Spider-Man Reboot Will Feature A Young Peter Parker

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Spider Man Reboot Spider Man Reboot Will Feature A Young Peter Parker

Andrew Garfield won’t be the only new kid in town named Peter Parker in Sony’s Spider-Man reboot. It turns out the film will also feature a 4-6 year old version of the webslinger as well.

Sony has sent out a casting call for a “dark-haired Caucasian boy” – someone who looks like a kiddie version of Garfield, basically – to play the young(er) Parker in Marc Webb’s Spider-Man pic.

The studio is also searching for a kid actor to play Billy Connors, the son of Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) – a.k.a. The Lizard. Between surviving cancer and having to deal with his dad transforming into a giant villainous reptile, Billy had a lot to deal with in the original Spider-Man comics and will likely have to handle similar issues in Webb’s film as well – especially since the reboot is expected to be grittier in tone than Sam Raimi’s previous Spider-Man movie trilogy.

There’s no word as to whether a portion of the new Spider-Man will be set in the past and feature the pre-adolescent Parker and Connors, or if the younger versions of the characters will appear via flashbacks. We’re also not sure if this means that there will be an older version of Billy Connors in the movie or if tragedy will strike and the young Billy will not survive his childhood. Could the condition of his son play a role in Dr. Connor’s eventual transformation into a monstrous villain?

spider man reboot lizard Spider Man Reboot Will Feature A Young Peter Parker

Raimi’s original Spider-Man movie featured the Green Goblin, a.k.a. Norman Osborn, the father of Peter Parker’s BFF Harry, as the webslinger’s nemesis. Peter not only eventually had to handle the emotional baggage that came with his discovery that his friend’s father had become a psychotic killer, but the shared history of the characters set up for later conflicts between Peter and Harry – who himself eventually became the second Green Goblin. Will the Spider-Man reboot do something similar with Billy and Peter?

The Peter/Harry/Green Goblin storyline did not originate with Raimi’s Spider-Man films, but it is possible that Webb’s reboot will branch out a bit and attempt to offer fans a not-yet-seen adventure with the web-slinging hero. Or all this speculation could be way off target; we’ll find out for sure in a couple of years.

Spider-Man is scheduled to hit 2D and 3D screens in the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

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  1. Flashbacks of his reaction to his parents death? Or flashbacks showing they were spies and left him behind…. :D

    Are we sure it is a Parker child they are looking for? Could it be a young Curt losing his arm other then the way he lost it in the books?

    Im telling myself it will be fine it will be fine….

  2. This all seems like its going downhill! Oh no…. :(

  3. Weren’t Billy and Peter several years apart in age?

    • Yes, try something like 20 or so years apart.

  4. Wait so,will this reboot feature harry osbourne and mary jane?

    • I think it’s obvious at this point MJ isn’t in the movie. Not sure about Osbourne.

      • Really? No this reboot will suck now i cant believe it.

        • Actually, according to Sony, Mary Jane WILL be in the Spider-Man reboot, but she won’t be the love interest for Peter Parker.

          No idea about Harry, though – his name has yet to be mentioned in connection to the reboot.

          • But it was reported by The Hollywood Reporter (when Stone was announced as Gwen Stacy) that MJ WOULDN’T be in the film at all.

            • For some reason THR article about Stone getting cast as Gwen Stacy seems to have been taken down.

              The official press release from Sony about Stone’s casting in Spider-Man made no mention of Mary Jane not being in the film after all – so, as far as seemingly anyone knows, she’s still going to appear in it.

        • This is why I HATE comic book fans. I was a skeptic about this reboot as I loved the Raimi trilogy, with Spider-Man 3 my favorite. But this should be exciting. It’s a good idea to have Parker and Billy Connors grow up together so it creates an emotional connection when Dr. Connors becomes the Lizard. Better than Spider-Man just fighting a big Lizard. Build up that maybe they were childhood friends but Billy ided and Dr. Connors buried himself in his work. Maybe Peter looked up to him as a father figure after his parents left.

          You don’t have to follow the comics exactly to make this awesome. Look at Nolan’s Batman. Joker and Two-Face origins are WAY different than in comics, but it works. Give this movie a chance. If you are going to say it will suck, wait till you at least see a trailer for the movie.

          • Sorry I meant to say Billy died.

            • @ Adam

              It’s never been about following the comics exactly. It’s not about a panel by panel reconstruction. lol

              It’s about having the characters on screen faithfully and accurately portrayed. It’s about being able to identify the same character traits on screen as synonymous with the characters in the books.

              I don’t see that as an impossibility.

              I’m very passionate about movies and comic books and see no reason why one medium can’t capture through it’s’ script and photography the same intrinsic character definitions as presented by the comic book script and pictures.

              BTW The Lizard tracks down and kills young Billy Conners in “Amazing Spiderman” issue # 631.

