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barely political the dark knight is confused key of awesome 8 SR Pick [Video]: The Dark Knight is Confused Rap

The popular Barely Political channel on YouTube has a series of hilarious parody videos about geek culture, pop culture and internet celebrities. In their Key of Awesome series – which regularly garners over a hundred thousand views, sometimes in the millions – they put up an awesome music video which pokes fun at the biggest comic book movie of all time: The Dark Knight.

The episode is titled “The Dark Knight is Confused” and stars Batman himself alongside Alfred and The Joker with a funny intro from Commissioner Gordon and his son. This is a must-watch; Batman’s beginning to wonder if his movie makes sense…

Key of Awesome episode #8:

I laughed out loud a few times while watching this and I applaud the folks at Barely Political for their creativity and work put in this and the other videos they have up. And much respect to Mark Douglas who plays all of the characters, nailing some of the voices – especially Michael Caine’s.

Not to get into a debate about The Dark Knight, a movie that is one of my favorites, but I did have problems with several story elements and character moments with Christopher Nolan’s Batman sequel, and this video partly touches on some of them in a comical way. What do you think of the video and more importantly, of the points they’re trying to make?

If you liked this video and are into political comedy, check out the official website for Barely Political.

With Christopher Nolan’s next project, Inception, coming out in July, hopefully we’ll hear something about another Batman movie sooner rather than later.

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  1. I like this video. Lots. I thought the dark knight was great. I saw it three times at the movies, but this pretty much raps up why i think Batman Begins is still the best batman movie ever. Also watch the scene just before batman bursts out the alley to face the joker of in the truck. That little montage is so badly edited. It hurts. Also the fat cop “that’s not good” when the helicopter is flying towards them. ouch, that dialouge hurts.

    I know it probably sounds picky but it’s these things that don’t make sense, make it a not-so-perfect superhero movie.

  2. @ Will

    As time has moved on, more and more people are starting to see the many cracks in TDK, it is a great movie, but by no means the greatest superhero movie ever made.

    Batman Begins is superior.

    And Superman is the best comic book movie ever made, before anyone asks.

  3. All movies are flawed, but only cultural phenomenons are parodied or it’s not really funny. Dark Knight is the biggest and best of all superhero movies hence the popular parody and one more thing for detractors to hate.

  4. @EK

    In your opinion TDK is the best comic book movie. Not everbody thinks the same.

  5. @Drsambeckett

    and IN YOUR OPINION superman is the best comic book movie ever made. not everybody thinks the same.

    For me its between Batman Begins and Ironman. IN MY OPINION :)

  6. X-Men is up there for me.

    That one strikes me the most for some reason.

  7. LOL, this video was hilarious.

    As for TDK, its highly over-rated.

    Two-Face was wasted(as well as the Scarecrow).
    The movie was too long, and should have ended after The Joker blew up the hospital. That way you have both Joker and Two-face on the loose.
    The whole ferry boat scene was completely ridiculuous.
    And the scene where Bruce gets fingerprints off a shattered bullet was weak.

    Great film, but highly over-rated.

    If I were to choose the best comic book movie it would have to be “Watchmen”.

  8. @Rob Keyes

    Possibly X Men 2. The first one was a bit samey in places, for me anyway.

  9. Pyro and the Wolverine (him carrying the kid with the tongue at the end) scenes took me off X2 for a bit, but I still dug it.

    I also didn’t buy into them sending Marines into the school during the middle of the night, combined with the X-Men not having detection that helicopters were inbound with all the tech they have.

    Cyclops should’ve taken a big step forward in the sequel but he was barely utilized. First Class will rectify this hopefully.

    X1 is number 1 😉

  10. Amusing video, and all played by one guy? Very talented!

    The video touches on one thing that always bothered me with Batman – the way he talks when he dons the suit. It’s silly and doesnt make him sound cool, it actually makes Batman seem like he’s trying to hard to be a tough guy. Ugg.

    Funny stuff though, I look forward to seeing more vids from that guy.

  11. He talks like that so his voice is disguised.

    I agree, the Two Face thing was rushed and could have been done better but none the less it was a great movie and my favorite super hero movie of all time, along with Iron Man.

    And yes it’s true, Rachel Dawes was way hotter in Batman Begins lol.

