SR Pick [Video]: Can a Wonder Woman Movie Be Good?

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wonder woman live action movie SR Pick [Video]: Can a Wonder Woman Movie Be Good?

Have you been eagerly anticipating a big budget Wonder Woman film to join in on the fun Batman’s been having and that which Green Lantern will hope to do, two summers from now?

Well, this may be the closest thing you’ll get: Olivia Munn dressed up in her Wonder Woman outfit to show us all why being a superheroine isn’t always as Wonderful as you may think.

Check out the video below:

For me, this parody video goes to show some of the reasons why it may be impossible to make a great live-action Wonder Woman film. I don’t think it can be done, at least not if they keep true to the source material – the character just isn’t made for it.

She flies an invisible plane which will look sweet on the silver screen, but the best part will seeing Wonder Woman fight villains with her… lasso of truth, keeping everyone honest. I Wonder if that has anything to do with why Megan Fox doesn’t like Wonder Woman?

In all seriousness though, from the costume, to her weapons, to her vehicle, to her villains – this stuff can’t be done be done in live-action with a serious tone, without changing too much about the character which would then not be accepted by fans of the character and comics.

That being said, Wonder Woman is an iconic and important character for DC, and if Warner Bros. want to compete with Marvel Studios and their Avengers film down the road, they’re going to have to figure some way of giving Wonder Woman a modernized non-animated film. I just can’t picture a movie like this performing well at the box-office at this point – It’d have to be loaded with insane action and a cast loaded with bankable actors.

Can Wonder Woman work as a live-action feature?

Wonder Woman has long been in development and its currently tentatively planned for a 2011 release which will likely not be the case.

Source: G4TV

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  1. @ Gary
    I agree Gary. or they can go with Lord Hades. Was Felix Faust a villain in Wonder Woman’s rogues gallery?

  2. In my first comment on this topic I stated my opinion that as long as the filmmakers got the big idea of the character right (it is right and proper for women to exercise power), then it doesn’t matter much if they change a bunch of details. Let me qualify that now; I think it’s okay to make changes that allow the creators greater leeway in telling the specific story they want to tell, but not to get around “embarassing” aspects of the source material. If whoever WB gets to do the movie is contemptuous of the source material (coughMichaelBaycough) then I would expect the movie to fall flat on its face.

    I can think of a couple of genre franchises that make this very mistake out of the gate: F4 and Transformers. Contrast those movies with Chris Nolan’s Batman films, which are a perfect example of what I mean; get the big idea right, and it doesn’t matter if Joker’s face is permawhite or if Ra’s Al Ghul is literally immortal. G I JOE can go in this category, too — all the things G I JOE has been made fun of for years, from over-the-top supervillians with insane plots to hilariously inaccurate portrayals of military procedures, are present in the film. Want to mock them? Fine, go ahead. All leaving them out would have done is empty the film of fun.

    Wonder Woman, to be a good film, needs a creative team that respects the character and can build a bridge between the fanbase and general audiences. Easier said then done, but only impossible if they think one of those things is unnecessary.

  3. Agree JJ, if you hate aspects of WW and want to change it, it stops becoming WW.

    The more you diminish her ‘quirks’ the less she becomes Wonder Woman. The creator Marston did have a strong idea of her right from the very beginning, this is true, and makes it harder for her to translate- but if they take the time explain it all, and find the right tone then it could work.

    Also, WW has all the ingredients for “insane action”- it’s all right there in the basics.

  4. Felix Faust did appear a couple of times in the JLA animated series, as an adversary of WW’s and the League, one time turning the women of Themyscira (Paradise Island) into stone, in the ep. “Paradise Lost”.

    WW’s enemies tend to be gods or use magic and sorcery, such as Faust and Circe, the witch. So, you either include these kinds of villains and their powers or you don’t.

  5. @ Nuwanda
    Id have to look up her rogues gallery again. I forgot about Circe being another villain of hers. If they made a sequel then Circe should be in it.

