Will Squirrel Girl Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Squirrel Girl Marvel Cinematic Universe Will Squirrel Girl Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy opens today and the film is already banking well at the box office thanks to its Thursday midnight openings, which set a record for the month of August and for the year. The reviews and early buzz are also positive, proving that audiences are ready for live-action adaptations of wacky and weird Marvel comic book characters – including talking raccoons and trees.

Guardians offers just a sampling of the thousands of strange heroes and villains in the Marvel Comics library and we’re going to see more and more of them in the very near future. If Marvel’s trademarking efforts are anything to go by – and they usually are – then we might be meeting Squirrel Girl sometime soon as well.

Bleeding Cool noticed that early this month Marvel had filed a trademark for “Squirrel Girl” and upon closer inspection on the official United States Patent and Trademark Office website, we can see that it’s specific to printed mediums:

Paper and paper articles; cardboard and cardboard articles; printed matter; publications; books; photographs; portraits; paintings; stationery; office and school supplies; temporary tattoos; foam stamps; party bags; shopping bags

Theres no mention of digital, television or film and seems to be a case of Marvel setting up the character for near-future use and perhaps a larger role in the comics, or protecting the character legally. It also could be paving the way for Squirrel Girl (real name: Doreen Green) eventually popping up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Squirrel Girl Jessica Jones Luke Cage 1024x667 Will Squirrel Girl Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Squirrel Girl with Jessica Jones & Luke Cage

Although not a major character in Marvel Comics, and one that’s actually been absent for years at a time since she was created by writer Will Murray and artist Steve Ditko in the early ’90s, Squirrel Girl has strong ties to The Avengers and more importantly, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones who are both getting their own series on Netflix. Cage and Jones have a kid together and Green helps out as their nanny. If she’s joining the connected Marvel universe where these TV shows share the same space as the films, then it’s likely if we ever see her it’s going to be there first.

Squirrel Girl was also one of the more obscure characters that launch with the video game Marvel Heroes so Marvel’s not shy about using the unique character in their multi-medium empire. Squirrel Girl is stronger and faster than normal humans and has enhanced senses, and just like Falcon in the comics, can communicate with the animals she’s named after. Squirrel Girl introduction - yay or nay? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014, The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on July 28 2017, November 3 2017, May 4 2018, July 6 2018, November 2 2018 and May 3 2019.

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Source: Bleeding Cool, USPTO

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  1. Wait… I don’t understand how filing for a patent specific to printed mediums paves the way for her popping up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe… ?

    • For a lot of their properties these filings are made for terms/characters/titles just before the film projects roll out.

  2. Did DC once say that “The world is not ready for a Wonder Woman movie”?

    Then Marvel is like: “Here’s a movie with a talking tree and his friend a talking raccoon fighting aliens in space.”

    And now Marvel is hinting at Squirrel Girl? WTF DC?

    • That’s what happens when old people are still in charge of things.

      • and that’s what happens when you play the “grounded in reality” angle too much when doing movies based on comic book characters. I blame Chris Nolan.

        • This is why I think they should have led with Shazam. It would have established a much more fun and light-hearted tone that would have better suit Superman, Green Lantern, and the Flash.

          Then again, they managed to incorporate Barry Allen into the Arrow universe on the small screen. But they also made a conscious choice to make it as opposite of the Arrow as possible.

        • Nolan wasn’t the first and no, “grounded in reality” doesn’t mean “we’ll remove fantastical elements like that trilogy did”. All of Marvel’s films have been “grounded in reality” too. Gonna whine about those or are they off-limits to your ridiculous comments?

      • Wonder Woman would be the one of the next two movies I would be put after Dawn of Justice (If I was in charge I would show Atlantis when Batman wants to locate other potential super powered people on the Bat Computer at the end).

        “The Batman” would be next. Where he fights Black Mask and Deadshot, showing off his detective skills, finding out Black Mask hired Deadshot to take down Batman, it would also show off his hand to hand fighting with both goons, and Black mask and Deadshot.
        -Then Batman 2 (two or three other DC movies in between The Batman and Batman 2), where Mr Freeze is fired for selling Wayne Tech secrets to the black market (he was doing this to get money for his sick wife at home), he then gets beat up by Penguin and his goons for not getting the last item he agreed to get. He goes back in Wayne Tech and steals the bullet proof suit designed to protect himself against the cold his gun creates, he kills penguin and goes up against Bruce Wayne, not Batman. Batman shows off his custom gear alot more, creating something to counter act Mr Freeze gun.
        -Batman 3 (two or three DC movies in between Batman 2 and 3)will have Joker telling the city not to panic, and he blows up an apartment building, Batman investigates and cannot find anything about Joker and the next day Joker uses his gas to kill everyone at a sleep over (or something just as bad). It is revealed through a different video messege to the public that Joker let his pet, Killer Croc loose, Killer Croc is wearing a bomb on his chest while Joker and Harley Quinn kidnaps Barbara Gordon and what follows is The Killing Joke (No spoiling), Batman gets there a little to late and he nearly kills Joker but instead takes him to Arkham.