  12. 1. Batman isn’t a hero. He isn’t a villian. He’s something more, that’s all Gordon was saying.
    2. If word got out that Harvey Dent killed those people, the Joker would’ve won. People of Gotham would loose hope, because even “The White Knight” could be corrupted.
    3. I agree with the falling out with Fox though. Very minor.
    4. Two Face being rushed is a matter of opinion. Dent was there to be a comparison to Batman. He, as a person, could be corrupted. But Batman, a symbol, could not. Its mentioned in Batman Begins. Dent was everything that Bruce wished he was. Oh, and he didn’t suddenly loose it after Dawes died and his face was burnt, remember when he put a gun to a guy’s head when he threatened Rachel? He also attacked a guy when he pulled out a gun in court. Very subtle signs to him not being completely balanced.

  13. i agree with rob
    now i understand that the job that they don for x1 was right and controlled
    but felt that they just wanted to make a sequel and you didnt feel that something is hapening
    and dont get me started on x3 >:I

  14. oops

    i agree with rob
    now i understand that the job that they don for x1 was right and controlled
    but x2 felt that they just wanted to make a sequel and you didn’t feel that something is happening
    and don’t get me started on x3

  15. the dark knight was awesome but begins was better. but thee best one i have to say was sin city it closely followed the book while not taking away from the book. iornman was a close second with watchmen a distant 3rd.

  16. dark knight is one of the 10 greatest movies that i have seen in the past 10 years


    i don’t know why people cant see how heavily it is political
    the key to see how political it is is the scene where Bruce explains to Lucius fox that the spying on peoples privacy is what we have to do (sound like *cough*George bush’s eavesdrop program*cough*)
    and the rest guess for your self…..

  17. watchmen all the way best superhero movie ever made.

  18. I find this video hilarious. I seriously watched it 4 times.
    “Joker let’s call a truce, I need you to explain the plot to… Batman” hahaha
    I love The Dark Knight though, and I suppose some of it wasn’t perfect… Nah it was haha just that Dent died 3 times but other than that? It’s perfect in my opinion.

  19. Gotta say the vid put a grin on my face as I watched it. :)


  20. @DrSamBeckett: I’ll amend what I said. Most critics and audiences agree that – The Dark Knight – is the best superhero movie to date. Look it up; check websites and best of lists and reviews. No superhero movie got closer to earning Oscar nominations for best director and best film. Now, the Academy wants to include 10 nominations to allow for popular/well made genre films to puff their ratings since snubbing TDK.

  21. INCREDIBLE. Great production & Writing.

  22. For the part about Morgan Freeman resigning, he doesn’t resign. He says as long as it’s part of Wayne Enterprises he won’t work there. When he types in his name at the end it destroys the machine and Fox walks away with a smile knowing that Batman was really only using it to catch the Joker.

  23. Glad to see people here not getting their panties in a bunch over TDK being parodied, it’s a good film, but not teh best movie evah!

  24. @Rob
    none of the characters in the X-men movies took any real steps forward other than Wolverine, Xavier, Jean Grey and Magneto, and to a lesser extent Rogue…all the other characters were outshined and seemed like they didnt really belong *cough*Storm*cough*

  25. A. That video was hilarious!
    B. I think X2 was better that X1. One reason is probably that Wolverine (my favorite X-character) was an actual bad-a$$.
    C. IMO, Spiderman 2 and TDK are tied for greatest comic book film. SM2 had a great story and really allowed you to relate to the hero, as far as how a real person would feel if their normal life a mess b/c or their superhero “responsibility”.

  26. The only gripe I have with Spidey 2 is Sam piled it on high Peter being such a loser. After a while we get the picture and then just move on. Also, I prefer to see the best villains get away, even if we don’t see them in future films. I’ve never been a fan of X-Men comics or movies, although X-2 was well done. For me, the premise is just too over-the-top. The mutants are so powerful they could easily rule Earth.

  27. WOW, that was pretty funny, and his points were also pretty valid. I loved when Alfred was going to rhyme Truce with Bruce but then said Batman, lol. 😀

  28. Another lame rap parody video.

    It doesn’t really present any plot holes. Everything it pokes fun at was explained in the movie.

    To me, The Dark Knight is still the best comic book movie. It’s the only one which breaks through and becomes something more. I don’t even like most comic book movies because they’re just cookie-cutter routine. Once the tired “with great power comes great responsibility” message is over there’s nothing too them. Other than Nolan’s Batman films and Singer’s X-Men films, there hasn’t been much unconventional stuff.

  29. @ Aaron,

    Agreed on Storm :)

    Xavier was out of character entirely in X3 for me.