Mary Jane Officially NOT In The Spider-Man Reboot

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spiderman reboot no mary jane Mary Jane Officially NOT In The Spider Man Reboot

We were all a bit miffed when the news broke that Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man reboot. The actress (like her character) is a natural blonde – however, in all her major film roles Stone has appeared with carrot colored locks.

Early word had Stone pegged as playing Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker’s other classic crush from the original Spider-Man comics. It now turns out that Miss Watson won’t be in the reboot after all.

The story broke last August that Mary Jane is not the love interest in director Marc Webb’s new Spidey movie and we assumed that meant she wouldn’t appear in the film. That was before word got out that two female leads, both MJ and Gwen Stacy, would appear opposite Andrew Garfield in the new Spider-Man. Now The Wrap is claiming that an individual close to the project has confirmed that Mary Jane actually won’t be featured in the reboot at all. How’s that for much ado about nothing?

All of this confusion apparently stemmed from earlier discussions that Webb and screenwriter James Vaderbilt had about possibly incorporating Parker’s red-haired crush into their Spider-Man film. Once Stone officially signed on to play Gwen Stacy, the filmmakers also abandoned the idea of a love triangle (a la Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3) and stuck with just one romantic interest for the webslinger.

(Blonde) Emma Stone will be the only gal in the Spider-Man reboot.

The Peter-MJ-Gwen triangle in Raimi’s third Spider-Man was nothing special, but it was far from the most problematic aspect of that less than well-regarded threequel. Gwen was Peter’s first love in the original comic books so it makes sense that she should be featured in the first of a new collection of webslinger movies – not to mention that her presence will help further distinguish the reboot from Raimi’s original Spider-Man.

Martin Sheen is in talks to play Uncle Ben in the film, while Sally Fields may star as Peter’s Aunt May. The Lizard is the Spider-Man reboot villain and the film is expected to be grittier in tone that Raimi’s movies were, so it’s getting to the point now where we can stop wondering about who will appear in the movie and instead begin to think about what the storyline of the reboot is.

Spider-Man begins filming in December and will be released in 2D and 3D theaters in the U.S. on July 3, 2012.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Well that makes things interesting. I wonder how it’s gonna go down though? Does Gwen die in this movie or the next or what?

    Oh and instead of Ralph Fiennes as Green Goblin (Ultimate version using CGI)/Norman Osborne, what about Jason Isaacs? That would be epic.

  2. I think Sally Field would be a great Aunt May.
    And it makes sense, that there´s only one love interest. If Peter is that much of a nerd in this new movie, it would be strange to see two hot chicks falling for him…

    • It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch for two hot chicks to be pining for Parker. Look at the comics, Pete has chicks lining up to date him.

      Betty Brant, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, Glori Grant, Black Cat, the three girls he used to live next door to (forget their names.)

      Peter Parker being a babe magnet isn’t a stretch at all.

      • I was talking about the teenage nerd Parker. It took some time until Betty, Gwen and MJ were interested in him. And the Black Cat doesn´t count. She fell in love with Spider-Man, not Parker…

  3. As far as who will be in the film I’m still wondering if the mechanical webshooters will finally debut in the reboot just another way to set the films apart from raimi’s spidey as well as the design of spidey’s costume

    • I personally loved the costume in Raimi’s films. It was a modified costume that still stayed true to Ditko and Lee’s original design. It’s darker colors looked better on screen.

      • I agree. In the history of comic book adaptions, there´s only four costumes that looked the same way like their comic counterparts: Spider-Man´s costume, as well as Ghost Rider (terrible movie), Superman (the Donner movies) and Hellboy.

        Did I forget one?

  4. Stone as a blonde? Shes hot either way… I perfer red hair… But shes hot… Ohhh, the things I would do… (insert drooling face here…)

  5. I think this a good move but then again who know if its even true it comes from a source “close to the project” cmon we can take this with a grain of salt but if its true and she wont be in the movie good i want something diffrent from this, IS the Lizard for sure the villan? has that been comfirmed?

  6. Good. I Hated M.J.

  7. This movie is going to be BAD. EPIC type bad. Sally Field as Aunt May? Lord help us.

    • Wow, you possess the power of foresight? That’s amazing. It’s so epic that you can see 2 years into the future about the fate of a film that hasn’t even started production yet.

      In case you needed it spelled out, that was sarcasm.

      Give the film a chance before you pass judgement. If you don’t want to see the film when it’s released, don’t see it. Just don’t be flaming articles on the subject of the movie if you have already decided it is a bad film before it is even filmed.

