I really envy good graphic designers. Sure, I’ve tinkered with Photoshop in my time, but with the exception of mastering the clone stamp tool, I’ve never really had a knack for putting together cool pieces of design. Maybe that’s why I spend so much time here on Screen Rant highlighting cool alternative movie posters (like these Star Wars travel posters or these minimalist Quentin Tarantino posters).

Recently, the folks at /Film tipped us off to some more alternative movie posters by graphic designer Brandon Schaefer. Unlike the other poster sets we have previously highlighted here at Screen Rant, Schaeffer’s work does not follow any specific theme except for the fact that they’re all well-known films. Spanning movies both old (Jaws) and new (The Dark Knight), Schaefer’s work combines a retro minimalist flair with a strong attention to detail that invites viewers to consider their favorite films in a different light.

I have picked out eight of my favorite posters below, but there are many more to see at Schaefer’s Flickr page. Additionally, if you would like to purchase any of these posters, you can find some of them on sale at Schaefer’s inPRNT.com account.

What do you think? I know that these retro/minimalist style posters have become sort of a fad, but I think these are easily the best examples I’ve seen so far. Do any stand out as particular favorites?

Source: /Film and Schaefer’s Website