SR Geek Picks: Alternate Death Scenes for Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find The Return of Return of the Jedi; Ellen interviewing Steve Carell as Gru from Despicable Me 2; a ghetto version of Mean Girls; How to Say “May the Force Be with You” in Dothraki; and some Tetris bookshelves. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

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The Return of Return of the Jedi: Special Edition

In this special extended cut of The Return of Return of the Jedi, Kevin Smith, Seth Green, Chris Hardwick, Jaime King, Topher Grace, Fall Out Boy, Eli Roth and more relive their favorite moments of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in celebration of the film’s 30th anniversary.


Trek Wars Cookies

Trek Wars Cookies 570x426 SR Geek Picks: Alternate Death Scenes for Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

These Trek Wars cookies were made by Sarah over at Klickitat Street and feature Spock as Obi-Wan, Chekov as Luke, Kirk as Han Solo, Chewie as a tribble, Princess Leia as Uhura, McCoy as C3PO and Scotty as R2D2, Sulu as a Rebel Pilot, and Darth Vader as a Klingon.

Source: Klickitat Street/Via GeeksAreSexy.


Chewbacca Cake

Chewbacca Cake1 570x748 SR Geek Picks: Alternate Death Scenes for Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

Made by Ivy Jane’s Bakery.


Ellen Interviews Steve Carell as Gru from Despicable Me 2

Gru’s First Television Appearance! The star of the new film Despicable Me 2 was here for the very first time! It’s not every day Ellen interviews a cartoon character in person.


Bane Alternate Death Scenes


Mean Gurlz


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  1. i hated banes death… this whole 3rd arc was soooo sad and disappointing for banes character. and spoiler alert (incase there are any idiots that watched that video and are reading this) the fact they gave him a great character story and decided to give it to talia p***d me off… the movie did not need her at all and the way bane was killed was so bad. just felt like they wanted to bring the movies full circle… oh and bruce imagining ras was the most stupidest thing in any superhero movie… how did that happen lmao

    people cry and complain about mandarin…

    • When your in serious pain with little food and water an advanced mind like bruce could possibly see things in hope to make sense of bane and everything he knows

      • You don’t even need a lack of sustenance or pain to have that eureka moment.

        I agree in the way that Bane’s death felt like a cop out after he was a total badass throughout the movie and the most intimidating physical threat Batman had faced but at the same time…I dunno, it’s kinda cool in a way that it took the Batpod’s cannons to defeat him.

        Still unsure whether I like it or not but I can sort of see why it happened that way.

        Talia’s inclusion wasn’t necessary though. She didn’t have enough depth of character to have that kind of “no f’n way” reaction that they probably intended. All she had was a love scene with Bruce and generic board member motivations until the reveal.

        I knew she’d be Talia anyway, I’d been following the production and post-production/marketing every day for 13 months and as much as she kept denying she was Talia al Ghul…y’know? Just way too obvious.

        Still though, I can’t fault the movie.

      • I actually think it was more to do with the origins of Ras and his “but is Ras Al Ghul more than mortal” theme. Along with that the prison was the closest thing to the Lazzarus pit, and essentially was why Bruce Wayne was able to become Batman again. In the Nolanverse of Batman, he’s not going to bring people back to life but also wants to stay as true to the origins as he can. I find his dedication to the comics is widely overlooked by many fans and critics, as this scene IMO is a great example. Or i’m severely over thinking Nolan movies haha

    • Blah blah blah, WE GET IT! He blew up, big deal. I thought it was awesome because it was so unexpected, and gave Catwoman a really cool part. And Bane’s part in the battle was already over. Batman and Bane had their big showdown, and Batman won. And they didn’t totally give Bane’s part to Talia, Bane is still a big part of the story, we just found out they worked together. Bane wasn’t some body guard, they were partners (as opposed to The Mandarin who ended up being an actor) Bane was at least still a villain.

    • The whole TDKR movie was a disappointment to me.

      • Agreed. Quite bland.

  2. why does screen rant pick on me! my comment needs moderation.

    • you terrible terrible person!! ;)

      • Haha, same here now after I replied to your moderated comment.

  3. Bane’s alternate death scenes: Everyone hates Bane! DCU, Marvel, shoot even the Transformers! LOL!

    • Bane is a bad ass. He (maybe?) died way too easily in the movie.