  6. I don’t understand all the negative comments about a WW movie! All the heroes movies are a fantasy so don’t stress about it! The most successful franchises of this millenium are fantasy movies, i.e. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Why people are so concern with WW origins? It’s because she is a woman and there is still some prejudice and people don’t think a woman movie can be sucessful at the box office. I think it should de a contemporary version. The first 15 minutes or so should be dedicated to explain her origins, I prefer her to be a natural born child whose father died in in battle and was blessed by the gods at birth. The Amazons leave mans world and train her in a secluded island. Maybe they should explain (briefly) how she took part in WWII in the 40′s and returned home after the war was over and Steve was married. Give her a reason to go again to the new world. Circe should be a villain, the movie should be all about girl power, not a male villain because it would say that they need a man to carry the movie. Also so many critics to her outfit. Someone said that even more cheesy and ridicule was Superman and it’s truth, underwear over thights? Really? The thing is making the outfit look cool, not like a swimsuit. I believe it should look like metallic like an armor. In Justice League in one chapter they present the man who made it and he said it was an armor and has a hidden weakness. So, if should be like a metal armor, not a swimsuit but truth to the original, do not change it! Maybe a big name for the villain such as Julia Roberts as circe and Beyonce as Cheetah would be good. In the begining I though WW should be play by Charilze Theron, Milla Jovovich or Kate Beckinsale but maybe an unknown actress should be good since the character is iconic enough! Please Megan Fox would never captured her essence since she looks so overly sexual also Jessica Biel was too hot mama for the role. Anybody knows how tall is Rona Mitrah? Maybe an exMiss about 6′feet tall can portray her as Lynda Carter did sucessfully in the 70′s. Remember how naive yet powerful she looks? Please made the movie and cast Lynda Carter as Hyppolyta, its’the right thing to do!

  7. Borinmusic, Lynda Carter as Hippolyte: genius!

  8. Also I would get rid of the invisible jet, it doesn’t bother me much but to not complicate things give her the ability to fly and do not present the jet. Maybe a little explanation about her roots and how every deity blessed her with their abilities would do the trick. She was granted with wisdom as Minerva, Stronger than Hercules, Beautiful as Venus or Afrodite, and the armor the bracelets were made out of Zeus sword and the boots by Hermes that’s why she can fly. Explain it in the movie and don’t be afraid, if the movie is well done it will be a knock out! I swa the video above and it’s ridicule, she is a fierceless warrior not a dumb bimbo! The video was directed by a sexist pig and is a shame women allowed themself to be the brunt of the jokes. I’m not saying it because I’m a WW fan (indeed I am) but because it just perpetuate the stigma that women are good just to clean, cook and iron their men shirts and can’t compete with men in their same category! That’s why I would like Mr. Silver to do the movie with the main characters just women. Because if not it will give the message that in order to succed women should have a men by their side. I think a good option is to team a couple of villains like Circe and Cheetah and place the story in a modern time with just the begining explaining her origin. Please Mr. Silver take out this movie of the darkness and get it done quick!

  9. Ok first I think wonder woman should be played by someone like anne hathaway. She has to be beautyfull and still lookinocent in the outfit. and she has the acting chops t play it. also since this movie has been in development for so long, and will prob never get made they should sell the rights. and just do a revamped tv series. ( with an unknown) lately strong, or interesting roles for woman, are more accepted for a tv audiance.

  10. @Borinmusic, I think the video really pokes fun at the very interpretation you’re upset about. I saw it and got quite a good laugh.

    However, I will also say that Borin has offered one of the better explanations for Wonder Woman’s outfit. If she needed it for the abilities, then it would justify her wearing it. The only reason I’d have a problem with that is the outfit looking at little too USA and not so much Ancient Greece.

  11. I am a child of the 70′s….. First of all,The Invisible Plane doesn’t mean you can’t see it. It is Invisible to radar,Our military nowadays calls them STEALTH. Wonder Woman would be an excellent movie. Hollywood could make an Invisible plane,no problem, As far as her costume? You can’t get more American than that. To the people (certain females) who like to make dumb videos with no purpose.. save it for your bedroom,you should be ashamed. Wonder Woman is an American Icon.

  12. I just had to say that another person i think would be perfect as Wonder Woman would be Sienna Miller. She’s beautiful, looks like she has the cheekbones, but mostly she fights great after seeing her in action in G.I Joe. I bet she could pull it off.

