‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Set Images: Gwen Stacy at a Funeral

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Filming for Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot – starring Andrew Garfield as the titular superhero and Emma Stone as the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Gwen Stacy – is officially underway. Somewhere, Sam Raimi is wringing his fists toward the heavens and screaming, “Damn you, Sony, and your rebooting ways!”

Earlier this week, we brought you pictures from the red carpet displaying Emma Stone in her beautiful, natural blonde glory (as opposed to, say, the synthetic red hair we’re used to). And today, JustJared has pictures straight from the set of the Spider-Man reboot – depicting what appears to be a funeral.

Gloomy cathedral? Check. Relentless rain? Check. Black umbrellas? Check. Black Cars? Check. Dark clothing? Double check. Yeah, it’s a typical movie funeral, all right.

There’s no telling whose funeral it could possibly be – after all, nearly 200 people die in New York City every day – but using context clues and the visual absence of Captain George Stacy (played by funnyman and star of FX’s Rescue Me, Dennis Leary), we can assume that it’s probably Gwen’s father in the casket.

Check out the photos of Gwen at the (funeral?) below:


Gwen Stacy’s father – named George in the main 616 Marvel Universe and John in the Ultimate Universe – was a New York police captain. In the 616 Universe he appreciated Spider-Man’s work and tried to prove to the public that the red and blue wallcrawler wasn’t a menace. In the Ultimate universe, John admired Spider-Man’s vigilante justice, sort of, but was no fan of the hero nonetheless. In 616, he was old (ish) and had the white hair to prove it. In Ultimate, he was fairly young and tough, much like Dennis Leary. In both universes, he died sacrificing his life to save someone else’s.

Therefore, you can pretty much guarantee that the funeral is his.

Meanwhile, The New York Times recently talked to Irrfan Khan (Slumdog Millionaire) about his role as the villain Van Adder. His response was certainly…telling:

“Is that his name? These science-fiction names don’t mean a lot to me. He’s a character who, I think, was not in the comics or perhaps a minor character. I’ve read some pages, but the whole script hasn’t been made available to me.”

Well, it’s good to know that we’re not the only ones in the dark. I guess.

The Spider-Man reboot hits theaters July 3, 2012.

Sources: JustJared & The New York Times

Header image: John Romita Jr., Amazing Spider-Man #600

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  1. Ok now I think Emma as Gwen is pure ace!

    • Same. I do hate that Dennis Leary seems to be killed off already. I figured they would wait for the sequel. Hopefully, that happens at the end of the film as to not waste his casting.

      • Maybe it´s Ben Parkers funeral. And I think Emma looks a bit too old for her role. Isn´t she supposed to be 15 or 16?

        • Well, I’m only saying that b/c the images are focused on her, not Parker. If they were more focused on Parker, then I would suspect it was Ben Parker’s funeral. Just guessing really.

          • Both Ben Parker and George Stacy are against it to make it out of the reboot alive so… yeah, we’ll have to wait and see.

            • Yeah, I think it’s given that Ben Parker is gonna die, but I was hoping they would hold off on killing George Stacy ’til a sequel. I just keep imaging this film having the same ending as Raimi’s ‘Spider-man’. But w/o Gwen swearing revenge on Spider-man.

  2. It’s unlikely they’ll shoot chronologically. That funeral scene could take place at the end, or anywhere. So, it could be Peter’s parents. But i’ll admit, the most likely possibility is Mr. Stacy.

    “Sam wringing his fists” LOL. You would think he had a bitter taste in his mouth over the whole thing. I would.

    But I think it was time for a fresh take on spidey. Let’s face it, he had two great films, then a critical bomb. There ain’t no 3 strikes with the studios. its 1 strike and YOU’RE OUT!

    • Studios don’t care about the critic’s response. All they care about is MONEY, and SM3 made the most of all three. That’s exactly why Transformers 3 is getting made. Sony is only rebooting this so they can make it their own film, and give Raimi a big ‘F U’. Hell, they might as well send a copy of the film to Raimi labeled “F U” on the seal.

