Tom Hardy Starring in ‘Splinter Cell’ Movie; Script By ‘American Bullsh**t’ Writer

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Splinter Cell movie Tom Hardy Tom Hardy Starring in Splinter Cell Movie; Script By American Bullsh**t Writer

We’ve been keeping an eye on the movie adaptation of Splinter Cell, the popular stealth espionage video game series that carries the badge of Tom Clancy’s name above its title. The game is owned by Ubisoft, a studio which is making a big push into the movie market: along with Splinter Cell, the company is adapting another one of its top-selling game franchises, Assassin’s Creed, into a movie starring actor Michael Fassbender.

Not to be outdone with that high-profile casting, we now have word that Splinter Cell has also recruited (no pun) a newly-minted star as its leading man: Tom Hardy, best known for his roles in InceptionLawless and as masked villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

Variety reports that Hardy has singed on to play Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher, a ninja-like operative working for a Black-ops unit called Echelon. The game series (which has sold 20+ million copies and has a seventh installment, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, due out in 2013) revolves around the various ‘impossible mission’ scenarios Fisher must navigate, with plenty of backstory and character development filled in along the way. The games’ appeal is mainly found in the varied options players have in accomplishing their missions – all of which require a combination of stealth, cunning, resourcefulness and (in a few instances) outright forcefulness.

The script is being written by Eric Warren Singer, who penned the Clive Owen thriller The International, as well as the lauded script for American Bullsh**t, a film about the FBI’s ABSCAM corruption case of the ’70s and ’80s, which has attracted Oscar-nominated director David O. Russell (The Fighter) and a cast that includes Jeremy Renner, Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams. That’s all to say: even if Singer’s name doesn’t sound familiar yet, it’s bound to have some clout behind it by the time Splinter Cell hits theaters.

Splinter Cell Sam Fisher Tom Hardy Starring in Splinter Cell Movie; Script By American Bullsh**t Writer

‘Splinter Cell’ hero Sam Fisher

Ubisoft has been quite vocal about its intent to conquer the video game movie stigma echoing companies like Marvel and taking more active control of its properties and their subsequent movie adaptations. The gaming studio has partnered with Fox for Assassin’s Creed; Paramount will co-develop Splinter Cell.

As for Hardy – what is there to say? He’s one of biggest breakout stars of the last few years, many moviegoers enjoy him – even if they’re still learning to place his name with his face – and he definitely has the sort of charisma to lead an action franchise of this magnitude. He’s also already demonstrated onscreen skill in both action and espionage,via his roles in films like LawlessInception and of course, Dark Knight Rises. One might rightly point out that Hardy actually played a highly-trained spy in McG’s action rom-com This Means War earlier in 2012… but, we’d like to leave that blemish off of an otherwise shining resume, if possible…

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Stay tuned for more Splinter Cell movie news – as well as any new developments with Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed and Ghost Recon movie projects.

Source: Variety


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  1. You mean the perfect man for the job, Eric Bana, was not available?

  2. Couple of corrections:
    The agency Same works for is THIRD Echelon, and Blacklist is actually the 6th game, not the seventh.

  3. bingo, excellent

  4. Eric Bana? Lol, no.

    Liam Neeson would be the ACTUAL perfect guy for the role, but I guess Tom Hardy ain’t that bad at all either.

    • well what do you know you really are Mr.Right …
      liam is an excellent actor especially for his roles in TAKEN 1 and 2 and BATMAN he will be excellent for the role Sam Fisher cant wait till it comes out TOM HARDY will be great too

    • YES! YES YES YES. Totally agree with you. Liam is the perfect fisher. Tom hardy is too young. Even in the first game fisher is like 40

      • Maybe it’s an origin story of sorts, who knows? Plus Hardy’s voice is a natural fit for Fisher. It doesn’t matter too much who stars in it so long as it’s a AAA caliber film.