      That video had me laughing the whole time, though.

      • Same here man. I don’t know why people criticise that movie (I’m gonna agree with film critic Mark Kermode when he said in his review that TDKR was “the Batman movie I’d been waiting 35 years for”) but that video was hilarious. Especially the part from Wanted.

        • I think Begins and TDK would fill that spot better than Rises, but yes, the movie gets a lot of hate, but only becuase its Batman, and Nolan. Theyll always get a lot of criticism. I enjoy the hell out of all three of those Dark Knight movies. Great story, plot holes aside.

          • Agreed, banes death wasnt that suprising to me becauase he is a normal person of course someone could just shoot him. Yeah id prefer a better death tho. Talia was needed tho cause it lead to extremely emotional and beautiful scene of bane crying which i thought added a lot of depth to a one dimensional villain

            • @JTre

              I think that was the point though.

              Bane was very firm in what he was trying to do, very goal oriented but also meant to be a huge physical threat. The Talia parts added more depth to him without ruining his character with unnecessary exposition (like they did with Paranormal Activity’s main story by explaining the background of the activity in the horrendous sequels or in the various Nightmare On Elm Street sequels that turned Freddy Krueger into a comedic character).

              • I thought it rather ruined the character of Bane. Well, “ruined” is a strong word, but it made him into just a henchman like he was in “Batman and Robin”. Bane is one of Batman’s most brutal and intelligent villains, and making him a henchman yet again was a bad idea.

                • This comes up all the timw and i dont get it, bane was never a henchman. In no way was talia present as bane blew crap up and fought batman. He was talia’s assistant and protector

                  • Talia was the one calling all the shots behind the scenes. She was the leader of the League Of Shadows. Sure, he was Talia’s protector, but Bane was working for Talia the whole time.

                    • It was Talia’s plan, Bane was the just used as the decoy while she worked behind the scenes.

                    • I think it is meant to be open to interpretation. They could have been working together as equals or Talia planned the whole thing while Bane was the one with the actual skills to carry it out. Either way, I do not think Bane was lying when he said he was the League of Shadows.

          • @Traps Like Bane


            If I can mention Kermode again, what he said was that he thought the best movie of the trilogy was definitely Batman Begins (describing it as “an art house movie with a popcorn movie budget”) but h really liked Rises and found it to be the perfect Batman movie.

            He explained that he loved the character in his youth, waiting anxiously in his mid 20s for the Tim Burton movie to release and then when he saw it to write a review for whichever magazine he worked for at the time, he found it and th subsequent sequel (Batman Returns) to look great with the art deco feel but ultimately, incredibly dull.

            He also despised the Schumacher Batman movies of the 90s (although the two directors he really hates are Michael Bay and Zack Snyder).

            I personally don’t have a favourite of the trilogy because they’re all equally great to me. The plot holes in all three match the compelling story and characters in each movie so I find it hard to like or hate one more than the others because they each have their strengths and weaknesses (I feel the same about the Ghostbusters franchise too).

            I wonder about those who hate them though because they’re very cerebral movies. Maybe that’s why they get a lot of hate, the fact that Batman doesn’t spend most of the time suited up and blowing things up?

            To me, Begins was all about the mind and fear, TDK was about love and staying true to your convictions no matter how hard things can become and the third was about overcoming even the most difficult of roadblocks and pushing yourself to come back stronger than ever.

            It’s like Nolan and Goyer wrote a basic idea down based on human emotion and feelings and then worked the action in around them rather than the other way round like some other directors tend to do.

            • My favorite thing is that each villain is literally a part of batman and bruce. Scarecrow reprisents his fear and his need to overcome it. Joker is chaos, which we all know batman is full of as is society. Bane represents the past and how his decisions even him becoming batman has effected everyone and himself

            • Really? I heard they are all bad and anyone who says otherwise is just blindly following the crowd in a desperate need to fit in.

          • No, not because it’s Batman and Nolan. TDK and BB don’t get much hate. That’s because they were great, and not the disappointment TDKR was.

            • TDKR was only a disappointment for some people. You just can’t please everyone these days.

