What TV Shows Do You Want More Coverage Of?

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sr tv logos asks What TV Shows Do You Want More Coverage Of?

We here at Screen Rant are here to cater to you, the reader. Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to be bringing over any freshly baked ice cream cone cupcakes (remember those? Awesome.), but that does mean that we like to hear from you about what you like, what you don’t, what you watch and what you’d like to see more coverage about.

Over the past few weeks of the fall season premiere, we have played around with reviews and discussions on a variety of television shows – and while some received the expected responses (Stargate, Flashforward, Smallville), others did not (CSI, CSI:NY, Criminal Minds, MythBusters). And then there were some shows that nobody expected to receive the amount of response it did (Ghost Whisperer).

If we went with writing about the top rated shows, we’d be left with this…

Dancing with the Stars
NCIS: Los Angeles
The Mentalist
Grey’s Anatomy
Desperate Houeswives
CSI: Miami
The Good Wife

While I know a couple Screen Rant writers that just love Dancing with the Stars, we’re not sure that you’d want to read about it. I’m not going to lie, we watch our fair share of television and that means we have the ability to cover many of your favorite shows. The only thing is, we don’t know what you favorite shows are or if you’d want to read more reviews/recaps/discussions of those shows. So, instead of staying the course and writing about shows that are our favorites, we’d like to know what yours are.

If you could list the top 5 shows you’d like to see recaps and discussions on, what would that be? Now we’re not talking about regular news. If James Earl Jones decides to join Cougar Town, you’ll probably hear about it.

For all you manly men out there, don’t’ be afraid to say The Hills or The City. Sure, we’ll mock you for it, but this is all about being open and honest and from my experience there’s usually fair amount of mocking in being open and honest. Especially when it’s about your favorite MTV scripted “realty” TV shows.

the hills What TV Shows Do You Want More Coverage Of?

So, what have you? What 5 shows would you like to see recaps and discussions on?

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  1. I miss Defying Gravity. This show is great in so many ways. It’s a league of it’s own.

  2. OK, any way to get the point through that posting here isn’t going to bring the show back??

  3. Hi,

    My family and I just watched all 13 episodes of Defying Gravity (available on iTunes in HD). All of us, from my 7 year old son and 10 year old daughter to my 40 something wife and I loved it.

    It was a real bummer last night when I read on Wikipedea that no second season was in the cards.

    Great characters, rich plot with many themes and perhaps most importantly, timely attention to space exploration as our planet heats up.

    It looks like the networks doomed this series to failure with their mid-summer launch, weird timeslots, and partial series airing. The show deserves another shot.

    Is there an official petition website? My family and I will surely sign it.


  4. Google.com

  5. Sorry folks, I know it’s getting unpopular to say it, but another vote here for Defying Gravity.

    I’ve been watching this in the UK, getting ever frustrated with the BBC playing “schedule tennis” with it. Now I know why. ABC. Grrr!

  6. Listen to the people. They all want to watch Defying Gravity. I want to watch Defying Gravity, everybody wants to watch Defying Gravity. The companies that advertise want programs on TV that keep people watching so they want Defying Gravity too. Cancelling this show would be pure lunacy.

    • I just saw Defying Gravity for the first time, finishing the first season tonight (thank you Canada)
      I’ve got everyone in my neighborhood looking for episodes online.
      I am CRUSHED to find that it was not only cancelled but lost?!
      There is a greater message there that we are all dying to see.
      There’s got to be a way to continue it.
      There are completely lame, meaningless, dry, predictable shows out there DAILY!
      Let us have our mystery and our imaginations play out in space!

      • Can not agree more! DG is amazing and no one I know has even heard of it! The show was marketed horribly. I never saw or heard of it while it was on air and had to watch “unofficial” postings online to see the series. I bought season 1 on dvd last week and absolutely love it. Rally for Defying Gravity!

    • I would love to see a new series of defying gravity as i have watched the whole series over 5 times now and already half way through the 6th time, if it would be possible to create a new series it would make a lot of people happy especially me! It wouldn’t matter how long it would take to film, we are patient and would wait for the series to come along!
      But in addition i would also love to see more of this series on the tv as it seems as though this series really hasnt been given a chance!!!

  7. @Guffmuffim

    Actually I think you’ll find advertisers want shows that bring in many viewers. Defying Gravity’s slowly declining ratings were probably the reason why it was cancelled.

  8. Eveyone said the show Lost was great but the story never really seemed interesting to me. Then one day about a year ago I rented a movie called the lost room. When I got home I found that someone had put in the show Lost instead of the movie. It was late and I didn’t feel like going back so I watched it. It was great. The next day i bought all the seasons that were available. It was so addictive i went through them all in about 2 weeks.

