The Official ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Is Here

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The Amazing Spider Man Trailer The Official Amazing Spider Man Trailer Is Here

Not unlike the teaser trailers for The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, which both leaked online early in crappy bootleg form, The Amazing Spider-Man had its reveal trailer also leaked online the night before last. Today however, a pretty HD version of Sony’s Spider-Man reboot has surfaced online, introducing the new Peter Parker played by Andrew Garfield.

While The Amazing Spider-Man teaser does not reveal the villains of director Marc Webb’s take on the series, it does showcase the origins of Spider-Man and closes with an interesting reveal of the costume while Spider-Man swings through the streets of New York.

With the Sony presentation at Comic-Con scheduled for Friday afternoon, where they will host panels for the Total Recall remake, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and The Amazing Spider-Man, the early forced release of the Spidey teaser is something Sony is likely not smiling about. Considering the amount of revealing images shared from Entertainment Weekly last week, a lot has been shared before Sony’s big presentation.

Hopefully those of us who made the trek out here will get a sneak peek at more footage, for now enjoy an early look at first ever trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man:

The trailer, which is quite a bit different than the leaked Amazing Spider-Man trailer description,  takes on a noticeably different tone from that of Sam Raimi-Tobey Maguire trilogy of Spider-Man movies, and presents itself in a similar fashion to what Christopher Nolan did with Batman Begins. Why are Peter Parker’s parents leaving him when he’s a young boy? The question of why Peter was living with Uncle Ben and Aunt May wasn’t explored in the first trilogy, nor was it answered in the comics for many years. Hopefully this film explores that more in-depth as it’s presented as a rather mysterious fashion at the outset of this video.

The trailer puts viewers through the paces of meeting Peter Parker as a geeky outsider in school, introducing much of the supporting cast, from Dr. Curt Connors to the Stacy family and Parker’s aunt and uncle. Then, after re-telling the origins of of how Peter Parker gains his abilities, it goes into full Spider-Man mode through an interesting first-person roller coaster, as if it were a 3D ride at an amusement park. That’s the made-for-3D moment and selling point.

Will this movie be the X-Men: First Class of next year’s (again) busy comic book heavy summer?

The Amazing Spider-Man was written by James Vanderbilt, Steve Kloves and Alvin Sargent and stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Embeth Davidtz, Campbell Scott, Irrfan Khan and Chris Zylka.

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The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters (in 3D) on July 3, 2012.


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    • You know whenever there is a first-person point of view part in a movie, it’s just bound to look like some video game made at some point… Anyway, I really don’t have much interest in this anyway because was never really a fan of the Spiderman character…

      • I just dont understand how someone can’t like Spider-Man, I honestly feel that most of the times the case seems to be, “Oh everyone likes him, I wanna be different and look like I have a higher opinion so I won’t like him and say I don’t like him, but secretly always watch something or read something about him. Look him up” >.>, If you didnt watch Spider-Man or read Spider-Man at all, you wouldnt be going to something dealing with it, you would have to search it. I don’t like Twilight, so I dont ever go or read or see anything dealing with it. I would go on something I like.

        • Johnny that’s ridiculious. It has nothing to do with him being popular so people are rebelling. Especially when you consider they usually don’t like Spiderman, but like Batman. You can’t pull “Your just trying to be different” card when they like other things that everyone else likes. Look at Ken J for example he has a terminator icon and is clearly in the majority with his love of Terminator. He simply doesn’t much care for spiderman.

          Different people like different things. I don’t dislike Spiderman, but I’ve never been the biggest fan. I enjoyed the first two raimi movies as well as the 90′s cartoon. However, I hated all the other cartoons and their computer animation style. I also don’t like the comics. I’ve read a few Spiderman comics and find them dull and uninteresting.

          I am however, a huge fan of Iron Man , Batman , Wolverine, Thor and Green Lantern comics. I love plenty of things that are popular I just happen to not be a big Spiderman fan.

