Could Villain in Spider-Man Reboot Be The Lizard?

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spider man 4 the lizard main villain Could Villain in Spider Man Reboot Be The Lizard?

After breaking the rumor earlier in the week that Jamie Bell could be playing Peter Parker in Sony’s 3D reboot of Spider-Man, Bleeding Cool is now also reporting that the feature villain for the franchise restart could be The Lizard.

As Spider-Man fans know very well, The Lizard was widely speculated to be a secondary villain for Spider-Man 4 after the character of Dr. Curt Connors had been setup in the previous installments. It was the logical next step and was further rumored as a possible plot line when Dylan Baker, the actor who played the minor role of Dr. Curt Connors in Spider-Man 1 & 2 was confirmed to have joined the cast of Spider-Man 4.

As we know, Sam Raimi wanted John Malkovich to play the Vulture as the movie’s main villain and that was a big part of the reason Spider-Man 4 was canned but now it seems they may be going in the direction of the reptilian character.

I really wanted to see The Lizard become a part of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 because I really enjoyed Dylan Baker’s presence on screen. I know he would have made for an awesome character, especially with two rivaling identities but I now have a bit of trouble picturing someone else in the role. Then again, we can say the same for Peter Parker and the rest of the cast since the reboot is happening too so soon.

Perhaps this is the villainous role Michael Fassbender is rumored to have been offered? I think I’d rather see his skills utilized as Magneto in X-Men: First Class.

What do you think of The Lizard as the villain in Spider-Man 3D?

While Jamie Bell could be the leading candidate to play the title role in Spider-Man, we don’t yet have any more confirmed updates, so as far as we know, there are still five Peter Parker candidates being looked at by Sony Pictures and director Marc Webb.

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The Spider-Man reboot is set to hit theaters July 12, 2012.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Lizard in the reboot. Probably the best choice. They don’t need to do Green Goblin, Doc Oc, Sandman, or Venom since we just saw them recently, so the Lizard is the next best thing. I still wish this wasn’t getting rebooted but i’ll accept it soon. Oh and you have a slight error in your article. You state Dr. Curt Conners was in Spiderman 1 & 2. He’s in 2 & 3. So much rumors though! When will they finally make an official confirmation on some casting and villains? I am literally dying to know what the villain will be and WHO will play Peter Parker! I love Jamie Bell, but he might be too old for the part, which would make the whole reboot completely pointless since they want him to be a high schooler.

    • Dr Connors was actually mentioned by name in the first Spider-Man film, so I can see why someone would make that mistake.

      Now that I think of it, Eddie Brock was also mentioned in the first film as working for the Daily Bugle, which makes no sense at all from a continuity perspective… but I digress…

  2. I’m not so sure about the lizard anymore. I kind of want the reboot to start out with a truly evil villain, rather than a misunderstood, conflicted one. Fassbender could be good though.
    And I will say for the thousandth time that I still really wanna see The Chameleon.

  3. I’d like to see the scorpion. It could be used to intro kingpin and osbourne as other villains.

    • maybe even rhino? or electro?

    • Kingpin is Fox property, so he won’t be in any Spidey movies made by Sony.

  4. lizard all the way! i wouldnt want vulture, even if it is john malkovich… some old guy wearing a bird costume that makes him live longer? thats weak… maybe if raimi was doing it? but lizard would be a great villian not only because hes a f’ing giant lizard! but also because hes someone that is familar to us movie goers (Dr conners), and we all can somewhat relate to… lizard! vulture without some raimi magic would suck…

  5. I think Tony Goldwyn can make an awesome Lizard villain, he did played the Bad Guy in GHOST (1990-film) starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg and I think its time for him to play the spiderman villain.


    • My vote is for Josh Hutcerson

  7. If they do make the Lizard as the villain for this reboot then I’d imagine that the budget for this movie will swell past its reported $80 million.

    • Not if they completely CG him… sigh…

  8. I gotta say, as much as I want to see the Lizard on the big screen. the Lizard is probably the worst choice to start the reboot franchise with. because of Dr. Connors’ close relationship with Peter the character needs to be set up at least one movie before actually becoming the Lizard. that would impact the audience a lot more.

    Id much rather see an Electro/Vulture team up for this. The Chameleon or Scorpion would be good too, but those two would also be better in a sequel or threquel.

    • Yeah I’d love to see Electro as the villain.

