SR Pick [Video]: Can a Wonder Woman Movie Be Good?

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wonder woman live action movie SR Pick [Video]: Can a Wonder Woman Movie Be Good?

Have you been eagerly anticipating a big budget Wonder Woman film to join in on the fun Batman’s been having and that which Green Lantern will hope to do, two summers from now?

Well, this may be the closest thing you’ll get: Olivia Munn dressed up in her Wonder Woman outfit to show us all why being a superheroine isn’t always as Wonderful as you may think.

Check out the video below:

For me, this parody video goes to show some of the reasons why it may be impossible to make a great live-action Wonder Woman film. I don’t think it can be done, at least not if they keep true to the source material – the character just isn’t made for it.

She flies an invisible plane which will look sweet on the silver screen, but the best part will seeing Wonder Woman fight villains with her… lasso of truth, keeping everyone honest. I Wonder if that has anything to do with why Megan Fox doesn’t like Wonder Woman?

In all seriousness though, from the costume, to her weapons, to her vehicle, to her villains – this stuff can’t be done be done in live-action with a serious tone, without changing too much about the character which would then not be accepted by fans of the character and comics.

That being said, Wonder Woman is an iconic and important character for DC, and if Warner Bros. want to compete with Marvel Studios and their Avengers film down the road, they’re going to have to figure some way of giving Wonder Woman a modernized non-animated film. I just can’t picture a movie like this performing well at the box-office at this point – It’d have to be loaded with insane action and a cast loaded with bankable actors.

Can Wonder Woman work as a live-action feature?

Wonder Woman has long been in development and its currently tentatively planned for a 2011 release which will likely not be the case.

Source: G4TV

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  1. Borinmusic:

    Amy Adams would be a better Diana than Charlize Theron (I only like her when she’s 200+ lbs and wearing ugly makeup), Milla Jovovich (her presence doesn’t match my definition of “commanding”), Kate Beckinsale (not innocent enough), Rhona Mitra (ditto), or Bridget Regan (a television actress? Really?).

    It makes sense for comic artists to remain faithful to one standard “look” for a character over the years, but to allow that convention to get in the way of casting someone perfect for the role does not. Think about this; what if Superman were drawn as a short guy? In his first appearances in the 30s and 40s, Supes was of average height (with a little breadth in his shoulders). What if he’d never gotten any taller, or shrunk? Would Chris Reeve — still the standard for perfect superhero casting — have been a bad choice because he was a big guy? If your answer is yes, then at least you’re consistent, and we can agree to disagree. If not, then I hope you can come to your senses on this subject.

  2. My first choice would be if she dyed her hair black is Laura vandervoort who played Kara on Smallville. My 2nd would be Sienna Miller. Loved how she fighted in high heels in G I joe.

  3. JJ; At least we agree to disagree! LOL. Your opinion is that Amy Adams would be a good WW and I respect it but doesn’t share it! The look of Wonder Woman is an integral part of what she is as a heroe! A woman who are noticeable on a crowed room. As well as WW, Superman always has been describe as tall and strong. I understand your point of view but because of casting mistakes made in the past we aren’t going to made a decision. At least you see that they went bigger and not smaller. You are proposing that we go from Lynda Carter who was a tall, beautiful amazon, to a girl next door? Don’t think so! And as well as you don’t like the ones I suggest I do’n’t like your but is part of this brainstorming and isn’t big deal. But you said that Milla doesn’t have a commanding pressence? Have you seen The fifth element were she was so innocence vulnerable but yet powerful. Have you seen her in Ultraviolet (with black hair Uraah!) were she kick ass and was in charge and in command. Don’t you consider Charlize Theron beautiful enough when she was a make up model? I’m sure Kate Beckinsakle could portray Diana’s innocence perfectly. Don’t you remember in Underworld when she discover Victor was the killer of her parents, her vulnerability and disbelief? I’m not sure about Rhona but she look the part.
    Laura Vandervoort is good in action but to me she looks to young (a tenageer) and is not tall enough. Remember Wonder Woman is over 2,000 years old or so. It has to be a woman with pressence, tall, fit, good in action movies and not old but neither a girl, can’t be play by a 5”6″ or so actress. And JJ nothing personal but Amy Adams can’t be, maybe Wonder Girl!