        Wonder Woman:
        -Wonder Woman, I would make Wonder Woman fight Ares, when she comes back to her land to find it has been attacked when she was gone (during Dawn of Justice).
        -Wonder Woman 2 she goes up against Hades, who is threatening the world.

        Aquaman going against Black Manta (an underwater diving suit made by Lex Co when he was trying to drill next to Atlantis for Kyptonite, remember the thing in MoS over the ocean? That created Kyptonite).

        -Man of Steel 2 would have Bizzaro, a failed clone of Zod Luthor created, but erased all evidence of his companies involvement.
        -Man of Steel 3 would have Metallo, created by Lex Luthor to attack Superman and use the Kryptonite against him. Again, Lex covers his tracks, but Superman knows who is trying to kill him, and confronts him at the end.

        -Flash up against Captain Cold, Flash is just starting his job and Captain Cold is a hardened criminal who stole a one of a kind gun from a huge crate (being sold by Penguin).

        Justice League:
        -Justice League 2 would face off against Doomsday being sent to earth by Darkseid to “weaken Earth before he can conquer”, Martain Manhunter “aims” Doomsday against Darksied, Luthor is seen making an Exo-Suit, and tells the men working on it to be patient, they will learn what he plans on doing with it when he plans on using it..
        -Justice League 3 would have Brainiac, ends with Luthor doing experiments on blood taken from Zod’s body.
        -Justice League 4 to be the Secret Society, Parasite, Cheetah, Bane, Mirror Master and lead by Lex Luthor, Luthor shows that he made himself to “near superman strength and resistance” using Kypton DNA, and the exo-suit “more then makes up for the rest”.

        The rest of the league:
        I’m not all to familiar with Green Lantern, or Martian Manhunter but Green Lantern would get a movie. Hawkgirl would be in one of the Justice League movies, but depending on her popularity, she might not get a solo movie.

        It all ends with Flash 2, where Reverse Flash and he square off, and they create an alternate reality, new actors to replace the older ones who do not want to do it anymore, with fresh ideas from new writers.

        • Thanks to you, I have to scroll down 2 seconds longer. JUST MAKE IT DAMN SHORT!

          • this isn’t Twitter – why make an complex idea or statement/ opinion short ?
            sometimes it’s takes more than 140 characters to explain what someone is thinking

        • Brandon…nice thoughts, but u obviously have too much time on your hands.

        • Nah, they feel a bit too separated considering they’re trying to build a shared universe (which I dislike about MCU). I’d rather they have mini team-ups or something that adds to the grander universe, something like:

          1. Batman prequel to BvS – fallout with Robin (he comes back as Nightwing much later). Possible storyline with a tragic Mr. Freeze (I’d love Daniel Day Lewis to play him) and Nora. Overall theme would be: despite all that Batman has done, there are things he cannot do with or without the mask. He can’t save everyone. He loses hope because he doesn’t feel he can inspire people to be better than they are. Then he witnesses the events of Man of Steel and sees how Superman could give people something to aspire to.

          2. Wonder Woman – part prequel and part sequel to BvS. Show how maybe she is involved with the third world or the dying of it. Possibly have the fourth world rise up showing the rise of Darkseid. Maybe have Diana rebel against her people because they would rather just let man’s world fall to Darkseid rather than do anything to try and prepare for it. Have a naive Diana venture out into the world and meet up with Batman who suspects her powers. Then Man of Steel happens. Then more stuff in between leading up to BvS. Then maybe some aftermath stuff where she goes back to her sisters to find the place in ruins thanks to a preemptive strike by the minions of Darkseid.

          Maybe have some after credit scenes or in movie scenes where Batman investigates other beings with powers. Batman and Diana could go about vetting and recruiting people for the fight to come. I’d love to see a training session with Diana vs Superman where Diana just completely shuts Supes down due to her tactical superiority despite Supes strength. Batman could maybe coach or something.