    Defying Gravity is like that. I saw one episode and was hooked. I just had to download all thirteen and wasn’t dissapointed, they were all first rate entertainment and that is hard to come by. It will be a shame if the cancel the show.

  9. A little slow on the uptake but we are several episodes behind in DEFYING GRAVITY downunder. It is a great escape I look forward to in taking the journey with the cast. To now find out it is being cancelled reminds me of too many shows that become well repeated classics which may start off a little slow (yes, even MASH, Friends, Cheers, Star Trek + TNG)…. As a genere, sci-fi is always a tough sell to many demographics, but a good show that provides emotional wisdom (gets emotional invetment) no matter what the style and attracts long term fans. Some may be a little slow to come on board, but once on the journey they have to go backwards to stop.

    Defying Gravity expects the viewer to take on-board a lot of new concepts and terminology – an analogy: beam-me-up…..Soup Nazi.!

  10. You know what? If someone offers to GIVE me all episodes of Defying Gravity for free, I am going to REFUSE to watch it thanks to you guys. I’m sure there are others here that feel this way. How’s that for helping the series?? lol, just kidding…

  11. Defifying Gravity is such a good show! Everyone wants it to carry on, its crazy that they’re not making a season 2. Some other netwrok needs to pick up this show where it left off and properly advertise it! That is the only reason it didnt do so well, because not enough people knew about it!

  12. Defying gravity needs to come back for another season.
    it was one of the few programs with a sense of purpose and depth. while the rating might have been low that is due to it a) not being advertised b) put on late c) most people watched it on the internet (as i did on the bbc iPlayer)
    Defying Gravity all the way

  13. OMG! Just stuck with Defying Gravtiy to the bitter end hoping it woud get better to see what you lot were going crazy over and my gosh this was the biggest load of crap I’ve ever sat through!

    Too much time was spent in flashbacks of their boring lives which I didn’t really care about. For instance, the storyline of the blonde girl failing the exam – so what? We already know she got on it so whats the point?

    Most of the characters were useless (Ted after the first few eppy’s) and the only partially interesting story of Beta went absolutely nowhere – what the heck was it/what did it want?

    Crappy and dull and really not surprised it was cancelled and not particularly bothered that it’s not coming back.

  14. Defying Gravity is great! I first watched it because I had nothing better to do. I figured it would be a semi-decent show that I’d only watch when I had nothing else to do. Boy was I wrong. After I watched the first one I went through all 13 episodes in 3 days.

    As for some of the detractors…

    The flashbacks are for characterization. They give greater insight into the group dynamic and why people react as they do to particular situations. As for the flashback of Zoe failing the exam, the mystery isn’t is she getting back, it is how.

    The whole beta thing going unsolved in the first season? That would be called plot.

  15. I’m sorry but there’s no excuse for making the flashbacks so incredibly dull – even if it’s for characterisation.

    It was so boring!

    If there’s a show we should be campaigning to bring back it should be Reaper or Journeyman!

  16. Defying Gravity didn’t have its chance… It’s too bad ’cause the show is really good! Plus, we fans are so annoyed not to have answers to all the questions the first season asked!!! I wish we could have other seasons

  17. Well the crator speculated his plans for future seasons and t be honest some seem ok but it took too long for anything to happen.



  18. Defying Gravity is a refreshing change to the droll garbage that gets prime time viewing these days. But let me say this… How can myself, an avid viewer of great television drama and film, have totally missed all the episodes of defying gravity, and had to download the whole lot to view after the season had broadcast. My thoughts on why DF didn’t get the ratings is that someone did a poor job at advertising. Bring on season two, or if not then step aside for another to do it, as the fans want it.

  19. my picks are:
    1. Defying Gravity
    2. Fringe
    3. NCIS
    4. Flashforward
    5. CSI
    6. Torchwood
    7. Warehouse 13
    8. V
    9. Dirty Jobs
    10. House
    11. Stargate Universe
    12. Myth Busters

  20. my picks are:
    1. Defying Gravity
    2. Fringe
    3. NCIS
    4. Flashforward
    5. CSI
    6. Torchwood
    7. Warehouse 13
    8. V
    9. Dirty Jobs
    10. House
    11. Stargate Universe
    12. Myth Busters

  21. Defying Gravity is Still the best

  22. Defying Gravity is a breath of fresh air to the world of TV series, promises a lot. Each chapter takes you to the Antares and makes you feel someone else in the crew. Few series will engage in this way.

    It is unfortunate that economic interests have been canceled. Sometimes the producers are unable to see beyond the money, just look at the screen quota.

    I would like to continue, therefore I vote.

    Long Live BETA