        • Wow Johnny, you act like Spiderman is your mommy and I just hurt your feelings. I enjoy an entertaining movie as much as anyone, and the concept of them rebooting a movie franchise that’s only a few years old caught my interest so I had to read this article and watch the trailer. And it doesn’t mean I didn’t watch the Spiderman movies or don’t intend to watch this one if it looks more interesting as more things are released, I’m just not really a fan of the character. I’m not really a fan of any comic book character with super powers to be honest. Superman, Spiderman, and pretty much the majority of them. I tend to be a fan of the mortal ones like Batman, Iron Man, The Punisher, etc. But I still watch the X-Men movies, The Incredible Hulk, Superman, Spiderman, etc. because I still find them entertaining if the movie is well-made. Relax, I’m not saying Spiderman is horrible and anyone who likes him is an idiot, so stop getting so defensive just because I’m not kissing the ground he walks on, geez.

  1. From what I saw of the Sony presentation today,
    They DEFINITELY didnt make him dark.

    • “The director, cast, and everyone working on the movie are doing their best not to dissappoint……” Don’t every director and actor hopes and works to do the same? Should we start accepting any Hollywood pap based on that ‘logic’?

      You ‘LOVE’ Sam Raimi’s films but you also call them ‘Obsolete and cliche’? What kind of hypocrisy is this? The point which people are angry about is not that someone else is making this but we have to watch the damn thing right from the beginning! Have you forgotten how Peter Parker becuase Spiderman? What’s next? Another Batman origin five years later? Just because Hollywood has run out of any originality and want to go back to the established cash-cows?

  2. Joker’s Wild…

    You’re telling everyone not to judge this movie and the people awaiting it’s release, yet you are doing PRECISELY that to all who do not share your views. Before we “get over it”, how about you set the example by following your own advice?!?

    • Archaeon; I think Joker’s Wild is merely pointing out the ridiculous logic by which 95% of the people on this site are negatively judging this movie. That in itself is setting a good example.

      • Mornington…

        No, actually, he IS being quite judgmental. “YES, it’s a reboot, get over it. I loved the Raimi movies and alot of people agree with me on that.” “And you guys can do nothing but complain and compare it to the now OBSELETE and CLICHE Raimi movies???? Pathetic…”

        QUITE judgmental, indeed.

        So thank you, but I’m certain I read his comment correctly.

        • Pathetic is a strong word, but most of the negative comments on here have to do with some being irrationally angry over the style of Peter’s jeans or that he seems depressed about losing his parents and being a social outcast. I don’t mind judging that sort of view as pathetic in the least.
          I do see your point, but I’ve read enough asinine comments on here that I wasn’t bothered by Joker’s Wild’s word use, especially since i think the rest of his arguments for not writing the movie off so easily are pretty sound.

    • JoWi…

      Other than the comment about Raimi’s Spider-man films being obsolete (I thought 1 and 2 were quite good and hold up very well, even with this reboot coming), I agree with you. People DO get all hot and bothered about criticizing movies before they even come out, and it IS annoying and stupid. I (and quite a few others) have pointed this out for other movies.

      If you had stated your thoughts the way you just did, I would not have taken issue with you.


    • Jokers wild. While you are tired of people complaining about the film those same people are tired of people complaining bout their right to complain.

      Why is it ok for you to complain about them, but they can’t express concerns about a film that looks bad to them? What gives you the right to force you will of what is allowed and what is not?

      Yes it is asking so much. Your asking people to stop doing what they want and give up their freedom so that you don’t have to read what they have to say. You are asking everyone to either shut up or confirm to your beliefs.

  3. Agreed Archaeon! Spider-man 1 and 2 are among my favorite superhero flicks!

  4. I think it looks like a great addition to The spiderman franchise.
    He’s certainly better than tobey maguire!
    But really you guys? what is so bad about POV shots ?
    It’s so incredibly original , I mean imagine the feeling you would have if YOU were spiderman. The director only had the intentions of illuminating that feeling for the audience .
    Rami’s Spiderman movies were great, But regardless, It wouldn’t be able to go anywhere because all of his freaking villans were killed off! Secondly,
    There was like to much crying and girlfriend drama.
    And the plots were just simply recycled in every film.
    Capture his girlfriend, beat him up and don’t forget “FIRST WE ATTACK HIS HEART!”
    In my opinion I’m looking forward to seeing this spiderman flick.