        • Due to Affleck getting cast as Batman, I’m 90% sure that they’re either going to introduce Nightwing and have him take over as Batman, or the Beyond-route and introduce McGinnis.

          I think Affleck is gonna do BvS, Justice League and one solo film, then appear as Bruce Wayne in later films with Dick or Terry wearing the cowl.

          Personally, I would prefer to see them introduce Nightwing, and then have Dick take over as a more of a classical Batman.

          • What’s with all the DC comments? Are there no Batman Vs Superman boards?

            Let’s litany on topic people… So anyone wonder if Nut sacks will be in the film, or if that would just be to silly? I. Can’t see how they could avoid them, it being such a large part of her personality.

    • Don’t be that guy that starts a fanboy war between Dc and Marvel

      • The comment sections on this website are always simmering seconds away from a nerd war, it’s kind of inevitable.

        • It’s great. I love the tension :)

          • Yeah. Sometimes their comment are fun & intelligent at the same time. Although some comments are just down right mean.

      • War has already begun.

    • It’s because an action comedy featuring a talking raccoon and anthropomorphic tree are more likely to be well received by general audiences than an action movie with a female protagonist that doesn’t have help from a male character.

      Don’t blame DC, blame the world.

      • But Hunger Games proved that the world is ready for a female protagonist.

      • lmao.. its been proven many times that females can lead a movie. so thats just bs hahaha

        • It’s BS? Ok, well, I’m only providing observations based on what I often tend to see in the world of cinema. Not my fault you don’t buy it because you want WW to work like I do.

          • There have been numerous successful action movies with female leads: underworld series, resident evil series, Hunger Games, Lucy…

            • Kill Bill, Tomb Raider, Alien, Divergent, Frozen, Brave, The Terminator (first two parts and the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show), Juno…

  3. Obviously in preparation for for Avengers 3: Monkey Joe’s Revenge

    • Nailed it.

  4. she’ll off screen thanos and save the universe!!

    • lmao.. its been proven many times that universes can’t be saved off screen. so thats just bs hahaha

  5. if she really is coming to the marvel universe i cant see her being in anything further than a cameo or one shot. maybe even an episode on shield

    • lmao.. its been proven many times that Squirrel Girl can do more than a cameo. so thats just bs hahaha

      • Really? That’s your response? I dislike an opinion, so I’ll just mockingly reuse it on the same person at least two times?

        Granted, I don’t see the original opinion as being put together any better, but this childish way of replying to a comment, any comment, is just sad. Plus you lose credibility by doing it. And we all know how devastating losing credibility on tEh Internet can be to a person. :P

  6. This is stupid and yet also kinda awesome!!

  7. She was awesome as Luke Cage’s babysitter. She fought off a bunch of Nazis at Avengers Mansion.

  8. Yeh why not?
    She seems to have like a dumb and cheerful personality…
    like Isla Fisher for the role?

  9. Squirrel Girl….


    This cannot be real. Who the hell creates a character named Squirrel Girl? I have never heard of her.

    • The same people who make Spider Man and Bat Man…Seriously though, if we weren’t used to it, the name and premise of Bat Man is utterly ridiculous:

      A grown man can’t cope with his billionaire parents’ deaths, so he decides to become a secret ninja and – get this – dress up like a bat of all things to go punch bad guys in perennial revenge. Why a bat? Why, because they freak him out and rustle his jimmies, so of course he wants to have the same effect on others too! …even though most rational people aren’t very scared of bats. And…and well, that’s that.

      At least Squirrel Girl actually has a squirrel tail and can seemingly talk to them. And she seems pretty normal otherwise. Not crouched in a nest chittering away pretending to be something she’s not.

  10. BAHAHAHA THIS IS HILARIOUS. A talking raccoon,a guy who talks to ants and this chick are getting movies before wonder woman!

    • Think about it really good guys, the studios have more faith in a movie about a raccoon and a tree in space then they do in wonder woman. I know others have said it, but I’m still gonna say it anyway lol.

      • “I know others have said it, but I’m still gonna say it anyway lol.”

        You just showed how ignorant and unattentive you are by saying that, LOL! So what if they had a movie featuring a talking raccoon and a giant tree before a movie featuring a female lead like Wonder Woman? As other posters have already pointed out, there have already been plenty of action movies featuring a female lead, so it is not like everyone is sexist and that a female lead comic book movie can’t sell. You’re just whining and making typical bs feminist rants.

