Spider-Man Reboot Casts Peter Parker’s Parents, New Villain

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Production on the Spider-Man reboot is getting underway and now the last few pivotal roles in the pic have seemingly been filled, including that of Peter Parker’s biological parents and a villain whose name should inspire confusion more than anger or joy from Spidey fans alike.

Campbell Scott and Julianne Nicholson are in line to play Mr. Parker’s father and mother, respectively, while Irrfan Khan is essentially set to star as Van Atter, who will join ranks with The Lizard as an antagonist in director Marc Webb’s reboot.

Heat Vision claims that Scott is officially onboard to play Richard Parker in the Spider-Man reboot, which will star Andrew Garfield as the grownup Peter and a not-yet-designated kid actor as a younger version of the webslinger. Scott is a well-established character actor whose resume includes notable turns in arthouse films like Longtime Companion or The Spanish Prisoner, and he’s had recurring roles on the TV shows Damages and Royal Pains over the past couple of years.

Nicholson (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) is currently holding discussions to play Campbell’s wife, Mary, and mother to heroic webslinger Peter Parker. Khan (best known as the police inspector in Slumdog Millionaire) is in talks for the role of Van Atter – presumably, Nels Van Atter, a character who was experimented on by Norman Osborne (a.k.a. The Green Goblin) in the Spider-Man comics and ended up becoming a fierce red beast armed with fangs and claws (a.k.a. Proto-Goblin). Will he team up with Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) and help make Peter Parker’s life all the more difficult in the reboot?

spider man 4 the lizard main villain Spider Man Reboot Casts Peter Parkers Parents, New Villain

Will Van Atter joins forces with The Lizard in the Spider-Man reboot?

Spider-Man canon designates that Peter Parker’s parents died when he was very young, so it’s not clear yet whether Campbell and Nicholson will appear via a prologue or flashbacks. What we do know is that father characters/paternal figures are likely to have a rough time in the reboot, since Parker’s father will naturally be toast; Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) is likely to kick the bucket before the end credits start to roll; and George Stacy (Denis Leary) – who played an important role in the Proto-Goblin storyline from the original comic – could be killed off in the film as well. Talk about daddy issues…

We like how Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are approaching their respective roles in the Spider-Man reboot (i.e. focusing on character first, looks/physical requirements second). It also seems like Marc Webb isn’t planning to merely deliver a point-by-point rehash of the webslinger’s origin story as it was portrayed in Sam Raimi’s 2002 film, which is another reason to be hopeful about this project.

The Spider-Man reboot will fly into 2D and 3D theaters on July 3rd, 2012.

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  1. Interesting. I thought the Tobey origin was pretty decently done, but this origin sounds like it’s aiming to be much more intimate. Rather than kill off Ben and get straight to the villains, they’re going to spend this flick establishing Peter’s family issues. Think I’m on the bus for this reboot now. :)

  2. why are they making up a new villain there are plenty out there already

    • hes not a new villain norman tested the prototype goblin serum on him

      • @ tankD

        We’ve updated the article with the information about Van Atter from the comics. Thanks!

  3. they really need to call this ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN.. this is going to be the worst reboot ever and thanks SONY for giving us a spiderman flick that is really going to SUCK! i have read SPIDERMAN off and on for 28 years and this story has LAME written all over it, only little children will find this exicting.. i hate seeing MARVEL’s characters being shamed by this big pocket studio……

    • You and me both

      • Yep, it’s more of Phony Sony’s bowel movements.

  4. I think it is good that they are emphasizing his family in the origin. It will make the passing of Uncle Ben that much more gripping and sad for not only Pete, but us as well.

  5. darn, I was hoping that announced Kraven as the new villain. all well, so long as this Van Atter guy doesnt overshadow the Lizard

    • Seriously Kraven was weeak ugh

      • Read Grim Hunt and then try making that statement

        • lastdrg0n89

          100% Agreed. Not a lot people realize what is going on in the original mainstream and best selling flagship title “Amazing Spiderman”. Well written mature stories and sometimes with a dark realistic tinge.

          “Grim Hunt” is a great story arc. Really enjoyed “Shed” and “Origin Of The Species” as well. The ORIGINAL mainstream “Amazing Spiderman” books have always been the better ones as far as I’m concerned.

          The quintessential character of Spiderman can be found right where it all began in the original flagship title. We have a mature age Peter Parker, a great cast of characters, great writing and artwork and of course Spiderman’s sense of humor and sarcastic wit.

  6. It is strange to see that, you would think they would avoid a second villin after Spider-man 3

    well im sure they wont fail at it.

  7. I would of liked to see morbius go up against spidey but I don’t think it’ll ever happen

  8. I can already see it. The lizard’s gonna be the main villain throughout the movie, and then peter’s gonna take his mask off to appeal to the lizard’s humanity. The doctor then figures out how to control himself as the lizard. then they’re gonna team up to defeat van atter. I’ve seriously had this idea ever since the second movie, except with a different villain cuz van atter’s kinda a lame villain to pick :/

  9. Well, we dont know that Norman Osborn isnt in this so Van Atter could still be a Proto-Goblin
    We shall see.

  10. Way too early for me to have an opinion on this.

    • I agree. Everyone bashes this film already, though they have no idea what the script is yet.