  13. I’m not upset about the video, it doesn’t cause heart burn or upset stomach! LOL! But to me is a little sexist because she is just worried about her appearance but it’s not imortant. Thanls for your comment about my explanation of the suit! I guess I have a lot of time free to see TV (now I’m sad! LOL). I don’t know about Sienna Miller, I beleive she is not tall enough! The actress should be at least 5’10″ or even taller (I prefer six feet). Remember amazons outgrew men because in Themyscira they perform all kind of jobs. In the Justice League series only Superman was taller than her and Batman was the same size. Green Lantern, Flash and the others were smaller than her, so height is important that’s why Megan Fox would never be her (she also have other weaknesses) neither Jennifer Love Hewitt. Remember root for Lynda Carter as Hippolyta!

  14. After seeing her in G.I Joe, Sienna Miller looked like she’d be tall enough when she was wearing high heels throughout the movie.

  15. Olivia Munn,You look nothing like Wonder Woman,You’re a joke. If you have nothing positive to say about her, stay out of the costume. It’s not funny! Your not sexy or cute. You waste video by portraying an Icon who has class and grace. You are nothing even close…. Hang up the costume. Sincerely,Kelly

  16. The problem with a Wonder Woman movie people keep saying is theres not enough relatable elements for moviegoers. I say psshaw to that.
    The real problem is she’s not a male character, and if this is centered a female character wouldnt this movie be considered a feminist movie (their outlook, not mine). This is like kryptonite for movie studio execs who want this to be an action orientated movie that brings in the 18-40 male demographic.
    Another issue. For the majority of the years that WW has been around she’s been written by men. Until these last few years, and now Gail Simone is handling writing chores (who along with Greg Rucka should plot out the wonder Woman movie script). So with this in mind, Women Woman is not the most realistically depicted comic book character around. But if they are going to make a Thor movie, gods, epic battles, and a lot of mythology, I can see them putting the same thrust of story here but with an Amazonian twist.

  17. @ Allen
    Are you sayin you do or you dont wanna see a Wonder Woman film? Id like to see a Wonder Woman film cause to me, she’s the perfect heroine you could ask for. Not even Marvel has many female heroines i find popular as she is. If they’re makin Thor then i see no reason why they cant make a film based on Wonder Woman. I know how people feel and how skeptical but id give WB the benefit of a doubt to make great film based on her. Besides Green Lantern film, im glad they’re wanting to make other solo super hero films besides of makin Batman/Superman films all the time when they got enough movies based on them.

  18. I badly want to see Wonder Woman on the big screen but I want it done right. A woman needs to be in creative control of this movie for Dianna to have a strong and unique voice among the other testerone and male driven superhero movies.
    I think someone like Karyn Kusama (director of Aeon Flux) or Katheryn Bigelow (director of Point Break, The Hurt Locker, and is James Cameron’s ex-wife). Or at least a writer who understands a empowered and dynamic womans point of view and give this movie a strong dose of that. I like Joss Whedon and he really has a way of expressing dramatic and action packed stories with a heroine. But I think he saw what the studios had in mind for his character and wanted nothing to do with the project anymore.
    Warner Bros. needs to find someone else then who will be true to the story and also give them what they want. A sophisticated and comtempary story with big action. I can see why this project is a worry for the studio.

  19. oh and to throw some gasoline on the fire, this is how badasa Wonder Woman is.

  20. @ bornmusic,kelly,

    For crying out loud Olvia Munn is just spoofing Wonder Woman,she is not trying to accurately portray the character.Its just a joke,nothing more.


    The real problem is she’s not a male character, and if this is centered a female character wouldn’t this movie be considered a feminist movie (their outlook, not mine). This is like kryptonite for movie studio execs who want this to be an action orientated movie that brings in the 18-40 male demographic.

    Your telling me that seeing a gorgeous,exotic brunette,with long sexy legs,wearing high heeled boots,in short shorts and in a bustier,won’t draw the 18-40 yr old male demographic?Please!!!!!!!!I say psshaw to that.

    Its not sexism that keeps a Wonder Woman movie from working but the weakness of her rogue’s gallery IMHO.

  21. @ cleantalkingchimp
    well supermans enemies list. can you name more than 4 strong characters beside lex luthor or zodd that would make for a bankable movie? please dont say bizarro or mr myplyyx.

    and her looks are a big deal but its not the heart of the story. I mean if Jennifer Garner’s looks didn’t grab a massive audience for her Elektra movie, do you think just because you have a beautiful woman it will attract anybody? And is that this movie should be about? Some T and A?