  11. Put Squirrel Girl in the Howard the Duck Returns movie! lol

  12. Oh god I hope so, she is Disneys version of Deadpool and the leaked promotional video for that was amazing. Her connection would need to be light hearted, her villains silly. She should be played straight in any crossovers where she enters other heros films (like in the comics) with a comedy twist obviously. But in her films she should be 100% fun! her villains should be hugely powerful, but funny! find fang foom and igo the living planet come to mind, then just before they destroy the world, the screen cuts away, when we return squirrel girl is victorious. No decapitations like deadpool, but more impressive results ;)

    Heck you could even make the film / TV show a U, how funny would that be? Every time someone is about to swear either a squirrel sidekick or Squirrel girl bang a gong or honk a horn, every time the violence gets to extream a sign could be held up to protect the children.

    I for one would love it. Something fun, something zaney, something for 3-7 year olds to fall in love with.

  13. You know, these “x is getting a movie before Wonder Woman” comments really tend to anger me sometimes.

    Why does it matter who gets their movie out first? If anything, I’d rather have Squirrel Girl, Howard the Duck, Millie the Model, Irving Forbush, US-1, Brute Force, NEXTWave, Ultraforce AND Power Pack before a solo Wonder Woman movie at this point.

    Why do I say this?

    1. As a fan of Wonder Woman, I don’t want her movie done fast, I want it done right. I don’t want her to be a fanservice character in charge of flashing breasts and relying on men, nor do I want her to be overly right-wing feminist whose ideals the movie might shove down audience’s throats. I want her to be as human as humanly possible, written well, acted well, directed well. Getting her fast just so people can say “We finally have a Wonder Woman movie” is about as idiotic as the average person who expresses that type of desire.

    2. These obscure characters are getting their movie first because Marvel, with its ups and downs, has shown quality with both their A-listers AND B-listers (A-listers via other studios like Sony and Fox in some – not all – films, B-listers within its own studios which raised most of them into insta-A’s). So I can tell, with all confidence, that a Squirrel Girl movie would be both watchable, entertaining and extremely interesting. And hell, it would give us a really, REALLY unique female character, which is almost always a plus. No generic weak damsel-in-distress type, no strong, independent solo woman type, no emo dark goth type, just a really fun, quirky gal with an extremely bizarre power set.

    3. Honestly, people act like mentioning this “x before Wonder Woman” thing makes them either a smarter or a better person than the rest of the movie-going audience. Kind of like referring to the Dark Knight Trilogy as “art”, which, let’s face it, it’s not. My honest advice, take Elsa’s sing-song advice and let it go already. Just enjoy the Tree and the Raccoon for what they are, and then enjoy Wonder Woman when she pops up on any of the many-sized screens.

    But knowing how an average comment section on Screenrant goes, I can’t help but feel giddy with anticipation when it comes to posterior-hurt responses. So go on right ahead, kiddoes. :D

    • The comment makes no sense at all. Marvel is 10 movies into their shared universe and WB/DC is just now filming their second. Marvel has built their universe to a point where they can take chances on movies like GoG. And let’s face it, since other studios hold the rights to a lot of their biggest properties, they have to take some chances. There’s also no way that Squirrel Girl gets a movie before the likes of Black Panther, Nova or Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers).

      The only way I see WW not getting a solo film is if:

      1. BvS completely bombs (not going to happen) or
      2. Gal is not well received in the role

      It’s all but certain that BvS will be a hit, so that just leaves the fan reaction to Gal as WW. If the fans hate her in the role I can see them backing off of any plans for her to headline a WW movie.

      • I agree with most of what you’ve said. But I have to ask, how does the previous comment make no sense exactly?

        This is not a call-out to war, just a genuine question for clarification.

        • Not saying that the previous comment doesn’t make sense. I was agreeing that “x is getting a movie before Wonder Woman” comment doesn’t make sense.

          • Ah, okay. Gotcha. :)

    • Re: “Kind of like referring to the Dark Knight Trilogy as “art”, which, let’s face it, it’s not.”

      I would put it this way:

      -Batman Begins is a movie;

      -The Dark Knight can be considered a work of art (I could critically analyze the themes, messages and iconography of that movie like any good piece of literature – 15+ page paper and everything) and is definitely a “film” (I discriminate between what I call ‘movies’ and ‘films’);

      -And finally, The Dark Knight Rises tried its hardest (read: way too hard) to be a notable film but it just scraped up too many dry and overused…things…and dressed them up in a thin boring veil of comic book characters.