              • People who were dissapointed were part of the minority, a very loud minority

  4. Is that Chewbacca cake giving a thumbs up? Weird.

  5. That Alien cosplay would terrify the living hell out of a child. That’s really good.

  6. Why is it that the best stuff that has come from “The Dark Knight Rises” is the jokes about the film?

    • Just proves it’s a versatile film if people are still talking about it almost a year after the fact. Love it or hate it no can deny its impact.

      • Exactly. The manderim hatred is already dieing down because the film is slowly erasing itself. However the avengers ans more so the dkr is still being talked about

        • I’d say the Mandarin hate is dying down because the less than intelligent people who complained about it in the first place have had their short attention spans distracted by the latest shiny new thing.

          • i like tin foil

      • Yeah, I have to remind myself I even saw Iron Man 3. I liked it, but it was really forgettable.

        • I’m surprised.

          I still remember it very clearly and the more I think about it, the more I remember how much I like it. It was certainly better than The Avengers as Marvel themselves said it would be (then again, that wasn’t hard to beat, saw it again on TV yesterday afternoon and I still don’t enjoy that movie much, the dialog in particular was like something from a SyFy production but hey, that’s just my opinion, others liked it and good for them, I guess I’m not the type of person to just blindly follow everyone else’s opinion in the desperate hope of fitting in because I have a mind of my own and engage it frequently).

          • The villains were a big let down for me. Guy Pearce, for example, is one of my all time favorite actors, but they completely wasted him in the movie. Even his back story was just a combination of the villain origins from Batman Forever and The Incredibles. As a huge comic book fan, I had a lot of fun with The Avengers. Balancing all those characters in one film was very tricky (and risky) but I thought they made it work.

            That being said, I certainly didn’t love it (still don’t understand all the praise it got). It just wasn’t all that original or amazing. I had the same problems with Iron Man 3 (except I didn’t like Iron Man 3 as much). It just seemed like a cliché action movie at times and was really forgettable (for me). Don’t get me wrong, Iron Man 3 had some great moments, but that’s all it seemed to me, moments. The rest of the movie is just kind of a blur or a disappointment to me. And the last five minutes REALLY left a bad taste in my mouth. But, we all have our different opinions, I’m certainly not going to debate or anything. That’s just how I felt watching those movies.

            The Avengers: 4/5 stars

            Iron Man 3: 3.5/5 stars.

            Again, that’s just how I felt watching those movies.

          • So everyone is lying to themselves, they all hated The Avenegers as much as you, but just want to fit in? Be part of the cool kids group?

            You don’t actually believe that do you? That from the little kids that liked it, all the way up to the professional reviwers who gave good reviews, that its actually everyone “blindly following everyone elses opinion in the desperate hope of fitting in?”. Im sorry, but the arrogance of that statement, the idea that everyone is wrong but you, that you are the only person capable of “engaging your own mind”, that no one else could be expressing a truthful point of view about The Avengers, I cant believe you actually believe that.

            Too me, as someone who is just blindly following the crowd by liking The Avengers, it sounds like you are desperate to convince yourself that a movie you didn’t like couldn’t possibly be good, that is has no redeeming qualities, or that you are right and anyone who disagrees is actually lying and secretly agrees with you. But hey, Im just a guy who cant engage his own mind, so what do I know?

            • I don’t think either of them are saying that the Avengers wasn’t good, they’re just saying that it wasn’t as good as people make it out to be. I tend to agree with them. If it wasn’t for having better actors, having all those actors together, and better special effects, that movie would be considered to be as good as one of the Fantastic Four movies. They’re not terrible, but they’re not the best either. And I think the fact that people are able to overlook the flaws within the Avengers while complaining that Nolan didn’t spend 15 minutes explaining how Bruce got back to Gotham in TDKR, proves that there is a bandwagon people are jumping on. I think based on comments of the past year it comes down to what you want in a CBM. It seems like the people who liked the Avengers didn’t like TDKR and those who did like TDKR, didn’t like the Avengers as much. I have a feeling this summer will be the same with IM3 and MOS. I was let down by IM3 but think that MOS will be great, and I’m sure others will feel the opposite way.

              • @Mike E

                Totally agree. I really liked The Avengers, but I thought TDKR was a much better film. I get so irritated by the people who nitpick and complain about TDKR but completely ignore the many plot holes of The Avengers. Not saying TDKR is WITHOUT plot holes (definitely the most flawed of the trilogy) but I don’t understand why people choose to complain about one movie while ignoring the other.

