Spielberg Loves Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

Published 6 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:24 pm,

Michael Bay posted a message on his official forums late last night to update us on the status of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He says that he sat down with another big shot director to screen the movie and get some thoughts, and he gave us some info on the next trailer.

Bay invited Steven Spielberg to be one of the first outsiders (outsider with financial stake mind you) to watch the Transformers sequel and it sounds like it was quite a positive experience for them both. In Bay’s forum message, he discusses Spielberg’s reaction:

“Steven Spielberg sat next to me in a big 100 person theater at Sony today. There were 98 empty seats. The lights came up after we just watched my cut of Revenge of the Fallen. He turned to me and said ‘It’s awesome.’”

“He felt this movie was better then the first – and probably my best, who knows – at this point in a movie you start to lose your objectivity. I just hope the fans like it. I’m going to start putting it in front of audiences in a few weeks – no you are not invited, yet.”

Bay continued on to discuss how stressful and busy it is for the people involved with post-production as the timer runs down leading up to the film’s release.

“We have 60 days left. Let me tell you it will be a race to finish. It’s 12 at night and we are still working here in the edit room. Everyone at ILM and DD are killing themselves right now, they are doing a stellar job on the effects. We also just finished our trailer which is coming out with Wolverine. Talk to you soon.”

So, we can expect the next full length trailer to be revealed in just over two weeks, as X-Men Origins: Wolverine debuts May 1st to kick off this summer season.

This news excites me – while I enjoyed the first film, it had too many major weaknesses – I hope this one corrects those (or at least most of them) and gives us more of what we really want, and less of what we really don’t want.

What does Spielberg’s praise mean for you?

Stay tuned for more Transformers 2 news, Screen Rant will up updates and the new trailer as they come.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens June 24, 2009.

Source: Michael Bay

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  1. If Vic gives it a good review, I will see it.
    If not,I wait for cable .
    I wasted a perfectly good birthday on the original film.

  2. personally… and you can all blast me for this one… but to me a movie review is just that persons opinion… lots of people lately are taking it way too serious… ” if vic gives it a good review, i will see it”. Vic is cool and all but i liked the first transformers movie, it entertained me and thats all i wanted it to do. Most of bays movies have that same… “the stupid humor and the way it was intercut with serious dramatic and battle scenes” as vic described and lots of people know this, but they still go to see his movies and whine about the same stuff over and over. Hopefully one day ill make movies like him and have all of you hate on me… ill come on to sites like these and personally thank you for going to see my movies anyways. Hopefully bay makes many movies more… i’m waiting for “bad boys 3″.

    Now again… no disrespect to vic or screenrant… just saying that they’re reviews are they’re personal opinions about whatever subject it may be…NOT YOURS!!!

  3. @jago

    No worries, bro. :-)

    Especially with this film, I know a LOT of people liked it. But I also know I’m not alone in my dislike of it.


  4. Another hint that Spielberg’s decline continues … how he could have watched “Transformers’” final hour half and not be aghast is beyond me.

    Once upon a time, Spielberg wouldn’t hook up with a generic director like Bay. Now, they’re best buds. Frankly, for all its flaws, “Transformers” was far more entertaining than “Indy 4.”

  5. Longshanks It is very true that Spielberg is probably the most powerful man in hollywood, but I wouldn’t call him the greatest director. I think he has made just as many bad films as he has great films. I think he is talented, but it stops there not even in my top five. For every Schindlers list and Saving Private Ryan there is an Indy 4 and War of the Wolrds. Though to be fair I blame that last one more on casting and less on direction. Spieldberg only gets as much cred as he does because of the large amount of very famous and very popular films he has made and people tend to forget or ignore the large amount of bad films that you want to forget that he has made.

    I want to add also to jago that not everyone will go see the movies anyway. I thought the first Transformers was pure garbage one of the worst films of it’s year even worse than Spiderman 3. I have no plans of watching the second one at all.

  6. @vic
    Well played vic… Well played…lol. Like that one lawyer said to the other… ” i’ll see you in the battlefield “

  7. @Daniel

    Spiderman 3 wasn’t even close to Transformers. I understand your taste in movies now if you liked Spiderman 3. Enjoy whatever it is you like.

  8. @daniel… Thank you… First of all i didn’t say everyone… Vic clearly noticed that but you still transformers in the first place. So in my opinion whether you saw it for free or not… You helped make the second one so thank you again. I’d also like to thank those who will make transformers 3 possible… God bless us all… Lol.