      • Wait WHY did Sony do this? Why not let Raimi do a fourth film?

        • Raimi left b/c he couldn’t get the story Sony (after they said they would interfere) in time. Sony decided to do this reboot, even though they could have EASILY just replace Raimi with Webb and call it SM4. They’re only rebooting this to make it their own, and erase what Raimi did. This film is basically one big “F U” to Raimi. That’s all it is.

          • Sorry, it should say “they would NOT interfere).

            • Well thats messed up. But i dont get the Sony part wasnt this project theirs?What do you mean by they wanted it for their own?

              • First of all this dude is speculating more than anything else. Raimi’s reasons for leaving are unknown but his official statement said that he didn’t think he could uphold the franchises integrity and meet the deadlines (and after seeing his planes for SM4, I’m inclined to agree). Without the return of the director Sony decided to scrap 4 (most likely for cost reasons). It took months of negotiations before the cast would agree to return and the amount that they would be paid caused the studio to spending WAY more than Spider-Man 3. I guess they decided that without Raimi the price wasn’t worth it. I personally think Raimi MADE the first fanchise and I couldn’t care less about Dunst and Macguire, so I’m far from sorry that they decided to reboot after he left.

                • Sony could have replaced Dunst and McGuire and still called it SM4. I agree with Monster on this one

              • For SM1 and 2, Raimi put his own ideas w/o the interference of the studio. It wasn’t ’til SM3 that Sony put input into the script. Sony then said they wouldn’t interfere with SM4, but did anyway. Sony is just rebooting the franchise so they can have it THIER way. That’s why an inexperienced director like Webb is directing, so Sony can control him.

                • That was aimed at Rickster.

                  • Oh wow. So this reboot is going to be Sonys way,the way they want it. I see…

                • @Little Monster…Sony’s involvement in the making of this film THEIR way is why it’s going to suck big time. I predict it’s going to suck more than SM3, X-Men 3, both FF movies, Ghost Rider AND Ang Lee’s Hulk film. Of course it’s going to make money at the box office simply because it’s Spidey, but all signs are pointing towards a horrible, crappy movie. I’d be EXTREMELY surprised if this turns out to be a well-made film. Emma Stone as a blond looks horrible. Maybe I am used to her as a redhead, but she’d have been a much better choice as MJ.

                  • Sony’s biggest mistake is releasing this film just 2 weeks before Batman 3. Big mistake.

                    • Im sure the release date will change.

          • Wrong, dude (like so many of your posts). Raimi didn’t leave he was voted out. Yes, Raimi was told by Sony to include Venom, that much is public knowledge. Therefore the final script for SM3 was terrible, but Sony didn’t force Raimi to make Peter Parker an Emo douchebag. Fanboys responded to the horribly realised symbiote spiderman by calling for a new director that could drive the spider bus back on to franchise highway headed for blockbuster city. You can call it a reboot or a redo but remember that Marvel produced the Ultimates series of comics to appeal to a mature comic book audience and as a template for future big budget movies (back when the first X-men movie proved it could make money for Fox). Webb’s spiderman will reflect the Ultimates Spiderman comic series.

            • Sorry, but it was Raimi who decided to walk away from the project, and Sony decided to not replace him.


              PS: My name’s not “dude”.

              • Who is this Worthing guy anyway? I bet he´s one of the fanboys he´s talking about, sleeping on Spider-Man sheets in his X-Men pajamas.

              • I still think Raimi could have stood his ground on Spiderman 3, or come to a compromise. He wanted to do The Sandman (god knows why) and Sony wanted Venom. The fan’s wanted Venom, Raimi had gone on record numerous times saying how much he hated Venom.
                If he had simply worked with Sony and the script writers, and not been so stubborn, then we might have gotten a better film.
                I wanted to see Venom more than anything, he should have been the central villain, with Harry as the secondary protanganist. There was no need for the Sandman to be in that film.

                • “If he had simply worked with Sony and the script writers, and not been so stubborn, then we might have gotten a better film.”