  5. Hmm….am I the only one who wants this movie to bomb, that way Marvel can grab up the rights? Marvel would do such a better job!!

    • Joshua I wish I knew the stipulation in which this would happen. However Im under the impression (someone prove me worng otherwise) that as long as Sony “makes” em (within certain time frames)and makes money from them they will remain at Sony….

      Again I could be incorrect but that is the way I had understood it.

      • No you are correct, unfortunately, unless I misunderstood their agreement way back. Same almost happened to Ghost Rider but they somehow managed to pull a sequel through a greenlight like a week before the rights where up.

  6. A flash back of the past, and a reason for why the Lizard tries not to be the LIzard.

  7. This just took a turn for the worst in my mind. They are trying to do way too much with Spider-Man and they should have just left it alone and in the hands of Sam Raimi! I still think John Malcovich should be The Volture!!

    The only way I can really see bringing young Peter Parker in the mix is if Mysterio was the (a) villain and it was a hallucination or something. Other than that, I really don’t care what Sony believes they should say about young Peter Parker or how they want to alter the story of Spider-Man.

    I agree immensely with Joshua up there. I kind of hope this movie bombs and somehow we can get Marvel to be in the mix. I know there is a good cast for this movie, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s there.

    • Sin you know this is a total reboot without any consideration to the 3 before it right?

      • (Meant to put that here..)

        • lol

    • Funny you guys want Marvel to have the rights back, yet you guys say Marvel screwed up Iron Man 2 because of too much Avengers references. Such hypocrites. BTW Iron Man 2 was awesome. Much better than original. Just saying. This Spider-Man movie will be awesome.

  8. I feel like they are going to go down Bruce Wayne’s path in Batman begins and have a young child mourning the deaths of his parents…if so I have to be the first to say LAME!!!!!!

    • Why that’s the time in his life his Uncle Ben and Aunt May became a pivotal part of who he becomes.

  9. No.. Really?! I never knew that!! Holy S!@$!! So you mean no more Tobey..? No more Raimi..? No more Kristen Dunst’s nipples…?!?!?!?!




      • Seriously though. Her nipples were like the main attraction in those movies! Haha. I remember watching the first one and seeing them through her shirt during that rain scene and I had to do a double take. Raimi you devil, you!

        • Yeah i always paused that scene,i cant believe it you can TOTALLY see her nipples OMG….good stuff.

          • you need to get out more….

            • Haha I get out. I just thought it’d be a funny thing to say.

              • And it was :D

  10. you know im all about some Nips but to be honest i don’t see why all the negative thoughts about this reboot? i mean yes its in the hands of Sony but other then that The cast is great (Garfield can act hands down) Marc Webb…No questions…. Ifans is a beast and will make this his role im all for this reboot i just wont be seeing it in 3D im good with that no one here feels like that?

  11. I love the cast that they put together. I just do not have faith in Sony. As for Marc Webb, he is no Sam Raimi. (500) Days of Summer was a good movie, but he has not done anything else. I feel like the only reason he was chosen was cause of his last name lol. But, there are many other directors who would have been a better choice in my opinion.

    Garfield was excellent in The Social Network which gives me a little hope that he can be a good Parker. Ifans, I don’t really have to say much. And Emma Stone is also excellent. I just don’t have much faith in Sony/Marc Webb. Hopefully, they can prove me wrong. But, at the same time hopefully not so that Marvel can get in here.

    • Dude, look at your first post to this article…and I quote

      “I know there is a good cast for this movie, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s there.”

      Thank you, come again.

      • Once again.

        “it just doesn’t seem like it’s there.”

  12. I think that it’ll be flashbacks to give viewers the emotional pull on Dr. Connors (probably show how important Connors is to Peter and properly convey the emotional connection between the two). Don’t quite know what to say about Billy Connors, though.

  13. Awesome, glad to see they are incorporating Billy into the movie. I wonder what they’ll be doing for the flashback scenes.

  14. I honestly hope this movie will be good. Ya if Marvel had the rights it’d be amazing but i still have high hopes for Peter Parker. I loved Spiderman 1&2 like everyone but from day 1 Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst were never Peter n Mj in my eyes. As long as the story is good and not ‘grittier’ just to ride Dark Knights coat tails. As long as its not as bad as Fantastic Four 1&2 or Origins Wolverine i still have faith!

    • I thought Tobey did a great job as both Peter and Spidey. Dunst was horribly miscast as MJ.

      • I agree with what you said on Dunst. I think she’s a good actress in all, but MJ is supposed to be hot. Dunst is cute, but nowhere near hot.

    • Come on, Fantastic Four 1 and 2 along with Wolverine are very underrated. I don’t know why I argue with you guys. I will let you be a bunch of haters that don’t like anything, while I sit back and enjoy these great movies about super heroes I grew up on.

