Spider-Man Reboot Officially In 3D!

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spider man 3d Spider Man Reboot Officially In 3D!

Sony Pictures has just officially announced that the new Spider-Man reboot will be in 3D. While rumors have been spreading for the past month saying that this might be a possibility, we’ve not yet had actual confirmation of it happening.

With Sony setting a release date of July 12, 2012 for the new Marc Webb directed Spidey, they have the ability to freely choose whether to use 3D cameras (like Avatar) or to convert it in post-production (like Alice in Wonderland). Well, we now know it will be coming to theaters in 3D.

Here’s the press release:

CULVER CITY, Calif., February 10, 2010 – Spider-Man will swing into theaters worldwide in 3D beginning July 3, 2012, it was announced today by Jeff Blake, Chairman of Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing & Distribution. The new film which is still untitled will begin production later this year directed by Marc Webb from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt. Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin will produce the film from Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios.

Commenting on the announcement, Blake said, “Spider-Man is the ultimate summer movie-going experience, and we’re thrilled the filmmakers are presenting the next installment in 3D. Spider-Man is one of the most popular characters in the world, and we know audiences are eager and excited to discover Marc’s fantastic vision for Peter Parker and the franchise.”

I know that everyone weary about everything now being made in 3D and I’m definitely not that pumped about the idea for the next Spider-Man. Sure, it’s great that they have the option to do it, but that doesn’t mean we have to have it. Still, I’m sure that Sony Pictures  will find an interesting way to use it and with 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb behind the camera, I trust him.

So, who’s going to break the news to James Vanderbilt that he has to go through his draft and put in a bunch of “…and Spider-Man shoots his web into the camera.” (You know it’s going to happen.)

Are you excited about Spider-Man taking to 3D? Should all superhero films be presented that way?

The now untitled Spider-Man reboot is set to hit theaters July 12, 2012.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I wrote on an EW thread that Haley Joel Osment is in the running to play Spider-Man. Help me spread this around and see how many chowder heads fall for it.

  2. Wow. I just lost even more interest in the reboot. It does not need to be in 3D

  3. I wanna cry…

  4. Shouldn't the script and casting take precedence over whether something is going to be shot in 3D?

    If the cinematic narrative in this movie is crap and the acting sucks, no amount of 3D imaging and FX is going to save it.

  5. Then go to the 2d showing, now wasn't that easy, or are you one of those people that buy the 3d ticket at the multiplex with the 2d version playing across the hall, and then complain about it anyway.

  6. It's a stupid idea. all about the benjamins.

  7. Exactly. But they don't care about the script or casting. Just teens coming to see their movie.

  8. Of course

  9. Great idea. I love that Spiderman is getting rebooted. I was getting tired of Raimi's franchise. And 3-D is an awesome idea. I cant wait.

  10. I hope this 3D thing is just a passing fad… or at least I hope they find a way to do it without the stupid glasses.

  11. who gives a crap? you know we'll all see it anyway…
    just bring it….

  12. like the one guy said…just shut up and see the regular version… god i hate it when people talk bad about movies before they come out.. and they just end up seeing them anyway.

  13. This is a forum for people to voice their opinion. They have every right to voice their dissent if they feel the 3D bandwagon is being put ahead of script development and strong casting.

  14. Apparently Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line is to be re-released in 1D

  15. Ahhh yes 3D of course. How about “on Ice” while you're at it. Well I'm completely turned off from this whole thing now. The way Sony is going at this thing I'm sure this would end up as the worst representation of established material ever. I'm talking Peter Parker is in Highschool the King Pin is his principal. Doc Oct is his Chemistry teacher. The rest of the Sinister Six make up the highschool basketball or football team. Carnage and Venoms are brothers who bully Peter Parker. Aunt May is the school lunch lady.

  16. One way or another I could care less for the 3D. I thought Avatar was great, but not because of the 3D. I would prefer not o watch a film in 3D though becase after Avatar was done it took me some time to adjust my eyes back to reality.
    Regardless, I HATE the whole reboot idea for Spiderman and I think that it is too soon. Spidey 3 wasnt that bad, and the first 2 were excellent. Raimi, is a solid director and the cast has become a cast that we have grown very fond of (inlcuding Dunst in my opinion, i am not one of those cyber geeks that cares about if she as an actress is into her roles, I am just there for the movie experience and could care less about what she thinks, does, or says outside of the film). Anyway, really dissapointed in the reboot, although I know i'll end up watching it one way or the other

  17. So this movie doesn't even have an official title and isn't even cast yet… but already it's in 3D? Good to know they have their priorities straight.