                • The Avengers kept (for the most part) faithful to the comics. As faithful as you can get in a two hour movie when there are YEARS of history.

                  Problems with TDKR other then plot holes? Here is a list of things wrong with the logic behind the movie TDKR.

                  1. Batman QUIT!
                  2. Batman only goes after criminals who attack his woman or steal his money (in the comics he is dressed up fighting crime every night)
                  3. Batman hasn’t been seen in 8 years… again… QUIT.
                  4. Batman is not a detective. If anyone in the movie is, its his allies, (Mr. Fox and Alfred)
                  5. Banes voice.
                  6. Catwoman was never called Catwoman on purpose, but then they put ears on her.
                  7. Wayne Manor has NO security (when Ms. Kyle stole the necklace).
                  8. Alfred cried and broke up with Bruce.
                  9. Alfred told you how it would end before Batman even met Bane.
                  10. Magical knee brace.
                  11. Alfred knowing everything about Bane via what must have been magic (first rule of film school, if it does not happen on screen, it never happened).
                  12. Villain helps Batman find bomb.
                  13. Did I mention that Batman quit? Something Batman would NEVER do? Just in case you need a reminder…
                  14. BATMAN QUIT!!!
                  15. Batman’s voice.

                  And as far as plot holes go:
                  1. Robin dies in five minutes because he has no training whatsoever.
                  2. Batman can suddenly teleport across the world.
                  3. Bruce Wayne does not get a bailout.
                  4. Every cop is in the sewers.
                  5. Punching a spine cures all back problems.
                  6. No one recognized Bruce Wayne.
                  7. People of Gotham hate rich people, but are fine with guys with metal face-huggers.
                  8. Waited months to blow up Gotham.
                  9. Spend MILLIONS of dollars and years of research making a bomb, instead of just buying one on the black market and smuggling it in Gotham (not like Bruce Wayne is gonna notice considering that you didn’t steal from him or insult his woman).
                  10. Making out wit catwoman and giving cryptic messages to Gordon with two minutes lift until the bomb goes off.

                  Avengers get a break as far as I am concerned when comparing these two movies, Avengers had faults in logic AND plot, but its list is considerable smaller TDKR.

                  • Not going to waste my time proving all of these “problems” of yours wrong, considering all the time you wasted listed them. Most of your points are either childish or just prove you have a short attention span watching movies. But I will prove a few wrong that REALLY prove that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

                    -Batman quit because he is, after all, human. His body has worn out and he’s been wanting a good time to stop (as hinted in The Dark Knight). His first goal is to fix Gotham, NOT JUST fighting criminals day and night. He is more than a vigilante, he wants to make a difference. He wants to solve the problems and bring peace to the city (which he did before Bane showed up).

                    -Catwoman’s ears ACCIDENTALLY look like ears. they are goggles that fold up and give the impression of cat ears (a nod for the fans).

                    -As we Explain CONSTANTLY and you guys STILL complain, it took over a MONTH for Batman to get back to Gotham! LISTEN TO THE DIALOGUE! He is Bruce Wayne, he has connections for traveling the world (or did you miss Batman Begins?).

                    -There is no doubt in my mind that Bruce would return to train Blake. Also, Blake is already trained as a cop and is a detective, he isn’t some random citizen going to fight crime.

                    -By the way, Batman HAS quit in earlier comic story’s, don’t act like that would never happen. And most of your nitpicking just proves you are the average fan boy no one will listen to. I’m a huge fan of Batman comics, but you guys just make us CIVIL fans look bad.

                    • Speaking of “nitpicking”:

                      You presented FIVE points to support your arguments against my twenty some points supporting my argument.

                      Still feels like I am ahead.

                    • And did I mention that when you said:
                      “Catwoman’s ears ACCIDENTALLY look like ears. they are goggles that fold up and give the impression of cat ears (a nod for the fans).”

                      Do you really think that they will give Selina Kyle (known better as CATWOMAN) goggles that ACCIDENTALLY look like cat ears? It was intentional, just as intentional as they made Bane sound like Mushmouth from Fat Albert.