  15. Does anyone else worry that with this being the Lizard and Batman maybe using killer croc (if its killer croc… might be to similar

  16. This movie is like a runaway freight train headed for a warehouse loaded with nitroglycerin. Everything I hear about it makes me more certain that it’s going to suck.

  17. All they need is Hayden Christensen as Harry and their cast is complete.

  18. Well people Sony if the one that messes up everything. Who know maybe this spiderman rebot will be good. All these rumores are the ones killing use. They should say what’s going to happen and that’s it. lol I still think that the vulture should have been the 1st villian. But I guess the lizard is good. I hope we get to see a cameo of some villian or another. If not… Is all good. Still a spidy fan. Can’t wait for batman though. That’s turning out realy good wight eh villains. Black Mask, hush, dead shot or the riddler for Tom hardy.

  19. I know exactly where they are going with this casting right here, they are going to show a flash back of Conner and Parker’s parents getting in an accident, Parkers parents getting killed, Conner getting his arm lost, etc…
    I’m just not so sure about this film right now maybe when it comes out i might be.

  20. @ Sandy Schaefer

    “…..or if tragedy will strike and the young Billy will not survive his childhood. Could the condition of his son play a role in Dr. Connor’s eventual transformation into a monstrous villain”?

    Just wondering after I read your article if you have by chance read the “Amazing Spiderman” 4 part story arc “Shed” issues # 630-633 ? Very grim and gritty and very much in line with what you propose :-)

  21. I have it and really enjoyed that Magnetic Eye!! I coincidentally started collecting Amazing Spiderman again at the start of the Gaunlet arc and have been buying regular issues ever since..It’s nice to enjoy Spiderman again in comic form which is something I haven’t done since issues 250-365 of Amazing Spiderman..

    • @ greenknight333

      Good to hear from you. :-)

      I’m really enjoying “Amazing Spiderman” at the moment too. Some great standout story arcs.

      Really getting into “Secret Avengers” & “Avengers”. Thinking of picking up “Avengers Prime”. What’s it like?

      • I have read the first three issues of that and I think it’s five issues in total and to be honest I am really enjoying it!!It’s Thor, Iron Man, and Steve Rogers trapped in the Nine Realms and something is very wrong there. There is one scene in the first issue with Steve Rogers and Orcs in a tavern..I found it very funny and very old west like in it’s atmosphere..minus the cowboy hats and six shooters of course..think of it as old west meets Nine Realms mythology in that particular scene..I like the dynamic between Rogers and Stark as they pick at each other like Walter and Jack in Grumpy Old Men..it’s very entertaining..I guess I would definitely recommend it then huh?

        • Thanks greenknight333 and there I am thinking it’s an ongoing series. :-)

          Sounds like something I would be interested in. Steve Rogers and Orcs in a tavern?….I’ve got to see that :-) and I can almost imagine Thor’s reaction to any bickering between Rogers and Stark.

          • seeing both of you guys talking about comics is making me wanna start collecting again lol.

            • @ Anthony

              lol, yeah it’s a great hobby but just gotta make sure I don’t exceed the budget or my wife will kill me. No not really she’s very supportive. :-)

            • I find it to be expensive but my wife is supportive and there are worse things to spend my money on.. C’mon Anthony start with Secret Avengers and Batman Inc..see I’m being impartial be recommending a Marvel and DC title… :)

  22. I recently started collecting “Amazing Spiderman” too – just finding it hard, not to mention expensive, to get my hands on some of the rarer copies – also interesting to see how the newer generation relate to them and the stories they right
    Good Stuff!!

    • @ Stuart

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying “Amazing Spiderman”. I’ve been reading that title plus others since I was 10 years old in 1975 and have almost acquired the entire run. :-)

      For me nothing beats MARVELS’ original flagship title, not even the over rated and inferior “Ultimate” series.

      The early “Amazing Spiderman” books depicted Peter in High School for about two and a half years. Then in 1966 after Peter graduated High School and entered College, the stories began to portray Peter Parker / Spiderman as a mature adult coping with everyday life and his responsibility as a super hero.

      To this day “Amazing Spiderman” has been about a super hero in adulthood. They are well written mature stories, sometimes with a dark realistic tinge.

      You’re right it can be an expensive hobby. Comic books are a bit more expensive here in Australia, but the comic book store I frequent has recently reduced prices because the Aussie dollar is doing really well against the US dollar.

      A few months ago I stumbled across a website called NewKadia.com. I have been purchasing various back issues from them and they’re quite reasonably priced. They also offer discounts depending on how much you spend which is really cool. I find them better than dealing with ebay since you can easily get ripped of on ebay with sellers charging exorbitant prices.

      Good luck in your quest with “Amazing Spiderman” and happy reading. :-)