                  Wasn´t the writers strike at that particular time? I´m not sure…

                  • I’d rather have seen Raimi do the Lizard in the third, and the 4th have the Venom….
                    The Sandman was one of favorite reasons of liking Spidey 3..
                    Raimi likes to have control of his films, not have the studio come in and boss him around, thats why we had the poor 3rd film cause Sony was sticking their finger in, and thats why we arent getting Spidey 4.

                    • ultimately, we will never know exaclty what happened, because even if your completely remove the Venom aspect of the film, it is still terrible.

                      The only part of it that worked in any capacity, for me, was Harry’s storyline. Franco towers above Maguire in the talent scales.

                  • It may very well have been, but that didnt mean they couldnt have waited. Blmaing the writers strike is ultimately no excuse, the studios should never have put out sub standard pictures.

  3. Perhaps it’s her own funeral? Hmm. Nah it’s definitely her dad. And though I’ve never even heard of the Proto-Goblin, at least it makes sense he’s in the film.

    • It might be Uncle Ben’s funeral, Peter and Gwen were friends in school so I don’t see why she would have to be at her father’s. Her dad dies in a conflict with Doc Ock in one universe, and in the other by a guy in a Spidey suit. So only one would make sense with this movie.

      • I thought they were skipping the whole death of Ben thing. Could be a flashback to that though. One could only speculate from the pics. As much as it’s a kick in a pants to Rami and his work, I’ll still see it. As long as they give justice to Venom then I’ll be good.

  4. that was the best choice right there. Emma is def Gwen

    • yup

  5. Stone looks a lot better here than she did in the pictures posted a few days ago. I think if she lays off the eyeliner, it helps a lot when blonde.

    • Also, being under natural light makes her looking less haggard and tired than in those flash photos. She looks like her age now, not ten years older.

  6. I hate what Sony did to Raimi and refuse to give one dollar to this, ugh, SpiderTween reboot.

    • I thought you don´t give a s**t about this movie, why do you read the articles then?

  7. “Somewhere, Sam Raimi is wringing his fists toward the heavens and screaming, “Damn you, Sony, and your rebooting ways!”

    Even if we had Spidey 4 with Raimi at the helm, play fair. “4″ would have been his last as a director on the franchise. He- and most of the cast- would have been replaced.

    As for the Proto-Goblin, with the statement from the actor, I’m starting to think that a) His role is minor; b) We will not see ‘proto Goblin’ (or ‘Proto-Lizard’ for that matter) and c) Instead of assisting Norman Osborn, he is an assistant to Dr. Connors.

    This actually makes sense to me- even if it is an alteration from the comics.

    Mixing in 616 w/ Ultimates is not a new thing. They did that a little in the previous Spidey pic (regarding Sandman) I don’t care much for it (even if the Avengers films flirts with tht sort of thing too) and I still think this reboot is a slight mistake w/ most average audiences being confused. There still is a good percentage of the population that fall in this group, don’t lie to yourself. Until ‘The Dark Knight’, you would be stunnned about how many “average” people thought “Batman Begins” was a PREQUEL to the Tim Burton film.

    The photos are fine. It probably is Capt.Stacey being laid to rest. But I should point out tht the pix were snapped when the actress was also out of character (the smile)

  8. Good GOD…

    she is foxy.


  9. ok haven”t kept up with marvel for a while but Van Adder??? who the heck is that??? was he ever in the comics or is he made up??? Proto Goblin? Ive looked around for some background and I’m not really getting any… can someone give me a clue. Also if the Lizard is the MAIN bad guy isn’t that enough? I do believe that he almost killed spidey on several different occasions…

    • Proto-Goblin is one of the first Goblin’s existing. When Osborne was experimenting with the formula, he grabbed a random guy off his payroll and made him into a demon like man who went crazy and killed a bunch of people and tried to kill Osborne. Small but interesting roll. He would make sense as character if they’re using Green Goblin again.

      Plus just one villain doesn’t do it for these guys, so like it or not we get more villains. But not 3 again. They learned.

  10. If the look on her face is supposed to convey grief, she failed.

    I hope the rest of the cast can act.