    • I agree, but I would go with Electro/Shocker, they start with stolen Ozcorp tech. That way you can introduce the Goblin back in to the mix.

  9. This is silly their going in circles. First they wanted the Lizard as a secondary story then the primary story. Then Sony said they don’t think it could be done believably. On to Kraven, Mysterio, Morbius, Black Cat, Vulture.. Now they want to put the character center stage… Again?! Managing by committee rather than finding someone competent enough with vision to take the reigns and move forward is making this whole thing worse. While they’re piddling around the fan base is getting more and more disgusted with the wrangling, the expectation, and the wait. Why don’t they work something out with Marvel? Share the monetary advantage and let Marvel step in and do what they do best???

  10. It’s a bad choice to have him as the first villain. I agree with Ojex,we need to see dr.Connors really close to Peter not just throw him in there.He could be the second villain. The first shoulve been electro!!! He seemed the obvious choice to me but wateva, I just want them to make it realistic and a human turn into a reptile doesn’t cut it. I’d believe the electro transformation more!!!

  11. Part of me can’t help but think that some one in charge of this franchise really hates Spiderman. I mean canning the old team was dissapointing but whatever, but starting a teen angst spidey franchise is terrible than fans get behind one or two casting choices and they drop them as options and go with a guy in his mid 20s who looks nothing like Parker and will be pushing thirty in film 2 but still be in high school? Webb is a talented director but I think some one in charge thought of it as a joke to give him these films… Haha .. Get it? His name is Webb. This movie is doomed

    • hahaha oh yeah!
      but how its looking now it could probably just be a joke haha
      they just wanna eff up spiderman and see if the audience still love him

    • Unfortunately, Daniel, I have to agree with you. Everything I am hearing about this film is NOT building up my anticipation for this film. Quite the opposite, my dread is building up. This is going to end up Spider-Man meets Twilight.

      • Spideylight?

  12. What if they are using the Lizard as not to make the movie to “deep”. The Lizard is not that popular and well known character.

    He is more like a fill in or punching bag. A lot can be done but when it is all said and done The Lizard is just a “horror” type villain.

    Maybe it will be as close to wall to wall action as we can get. Just to slightly introduce everyone. Some of the biggest complaints about the other SMs were fights and wisecracks. We got to much “emotion”, hopefully this one will be a smack down drag out.

    I also posted in the Wed thread about finding out who owns what and what control they have over particular characters. Maybe Marvel is leaning on Sony a little prodding them into the right direction.

  13. Lizard as the main character would be just fine by me. At least he has a real story to tell. He is really the only other villain that has that working for them. All these other characters like Electro, Scorpion, Vulture, Chameleon, Rhino, Kraven, etc… are all secondary people. They don’t deserve their own movies. Those are all the people that he has to fight in one day just to take down Dr. Ock. They will be alright when they make a Sinister Six movie but not until then.
    I was really excited about the thought of John Malkovich playing Vulture. I will watch anything that man makes. He could make Tampon commercials and I would record them. But, once again, Vulture as a main character would just suck. I would really like to see them do Rhino and have Paul Wright (The Big Show) play him. they wouldn’t even have to do that much CGI. Just put him in a suit and stand him next to Spidey. Who ever they get to play Spidey will obviously be tiny and Big Show would look huge standing next to him. Plus he has the dumb look required to play him.

  14. You could open the film with a jail scene in which the original Sinister Six appear and then focus on one (or more) of the four villians that haven’t been featured yet (Electro, Mysterio, Vulture, and Kraven, the Hunter). I would prefer to see Electro myself.

  15. I think that the Lizard is too out there for a first film. Would it have been good for Spiderman 4? Yes. Here not so sure. How would they even portray him? CGI? I dont know about that. And make up and costume sounds pretty out there. I wopuld leave this idea out for later. At this point since teh studio is all about spinoffs and what not I would just make teh first villain Venom. Lets face it thats what the little kids really want to see and that is what will bring in the money; even if Spidey does not do well they will get their Venom spinoff.

    Personally, I thought taht the vulture would have made a GREAT villain and I thought that the Raimi’s direction in Spidey 4, though not perfect, was not bad at all. The studio shoudl have just tweeked the script a bit.
    I honestly believe that this film will not be anywhere as good as any of Raimi’s installments (yes even SPidey 3 which although I did not think was that good I also did enjoy)

    I have a feeling that these films are going to be primarily focused on creating spinoffs and mimicing the Twilight love saga crap. These films are going to appeal greatly to 5-18 year olds and leave the rest of us in the dark.

