SR Pick [Video]: Can a Wonder Woman Movie Be Good?

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wonder woman live action movie SR Pick [Video]: Can a Wonder Woman Movie Be Good?

Have you been eagerly anticipating a big budget Wonder Woman film to join in on the fun Batman’s been having and that which Green Lantern will hope to do, two summers from now?

Well, this may be the closest thing you’ll get: Olivia Munn dressed up in her Wonder Woman outfit to show us all why being a superheroine isn’t always as Wonderful as you may think.

Check out the video below:

For me, this parody video goes to show some of the reasons why it may be impossible to make a great live-action Wonder Woman film. I don’t think it can be done, at least not if they keep true to the source material – the character just isn’t made for it.

She flies an invisible plane which will look sweet on the silver screen, but the best part will seeing Wonder Woman fight villains with her… lasso of truth, keeping everyone honest. I Wonder if that has anything to do with why Megan Fox doesn’t like Wonder Woman?

In all seriousness though, from the costume, to her weapons, to her vehicle, to her villains – this stuff can’t be done be done in live-action with a serious tone, without changing too much about the character which would then not be accepted by fans of the character and comics.

That being said, Wonder Woman is an iconic and important character for DC, and if Warner Bros. want to compete with Marvel Studios and their Avengers film down the road, they’re going to have to figure some way of giving Wonder Woman a modernized non-animated film. I just can’t picture a movie like this performing well at the box-office at this point – It’d have to be loaded with insane action and a cast loaded with bankable actors.

Can Wonder Woman work as a live-action feature?

Wonder Woman has long been in development and its currently tentatively planned for a 2011 release which will likely not be the case.

Source: G4TV

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  1. Yes, she can work in live action, though I do see where skaptics are coming from. I will say that I understand why WB has commissioned, then rejected, about ten scripts for this movie already — it must be a nightmare to write! Unlike Batman or Superman, whose origins were never really delved into until they’d already been around for some time, Wonder Woman’s creator came up with an in-depth, backstory-heavy origin tale back in 1941. This is both a blessing (complexity, yay!) and a curse (rigid, inflexible plot points).

    I hope that, sooner rather than later, a talented writer can put together a film script that combines a kickass female role model with a smart, engaging plot and cool action scenes. This is basically the point of the character: a feminine action hero for both boys and girls to look up to. That is what the creator wanted in the beginning, and whether there is a gladitorial contest in the first act or an invisible plane is all secondary.

  2. Stupid question to ask. YES!!!!! a Wonder Woman movie be good
    There’s always alot of comics she’s been in rather if you want to make a movie takin place in the 1940′s or a pleasant day setting that mentions she’s been around since the 1940′s with flashbacks etc. Don’t forget how she’s a immortal Amazon Princess. Id like the movie to show her be sculpted outta clay by her mother and givin life from the Gods aswell see her prove herself to wear the lasso, boots etc. Or they could do it JLU style and have her steal the boots, lasso, bracelets and leave for man’s world to make a differance. Finding a great actress i question. I respect Jennifer Love Hewitt as a actress and her willingness to play Wonder Woman but i cant imagine her to take the role on. Megan Fox kinda has the looks for Wonder Woman despite she doesnt like her, but even she wouldnt be right for me cause she seems too short even for high heel boots. Only person to mind i can think of is Lucy Lawless. And im not sayin that because of her Xena/ Justice League New Frontier dvd resume. It’s her voice that makes me think she could be a strong Wonder Woman & at the same time be classy or somthing. Anyways, im glad thats we’ll get to see Green Lantern and i only hope to see other big name super heroes other than Batman & Superman to get to the big screen.

  3. can it be done ?YES!
    can it be done easily?NO!
    If you take her original incarnation ,
    she is a champion sent into Mans world to defend us all.
    If you take the more current revisions of her origin
    She was molded from clay .
    kind of a riff on the Pygmalion myth.
    both concepts are hard to sell to a contemporary audience .
    If it were me ,
    I would write a story where Diana is drawn into a conflict with The Gods and she has to leave the comfort of her amazon home to protect the rest of humanity.
    But even that is going to be hard .
    It is my hope that if Marvels Film version of Thor is successful that WB will be more open to tackling their own character with mythological roots ,
    Wonder Woman.

  4. It definitely would be hard to find the right balance of all things. And not turn her into a Xena clone. She comes from a peaceful, civilized, advanced society, that’s a large part of who she is. These women have spent millenia living a peaceful isolated existence cultivating the arts, culture, sciences, sport- it is not just a bunch of bloodthirsty warriors. They have advanced technology as well as ancient – they could build the invisible jet because they were gifted a “magic sphere” by a goddess that could see into the future and the past…but therein lies the problem. Once you introduce gods and goddesses into the equation, as well as magic, it becomes tricky. Should you leave them out a la ‘Troy’? Or just go the whole hog and mix it all up? It’s hard to leave them out because that explains why Wonder Woman was born at all.

    I say do a service to the fans and leave in all her essential elements, just explain them in a cool way and integrate them into the story. If THOR can play out why not Wonder Woman. And remember- “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

  5. Wonder Woman was always molded from clay.

    Her rogues gallery could be problematic, I agree. Her original villains also included the Nazis, which is why it is easier to want to resort to her putting her back during World War II.

    Maybe explore less popular villains in her history? Or make her deal with more realistic villains threatening the world.

  6. I would love to know the story details for Joss Whedons script .
    Anybody have any idea what he planned to do with the character?