    • yh same here

  11. This thing is just a mess in the waiting.

    I’m staying away from this crap,as far as humanly possible.

  12. This is looking bad now. :(

  13. Whoever is complaining about this movie are hypocrites because we all know you’re going to watch it, one way or another.

  14. Irrfan Khan has also played significant roles in Hollywood productions like A Mighty Heart and The Namesake, the British movie The Warrior [which was selected as Britain’s choice at the 2003 Oscars for Best Foreign Film and was famously rejected as it wasn’t shot in English!], as well as the HBO tv show In Treatment.

  15. You have got to be kidding me. Please tell me it’s a bad joke. Proto-Goblin.
    Of all the characters out of the pool? What do we need in a new film? A NEW GOBLIN!

    Why in God’s name!?


  16. Wow This movie seems to come down with the Bubonic Plague. DEFINITELY not seeing this now! Sony has really messed up! For the 2nd movie,(which HOPEFULLY there WON’T be one.) It’ll Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider and the whole Peter is a clone hoohah!. ugh.

  17. I would have to agree with a lot of you on this one. With all the villains in the Spidey Universe, Why Van Atter? That is just lame. If you are going to use secondary characters and take the time to give them back story, then at least make it someone we would actually like to see. Oscorp had a hand in making Rhino. Why not him? I want to see the Big Show as Rhino. I would even take someone as lame as Shocker, Vulture, Scorpion, or Kraven. But ohhhhhhh no… we have to be idiotic and put someone in that apparently looks like a mix between Hobgoblin and the Lizard. You already have the Lizard. Give me someone with some bearing.

  18. Two CGI villans?? Thats going to be tough to pull off…

    • BMW


  19. I think its official & safe for me to say im gonna skip this reboot. A prototype-Goblin???? He’s red, not gonna look like a snowboarder like the New Goblin in Spider-Man 3? If Sony had the slightist brain cells left in them, they’d just have The Lizard as the only Villain to start this reboot off,lol.

  20. I dont know what to think about this film…i want to give it hope cause of some of the actors and all but every update just makes the decision harder…

  21. This is not going to be realistic,and im going to hate it. Thats why i like the newer batmans because theyre more realistic.

    • And how could they possibly make a realistic Spiderman ? The main character has got super-arachnid powers…

      • There are many ways. The first two spideys were “realistic” enough after that in spidey 3 it turned unrealstic….

  22. @ havok_

    That’s easy. What Rickster means is that the quality or fact of representing a person, thing, or situation accurately in a way that is true to life can be achieved by the movie makers if they so desire.

    The “Amazing Spiderman” books do that very well indeed. “BB” & “TDK” did very well too.

    In art and literature realism is a movement or style of representing familiar things as they actually are.

    A degree of realism also implies authenticity, fidelity, truthfulness, and faithfulness to the original source material all of which Phony Sony is shunning.

    We all know it’s fiction and fantasy but to imagine super heroes as real in our world is what makes it fun and enjoyable for me. :-)

    • Ok, then. And how can you be so sure that this reboot won’t be “realistic” ?

      We don’t even know the synopsis…

      • You’re right, we don’t know the synopsis yet.

        I’m also (rightly or wrongly) making my assumption based on Phony Sony’s track record concerning this franchise.

        I was never captivated by Sam Raimi’s almost cartoonish approach either. It had a great support cast and wonderful aesthetics, BUT that’s about it.

        This reboot may well be a little more realistic than Raimi’s version, but it seems to me that it still won’t be anything close to authentic, mature and realistic as the “Amazing Spiderman” books which is the benchmark I reference against.

        • Well they are having 2 cgi villains,that worries me…

          • I read threads here a while back that Spidey was gonna e CGI as well.

  23. ***BANG BANG BANG**** <—–That's another nail being driven into the coffin of this movie.

  24. Cheer-Up Boyz And Girlz – nevermind comparing it to Batman films over a year before it’ll even be out…Spider-Man v The Lizard…Excellent!
    Can’t Wait…OK…Now back to the doom-merchants…

  25. MARVEL need to get some A class directors on their movies…I mean look at how AWFUL the Wolverine movie turned out, I had so many high hopes for that movie and yet I was so disappointed.
    Look at what Chris Nolan has done to the batman franchise, he revitalized it into a billion dollar franchise. MARVEL has so much potential…Comic book movies shouldn’t be limited only to comic book fans.

  26. I think everyone is just glancing over the fact that this movie is being directed by Marc Webb. He has only directed 8 things a Greenday concert video montage, a 3 doors down concert video montage, a jesse mccartney documentary, 1 episode of the office, the pilot for lonestar, a short film no one has seen and the terrible movie 500 days of summer.