SR Pick: Superman/Batman: (Real Life) Public Enemies!

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supes bats arrested SR Pick: Superman/Batman: (Real Life) Public Enemies!

EXTRA: “Superman” and “Batman” got into a scuffle with the NYPD last night in Times Square, NYC!

Jeez… we’d recently heard that Superman and Batman are “Public Enemies” – guess some people are taking the news literally. Check out this bizarre (and hilarious!) story:

The New York Post is reporting that two young men, Maksim Katsnelson and Frank Frisoli – dressed as Superman and Batman respectively – caused quite the stir yeterday evening in Times Square when they battled it out with cops.

Apparently the two friends went to Times Square fully costumed (see the pics) and were trying to do a little panhandling when police approached and inquired whether the pair had the necessary licenses for performing in public. When the two “superheroes” replied they didn’t have the required licenses, the cops then asked for ID; when the pair responded that they didn’t have IDs either (geniuses), the police proceeded to cuff Frisoli (a.k.a. “Batman”).

That’s when Katsnelson (“Superman”) reportedly flew ran off, screaming, “I’m not getting arrested!” When a female officer tried to subdue Katsnelson, the faux Man of Steel “…freaked out and punched the girl cop in the face,” Frisoli said later.

After THAT, an epic “battle” ensued. Said witness Ryan McCormick (who also provided the photos):

The Man of Steel didn’t go down with just two officers, it took seven officers!…He was putting up a good fight. Little kids were like, ‘Mommy, it’s Superman!

Sounds brutal! Let’s  take a look:

supes bats public enemies 3 SR Pick: Superman/Batman: (Real Life) Public Enemies!

Cops must've had kryptonite cuffs...

Katsnelson/Superman – age 23, a Bronx resident – was cuffed and taken to the Midtown South station house. Frisoli/Batman – who is visiting NYC from Maine -  was cuffed to a chair for awhile (see below), but eventually was released, as he did not cause any real trouble, police determined. Said Frisoli: “We were just having a good time…”

supes bats arrested 2 SR Pick: Superman/Batman: (Real Life) Public Enemies!

Yep, Looks like a good time alright...


In the end, witnesses report that Frisoli/Batman walked off unscathed, in the company of another costumed character: The Statue of Liberty. However, after punching a female officer I doubt Katsnelson/Superman is going to fare as lucky. Guess we’ll know soon enough if Superman can bruise…

Source: The New York Post

Photo Source: Ryan McMormick (witness at the scene)

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  1. “Cops must’ve had kryptonite cuffs…


  2. Punching a cop?! Hmmm, Batman must have had some of that red krytonite to make Superman stupid. :-)

  3. rofl, made my day.

  4. “More copycats last night, Alfred…That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I said I wanted to inspire people…”

  5. TAlk about a dynamic duo.. SHEESH!!

  6. I hope they throw the book at the idiot who hit the cop. Like those guys don’t have enough to worry about without whack jobs like this idiot punching them.

  7. Funny…Guess the cops aren’t concerned about the thousands of characters that parade around New York on a daily basis showing off their “Captain Potty-Mouth” skills…
    I just love seeing our tax payer dollars at work. I’m not by any means defending these bozos, but sheesh! It makes me wonder if the New York brain trust runs sting operations on trick-or-treaters or Star trek conventions…

  8. this is just a plot from the criminal underground to discredit these two great heroes.

    seriously, bad form to hit a woman. even worse when that woman has a gun, mace, stun gun and a radio to call similar individuals.

  9. Looks like the female cop could also sue for rape against the other cop in the one pic. The other female cop is like “What do I do with these (handcuffs)?

  10. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    that’s funny

  11. @Nowhereman

    Why “New York brain”?… why couldn’t it be just the brains of those cops pictured above? Not everybody in New York acts and/or behaves the same way. Yes people are more aggressive in New York City but not everybody is the same.