  7. @ Nuwanda
    Thank you. I have the book that tells all of DC Comics Super heroe’s origins. I do agree that finding the right villain would be hard to decide. They could go by how the whole origin goes about her secretly enter a contest to prove herself the worthiest Amazon & become the victor who’s given the task of ending the war god Ares started that would destroythe planet. Using the Nazis would be good to use and have her meet up w/ Steve Trevor. Cheeta i think would be more of a 2nd villain to use but mostly a villain to use in a Justice League film if one gets made. That’s just my opinion

  8. For clarification,
    I was originally going to post Diana was molded from clay .
    But first I went to Wikipedia ,
    And they mistakenly said that she has only been molded from clay since Post Crisis.
    Sorry about that
    I always thought she was molded from clay.
    I should have gone with my first instinct.

  9. I have to agree with Rob here (and even before watching the video). Wonder Woman’s outfit really wouldn’t work in film. I’ve said it before, and I’ve heard/read nothing to change my opinion on this. Any film will need a way to justify a woman fighting in an outfit that does absolutely NOTHING to protect her body in combat.

    I won’t say a Wonder Woman film can’t happen, but it’s going to need an incredible script that can account for things such as her clothing choices.

  10. @Longshanks… I have to agree with the Megan Fox thing. Saw her in the new Transformers film recently, and while she’s beautiful on the silver screen, I just wish she hadn’t had to speak. Every time she opened her mouth and words came out, I just cringed.

  11. as far as Megan Fox goes,
    It is VERY early in her career
    She may surpriose us yet.
    It might take awhile though.

  12. Never understood the invisible plane. So you can’t see the plane, but you can see her? So it’s basically a way of making it look like she can fly like Superman, but she needs a bunch of invisible hardware to make it happen. I mean, if she were invisible herself, it’d make sense for stealth, but… gah, that’s just confusing.

    Note: Never read the comic books or saw any real incarnation of her on any screen, picked up my minuscule knowledge of her from other TV shows making pop-culture references to her. So if anyone can explain the invisible plane, it’d be much appreciated.

  13. In curreent continuity,
    Diana flies on her own.
    so they dont really need the plane for the film.

  14. they should lose the invisible jet ( or , yea , at least make it stealth ) and besides , doesn’t WW fly on her own now ?
    I think this movie could work ; if they can make WW into a bad-ass powerhouse , have her really bust some heads , it could be pretty cool.
    They will also need a terrific villian , which is something of a concern for me. WW’s rogues gallery is a bit lacking , not a lot of really cool baddies ( not that I can remember at least ).

    I still hope this one gets made :)

  15. In the JLA cartoons and the WW animated movie you cannot see anyone who is inside the invisible jet. She’s not just coasting along in midair like the early comics or TV show.

  16. If you read the comics, you can see different versions of her outfit, such as a battleskirt, or made from tougher material.

  17. Loved the clip!

    Lose the jet, go with the more mythological George Perez “Gods and Mortals” take, from his 1987 “reboot”. Clay origin works fine; decent villain in Ares; strong, well-written supporting characters. Job done.

  18. PLEASE don’t cast Megan “I Can’t Act” Fox in the role or any lead role until she gets some acting lessons.

  19. Okay, thanks for clearing up the jet thing folks. ;) Appreciate it.

  20. @ Nuwanda
    Once again you nailed it. Not only does Wonder Woman have different costumes and can handle a sword great, she also isnt Batman. Anyone whoes reads comics of her would know that her bracelets pretty much deflect any bullet or laser etc. Not to mention she’s quick and strong almost like Superman. My first choice to play her would be Lucy Lawless. Not Megan Fox or Jessica Biel. Kate Beckinsale maybe.

  21. I’m impressed by the awesome comments from everyone – a very good read :)

  22. @ Gary
    I wouldn’t worry about it Gary. It’s easy for people to accidently think like that when theres comics of that character been around all these years. Till this day it seems like in films they think its better to change the origins as seen in the Burton/Nolan Batman franchises that involved Batman’s and Joker’s origins. Same with Spider-man, and sure there will be more.

  23. I have only two words for you. Joss Whedon. IMO he’s the only person who could make it work. But I’m pretty sure he changed a lot about the character — which is probably why Warner pulled him off the project. Without Whedon, it’s inconceivable that this can be done. Wonder Woman is great to look at. But cinematically — not feasible.

  24. I don’t think the costume is that big of an issue. Plenty of women have worn it and looked great while doing so. I find a guy who wears red underwear on the outside of his blue tights to be a lot cheesier.

    I do agree it that it shouldn’t be her primary outfit at all. No self respecting crime fighter would wear something so revealing and expect to be taken seriously. Her lasso of truth isn’t really a big deal either.

    I would get rid of the invisible jet, not necessary.

    The movie will probably need to come up with its own villain and I think that’s the greatest obstacle.

    A good point was made about avoiding it from becoming a Xena knockoff. That might be a big problem, the more I think about it the more I feel that Xena is quite similar to Wonder Woman.

  25. I think Ares is the best choice for the villain.
    He is just as powerful as Diana And he represents everything she stands against.
    How about this ?
    Ares sends the Duke of Deception to Earth to turn the people of Earth against Wonder Woman using his powers of deceipt and illousion
    But Diana defeats him.
    Enter Ares for the finale.
    Just a couple of ideas .

  26. A Wonder Woman movie? She would look to stupid in that costume. Like Captain America in drag. She needs to lose all that red white and blue nonsense.