      • Hes just giving his opinion chill!

        • Name calling is uncalled for, Alex. Correct me if I am wrong, but this site is called Screen RANT. It’s a place for us to voice our opinions on movies and TV. Sorry if I don’t sip the Sony Kool-Aid like you do, but everything that I have read about this completely unnecessary reboot makes me think this movie is going to stink. Also, I am hardly a troll. I am on this website commenting nearly every day. Seems like YOU are the troll, Alex.

          • You can RANT all you want Andy S, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are declaring it a bad film before the film has even started filming.

            But if you think the film is going to stink, ignore any posts about the film and don’t see it. Since you already somehow know that a movie in pre-production is going to stink, you don’t need to see it when it comes out.

            • Oh, come on now – go to almost any article about any movie in production and you’ll find an equivalent “this is going to be awful” comment. 8)


            • Listen Gary, as a lifelong fan of Spider-Man, I am going to read and comment on articles about this movie. I would LOVE for this to be a great movie, but EVERYTHING I have read so far is pointing in the completely opposite direction. First Sony kills off the continuity Raimi established in the first 3 films which was leading up to the Lizard storyline. Now Sony goes ahead and does Lizard. The casting has been less than encouraging, not to mention that this reboot is 1)unnecessary and 2)wayyyyyy too soon.

              • Sorry that (Sony/Raimi) was a train wreck waiting to happen. Continuity does not really matter with an ageless character.

                I can watch Spiderman in any venue and not have it effect the other as long as there is a thread (web.. get it) to the original material.

                Although I will miss JJ it doesn’t really matter in the long run as we will all see this.

                These directors etc need to have a leash placed on them with what they can and can not do to the character base. After that it needs to be channeled through some creative people at the source then it can filmed/finalized.

                Why is it way to soon? As for it being necessary it is to get rid of what Raimi did.

              • 1.) The movie’s not even coming out for another 2 years
                2.) A new director=more change and turning something terrible(not attacking spidey or the cast but the bad dipictions of the spider man comics)into something good.

        • His opinion is based off of what he wants to believe. Giving his opinion about the cast is one thing, but he’s already declaring the movie being bad.

          So he’s jumping the gun when he has nothing to back up his claim of it being bad. so you chill

  8. Well if there will be a Mary Jane in the future sequels
    Then there should be some small cameo. But I don’t care as long as Emma Stone is in it. I’m fine with anything

  9. haha real talk the only problem i have with casting is Sally Field. Lets go down a possible Aunt May list,

    Meryl Streep
    Susan Sarandon
    Jamie Lee Curtis

    No one else needed. and with no MJ at all? She could at least still be one of Peters friends at school, they wouldnt even need a love triangle. And are Harry Osborn or Eddy Brock appearing at all?

    • No love for Holland Taylor or Frances Fisher?

  10. I think we’re all forgetting the part about the other female lead which I think is Felicia Hardy as a very reliable source who has been right about everything so far has already said. In the upcoming sequels she becomes Black Cat,minus the love story.

    • That was the initial report, but as Sandy says in the article, the studio and producers have settled on one female lead. Which is Gwen Stacy played by Emma Stone.

      Besides, Black Cat is a character that the films can do without

  11. Depends on the time line. I want respect shown to Gwen. Not Like S-3 did. I mead why even use Gwen there. There was not any hint of romance there. She was wasted in that movie.

    Go a head and burn me to the ground. But I think that Marvel should do Spider-man as a on going TV series. With him in High school. Start the First half of the episode with a montage of his daily life (like a week) before. Second half of the episode the field trip ending with the bite.

    I think bringing “The Hulk” back to the small screen would be a giant mistake.

  12. I never read the Ultimate Spider-Man series, but the other girl could be Liz. Peter had a thing for her in high school before he even met Gwen. I hope this new series uses Flash at least a little more.

    MJ doesn’t really have to be seen in this movie. Mrs. Watson and Aunt May were constantly trying to set up Peter and MJ in the comics before MJ was finally revealed. If they wanted to do a cliffhanger, they could end the movie in a similar fashion to the comic where Peter finally met MJ. We see Peter’s reaction to seeing her and her line “You just hit the jackpot, Tiger.” I know the timeline isn’t quite the same, but it would be a bit of a nod to comic fans.

  13. this could mean 2 things:

    1. MJ is a sub character or only has a cameo, and assuming they go with both carnage and lizard (only logical choice if they have 2 villains since connors made carnage etc) then that would mean gwen dies and MJ becomes the female lead in a sequel (which is bound to happen no matter how bad this PoS does (box office wise)).