  16. The Kingpin,will be a good start,with is evil team Shocker,Rihno,Mc Allister,The Chameleon…,and Daredevil could give him a Hand to get rid of Them,Jorge Garcia as the KIngpin.

    The 2nd Movie TOMSTONE as the villaine Mike Tyson Will be the Best Choice,or Geoge Forman Quintton Rampage Jacskon!

    • Fox owns the Kingpin character so Sony can’t use him.

  17. I think, the ultimate spiderman is not the villain it should be a movie with a villain who exudes fear and a good story. It must be a villain who is known to the public, then green goblin, or use the Lizzard moribius living vampire

  18. oops , soory!

  19. I hope they dont go the Morbius route because of all the Vampire movie madness out there right now, I like the Lizard, Kraven, or Vulture. Maybe Sam Rockwell as the Lizard?

  20. OH what that dude said, sam rockwell would be a pretty cool lizard although it might be a little too close the character of justin hammer (both being scientists of sorts)i think since we’ve already been down the “scientific explanation” route with raimi it’d be fun to see the more flamboyant villains like electro (steve buscemi?) and mysterio (voiced by tim curry?)

    although personally i’d like to see them use Scorpion a great villain who can open up a way for the writers to skip to venom without introducing eddie brock again (if they desperately want some symbiote action) maybe get someone like keifer sutherland or sean bean to play mac gargan.
    also i still maintain that if bruce willis was to beef up a whole bunch and then put on a fat suit or cgi then he’d make a bankable rhino

  21. Um I guess this means they aren’t going the realistic route anymore? I mean it’s a giant lizard in a lab coat for cryin’ out loud…

    • …… Much like a man that dresses up as a bat… :D

      • Umm there is a big differance between a HUMAN male putting on a suit that is made to look like a bat and a man that has his entire body transformed in to a giant monster lizard. Let’s be honest one is more realistc than the other. However I don’t think Spiderman should even attempt going the Nolan route Spider man has always been a big epic fantasy and trying to be realistic ruins pretty much every character in the franchise. If they go in to it sort of like Hellboy it would be best. By that I mean present to the fans this is a spectactular and amazing world enjoy. Let’s not try to pretend that any of this could happen to your neighbor it’s not fitting for Spidey.

        • All he made comment was a Lizard in a Lab coat. ;) Here let me make it more in line..

          A sub 200pound man turning into a 1 ton Green behemoth.
          A man bursting into flames and flying.
          A man transforming from regular “skin” to organic metal.
          A man transforming into a skeleton with a portable grill on his head.

          What is the issue with a man transforming into a walking lizard?

          We believe it all in the comics/cartoons why cant we believe it on the silver screen?

          We all know the Jekyll and Hyde story… which is all the Lizard is.

          So A man turning into a Lizard based on gene manipulation while looking for a regenerative process for humans sounds fairly “real”.

          • Let me rephrase that…. A man taking on Lizard qualities.

            I dont need a 100% “Lizard” walking on its hind legs. However a semi extendted “tail”, claws, extended “snout” and tongue with scales..

            There was a movie a long time ago aptly named Sssssss… Kind of think that.

            • O wow.. Ive seen the movie but never realized it was Dirk Benedict in it… :D

  22. That would be tight. I wanted to see the lizard for the longest time. I would like to see either lizard,shocker or electro on the big screen.

  23. HECK YES!

    IF this is legit, then this means that someone at Sony wised up, and wised up fast.
    If you use Lizard, Curt Connors *must* be a college professor. There’s no getting around it.

    Thus Spider-Man could very well be Jamie Bell!

    because this means they just dumped the high school angle and may just continue on with the series, just recasting where needed. Otherwise, it’s pointless…and I’d rather see Mysterio (great for 3D) or Kraven.

  24. Somewhat expected. The reboot’s based somewhat off of what Spidey 5 was going to be, and Raimi had expressed interest in using the Lizard eventually…

  25. I have no intentions to see anymore of the spider-man movies, the fact that their rebooting a franchise that’s not even 15 years old yet is a complete fact that shows how much of ideas hollywood is out of. I was looking forward to see the Lizard in the next installment but I don’t care anymore if Dylan Baker is’nt playing Connors, same goes Spider-man, Tobey Maguire will always be Spidey to me. If only Sony had patience then I’m sure Sam Raimi would’ve eventually gotten a descent script. Screw this remake.

