Peter Parker’s Parents In Spider-Man Reboot?

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Spider Man costume Peter Parkers Parents In Spider Man Reboot?

Sony’s Spider-Man reboot will feature a young Peter Parker, age 6-9 (not 4-6), in the movie. And it’s with the possible explanation for this age adjustment that things get interesting.

Word is that pre-pubescent Peter will be appearing alongside his actual biological parents in certain sequences in the film, not just his kindly Aunt May (Sally Field) and Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen).

What’s Playing is the source of this rumor, which indicates that moviegoers will get to see exactly how Peter came to be in the care of his aunt and uncle in Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot. The canon explanation in the original Marvel comics is that Peter’s parents died when he was just an infant and therefore May and Ben are the only paternal figures he’s ever known – hence why Uncle Ben’s eventual death has such a big impact on Peter and his decision to fully embrace a life of fighting crime.

The webslinger’s origins will presumably be explored (again) in the reboot, which begs the question(s): Will Peter’s parents be murdered by a criminal, which in turns affects the young man’s decision to fight crime and become the figure that is Spider-Man? Does that mean Ben’s chances of surviving the reboot will have improved? And does all this sound a bit too familiar to Batman Begins?

Batman Begins1 Peter Parkers Parents In Spider Man Reboot?

Webb’s Spider-Man is expected to be grittier in tone than Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man movie and there’s little doubt that the design and atmosphere of the reboot will be in part influenced by Chris Nolan’s Batman movies. If this rumor about Peter’s parents turns out to be true, then there’s reason to be concerned that the Spider-Man reboot is not so much attempting to replicate Batman Begin‘s formula for success – it’s pretty much ripping it off.

That might be too harsh of a statement, since we have no idea yet how Peter’s parents will be killed off in the reboot. Their demise will surely impact him, though perhaps not in the way that it did Bruce Wayne. It’s all speculation at this point, since this this remains an unconfirmed rumor for the time being, but still – what do you think of all this?

Spider-Man will arrive in 2D and 3D theaters in the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: What’s Playing

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  1. I dont know what to think of this. IMO its too similair to batman begins…

  2. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO KEEP CHANGING STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think they´ll go with the Ultimate Spider-Man route. In an issue of that series, they show a flashback where he had a picnic with his parents when he was about 5 years old. I have no problem with his parents showing up in the movie. As long as they die soon enough (morbid, I know).

  4. They need to stay true to the comics otherwise there is gonna be alot of unhappy spidey fans everything they need is right there but for some reason these directors always have to change it up trying to make it their own , directors you can stay true to the story in your own creative way just don’t change the story that will take away everything that is spiderman especially an origin story pick up a copy of the origin story read it and get it done right!!!

  5. There are a couple of Ultimate Spidey comics that have his parents in them. That is why they are casting Eddie Brock Sr. in this movie. His father and Eddie Brock Sr. worked on the Venom project together. They have already pretty much stated that this is the direction they are going. I am an Amazing Spider-man fan too but there are lots of Spidey comics and I really liked a lot of the Ultimate Series. Even though it isn’t a traditional take on Venom, I thought it was pretty cool. It is Carnage that they will screw up royally. I think the reason they are headed this route is so they can show Carnage. I think that his original story is a little to sadistic for younger viewers. Granted Venom is freaky but Carnage scares ME. I can only imagine what a 7 yr old would think about him. So they change him from a deranged psychopath to the stupid Ultimates version. It is not a popular decision by any means. Especially to us fanboys but they are focusing on the kids. They want it to be gritty for us but still kid enough to sell toys and etc.

    • Sorry for my ignorance, but what is the Ultimate origin story for Carnage? The only one I know is the one where he is a serial killer who shares a prison cell with Venom.

      • In the Ultimate Marvel series, Carnage is a self-regenerating form of life based on the symbiotic suit research of Richard Parker, created by Curt Conners and consists of his own DNA and that of Peter Parker, which at the time contained samples of the Venom symbiote. When Carnage was first introduced, he was a monster of instinct, with no intelligence or self awareness, with his only aim to feed on the DNA of others to stabilize himself. After killing Gwen Stacy, this incarnation of Carnage has gone on to mimic her “essence” and now believes itself to be Gwen Stacy. Ultimate Carnage’s appearance is based on Venom, Peter Parker, Curt Conners, and Gwen Stacy. In its monster form, Carnage resembles his original incarnation, such as its large eyes and fangs, as well as the Lizard’s claws. In addition, the center of its body glows yellow, although after assuming the form of Gwen Stacy, Carnage loses this glow in its monster form. In its ‘human form’, Carnage resembles Peter’s father Richard Parker in its first appearance, and Gwen in its second. The Carnage symbiote was absorbed by Eddie Brock, leaving Gwen and returning her to a healthy duplicate of the original. In one Ultimate Spider-Man comic book, Cletus Kasady is seen on a list of known cat burglars.