  5. @James,

    I couldn’t agree with you more!!!!
    The actor playing Peter Parker isn’t good looking enough to get the girls to go watch the movie.

  6. Am I the only one excited about seeing the story from the beginning again? I like seeing stories I know from different perspectives even when I know how it’s going to end because there’s always going to be some new bits and pieces that wasn’t in the last version you saw.

  7. The only problem I’m somewhat having with CBM’s now adays is the fact that they’re getting British actors to play iconic American characters. I mean I don’t mind if a character from the CB that is british is played by an actual british person like Micheal Canes Alfred, But when the main character is supposed to be an american I kinda expect to see that unless he/she is over 1000 years old, a god, or an alien in which case they’d have come from just about anywhere. I don’t know what it is with me, I guess it’s just kinda like how I expect Doctor Who or James Bond to be british. It’s just something that seems right in my head. I mean come on it’s not like there’s a shortage of american actors willing to play a superhero especially since many have stated that it’d be a dream come true for them.

    Also it’d be nice if they’d stop recyling the same people over & over to play different heors of the same Universe or just of a different comic brand (I’m lookin at you Chris Evans & you too Ryal Renalds). On top of that if you cast someone to play a character I expect to see that same person in the sequel(s) regardless if they’re the main protaganist or just a secondary character (See Batman franchise, Hulk/Avengers series, etc.)I can understand if the actor/actress dies or comes under a cercumstance where they’re forced to bail out, but mostly it’s just come down to people being either cheap or too greedy.

    Lastly I’ve personally had enough with the reboots!! It’s one thing to resurrect a dead franchise that had a potential that was never quite able to be reached, but it’s something totally different to just repeat something for the hell of it in order to line more greedy pockets with cash. If it’s a cult classic, or is still able to keep up with modern times & was able to generat a large profit, I say leave it be no matter how some people may feel about it. I don’t mind the occational sequal or two maybe even a prequal. But to completely dismiss the original franchise that started everything not only shows a lack of crative spirit in my opinion, but to me it’s also a bit dis respectful to everyone who worked on the original piece. I mean throw a little credit to the real creator(s), drop a hint, make a cameo, or somethin man (now that wasn’t directed at CBM’s or VGM’s mostly just the movie franchises that sparked from an original thought process without being completely based upon something else).

    • Levi

      You are not arguing for rational conversation you are wanting one sided conversation where everyone agrees with you.

      Who decides what is rational and what is not? You? If it doesn’t agree with your opinion/feelings it’s irrational right? Most of the things you are declaring are irrational others would argue are perfectly rational and who are you to tell them that they are wrong?

      Should everyone have nothing but positive things to say simply because that’s what you want to hear?

      Express your opinion all you want, but don’t disguise it as some quest for rational thought. It’s nothing but a witch hunt against those who don’t agree with your opinion.

      If you don’t want to see people disagreeing with you and posting negatvie comments on something you like I’d suggest getting off the internet. There are far to many people on it for you to have everyone agreeing with you.

        • Your acting as if I pulled the rational thought thing out of no where. Don’t forget you are the one who started talking about rational.

          My one and only point is simply who are you to decide what is rational or well thought out?

          No you are not making a list in your post, but you essentially tell people to stop complaining about unimportant or ‘irrational’ things. Why is that for you to decide? is my big question.

          Common complaints are that people don’t like the casting, the costume looks bad, a reboot is unnecessary , a guy who clearly looks mid 20′s shouldn’t be playing a high school kid, the director seems like an unfitting choice, fear that it may rely to heavily on 3D, it’s looking to dark and un-spiderman, and finally some people have expressed that they are trying to hard to appeal to the twilight/tween audience.