    • As a lifelong Spiderman fan, I don’t care how many movies get made as long as one day we get to see a proper mature and realistic treatment of the web-slinger.

      Hopefully MARVEL STUDIOS will obtain the film rights and a truly amazing spectacular will grace the screens, a film worthy of doing the original “Amazing Spiderman” comic book series justice.

      Where is the rule book that says we can’t have any more Spiderman films until 15 years have lapsed. LOL! What a ridiculous notion. Is Hollywood out of ideas with James Bond or Star Trek?

      Sam Raimi’s version of Spiderman is far from being the definitive Spiderman. It was an overblown extravaganza, a little too cartoonish, predictable and wearisome to say the least. I think he’s an over rated director who got sick of being pushed around by Sony.

      Let’s not forget Tobey Maguire’s deadpan acting. The guy was too short, too goofy looking and acted nothing like the Peter Parker/Spiderman from the comic books. He was never Spidey to me.

      In fact Tobey Maguire had never even read a Spiderman comic book nor was he ever interested in them growing up. And it shows through his lackluster performance as an actor simply going through the motions.

      Kirsten Dunst was the absolute opposite of her comic book counterpart. As obvious as chalk and cheese. Along with Tobey, it was another disproportionate casting.

      Sam Raimi’s franchise had a great supporting cast, some wonderful aesthetics but in retrospect now seems more like a caricature than a faithful adaptation.

      • Nice post eye. I agree, while “enjoyable” it was still…. shallow? There was a lot that clicked but to much didn’t. However it is hard to blame one particular entity and the whole machine that is Spiderman/Sony/Sam etc must be blamed.

        I can only hope Marvel will be leaning on Sony.

      • i honestly really dont think that there will be a proper screen adaptation of ANY comic book character. past, present, or future

  26. I don’t think the villain should be Goblin, Venom, or lizard. We just saw Venom not long ago and I think we should introduce Conorrs and Osborn in the first film to understand them before turning them bad. I think that was a major mistake from the first film with the Goblin. It would be especially devastating for Conorrs. He should be in the second film as the lizard but no lizard in the first film.

    It would be interesting to see them try something differant and have him face a gang of lower tier villains in the first film maybe three or four low leval villains other wise just go with Doc Ock again but please not Goblin Lizard or Venom to soon to use any off them in a new franchise.

    Also Vulture would of made SM4 terrible he is an awful Villain no matter how Talented John M is u can only do so much with a crap character.

  27. Josh Hutcherson fits the part he’s young and a good actor not Jamie bell he’s 2 old 2 be in high school

  28. I will have respectfully disagree with alot of what u said. I will agree that the Rami franchise wasn’t perfect and is not a definitive Spiderman. However, the first two films were still pretty good and impressive in their own right I also think that Tobey was a good choice and pulled off Peter very well. I think most people forget first and formost Peter Parker is not a good looking jock he is an awkward geeky looking nerd. PP should not be played by some sort of sex symbol or model like the new franchise wants to do. Tobey was an excellant choice but over time he got lazy. Dunst wasn’t a bad choice for MJ but not great either she is in my opinion however one of the best actresses with any level of fame. Raimi is also talented and made an excellant first film with a decent follow up. Some one else could do better though but not in this new teen drama with a sexy cast plan. Harry Osborn was miscast and James Franco is very under talented. He has gotten better but his performance really brought down the first two films and he is much more suited for films like Pinapple Express and not dramatic roles. He’s like Paul Walker if Walker was good at at least one thing sadly Walker is not.

  29. I am so tired of hearing that they need to take a more realistic approach to these movies. IT IS A COMIC BOOK MOVIE!!!!!! If I wanted realism I would go watch something besides Spider-man. There are some comic movies that you can go realistic with. They did a wonderful job with the new Punisher. Of course Batman has done it really well, but that also limits what you can do with the characters. Such as Nolan saying that he didn’t want to do villains such as Poison Ivy and Penguin. When I go to one of these movies I am looking for a thrill ride. I want a 2hr daydream. I want to see people having powers and doing things that I could only do in my wildest imagination. I guess that is what it boils down to. It seems that making it more realistic takes away some of the imagination factor.

    • i actually did enjoy the new version of punisher, and being one that doesnt really care for reboots, i saw it because, the violence in it was comic-book-over-the-top