        Source: wikipedia

        • And it was Stupid. Very, Very, Very, Stupid. :)

  6. Too bad Marvel Studios isn’t handling the reboot, otherwise we could see the death of the Parkers handled like they were in the comics.

    • Yeah which comics? Ultimates which is owned by Marvel? Or Main Stream which is owned by Marvel?

      Both have varying stories of Peters life. And in the mainstream didnt they try to portray them as spies or some such?

      Yeah no I like the Ultimate angle a lot better.

    • How do you know that Marvel wouldn’t show Parker’s parents in a film? After what they did with Iron Man 2, I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • Me? I got no issue with them showing the parents in a flasback/quick cameo as long as it is along the lines of the books.

        • Sorry, my comment was aimed at “duck”.

  7. At first I didn’t know what to make of this. Why would it be needed to explain this? In the comics, a lame explanation was given – Peter’s parents worked for the CIA and/or SHIELD, and died in a airplane crash caused by an assassin called Finisher. It was so obscure I had to look it up. Given that information, I don’t know how an adaptation would handle it. Peter was born just before they died. He would barely know them.

    I almost was going to start off a rant on how today’s filmmakers and studio execs feel that every little detail must be explained and dissected. WHO CARES.

    But then, there was something in the post that got my attention. Here it is:

    (6-9 years old)

    It isn’t exact, but…could 9/11 be a factor?


  8. “If this rumor about Peter’s parents turns out to be true, then there’s reason to be concerned that the Spider-Man reboot is not so much attempting to replicate Batman Begin‘s formula for success – it’s pretty much ripping it off.”

    Yes because Peters parents were wealthy socialites that were gun downed and was the catalyst to him becoming Spiderman.

    O wait… That is not it. They both had parents they both died at an early age. I guess Batman is the only one to be able to have that distinction? What about Superman? His parents died when he was a baby…..

    Are we sure they are going the route of Amazing? As been said Amazing and Ultimate has two different views on Peters parents. Also as been noted and done by other creative people (Nolan) things change.

    I know you cover yourself by mentioning speculation and maybe stating it is to harsh of a statement… and you would be right it is to harsh especially if you don’t cover or don’t know the angle of Ultimate.

    • @ Aknot

      I’m not saying that the Spider-Man reboot sounds like it’s ripping off Batman Begins’ every plot point – just the basic setup (boy’s parents are killed, he’s raised by surrogate parents but remains troubled, and eventually is inspired to become a vigilante).

      A LOT of superhero origin stories, Spider-Man’s included, are similar to this, but there are still significant differences.

      • Differences between Spidey’s backstory and Batmans’ in the comics, that is. :-P

        • The only similarity I see is they both died when the heroes were kids. Why would there be a blatant ripoff of Batman?

          Spiderman will not/does not become a hero because his parents are gunned down/dies ever…. and if they do that in the movies I will hold my breath til I turn purple.

          The most logical angle is the Ultimate angle.


          Peter and Eddie Brock knew each other as kids. Their parents (fathers) are working on a suit that can increase the human immune system and enhance it to cure cancer. (possible other side effects also I just remember the cancer mention). (done in flashbacks and a box of notes/paperwork)

          Their parents end up missing/dead. Peter is adopted by May and Ben. Peter inherits his fathers smarts and well the rest is basic Spiderman he gets by by an enhanced spider (Super Soldier formula) etc.

          END SPOILERS?

          To assume they would mimic the Batman back story (Peter is with parents as they are killed vowing vengeance on criminals) goes against everything Spiderman is.

          I just dont see (unless they royally muck it up) how they could go anywhere near that route.

  9. Why do they have to redo origin stories all the time. We all know how Spidey became Spidey. Why can’t they just jump into the story and skip repeating the same old stuff?

    • I am thinking (hoping) they will glaze over the origin. I mentioned the Ultimate line up there and if they go that route they would need to change the Spider that bit him.

      However it is not to hard to flash that back in less then 5 mins. Showing the spider was enhanced with the Super Soldier formula even though Peter may have thought it was radioactivity.

      I do agree though more then 10 mins covering his origin is about 5 mins to much.

  10. I wouldnt be surprised if the flashback showed us how Curt Connors loses his arm.

    • He probably loses his arm trying to save Peters parents and him and the parents are like buddy-buddy. That’s why it’s going to be hard for Spider-Man to kill him at the end!