          Those are the most common complaints. I’m assuming you simply made your big post that people shouldn’t make complaints that are not rational and excluded mentioning any examples simply because you didn’t want any one to argue a specific point and prove you wrong or make you appear wrong in some way.

          There is a rational argument for each one of those complaints. Even if you don’t agree or support it.

          You made a big post where you clearly complained about people complaining and clearly you were discussing what is rational and not. Yet you managed to not give any examples of irrational arguments and failed to actually define what YOU consider rational or your definition of rational.

          Also I don’t complain without thought being put in to my complaints. I have never done that in fact. I always put thought behind everything I say it’s why I rarely only type a sentence or two. In fact well over half of my comments are like books because I put thought in to them and consider several angles.

          My comment was less how you described it and more a typical comeback from someone who is sick about people who complain about people who complain. If you don’t want to read comments where people offer up their personal opinion that happens to not be positive than don’t. If you don’t like complaining than don’t complain your self. If you don’t like negativity than stop being negative.

          It’s kind of funny that now you are talking about people not putting thought in to their comments when you made a long rant about people complaining with out citing specific complaints or explaining what you define as rational and not rational.

          Rational is not the same for everyone. Just because you don’t like something someone has to say or don’t understand it does not mean that it is irrational it simply means YOU don’t get it.

          • This is the last thing I’ll say on this, I swear. But first let me make it clear: I am NOT asking people to stop complaining. I’ll get to that in the 3rd paragraph that follows. Now…

            I used the words rational and irrational not because I felt that people’s specific concerns were irrational. You are the one who focused on that. I made it clear that what I want, is to see people support the conclusions that they make. If you want specific examples of people doing what I pointed out, go through these last 5 pages and find them. You won’t have to look hard because they’re everywhere (Note: I didn’t say everyone was doing it); they’re just a click away. Asking me to cite specific examples is akin to asking me for direct aggression. There’s no need for me to chastise anyone specifically when I’m talking about a cultural issue. That isn’t a cop out or laziness on my part. If I were merely referencing a different site then I’d concede, but you have plenty of access to what it is I’m talking about here on this site.

            Your question “Who am I to decide what is rational and well thought out” is beside the point. I wasn’t appointing myself an authority. However, the fact remains that language has a structure to it. When you arrive at a conclusion, typically you’re going to post a series of statements either before or after your conclusion that back it up. I don’t have to be anyone special to notice that a comment hasn’t been developed. But I can read. So can you. A few comments are fine, but when the bulk of the comments are like this it leaves one asking for more. I pointed out fanboy/fangirl ranting as a thing of annoyance, but I should say that unfounded optimism can be tiresome as well. A screenshot of a cool bat symbol, or Spider-man movie font can be the cause for multitudes of praise. There’s nothing pretentious in asking for something more than comments like “This is going to be amazing!”

            Here’s the hot issue now: I didn’t tell people to stop complaining. Earlier you criticized Joker’s Wild for doing this specific thing actually, and I agree with what you said to him there. But that’s clearly not what I’m doing. I have to ask you again, what is your beef with someone asking for a more developed conversation? That’s my point. I’m not complaining about people complaining. It’s that simple.

            Now, I chose not to address any of the common complaints that you mentioned because I’ve had these discussions elsewhere; including other articles posted here at ScreenRant. I wanted to address a different issue, and so I did. You’re still assuming that I’m too sensitive to be proven wrong. You’re trying to argue with a 5 year old, and you’re judging my post through a cynical lens. My intentions are not what you’ve deemed them to be. They’re not hidden between lines of text. They’re written as they were meant to be taken. You’re confident in your ability to develop context for your complaints, but for some reason you’d rather argue against the notion that others would do the same. Why not just let other people step up to the plate? It’d make for a better conversation.

            I agree that there are rational arguments for the complaints that you brought up. But a lot of people aren’t stepping up to the plate here. Rather than continue to defend people’s right to post a complaint, you should let them rise to the challenge.

            • All the typing you have done and I still don’t understand what your issue is to be perfectly honest.

              You brought up rational thought. Then you some how sag-wayed in to a borderline grammar nazi routine and ended on saying that people just didn’t fully explain their thoughts.