  9. jago, I think the person who said he will wait for vic’s review is because he agrees with vic on most of his reviews. Meaning he knows their tastes are similar, so finding out the opinion of someone with a similar taste in movies will give you a fairly good idea whether or not you will like it too. So it’s a perfectly legitimate thing for someone to say and do. I will also wait for Vic’s review. I’m planning on skipping this one since the first one sucked in my opinion, but if by some miracle this one rocks and Vic comes here and says “The first one was bad, but this one is really good!” then I might risk wasting my money on it. Otherwise I’ll do the smart thing and save it…

  10. @ken J…
    I understand what your saying thats why when i first said it… i didn’t mention that persons name because he might actually have a similar taste to vic… i said it as a whole… for those who come in here to attack others opinions about a movie just because lets say “rolling stone” gave it a good review and now it’s automatically good. Just because you may have a similar taste that doesn’t exactly mean that person is you… i agreed on a big part of the review vic gave it… but i still loved transformers. So to keep it simple…
    ” You yourself be the critic”… instead of judging it from someone else’s experience.But amen if you want to do it the other way…

    Again no disrespect to Vic, Screenrant or anyone… especially that this is the only site i come to when i’m at work. Mind you i’m not allowed to be online at work… so i have this hiding spot and i connect via my ipod touch…

  11. KenJ,
    That is EXACTLY what I meant!

  12. Jago ,
    If somebody I respect who has the same tases in movies that I do writes a good review of a sequel to a film I didnt like ,
    Then I will assume the new film is an improvement and go see it .
    But if that same person says its just as bad as the original,
    which I HATED
    why should I waste my money?
    If I decide not to see this film ,
    I dont consider this a comdemnation of Michael Bay But I think the Original Transformers was by far his WORST film.
    The action was confusing mishmash, except for the opening
    and I didnt relate to a single character .
    Just my opinion.

  13. @Gary

    I guess you didn’t really pay attention to what i wrote… i just used what you said as an example… at no point did i refer that exactly to you(thus me not using your name in the first place)… and you basically just repeated what i said in my last entry…and in my opinion, your going to waste your money no matter what… good movie or bad… neither of which is helping people in need.

    But again thank you for making the second movie possible…

  14. Jago,
    No you didnt mention my name .
    but you quoted me directly and your original post follows mine
    So I addressed my reply to you directly .

  15. @ daniel F
    sorry bro….spiderman 3 over transformers? tsk tsk.. bad taste.

  16. Just for The record,
    I didnt like SM3 either but I recognize That a lot of people liked that film as well as Transformers.
    I Just think both films could have been better.

  17. @jago
    Helping people “in need?” And who might they be? So we should stop spending money, THAT WE EARNED, to satisfy our own needs and instead give that money to people who DON’T WORK? LOL. I’m sorry, but watching movies, buying movies, spending more money on popcorn than it’s worth, that’s our right since it is the money we worked our butt off to earn. If you donate to things like Cancer funds and other charities that help people with conditions that are of no fault of their own (no STD’s or laziness) then kudos to you, but it’s by no means “required.” So I don’t see spending money on a movie as “wasting” your money because YOU are getting enjoyment out of it. So just curious, how do YOU see movies since you apparently don’t pay for them? Do you download them yourself or get them from people who sell bootlegs?

    *calls FBI*

    lol, just kidding man :-D

  18. I wasn’t much entertained by Spidey 3 at all, at least Transformers had some awesome scenes in it.

  19. @ken j…
    at what point did i say i don’t pay for movies… matter of fact i overpay cause i go to movies with a crowd and i pay for all of them… so again… to me its wasted money no matter what.So go head and call the FBI… they’d probably join me on a trip to the movies… matter of fact i’d love for them to go with me… just so they can handle this whole not checking for I.D.’s and having bratty tweens messing up my movie experience. So like i said before… blast me all you want at the end of the day i’ll still see things my way…

  20. I was just kidding with you man, haha. Just wanted to blast you a little bit about the people in need comment, that’s all. ;-)

  21. @KEN j

    Lol… touché (if thats how its spelled). How do you do those smiley faces and things like that…?

  22. It does it automatically if you type the : for eyes, a – for a nose, and a ) for the smile. : – ) without the spaces. and ; – ) for the wink, and I think there’s one with the tongue out : – P

  23. the verry good