    But, with all seriousness. This is idiotic. I knew from the beginning that Sony would end up screwing up the Spider-Man movies. They should have let Raimi have his way with the Vulture and everything!!! Now they’re going to sit there and completely change the origin of one of the most famous super heroes?!?! Now, granted I never read a comic, or I never really followed Spider-Man other than the Animated TV Shows and Live-Action Movies. But, as you said before. The reason Uncle Bens death was so life altering was because that WAS Peter Parkers father! But, now Uncle Ben is going to be just the Uncle..

    The only way that he will have that father aspect is if Martin Sheen touched Andrew Garfield in a very wrong way and said, “Who’s your daddy?!”.

    The only good part about this movie as of right now is the cast! And that is NO reason to go and see a movie. And poor Dylan Baker won’t even get to play The Lizard after all that time as Dr. Connors.

    Well, there is my rant! Hope you liked it Vic! Haha

    • Sin…

      Seriously, are you well?

      Are you suffering from some issues?

      You come across as insane in this commentary.


  12. Actually Peter becomes spidey after the death of his uncle Ben who is killed by the same criminal he encounters at the wrestling match he attends while tryin to use his newfound powers for a paycheck only after discovering the criminal he should of stopped but chose not to is the same one who murders his uncle Peter realizes that he can use his powers to help others remembering his uncles advice with great power comes great responsability thus spidey is born!!!

    • Ummm, you KNOW that everyone here already knew that…right?!?

      • LOL.

  13. That’s also the Raimi version.

  14. This vibes with the presumed connection this film will have to the ultimate spidey comics. His parents were alive until he was about that age. His dad and Eddie’s dad worked together. Until a plane crash I think. This also the story that was followed in the Spec Spidey toon.

  15. dude, if u write a spider-man article make sure u know about spider-man. in the ultimate line his parents were killed when he was 6-9 yrs. old. and maybe they’re doing something with eddie brock since in the ultimate line his parents were friends/buisness partners and eddie and peter were friends as well. do ur homework next time and stop riding nolan’s and batman c**k!

    • Some people do not reconize the Ultimate Universe. If they do not reconize it they need not believe in it.

      If there is a definitive place that has Sony stating they are going the Ultimate route then I would tend to agree with you. However I dont think that exists yet and we are just guessing that they will be taking bits and pieces from both universes.

      • @ Aknot

        Yeah, I’m one of those persons. I simply can’t phathom why Marvel introduced the “Ultimate” universe. I certainly don’t buy into the hype and marketing ploys that it presents a grittier and more realistic style of story telling.

        The original mainstream titles do that very well already.

        I purchased a few titles for a while but grew weary of them. I understand it’s a re imagining and an alternative universe and all, but it just didn’t gel with me. These were not the same characters I grew up with and love.

        I would have preferred an “Ultimate” universe with brand new characters instead. :-)

        I think you’re right though, it seems this reboot is borrowing from both universes.

        • If that is true about Eddie Brock, than they may change the suit from an alien life to a cancer curing exosuit. That is a bit easier to follow than a race of creatures that posses other life forms. Plus the Ultimate version of Venom and Carnage was pretty bad A. They can keep the souless monster from Spider-Man’s blood that grew into a life sucking monster, but make him bond with Cletus Cassidy in jail, and then make him into Carnage.

        • “I think you’re right though, it seems this reboot is borrowing from both universes.”

          And I see nothing wrong with it. Otherwise they would have made a Spider-Man 4 instead of rebooting the franchise. And the combination of these two universes worked well for the Iron Man movies (a black Nick Fury for instance), and I think it will work for the Avengers movie.

  16. I doubt they’re messing with the established origin of Uncle Ben’s death being the catalyst for Pete becoming Spidey. So much of what we’ve heard indicates a strong influence from the Ultimate books and like a previous poster said, there have been some flashbacks of the ‘rents in those. I don’t think they’re pulling anything too crazy here. At least I hope not.

    The bigger issue is sitting through the origin AGAIN. Pretty sure I forked over some hard earned cash to see that story already. I can’t remember. It was so long ago. =-P

  17. Yeah, messing with Uncle Ben’s death won’t sit well with a lot of Spidey fans.

    I guess the big question is, will we see both Peter’s parents and Ben’s death onscreen? I doubt it, but, if that’s the route they go, then it seems like overkill.

  18. Memo from Sony: “Ok it’s not an origin story. No wait, it is. No it really isn’t, but yes it is, well kind of…”

    Hey Sony, stop teasing us. Just tell us when there’s a trailer and we’ll decide if we want to see it.

    Oh and why is it that I fail to find compassion for Peter when his uncle dies? I think it’s because when they say “Peter, you’re Uncle Ben died” I always think of Uncle Ben’s rice. Am I the only one who feels that way?:P