  18. i've actually read a article about the 3D glasses and that someone is making it possible to watch without or something.. cant remember properly. but god i hope thats true.. even tho i almost never watch 3D:)

  19. this sucks balls. Sony screwed Raimi And Maguire. Im not pumped for a reboot. The third made a ton of money if it ain't broke don't fix it. Sony please read this if your going to reboot spidey at least some of the writers from ultimate spiderman to write the script then maybe it will be decent.

  20. I don't know about you guys, but I have decided to embrace this trend and start living my life in 3D!!! Imagine how much I'll be able to charge others for taking part in it!! SONY, this is GENIUS! (Soooooooo NOT!)

  21. There is nothing too soon about a 5 year gap between movies LOL.

    Sam Raimi may be a solid director but he never fully captured the true essence of the Spider-man character let alone the comic books. It was a rather general approach.

    Tobey Maguire & Kirsten Dunst were proportionately miscast in the lead roles. Tobey had never even read a Spider-man comic book and was never interested in them as a kid. And it really showed in his acting. He was merely acting to the script having no knowledge of the character at all.

    Kirsten Dunst may be a fine actress but her interpretation of MJ wasn't even close.

    It looks like Sony is going the “Ultimate Spider-man” route targeting the “Twilight” crowd. I would like it be good but I doubt Sony's ability.

    A real REBOOT would be better handled by MARVEL studios with a proper mature treatment of Spider-man just like the “Amazing Spider-man” comic books.

  22. Honestly im not even that big of a marvel fan. I thought after the 1st spider-man the other 2 sucked pretty bad. the 3rd movie shouldn't even been made. I dont know what they were thinking. Anyhow they are going a little too far with 3d. Avatar did it and is now the number one best grossing movie of all time. James cameron beat his own record. However if anybody else has these delusional hopes of even coming close to James cameron they need to reconsider directing all together. Not all movies are going to look good in 3d. I know i have the option of buying a regular ticket and not seeing it in 3d. However my point is 3d is only meant for some movies. And all the future movies who are trying to copy Avatar need to stop. They need to focus on plot and casting b4 they just decide to put a fail super hero movie in 3d. oh btw im all DC! =D

  23. I still think a reboot is stupid.

  24. There is NO WAY I'm seeing this movie now. period. I'm sticking to the original 3 movies even if I thought Spiderman 3 was terrible. Why does everything need to be in 3D now, give me a break. Sony Pictures ruined a good franchise with the webhead, but after hearing this…ruined doesn't begin to describe it.

  25. Why is a reboot stupid? What's the matter with some of you people? The more Spiderman stories that make it to the big screen the better.

    Sony and Raimi mishandled the franchise. Sony is still mishandling it but I will give Marc Webb the benefit of the doubt. If he can do justice to (teen) Spiderman in High School then more power to him. If not I will happily look forward to another retelling, reboot, or whatever.

    Eventually in the right hands we're going to see an epic Spiderman film that's going to be awesome.

  26. Last movie I saw in 3-D was “The Bubble” (don't ask… just let it go…)
    I liked avatar in flat-screen, just fine.
    Wish they'd make a Marvel movie based on the comics, for a change, though.
    Now THAT would be new & different, wouldn't it?
    Like in the first x-men movie where they had ice man in class w/ the newbies, when EVERYBODY knows he was one of the original team members…
    And the first spidey movie where they just axed 30 years of history & made new stuff up ( What happened to Gwen Stacey!!! HELLO!!!)
    Where do they get off with just re-inventing this stuff???
    I mean, the best part of the books was when Peter ran out of home made web fluid at just the wrong moment. Now he manufactures it as a body fluid? that is just WRONG….
    Hey! why don't we just make a “Spiderman 2099″ movie??? That way we could skip Peter Parker alltogether…

  27. who cares….. I'll probably watch it on DVD after it's already been out for 2 years. I don't support any Marvel characters not done by MARVEL STUDIOS themselves.

  28. Yeah people should learn from Cameron's mistakes. Don't rip off another story, make it in 3D, and simply go for the #1 box office grossing. They should try to make a good movie instead of going for the records. I'd rather have a movie that has a good following (Such as Edward Scissorhands or Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.) than a movie that's simply known for making a lot of money. Anyone can do that. It's just marketing.

    And yes… DC ALL THA WAYYYY!!! I mean seriously. Marvel has nothing on Batman. They can't even come close.

  29. Yeah people should learn from Cameron's mistakes. Don't rip off another story, make it in 3D, and simply go for the #1 box office grossing. They should try to make a good movie instead of going for the records. I'd rather have a movie that has a good following (Such as Edward Scissorhands or Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.) than a movie that's simply known for making a lot of money. Anyone can do that. It's just marketing.

    And yes… DC ALL THA WAYYYY!!! I mean seriously. Marvel has nothing on Batman. They can't even come close.