  14. curious – why do many/ most descriptions of GotG describe the film or characters as “weird” or something like that?
    so there’s a talking raccoon and a walking tree … ??? so – what’s the big deal?

    there’s been many films before this where there were just as “non-human” characters, etc
    Star Wars had Wookies, Droids, Ewoks and every alien creature that could be imagined –
    after 35 plus years of sci-fi & fantasy movies since then (and before) – isn’t it considered fairly normal to have talking animals or other alien characters ?

    every other cartoon has a talking animal or other living object or whatever – Beauty and Beast film, etc

    no if the characters were literally a piece of walking s*** and a talking floating piss – now THAT would be WEIRD!!!
    South Park is the only thing I’ve seen that has a piece of s*** as a character

    • And the beloved smiling crap emoji!

      But really though – all of Star Wars’ aliens had their characters under just that – aliens. It was also still groundbreaking, and during the age when everything was new and quirky things were much more accepted than they are today.

      People today analyze things, cynically pour over details, and you’ll hear “wtf?” way more than “awesome!” if you throw out something non-mainstream into the mainstream.

      So it’s less Screenrant labeling it as such themselves, and more them being aware of how audiences will typically receive something like this.

  15. (fingers crossed for Great Lakes Avengers movie, even though it makes it hard to type)

    Sadly will probably just be a Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. appearance.

    • I definitely think a WEST coast avengers movie (or series will happen … at some point) – but if they ever make a Great Lakes Avengers … what heroes are even in that ???

      may be it would be a part a new series of animated films in the MCU – but still canon in the MCU – you never know ….

      • Mr. Immortal, Dinah Soar, Big Bertha, Flatman, Doorman, Squirrel Girl. They’re kinda like the Mystery Men of the Marvel Universe.

  16. Heck, yeah. I will buy into Squirrel Girl onscreen so fast. She’s a character that you don’t even have to take seriously to enjoy and love. Bring this on.

  17. I think Marvel is to be blamed more! for no female superheroes.I see lot of people giving sh** to DC for not yet making a Wonder Woman film.
    Look at DC’s previous attempts at making cinematic universe. [TDK trilogy was its own thing so doesn't count]
    1)Man of Steel – mixed reception
    2)Green Lantern- critical and commercial flop
    Of course DC doesn’t and shouldn’t have total confidence in themselves since they are on shaky ground as far as cinematic universe/superhero properties is concerned. If they had confidence in making a Wonder Woman film a superhit, it would be arrogant of them.
    Marvel on the other hand… Where is Ms. Marvel announcement? They are the top dogs here. Almost every Marvel movie has been a commercial success and all of them have been critically well received too. They should be shepherding female superheroes on the big screen and taking bold risks as they have a proven brand.
    People are like Look DC can’t make WW film and Marvel is making a film about a talking raccoon.
    In fact, it should be like Marvel is making a film about a talking raccoon and no Ms. Marvel/ Black Widow yet?
    Marvel should be held more responsible coz they are currently the best in the business. Not DC who are still trying to lay a solid foundation.

  18. I blame Zack Snyder for making the DC Universe suck. I think a woman should write and direct Wonder Woman.

  19. Kristen Schaal would be an amazing Squirrel Girl.

  20. I think a Squirrel Girl Marvel Comic will be so fascinating. I would truly go out to see this movie. I think it’s an excellent idea. Let me know if you’re looking for actresses for this one. I could lend my voice.

  21. Squirrel Girl is a mutant. Doesn’t Fox own her rghts?

    • No Fox owns Xmen and related properties which Squirrel Girl is not a part of, they simply can’t call her a mutant.

      My proposed MCU origin for Squirrel Girl,

      Doreen Green regular high school girl, she goes to a science lab on a field trip where they have created fifteen genetically enhanced super squirrels but one is missing, she puts her backpack down that has its zipper open partially that has a can of hazelnuts inside. We see the missing squirrel jump down from its hiding place and jumps inside her backpack, everyone then goes to the cafeteria, Doreen reaches inside for the nuts but the squirrel inside bites her, she screams in pain and pulls out her hand with squirrel still attached, the squirrel lets go and runs out of the building causing pandemonium on its way out.
      Doreen goes home afterwards, goes to bed and has a strange squirrel related dream. When she wakes up and looks in the mirror she sees she had suddenly developed muscles as well as buck teeth, markings under her eyes, not to mention a huge squirrel tail. She hears a tapping on her bedroom window, she opens the curtains and sees it’s the squirrel from the lab, she realizes she understand squirrels when it apologizes for biting her and explains that it has nowhere to go. She decides to take the squirrel in and names it Monkey Joe.

