SR Picks [Video]: Fantastic Fan-Made Green Lantern Trailer

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greenlantern SR Picks [Video]: Fantastic Fan Made Green Lantern Trailer

Screen Rant has some of the best fans in the webiverse and today’s SR Pick comes as a direct result of being contacted by one of them (thanks for the heads up Lencho!). In recent weeks, there’s been a ton of talk about the upcoming start to a new potential superhero franchise, Green Lantern. We’ve seen news ranging from reviews of the script, to a pile of casting rumors all the way to a hefty $150 million budget and a confirmed release date.

On that note, we have one of the BEST fan trailers we have seen in a very long time for you today. YouTube user Jaronpitts has assembled a two-and-a-half minute trailer for DC’s Green Lantern using twenty-eight different movies and TV shows. The detail and work he has put into this trailer is quite impressive. More importantly, the trailer promotes an idea for the lead role that has been talked about on many fansites but that I’m ashamed to say I had not thought of until now.

Watch the incredible trailer to see what we’re talking about:

How in the world have fanboys not been jumping on the Nathan Fillion ship already?!? We should be beating down DC’s and Warner Brothers’ doors to make this a reality. Forget all the Brian Austin Green, Bradley Cooper and Chris Pine rumors, Fillion is the man for the job. This is just speculation but Fillion posted this on his Twitter page May 14th:

’94 on Flight Control, while waiting in the office of the Senior VP of DC Comics. Love when offices are full of toys!’

Flight Control is game for the iPhone for which he apparently has an addiction. Like I said, pure speculation, but I can completely see Fillion in the green and black spandex as Hal Jordan. So, did you like the trailer and what do you think about the possibility of Nathan Fillion wearing the Green Lantern ring?

Green Lantern is scheduled to release June 17th 2011.

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  1. Fillion would kick major a$$ inthat part and you know it would have great oneliners I always thought he should be Punisher thou

  2. Boreanaz’s not a bad choice either, but a little too recognizable, and he’s busy with Bones.

  3. Very well done. That was great. :-D

    Fillon isn’t my choice, but that was great.

  4. Hey, who can name all the films that were meshed together in that?

  5. Umm Phil how can you say David is to recognizable? I mean I don’t see why that’s a problem, but whatever. Still how can he be to recognizable? I mean Nathan is far more recognizable the guy has been in a lot more movies and in three TV shows now. David has had like a couple straight to DVD films and 2 TV shows.

  6. Daniel, everyone I know, knows who “Angel” is, only 2 people I know would recognized Nathan Fillion… Wonder if you realize this, but Firefly and Serenity wasn’t exactly a commercial blockbuster, they have their cult following, but things like Buffy, Angel, and Bones have FAR more viewers.

  7. ah meant to say Firefly and Serenity weren’t exactly commercial blockbusters, I originally only typed Firefly, then added Serenity without changing anything else, lol.

  8. @KEL – That’s not much of a challenge because jaronpitts names them on his youtube page :)

  9. Ha! I didn’t know that.

  10. That looked freaking awesome. I would totally go and see that movie and if DC has any brains they would cast Fillion in the role post haste!!!

  11. Fillion is not the man for the job but this was very well put together, it was really great. But I still think that Sam Witwer is the best man for the job. I still haven’t seen anyone prove to me that they are a better choice!

    Sign my petition:

  12. Buffy and Angel while popular were still honestly considered Cult followings. Bones is very commercial that is true, but Don’t forget Serenity still made a decent amount of cash and Nathan has been in more movies than David has and more are considered the big time and people bash TV alot. I disagree, but that’s the way it generally is. Nathan also has a cult following from Doctor Horrible which attracted new people to him and Joss. He was in a lot of movies things with fairly popular actress as well as White Noise 2. He has that Slither movie and more recently was in the Wonder Woman cartoon. Not to mention the show Drive and the new show he is in which I believe got picked up for a second season if I remember. Not to mention the fact that while Firefly did fail due to rating it picked up a huge number of fans with DVD and sold an amazing amount of copies. He was also in an episode of lost and a fairly long story arc on Desperate House Wives.

    As far as Sam Witwer I honestly don’t see it. I don’t think he looks the part at all and the only work he has done out side of a movie that isn’t out yet and like kind of crappy so far has just been video game voice work and a sting on Smallville. I saw him on smallvill and played his games I wasn’t impressed.

  13. He could have been in all of those movies, but you know what? Until I saw Serenity, seeing him in those movies I wouldn’t have remembered it at all. And that’s the point, he never really made a name for himself until Firefly and Serenity. Maybe it depends on where you live, but literally out of all of my friends maybe 2 of them would know him if I pointed him out. But EVERYONE, including those 2, knows who David Boreanaz by name, and if not by name, I can say “Angel” and they will instantly know who I’m talking about. But that’s here and just out of the people I know, so not really a professional survey I know… But still, I think it says something.

  14. I disagree, but I guess like you said we don’t really have any kind of way to prove it so it would be pointless to go back and forth over something meaningless. It’s not like it matters there isn’t anything wrong with being recognizable and I think it’s kind of dumb to rule an actor out for that reason alone. If we went by that than Toby Macguire should of never got Spider-man, Christian Bale should never act again, Johnny Depp should retire… Wait I agree with that last one.

  15. Great Fake trailer You know ,Warner Bros should have done the GL movie years ago.You can tell everyone is anxiuos for the real thing but I still think Nathan Fillion would not be my first choice,I still think either Josh Duhamel Sam Worthington 2nd choice but my ultimate slamdunk best choice is Chris Pine.He still,to me ,the best actor to portray Hal Jordan.And for Sinestro -Hugo Weaving (from the Matrix movies) best choice for Sinestro so here’s my all star line up
    Hal Jordan – Chris Pine
    Sinestro -Hugo Weaving
    Kilowogg- Big show Paul Wight (wrestler)
    Carol Ferris- Megan Fox or Rachel Mcadams (let them fight it out)
    Guy Gardner- Sean William Scott
    John Stewart-Common (rapper)
    Whadya Think?

  16. I think “theoneandonly” got it right.Chris Pine is the better choice.Nathan Fillion looks good in the trailer but as far as the real movie,I don’t think so.Chris Pine was born to play this guy.And going of topic here,it also goes to show how fans want to see the real movie be made.We are so hungry for the GL movie to be made that we would watch a fake trailer and imagine how it could look like.Let’s hope there won’t be anymore delays,whoever they choose to play the main character I just really want to see this movie done well

  17. The trailer was awesome! However, I am disappointed that the movie will take away and confuse the concept of the REAL AND AUTHENTIC GREEN LANTERN. It disappoints me that you would use (John Stewart) in the Justice League Movie and turn around and use (Hal Jordan)in the Green Lantern Movie. I say, if you going to create a movie then keep it original and not confusing. I’m not feeling that guy who plays Hal in the movie and I hope that this trailer will change before the movie comes out.

  18. Michelle, I think you are confused. There has NOT been a Justic League movie made yet. Also, before John Stewart was the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan was the Green Lantern. Look it up.

  19. I would not rather have another Joker-Batman episode!!!How about Marsha Queen of Diamonds, who was quite the villianess on The TV show Batman!!Wow, that would be soooo awesome!!!Another villian.villianess, other of The Joker would be soooooooo fab!
    Another thing, how about a screen adaptation of Black Scorpion!!She and her whole lot of villians/villanesses were sooooo cool!!Please answer if you can, thanks, George Kovalchuk

  20. Nathan Fillion for GL then Ryan Reynolds could have gone and done Deadpool! Then everyone’s happy!!