  12. Very funny!!!!
    Looks like a scene from Reno 911!

  13. I suspect they’ll soon make a Superman vs. Batman movie out of this. GET TO WORK WARNER BROTHERS!

  14. BATs & SUPs Vs the NYPD.
    VIral Gold waiting to happen.
    but this is Very funny & MAkes ME Smile.

  15. I hope it was worth it for them.
    I know I had fun looking at it .

  16. Lol, Gary. Let’s face it these guys were on an acid trip…
    This is the state of our youth. SNL rejects. ;-)

  17. @ The Big Dentist


    I was also hoping that they have some footage of Superman’s “epic” fight against the cops. That’s pure gold.

  18. I always love it when people decide not to cooperate with police and they turn what could have been just a warning or routine check into a serious jail or even prison sentence and a permanent record… SMART

    S-M-A-T, They are so smart… :-D

  19. I met the ‘Singing Cowboy’ in New York. Now THERE was a man of steel!

    I reckon he makes a fortune in dollar bills every day. No wonder Batman and Superman wantewd to put on their underwear and try it too!

  20. dang.. looked over youtube all day, and can’t find any video about this..

  21. Check out the film documentary “Confessions of a Superhero”. It covers this entire subculture.

  22. I want to see some video of this, lol.

  23. Sorry but I burst out laughing when i read that he decked that female officer LOL, and then took seven officers to bring him down. ROFL-copter, didn’t realize pan handling was a serious enough offense to chase some one down for in NYC. LOL.

  24. Actually, they chased him down for fleeing, not for the pan handling. But I guess they should just let everyone run away to escape getting charged for anything, who will want to actually stop for a ticket? Just flee and the cop should be like “eh, he was just speeding, not worth chasing.” :-D

    And him punching a female officer IS funny, it’s funny that he didn’t knock her out, what a freakin wuss! And he calls himself superman, lol. And I wonder if anyone has any clue how hard it is to hand-cuff someone who is resisting, but it is funny it took so many, I would have just tased him and called it a day… ;-)

  25. @ Ken J

    Its a little bit different when a speeder is involved, and even still some speeders can out run the law with some of these wanna be Failed & Flatulent cars now a days, plus the infamous camera has the license plate number recorded also so they can still be charged later. I think the rule is if u can out run the cop then they can’t detain/charge you with anything. Of course there would be an ABP out on Superman, but if he was smart all he would have to do is change clothes when he got the chance too, depended on if batman would turn into RATman also. LOL yeh it was corny but meh.

  26. Actually, getting a license plate number is not sufficient because then all you can prove is that the vehicle was used in the crime, not the driver. The car could be stolen or borrowed, would sending the ticket to the owner of the car accomplish anything if either of those were the case? The owner of the car could simply plead not guilty and simply claim someone borrowed the car at the time and the case would be dismissed. Despite what people think, when someone runs from a LEO, they should be chased and apprehended if possible. Then they can decide if it’s worth it to file any charges or not. But you can’t just let people go, it’ll set a really bad example and lead to pretty bad consequences.

  27. @ KEN J

    True about vehicles, but it doesn’t matter who ever owns the vehicle is responsible for any tickets the vehicle gets according to the courts. It would accomplish them not loaning out their vehicles to idiots, unless it can be proven the car was stolen. And the case would not be dismissed, I’ve seen many defendants try to use that statement in the courts, and unless they have solid evidence that the vehicle was stolen or a friend or the person driving it steps up to say they were operating the vehicle, they still have to pay the fine, its the same principle witht he speed camera’s doesnt matter whose driving once license plate is got that’s all taht is needed to produce the ticket. Chasing for assault ok, pan handling meh.

  28. Unfortunately it is not you who decides what is “serious” enough to warrant a chase or not, it is the law enforcement and the courts. If you break a law, no matter how minor you think it is, whether it is jay walking or whatever, expect to pay the price. Otherwise, why have the law at all if law enforcement are not allowed to enforce it?

    I can only imagine if the idea is planted into the public’s mind that if they feel their offense is “not that serious” that they can simply refuse to stop in order to escape the law…