  5. Tom hardy is a good actor but Sam fisher is a older man. I was expecting George cloony

  6. Idk I kinda think tom hardy is too buff to play sam fisher but hes cute

  7. I personally think Liam Neeson would have been absolutely perfect to play Sam Fisher, the reason being he’s older, good with action and stealth, but also has the VOICE! YOU NEED THE RIGHT VOICE TO PLAY FISHER!!! Which is why I’m disappointed with the new voice actor for Blacklist… Personally I don’t think it’s going to live up to the original games, which went from the first one right up to Double Agent. After that they went downhill a bit. But who knows?!?!

  8. anyone who ever played “double agent” would agree that the way they made his face, his face looked just like bruce willis, so, i always pictured bruce willis being the perfect sam fisher, because he’s intimidating, scary, and the character of sam fisher is supposed to be an intimidating person that can make anyone talk, bruce willis fits that role to me, i think he would play an amazing sam fisher

    • What about Sean Bean..the guy who acted in Silent Hill as the adopted father & also as Boromir in Lord of The Rings…I think he’s a perfect fit with his voice & looks

  9. Jason Statham would be better pick for the role.

  10. You’re all wrong about who should play Sam Fisher. The role rightly belongs to Michael Ironsides. He IS the voice, the real voice, of Sam Fisher. And he’s an older guy. Perfect for the role. I mean who better to play the time than the actor that voices the character in the games?!?

    • This is true lol. Amazing actor, I remember when I first saw him in Top Gun. He’s too old now though. If anything Gerard Butler would be able to take his place. I think they should rethink the role. Having an actor like Gerard Butler would up the stats for the box office. They’d make a killing money wise.

    • Sam Fisher isn’t strapped to a wheelchair and is younger than 89.

  11. I think someone along the lines of Paul Walker would do a great job as Fisher. He puts alot of his heart into movies, such as Running Scared. Maybe get him built up alittle bit and dye his hair too make him look alittle older and i think itd be GOLDEN.

  12. How come Gerard Butler isn’t starring as Sam Fisher? He’s perfect for the role.

    • Gerard Butler did star as Sam Fisher. Haven’t you seen Olympus Has Fallen?

  13. Actually, Tom Hardy’s not a bad choice. However if it were up to me it’d be better to case an actor no one’s heard of. All these suggestions– Bruce Willis will still be Bruce Willis, Paul Walker will still be Paul Walker, etc. They’re only going to be playing dress up and it’d be hard for the audience to get past that.

  14. They need an older guy. He has to be fit of course. I wonder how the movie will turn out. I have completed most of the games and I think the filmmakers will screw this up I know it. A movie adaption should be as close to the games as possible. They better make the first Splinter Cell the basis for this one. If it’s sucessful, then make the sequel based on Pandora Tomorrow.

  15. I think Tom hardy will be awesome. Gerard butler would be my second pick.

  16. well thats dumb it should be George Clooney

  17. Tom Hardy is to “happy” and Fisher is not a happy go lucky kind of guy. I think George Cloony would be perfect.

  18. Tom Hardy too happy? Certainly wasn’t happy in The Fighter. He is very versital and a far far better actor yhan Butler. Liam too tall? Willis too Diehard!! Statham not a good actor. Hardy is a great pic and a very underrated actor

  19. big fan of the Splinter Cell games and Person of Interest TV show and although Fisher is quite agile compared to the character in PoI I would have to say the similarities between Fisher and Jim Caviezel are in my opinion quite one and the same also I would say roughly around the same age too

    so personally I would prefer to see him in the movie adaptation of SC :)

    go too young and it throws the fans off and since Ironside can’t physically do half the athleticism within fishers bag of tricks… Caviezel is the next best thing…

  20. They need me I look like sam .

    • Ok.

  21. Sean Bean is actually the perfect guy for a Sam Fisher role =)

    • But Sam Fisher actually has to survive the movie though bahaha.

      Sean Bean like always dies.

  22. Gerard Butler

  23. The dude from banshee … Lucas hood , spitting image

  24. I still feel George Clooney is the perfect match to play Sam Fisher he also has the voice and the look and the ability to act it out perfectly