  22. Borinmusic, I don’t think actresses’ heights should be an important consideration when the character is cast. Not everything can be translated from page to screen. This is because comics and film have different limitations; it doesn’t cost comic artists anything to make women look athletic, perfectly-figured, tall, redheaded, or anything else unusual in real women.

    Searching for an actress who perectly matches up with the look of a character not designed for use in live-action is very costly indeed when the studio could just cast someone beautiful and physically fit who can also command a screen.

    Amy Adams* fits this description well. She’s proven that she doesn’t need to be six feet tall or staple canteloupes to her chest to project screen presence, and there’s this magical quality she has that made her perfectly cast as Giselle in Enchanted: a princess from a faraway land who comes to our world and saves the day by fighting a mythical creature. Sound familiar?

    *Just as an aside, I do not understand why some refuse to consider high-profile actors for superhero films in favor of unknowns. Being an unknown did not make Reeve a great Superman; he’d have been great even if everyone knew who he was.

  23. Allen,
    Livewire .
    Silver Banshee.
    In fact,
    Between Livewires electrical powers
    And Siver Banshees sonic scream ,
    they would make a good duo up to go against Superman.

  24. @ gary
    mongul and doomsday. potentially good movie villians, yes.
    metallo? maybe because he looks like superman. not because of his kryptonian heart. am i the only one tired of krytonite showing up every movie? but if they played up the doppelganger aspect of metallo, that could be a plot you could mine some kind of story out of. Livewire and Silver Banshee team-up, ummmm, no, not the Superman movie I would pay $7.00 to go see. But Gary, you shouldnt forget the Atomic Skull

  25. @allen

    You make the point that it is sexism that keeps a Wonder Woman movie from being made.Your the one who states that the 20-40 yr old male demographic wont go see a Wonder Woman movie,not me.My point is that’s BS.I will say this again,its not sexism that keeps a Wonder Woman movie from being made but the weakness of her rogue’s gallery.She doesn’t have a great villain from which to draw a story from IMHO.

    You wanted 4 villains from Superman that I think could make a bankable movie,Brainiac,Darkseid,Conduit,Metallo,and Doomsday.That’s 5,I threw in Conduit because I like his character though he’s not well known.

  26. Wonder Woman’s rogue gallery may not be as popular as Superman’s to fans but she does have villains who could fit into a movie and in a couple sequels IF the script is carefully written etc. Villains like the god ARES, Lord Hades, Circe, maybe even Cheeta could be used as a secondary villain. Heck they can go with Felix Faust cause Wonder Woman is pretty good of fighting against gods like Ares or villains like Circe with magic. Unlike Wonder Woman, Superman’s powers dont help him much against magic. There’s plenty of comics of villains to use. It all depends which ones are used and how they are used in the film with the script.

  27. allen,
    I ALMOST picked Atomic Skull.

  28. JJ, I have to disagree completely with you about the height factor! To me an Diana Pince of the Amazon is someone who should exudes power, royalty and be tall, haven’t you read what I wrote about how they outgrew men because they were meant to do their jobs. Amy Adams? Don’t think so! I do not want to underestimate her talent but she doeesn’t have the look!
    The comment you made “Searching for an actress who perectly matches up with the look of a character not designed for use in live-action is very costly indeed when the studio could just cast someone beautiful and physically fit who can also command a screen”, totally wrong. They don’t have to build a woman they are just going to hire someone who look the part. You want some goods candidates? Charlize Theron, Milla Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale, Rhona Mitra, Briget Regan, etc. Or they just can hire an ex Miss who be an aspiring actress and I’m sure it wont be as expensive as having Danny Devito who is short but kown. Actors aren’t paid by inches, they are paid because their names. As I have said previouly, the character is iconic enough that maybe a relative unkown but talented (and tall) actress would be good fot the part!

  29. I admit Dr. Psycho would be a weird villian to have show up in the movie as a main antagonist, but anyway I don’t think the first movie should be about that. It should be a glimpse into the history of the gods and Themyscira, then introduce Diana into our world where she runs into conflicts with our problems, and a dramatic resolve. Then a good capstone on the movie would be a nifty mention of one of her classic villians (like how Joker was mentioned but not seen in Batman Begins). Give us a reason to come back for more.