  4. @ Borinmusic
    Maybe so. but i remember watchin G I joe and Sienna Miller looked like she would do well. I watched closely and when shes in prison garb she didnt look tall. but when she was dressed as Baroness and wearin high heels you could tell theres a differance. And they could do that with Laura Vandervoort. Lol Wonder Woman is harder to cast than Superman.

  5. @ chrisj
    Thanks God we are not producers! Can you imagine that? Well I hope to se the WW movie out in 2011, please!!! Despite our diferences one thing is clear. We all love Princess Diana story and will be in line for the movie, so Mr. Joel Silver read this post and do not postpone any more what is fair, having DC greatest female action heroe (I would say just The Great Female Action heroe since Marvel do not have one as big or important as her) in theathers son. Thanks all the people who left their post because although we may not agree on everyuthing is a good insight for movie producers, directors and I believe some of our points will be consider!

  6. @ borinmusic
    Yeah, it’s hard to decide who’d be best for the part but bottom line is we all wanna see a Wonder Woman film soon. I cant really think of a Marvel heroine who could compare to Diana. I was Watchin (Liar, Liar) movie and the girl in the elevator who’s real name is Krista Allen, that one scene made it look like she’d be another good choice for Wonder Woman if she dyed her hair black etc. She has a pretty good voice i thought and of-course she’d be required to work out for the role. But she’s one more suggestion i thought up.

  7. ok here is a suggestion for ww. the girl that playeed the villian in sky high. she is in the 2nt half of death proof in the cheer leader outfit. she is taller then the other four girls walking in one scene. and she has a conncection to ww. linda carter in sky high. another person that could be good. jordana brewster. she could play it griddier then most. And still look the part. also anne hathaway could be good too. she is tall enough, has a better figure then u usually see of her. ( she looked good in get smart.) and she could play the part in the skimpy outfit and look innicent.

  8. @ robert
    are you talkin about Mary Elizabeth Winstead from Sky High? I wonder how old Catherine Zeta-Jones is cause i think she’d be another great choice for the role if she worked on the accent. So far my choices are Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sienna Miller, Laura Vandervoort, and Krista Allen.

  9. yeah, if U watch the scene where all the girls are walking in the 2nt half she is half a head taller then the other girls.

  10. In the 2nt half of death proof. also I kinda think they should just can a movie idea, and just do a tv movie or series. strong, smart, female charactors are more present on tv.

  11. Since we are all here brainstorming one suggestion to play the character would be Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres (Marc Anthony’s ex-wife). She is tall enough (5’8″) has black hair, blue piercing eyes and of course is beautiful (is an ex-Miss Universe). When she was crowned she was just 18 so she is 34 right now. She has star a movie in Puerto Rico and some musicals in theaters. Also she had a TV soap opera title Watch Over me or so. You can search for her and see she is beautiful. About the accent, I believe it wouldn’t be a problem since Wonder Woman is greek and not native american and a little accent won’t kill the character. Also another ex-Miss Natalie Glevoba Miss Universe 2005 or one aspiring actress ex Miss USA or model. But look for Dayanara Torres and you’ll be amazed!

  12. I repeat this video is so stupid! I ‘m not offend it because I’m a Wonder Woman fan (indeed I’m) but because is trying to present women as stupid, clueless airheads who just worry about their looks. The producer and Olivia shows they doesn’t know Wonder Woman story and the greatness she means. Although her creator’s purpose was to create a hero who would win over evil with her heart not her fist, he unintentionally created the greatest heroine of all history.