    • Nope; remember Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be in Avengers 2 (because their characters are equally tied to X-men and Avengers); the only reason all the Great Lakes Avengers and Squirrel Girl are mutants is because (its easier that way). Squirrel Girl was created as a reaction to comics getting darker and more serious and Will Murray and Steve Ditko just wanted to have fun for a change. The Great Lakes Avengers were created as a joke team *they really are the Mystery Men of the Marvel Universe; a team of reject super-heroes who can’t really handle anyone. Which made me mad they killed Dinah Soar in 2005 just to poke fun at comics killing characters off.

      In fact these characters are so far removed from X-men that none of the mutant stuff involves them. M-day, Apocalypse, Mutant Registration, that weirdness where people seem to know someone is a mutant when they have powers in X-titles that never happens when a new character shows up in any other titles; or the Sentinel future which no other time travelers ever come across; Squirrel Girl and the Great Lakes Avengers were among those mutants not affected by M-day because they ARN’T X-men characters; just mutants because no-one wanted to be more inventive with their backstories (which hasn’t stopped fanfic writers, like me who made her Galacta’s daughter via time travel LoL).

      She is just a silly light hearted super-hero (so not fit for the serious dark tones of X-men titles) who’d rather fight giant apes on the moon (her own words) than deal with Humans vs Mutants struggles and Sentinels and all that stuff.

      In fact as a joke the Great Lakes Avengers briefly changed their name to Great Lake’s X-men when they realized they were all mutants but Rachel Grey made them change it again because they don’t deal with the same problems as the X-men.

  22. Squirrel Girl + BH6 = PIXAR!! :D

  23. She would need to take. Down villains off screen though, or what’s the point.

    Wait I just thought, she could be in a fing fang foom movie, she defeated him in GLA and I can’t see marvel using him in a serious film. Maybe a straight up children comedy would work? After the Netflix shows to have a film where Luke cage and jessica jones are married with a daughter and hire a superpowerd nanny. The film could be Rodger rabbit / incredibles style, with the baby having superpowers and causing havok on one side and a attack by a dragon on the other…

    • She took down MODOK on panel, as well as Deadpool and Wolverine (granted Wolverine isn’t a villain; and sorry Deadpool fans I don’t consider him a hero; I have always pretty much viewed him as a villain who uses rule of funny to get away with what he does).

      Squirrel Girl is a light hearted character, but villains…there are some rather nasty ones attached to her for personal reasons.

      Maelstrom: killed a Great Lakes Avengers member, also killed her original side-kick and a whole army of her squirrels.

      Deathurge: a rather nasty classic marvel villain who used to fight Quasar. Is now trapped as a squirrel because he failed to harvest the ghost of Monkey Joe, and then failed to kill Tippy Toe (whom this villain is now in love with as a squirrel);

      and both went after Squirrel Girl by order of

      Oblivion: the personification of the universal concept of entropy. It seems Oblivion has it out for Squirrel Girl yet is unable to attack her directly, instead I guess trying to make her “less light hearted and full of life” by going after what she loves.
      Imagine a dark and depressed squirrel girl turned against life.

      This is her enemy, dark moody tones. She would as a movie the embodiment of the Silver Age of comics vs the Dark Age of Comics. Probably need to make a new character for her to fight who embodies all (or most) of the dark age designs and personalities. The movie being her trying to bring back the light hearted days of super-heroes to bring joy and hope to the people; against a foe who thinks people should be depressed and everything should be dark and gritty. (so pretty much a giant snub at WB who is trying to make its heroes all dark and moody and over the top serious).

  24. I don’t know about a movie; but I’ve love for her to show up on Agents of SHIELD, maybe even all the Great Lakes Avengers could show up. A cameo in another movie. Thought of a funny one; an after credits scene for Dr. Strange where he banishes Shuma Gorath, but it tries to reappear in Central Park during the after credits scene only to have Squirrel Girl show up and say something like, “not on my turf you don’t scuzzy,” and leap at; just as the screen goes black.

  25. Yes! Squirrel Girl is the Relativity Media and Marvel studios movie and it will join the Cinematic Universe.

  26. Well the unbeatable squirrel girl starts next year, I dare say if the comic does well then she will head to film… This news alongside the death of wolverine, the end of xfactor and the end of fantastic four next year all make me wonder what marvel are playing at.

    Will we see more non xmen mutants having solo runs in the comics as marvel own them, watch Firestar and X-23 closely, they are mutants that appeared outside xmen as much as inside them, as well as Exodus, Madrox and probably a few others I can’t think of at the moment.