I must be the offbeat movie posters guy here at Screen Rant. A couple of weeks ago, I shared some pretty cool minimalist style posters based on the works of director Quentin Tarantino. Today, I’m sharing some equally cool posters inspired by Star Wars.

Coming our way via Collider, these posters, created by artist Justin Van Gendersen, re-imagine the various planets of the Star Wars universe as travel destinations. Offering sleek minimalist designs against a distressed-looking background, the travel posters span the galaxy from Tatooine all the way to the Dagobah system.

Scroll down to check out all five of the Star Wars posters. For more of Justin’s work, including a pretty cool Tron Legacy poster, check out his Flickr Page.

While I don’t enjoy these as much as I liked the Tarantino posters, I definitely still think they’re cool and I wouldn’t mind hanging one on my wall. My personal favorite is the Hoth System. What can I say? I’m a sucker for groups of slanted lines.

Hopefully, the artist sees the positive feedback his posters are getting around the web and decides to revisit the Star Wars universe again. If he does, I have an idea. Instead of making posters for the planets of the Star Wars universe, why not make posters for the various businesses of Star Wars. Wouldn’t a vintage-style poster for the Mos Eisley Cantina be awesome? He could do one for Tosche Station too — “Now with Power Converters.”

Do you like these posters? What do you think of my businesses of Star Wars idea? Do you have any of your own ideas for a cool set of reimagined movie posters?

Source: Justin Van Gendersen via Collider