                      Also, because I LOOOOVE to nitpick as you pointed out, when you so boldly said “There is no doubt in my mind that Bruce would return to train Blake.” The first rule in film making is, IF IT DOESNT HAPPEN ON SCREEN, IT DOES NOT HAPPEN.

                      In other words, it never happened, you need proof that it did, or else you are debating facts (Untrained cop trying to fill the shoes of Batman) against optimistically thinking that Bruce Wayne will return to Gotham (even though everyone thinks he is dead, and therefore he will be noticed eventually) to train a cop who knew he was batman by the way he smiles.

                      That is a big mis-step in logic, almost as much as the rest of the examples I gave in my list above.

                  • And did I mention Batman has actually quit in the comics before? The difference being in the comics he quit while Gotham was still crap, while in TDKR he left leaving a time of PEACE. You just repeated yourself so many times with this that I thought I should address this again. You seemed pretty confident about saying that’s something Batman would never do, yet he in fact, DID. You’re a fan boy that has probably just seen the movies and read some stuff on Wikipedia and thinks you know everything about Batman now.

                    • Also, of course DESIGNING the goggles to look like cat years was intentional, I’m talking about the STORY and how they work in the movie.

                      And your “If it didn’t happen on screen, it didn’t happen” point doesn’t even make sense. The point of a movie is to enjoy the story you are given and use your imagination to piece everything else together, and how you would like to think the story goes from there. But “imagination” and “thinking” about what happens off screen would require you to use that “Brain” thing of yours.

                  • Did I not say I didn’t want to waste my time proving ALL of your “points” wrong? And you used “Batman quit” as a complaint about four times, which I proved wrong. Here’s a few more points.

                    -Batman IS a detective. They focused more on that aspect in the first two films (for the story’s they were telling) it’s ridiculous to get mad about them not focusing ALL of their attention on that in ONE film. But there were still hints of it.

                    -Banes voice. So, because you are part of the MINORITY that didn’t like the voice you think that is a valid problem with the movie?

                    -Batman’s voice. Now you’re complaining about something from PREVIOUS movies? You don’t like the voice, ok, but it doesn’t drag the movie down. And every actor that plays Batman needs to change their voice in some way for the character. You probably just prefer actors like George Clooney who act EXACTLY THE SAME as Batman and Bruce Wayne (no very good acting at that).

                    -So, research is magic now? Is Google a NEW concept for you? It isn’t hard to find out something about someone’s past now a days. And Bane isn’t a character who cares about hiding his past. Besides, Alfred has connections (he’s been useful a LOT in Batman lore. Why is this a shock to you now?).

                    -Bruce spent MONTHS healing from his wounds. And his back wasn’t broken in HALF or anything, just severely damaged. Know what’s going on in a movie before criticizing it.

                    -Considering the guy just revealed to them the hero that THEIR leaders praise was really a mad man and a murderer, of course they would follow Bane. When we find out we have been lied to, we don’t exactly respond nicely. Nixon and Watergate, for example (you should probably look up that Google thing I mentioned earlier to figure out what I’m talking about there).

                    -Catwoman kissed HIM, and then he didn’t stop to talk with Gordon. He responded to a question while getting ready to leave.

                    Again, not going to waste my time proving your other points wrong. But if you think REALLY hard with that thing called a brain, you MIGHT be able to figure some of the others out on your own. I’m just insulted you even consider yourself a “Batman fan”.

                  • If you really chose to ignore all the good things about TDKR in favor of listing all the “flaws” of the film (which really don’t matter, btw), than you really don’t deserve to like that movie. Fans like you don’t deserve to enjoy anything if you put that much effort into needlessly nitpicking useless things.

                    • Thank you John, been waiting for a comment like yours :)

                    • @Robert W – And I have been waiting for a comment to prove how much better TDKR is then The Avengers… Or really any other movie.

                      @John – If flaws do not matter, then why would anyone point them out? Correct me if I am wrong, but does screenrant put out reviews for movies, and sometimes rate them with a low number stars? If so, then I guess flaws do matter.

                      I pay attention to flaws in movies, the reason? So I don’t become brain dead during films that are otherwise dull, stupid or meaningless. If you didn’t enjoy Green Lantern, After Earth, or any movie due to it being dumb, then you should not judge, because you have “nitpicked” movies as well.