    • I think this is her thoughts: “My character is gonna die anyway, so who cares?”

  11. I really don’t think that its a funeral. If you look there are guys in yellow construction vests. It is probably just a city scene. She does look out of character and maybe shes looks like that cuz its raining. I don’t know.

    • It’s not unusual to find people in yellow construction vests at funerals, they’re usually the people who use the bulldozer to fill in the rest of the grave after the mourners have left.

  12. But i would hate for them to kill off Denis Leary in the first movie. Hes probably my favorite casting choice in the movie.

    • The photographers at JustJared indicated that it was, indeed, a funeral.

  13. those franchise is becoming a big joke, guess what people.. that looks like the rain scene from daredevil. this movie will lose its audience fast. i still cant believe they are making this crap!

    • Keep in mind that the first film had Norman’s funeral; the third had Harry’s. Right now I see little comparison to Daredevil.

      • I see non at all.

    • So from a couple of set pics of a rainy funeral that reminded u of Daredevil you’ve figured out the whole movie and how much it will suck…

  14. In the 2nd pic, the shaved head guy next to Emma is Chris Zylka, who is apparently playing Flash Thompson

    • If that´s a scene from the movie, it proves that it´s not Ben Parker´s funeral. Why would Flash Thompson show up there? I have another idea… What if it´s Dr. Connor´s funeral?

  15. She looks cute and I’ve liked the roles I’ve seen her in so I imagine she’ll do fine in this movie, too. Most of the pics look like outtakes, not acting, in my opinion.

  16. Interesting. She’s attending her own movie’s funeral…

  17. Wow! The battle lines are drawn, on this movie as well as xfc, the wolverine, man of steel b3 etc.. I think it would be great if all of us on this site could go see the movie together. LOL

    • I couldn’t sit next to Ricky for that long… ;)

    • I´d like to, but it´s a long way from Germany…

      • If that happen, no one should talk until the movie is over.

        • Yeah, and then let´s have a round table and yell at each other… That would be a great night.

          • Yes! Everyone’s up for this! And maybe the theater should serve beer….

            • I´m more into wine. So… Who´s gonna pay for my flight?

        • Have to make an exception for the rickster.

  18. I have to jump over to the hobbit article now and read why characters not in the hobbit are going to be in the hobbit….

  19. I love these wild guesses by people who don’t follow the news. Actually, I don’t love them. I hate them. Very annoying..

    • So, what news are you following exactly? There´s no better source than screenrant and maybe CBM…

      • CBM is a terrible source most of the time. It’s all user-contributed content so anyone can write anything at all.


        • I see. That´s why I wrote “maybe”. :D

  20. I read these articles because I’m a movie news junkie. Doesn’t mean I give a sh*t about this stupid reboot. And it certainly doesn’t mean I won’t come down to the comments section and talk sh*t about this stupid reboot.

  21. I´m a movie news junky too. But if there´s a film I´m not interested in, I don´t read articles about it. But I respect your oppinion.

  22. HOLY CRAP! Emma looks exactly like a Community Theater peer of mine!

  23. hey maybe tommorrow they will post the song “my immortal” to accompany these photos so we can call this crap film spiderdevil, hahahahahahahahahahahahaaha.

  24. I just wish they would STOP releasing these children movies that the majority of movie goers aren’t interested in that tripe! Let them put it on Saturday morning with the rest of the cartoons, and then we can stick our children in front of the TV to keep them out of our hair while we deal with REAL LIFE & REAL WORLD problems. Lately, real movie goers are being inadated with this dribble, it especially annoys we with just there coming attractions that are purposely shown I believe just to annoy adults. When I was brought up, children were to be seen and NOT heard, but, I believe that the young snotnose movie makers of today are trying to cater to children and not to the people who feed and pay for everything under the sun for these whiny snotnoses. Please, Hollwood, kill off all these kinds of movies and give the pubic reality based movies that deal with history, and maybe, just maybe, these snotnoses will learn something instead of watching tripe like xmen, thor capt america green lantern and the other films that just waste my time.