    She can overpower virtually any heroe and is a good match for Superman. And even better she doesn’t have a waekness like krytonite. If you have seen the Justice League last seasons she was powerful, yet graceful. In one chapter she fight with Superman and give him a hard time (and some bruises!). The end of season 2 (Starcross 3 chapters story)where they were betrayed and captured by Hawkgirl and the tanagarias she was the one who free the other Justice League member. Superman wasn’t able because he was under a red sun and was powerless, she doesn’t. And in the end of season 4 when the bad guys had all the Justice League heroines under control trough their comlinks she battle 4 of her colleagues and they were frighten because she was too powerful. When Huntress ask if they have a plan, Hawkgirl answer: “to stay alive” and in some point of the battle when she got rid of the 4 (Black Canary, Hunterss, Hawgirl and Raven) they exclaimed; “we’re getting cream here”. Wonder Woman is a great, complex character with one of the riches backgrounds of DC history. With this video you just demonstrate your ignorance. I hope the producers find soon someone tall, classy and smart enough to portray the greatest female action hero ever! Please producers made the movie quick and select someone like Rhona Mitra, Kate Beckinsale, Charlize Theron, Milla Jovovich or even Megan Gale. But not Megan Fox, Angelina or Jessica Biel because them aren’t WW material. It would be a joke to choose one of them. They are too hot mama for the role with not enough innocence in them and who would never fill the shoes Lynda Carter once wore! NEVER!

  13. @ Borinmusic
    I seen pictures of Dayanara Torres, but can she really act for the part? She looks like a good candidate for Wonder Woman. Do studios even read these posts?

  14. I had to go on Google to look up Belana Torres….I mean, Dayanara Torres :-) . She looks like a good candidate; but like ChrisJ said, can she act?

  15. Since everybody is proposing women for the role I post her as a candidate just base on looks. I mean, she is tall, fit and have the black hair blue eyes combination. I think she can pull it off she has made several movies in Thailand where she stayed 4 years after she crowned the next MU. I haven’t seen anything from her in a while so I don’t know how she has improved. The only thing that doesn’t thrilled me about her is the voice, her pitch is kind of childish! Another ex-Miss who will be good is Denisse Quinones. She was Miss Universe in 2001 and has develop an acting career. And she is really good! She even had an appearance in Smallville where she played Avenger Angel, a woman who has a heart transplant and develop superstrengh and the ability to leap great distances (kind of Wonder Woman). She is tall, beautiful and has the acting choops for the role. Another candidate!

  16. i sincerly wish this movie is being made as of right now for a possible 2011 release and i hope they don’t have stupid ideas for the action scene’s and don’t make her fight ordinary humans like the hulk movie for god’s sake wonderwoman is a superhero with superpowers find a real supervillian with superpowers and not a whole bunch of plain ordinary mortal’s

  17. Michael, I agree 100% with your apreciation! In the movie they have to use all the resources available to made a good movie. Her background is rich and a couple of villains should be use in the strory. That’s why Spiderman has been a success because they have been true to the story and the characters! I have not problem if they want to place the story in the actual time. A brief introduction to her helenic roots and how she came to the world and rscue it would be good. And then, the actual story, Cheetah, Circe, Giganta would be good candidates for the movie. I’m more incline to include in a first movie Circe and Giganta both. With a formidable Wonder Woman like Rhona Mitra, Megan Gale or any other TALL and beautiful women!

  18. i don’t understand why so many people think a live action ww movie is so difficult or impossible to make. hollywood has the most sophisticated special effects at their disposal or another way to make this movie is to use total cgi special effects to create the wonderwoman character. wonderwoman can be played using a live actor/actress because the same was done for a superman movie using a live actor. their are hundreds if not thousands of moviegoers who want to see this movie made so please hollywood just get it done!

  19. hey borinmusic, i hate to dissapoint you, but she wouldn’t hold a candle to superman? im not a superman fan, but i am a comic fan who knows that superman was HOLDING BACK when he faught wonderwoman simply because that is his character. if he REALLY went at her it would be over in a fraction of second. furthermore, its RIDICULOUS to be so sensitive about this parody? u know why? because ITS A PARODY!??!?!!? LOL. Not only that, its a parody that holds truth. the movie would almost undoubtedly be ridiculous without changing EVERYTHING that makes the character who she is.