              So I just don’t know where you are going.

              • Okay, so I lied. Borderline grammar nazi routine? Really? I suppose that knowing simple arithmetic makes me a borderline math wizard too? All I did was encourage people to explain their thoughts more completely. It’s not that difficult really. I spent my last three posts doing that actually, but you’ve managed to ignore it each time. How much clearer did I need to be when I said:

                (from my 1st post) “Wouldn’t it be better to try and express ourselves with well thought, and reasonable responses? It is possible to write passionate responses that are still reasonable.”
                (from my 2nd post) “Two people can come together and voice opposing opinions in ways that are well written, or at least thorough and develop a context. What a lot of people here are doing is parroting things that were stated elsewhere, but not including the context, or poorly developing their own context, and then leaving”
                (from my 3rd post) You actually acknowledged my point the third time around. No need to quote it.

                I had to clarify in my second post that my original comment wasn’t intended to declare what constitutes rational or irrational concerns. I refused to define what being rational or irrational was, because as you said “Rational is not the same for everyone. Just because you don’t like something someone has to say or don’t understand it does not mean that it is irrational.”
                Again, I just want people to put more substance into their posts. I wouldn’t have continued discussing all that other stuff if you hadn’t of clung to it so hard.

                The fact that you still don’t know what it is I’m trying to say says more of your willingness to comprehend than it does of my ability to explain. Yeah, I spent a long time writing this stuff, but you spent nearly as much time reading and responding to it without really wanting to understand where I was coming from. I’m sorry if my words offended you. I was just offended that you were (and maybe still are) so cynical about my intent.

                • I am not nor have a been cynical I’m merely being realistic.

                  You’ve been criticizing everyone essentially for not typing or explaining them selves how you want them to. They are not posting comments that are well thought out enough for your standards. Does everyone need to type a short story like you or I do? Personally when making my first comment on a page I skip most long posts and tend to only read long ones when they post after me and I can read it from my email. I appreciate short posts I don’t my self typically make them, but I like to read them.

                  You’ve sort of asked why I’ve cared so much about your posts and it’s pretty simple honestly. I don’t have a problem with people being negative toward films or insulting them or being skeptical about them. What I don’t like is when people start criticizing other posters for not making posts that they don’t like or want to read. What ever your complaint seems to be no matter what you can boil it down to you not liking what people are typing and you are critiquing them for it. Bash movies praise movies I don’t care, but there is no reason or need to talk negatively about posters especially if they have said nothing negative about you.

                  Now if someone attacked you by all means return fire I don’t care.. Vic might, but I don’t.

                  In the end though it’s not the posters job to entertain you or make comments you want to read. The only thing they need to do is make an on topic post that expresses their opinion no matter how you feel about that opinion or how they expressed it.

                  Also no worries about you making a post after saying you were done. We all do it on here at least once or twice some people never stop even after saying they will. The more you post on the site the more you will see of it. It’s hard to back away especially when you have the site sending you emails of new comments.

  8. Trailer looks good, I might go see this one after all. I liked the first one Tobey did, this one seems a little more “serious” (I wouldnt say gritty though, which is good).

  9. A remake of Spider-Man? Please stop them from ruining a very good movie.
    If you guys really want to watch Spider-Man, go watch the original. From the trailer, it seems like its the same FREAKIN PLOT! They just switched it up a little. Waste of money and time I’d say. Originals the best!

  10. The Amazing Spider-Man looks so much better than all the rest. You can hate on the costume all you guys want. AT LEAST he doesnt need a muscle suit to fill it out. This looks a lot more darker then ‘oh gee, here comes a bad guy, lets save the people!’ This movie will blow the other Spider-Man movies out of the webs. Toby Who will wish he never attempted becoming Spider-man. I just hope Garfield doesnt try to get more money for sequels like Toby did.

  11. Hope this Amazing Spider-man movie will be much better than the 1970′s Nicholas Hammond movies.

    They have to do exceptionally well to beat the Toby Spider-man movies.