) always been about the characters and their stories and relationships, and so too with Star Wars. So if this movie happens to parallell some of the plot points of Star Wars’ best outing, so what.

  10. I always hate the Star Wars vs. Star Trek comparisions.

    I actually like the way JJ Abram’s put it. He said Star Wars was about fantasy and Star Trek was about humnanity – us.

    I agree completly. Star Wars is great escapism. Great fun and spectacle.

    Star Trek is is more “realistic”. It based on real science, human relationships and possibility.

    They’re not the same, they’re both great, and we should stop trying to have the fans of each fight about it. It’s tiresome.

  11. @Fury2701
    You said, “I always hate the Star Wars vs. Star Trek comparisons.”

    And yet you clicked on a topic that reads Star Trek Vs. Star Wars.

    Hmmmm … sounds like someone is a closet masochist. :)

  12. I can honestly say that I love BOTH franchises equally. Maybe growing up in the late 70′s and early 80′s did that to me because I got to watch the original Star Wars trilogy as it was release, but I also got to watch the TOS in reruns continuously AND got to see the best Trek movies (IMO) as they were released. Both are fantastic franchises for the sci-fi fan and BOTH revolutionized sci-fi when they debuted.

    That being said, I think that Star Wars has become stale. Lucas can’t get people to act like real people act. Except for Palpatine, the acting in the prequels was horrendous. Yes, the CGI Sfx were phenomenal and it was a good story. The way it was given to us, however, was not. The whole thing with Jar Jar, robots going “roger roger” was just an insult to the intelligence of the audience. I sometimes feel that Star Trek was more of a thinking person’s sci-fi as it didn’t cater towards children and merchandising.

    I just saw the new Trek last night and I absolutely loved it. I still can’t get past Sylar being Spock (I was waiting for Spock to try and slice open someone’s head with his finger, LOL), but I thought that the very essence of Trek was in this film. I loved the action AND the relationships, the acting and SFX were also superb. It was like this movie was the best of both Trek and Star Wars and as a fan of both franchises I was VERY VERY happy.

    Still, as much as I liked the new film, it ranks only 3rd on my all-time Trek movie list; behind The Voyage Home and The Wrath of Khan.

  13. i want to see the new star trek can some1 answer my question why does most sci fi movies have the word star in it


  14. Fan of both, although I think I’d rather watch the best Star Trek movies (Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country for me) than the best of the Star Wars, which is certainly the best three.


    Kirk vs Han
    Spock vs Chewie
    Bones vs Obi

    Ok, Han would shoot first, Chewie would rip Spock’s arms out of his sockets, and Obi would make Bones think he isn’t a doctor. But I do have a strong liking for many Star Trek characters – wow, could throw in Worf vs Boba Fett and Data vs R2D2. ;)

    But as has been said, think Star Trek was more science fiction, whereas Star Wars was sci fantasy and easier for the masses to accept.

  15. Although I liked the original SW trilogy far more, the Obi Wan played by Ewan McGregor from the prequels was bad ass, especially in Episode 2 and 3. In Episode 3 he calmly drops down in the middle of all of the droids and General Grievous and proceeds to pwn all of them without much effort. Now THAT is some good stuff. But the rest of the characters in the prequel movies sucked, Obi Wan was the only exception.

  16. @ Matt K,

    Thanks for the link. I love that video – I passed it to many folks when I saw it back in the day. I thought we may have posted that on another thread here at Screen Rant a while ago but I can’t find it – I remember talking about it with the SR crew behind the scenes but I guess we never posted it.

    Whoever made that is madly creative!

  17. They posted that video here on SR in a post dedicated to Star Trek spoof videos.

  18. Sorry Rob. I know that Star Trek had a great opening and continues to be strong at the box office, ensuring the continuation of the series. But in no way does that mean that it takes the mantle as the leading Sci-Fi movie franchise.

    The fact that Abrams modeled his Star Trek after Star Wars alone proves that Star Wars will always be tops.

  19. “Captain, he says his name is Avon, and he has the deeds to the Enterprise” (Said in a Scotish accent)

    “Lord Vader, he says his name is Avon, and he has the deeds to the Death Star, and the controlling shares in your armour polish company.. errkk. gurgle” (Said in a Corescant accent)

    Star wars is good, Star Trek is good.

    My favorite thing about the new version of Star Trek is this:


    (Mind you, why didn’t the Federation Time Cops book the naughty Eric Banner???)



    and agreed.

  21. The original Star Wars trilogy is definitely superior to the new prequels crap.

    Says who? You? Do you really expect us to blindly accept this opinion as fact? Screw that!

    As for the new STAR TREK movie . . . I’ll be damned if I ever accept it as superior to the Prequel Trilogy. You can, if you want to. I certainly DO NOT feel that way.

  22. My favorite thing about the new version of Star Trek is this:


    Which makes me question your taste in entertainment. Anyone who likes this latest piece of unimaginative dribble over VOYAGER has to be seriously lacking in taste or is either a sexist (regardless of your own gender).

  23. Star Wars was borrowing from Star Trek (and other things; like Joseph Campbell) first.

    Things Trek did before Wars: Giant spheroid ships, planet killer ships, ships that aren’t just flying saucers or rockets, floating cities, interstellar bars, fuzzy-cute aliens, desert and ice planets, characters with pyschic, telekinetic and mind control powers, space pirates and princesses, etc…