                      But back to the issue, when you said “I get so irritated by the people who nitpick and complain about TDKR but completely ignore the many plot holes of The Avengers”

                      And I am a batman fan, but if I made a film called batman, and it was just about a piece of crap climbing out of a toilet bowl with a voice that sounded like the turd smoked 4 packs a day, and gets beat up by another turd that wears a metal “face-hugger” then you would hate it too.

                      List as many plot holes as I can with The Avengers. That is, or course, if you want to “waste your time”. Love to debate more, because I find this fun. So far, even a day later, I have listed more faults in TDKR then you have in the Avengers, which is the reason I felt the need to point out TDKR faults int he first place.

                    • The second and third to the last paragraphs should be switched around. Sorry about that.

                    • @Big Baby Jesus

                      This isn’t the version of Batman YOU like, that’s fine. But that doesn’t make it’s Bad. I pay just as much attention to flaws in a film as any one else, the differences is I ALSO look for the good. If you spend your whole time criticizing a movie (TRY to find a “perfect” movie. Not one exists)then you won’t enjoy it.

                      All we’ve proven here is that most of your points are either incorrect or childish. As a huge Batman fan, I need to separate the interpretation I prefer to the interpretation someone is trying to make on film. Batman has ALWAYS had different interpretations, it’s ridiculous to criticize a Batman movie for being “different”. Not saying there isn’t a line that shouldn’t be crossed (Batman and Robin) but I prefer a good movie over what I think should be IN a movie.

                      Again, not saying flaws don’t matter, but if the good outweighs the flaws, THEN I can enjoy a movie.

                    • @ Robert W

                      “This isn’t the version of Batman YOU like, that’s fine. But that doesn’t make it’s Bad.”

                      All I really have to say is: This IS the version of Batman YOU like, that’s fine. But that doesn’t make it’s GOOD.

                      My initial comment was to point out that Avengers had lots less plot holes then TDKR. The fact that it’s been a day later and neither you nor your boyfriend gave me ONE example of how The Avengers was filled with plot holes when compared to TDKR means to me that TDKR has lots more, and that you are too filled with pride to admit it.

                      Its been one entire day and you have not yet explained why you said:

                      “Totally agree. I really liked The Avengers, but I thought TDKR was a much better film. I get so irritated by the people who nitpick and complain about TDKR but completely ignore the many plot holes of The Avengers. Not saying TDKR is WITHOUT plot holes (definitely the most flawed of the trilogy) but I don’t understand why people choose to complain about one movie while ignoring the other.”

                      Don’t bother writing back to defend that opinion, I won’t read it. But hey, if you feel the need to mindlessly talk to yourself here on screenrant, then go ahead, just do not expect another response from me. You had a day after all to defend your position, but since you cannot do that, then I wont even read any more of your or your boyfriends comments.

                    • @Big Baby Jesus

                      This was never ABOUT talking about the plot holes of The Avengers, this was about how much you hate TDKR and me proving your arguments wrong (which I did). I never wanted to nitpick about The Avengers. You won’t read this, that’s fine, at least this idiotic debate is over. And it was YOUR job to list plot holes from The Avengers to “prove” TDKR had more, which you didn’t, which proves my point: You ignored whatever was bad about The Avengers and chose to nitpick the hell out of TDKR.

                      I highly doubt this is the last you’ll complain about TDKR. Next time something is posted about TDKR (good or bad) you are probably going to rant all day long about how much you hate it because of the type of fanboy you are.

                      I’m sure most fellow Screenranters here will agree you never had an argument you could support in the first place. You nitpicked, I proved most of your points either wrong or just childish. You think that somehow means you “won” this argument, ok.

  7. “How to Say “May the Force Be with You” in Dothraki”

    Easily, the most brilliant geeky thing I have ever seen here on SR.

    • @Big Baby Jesus

      They should ask the person who came up with Klingon how to say that… Something tells me he will receive no answer, lol.

  8. Skip 2, just watch 1,2,4,5,6 and stay for the post credits for 5 and 6

  9. I love Bane’s “Come At Me Bro” pose, I mean “Cub a be Bru”…

  10. I dont liked this movie. Bane should be bigger than Batman and scared. Disappointment. The motorcycle style??!! Ridiculous! Thumb down!