    2. sony is completely f***ed in the head and dont know wtf they are doing.

    3. they could just be trying to avoid the original trilogy all together to avoid having confused viewers.

    • @jwalka, You are thinking about the “Ultimate Spider-man” death of Gwen Stacy. In the original stories, Gwen was killed by the Green Goblin, after he knocked her off a bridge and her neck snapped when Spidey caught her with a web line.

      and it is a REBOOT!!! That means they are avoiding the original trilogy because the point of a reboot is the make it look in those films like the previous ones don’t exist.

      Case in point, Nolan’s Batman films have nothing that ties them to the lackluster films that preceded them. Therefore this reboot will have no ties to the Raimi Spider-man films.

      And how bad the film does in box offices? Why don’t you wait and see the film and then pass judgement. We still have nearly 2 years until the films release, (they haven’t even started filming yet), so you won’t know if it will tank or do well in the box office. Instead of trying to sound like a film expert, wait and see the film, then pass judgement. You will look smarter in the long run.

      • Nolan’s films have not exceeded Tim Burton’s, but they are different. Batman and Batman Returns were not by any means lackluster.

        • @ Alex

          Very true, Infact i recall Burton’s first Batman film grossed more than Nolan’s first Batman film. Im still not sold to this spidey reboot yet though. Vader’s comment was good idea id like to see though, about Spidey having mechanical webshooters. Are we gonna see Uncle Ben get killed again in this film? Or is Martin Sheen’s role gonna be flashbacks of the character? I don’t care who Petey falls for really. I was hoping he’d be older as if he’s been to college for a good while. I can’t think of anyone who can replace J.K Simmons as Jameson. He’s one of the best things about Raimi’s trilogy.

          • I can tell you now the only reason Batman Begins didn’t do very well at teh box-office is b/c of Batman and Robin. If B and A didn’t exist (well wouldn’t have gotten Nolan’s films), then Batman Begins would have banked at the BO. It doesn’t matter really. Nolan’s films were far surperior to Burton’s (IMO).

            As for Spider-man, I’m trying to remain optimistic about, but the casting gets worse.

            • Being a comic book fan, I want to see films that are something new and fresh, but still stay true to the characters. Nolan’s Batman films accomplished that more than burton’s. So I agree with you, Nolan’s Batman films were superior to Burton’s. Besides, Burton’s films paved the way for Batman Forever and batman and Robin. I don’t see anything good about that.

              I don’t like the casting choices for Uncle Ben and possibly having Sally Fields as Aunt May. I haven’t seen enough of Andrew Garfield to know what I think of him as Spidey yet. heck, I wasn’t happy when they cast Tobey Maguire as Peter in Raimi’s films. And I was really unhappy with Heath Ledger as joker. Then I saw the films and was proven wrong.

              Hopefully this Spider-man film is great. You never know though.

              • @”Besides, Burton’s films paved the way for Batman Forever and batman and Robin. I don’t see anything good about that.”

                Well, if weren’t for those two, then we never would have gotten Batman Begins or The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises (I know I haven’t seen, but we know it’ll be great).

        • They were good when I was a kid, but I’m an adult now and see how tim burton’s films were like the rest of his films, boring.

          Keaton was a boring Batman. He was too small and he wasn’t convincing in the suit.

      • so i take it you support sony and their stupid decisions, please correct me if i’m wrong. yeah i am talking about the ultimate series, it would make the most sense if they wanted to ‘avoid raimi’s versions’.

        also what are your thoughts on the xmen prequel which is coming out ina year or so ?

        • The X-men prequel? I’ll have to wait and see it before I decide what I think.

          And Sony’s stupid decisions? If you can do any better, take over the studio and “do a better job.”

          But since I doubt you have any real experience besides complaining on the internet, I doubt you could do even half a decent job.

          And Raimi’s versions? They were great movies. Not perfect movies, but still great. They stayed true to the character and were interesting to watch. Venom may have been rushed in the third, but all 3 films were great.

          • Sigh, The “you can’t do any better” arguement is soo weak. If that’s the case, then NO ONE has the right criticize any decision.

          • @ Gary

            Are you intellectually retarded or something, do you not see that the only reason sony is making another spiderman is so that they can keep the rights to the name, are you so arrogant and thick minded that you cannot see how f***ing stupid your comment is ?

            seriously its because of people like you that hollywood decides to make these BS sequels/prequels/reboots and remakes, so congrats to you and every other half minded ‘movie goer’ who doesn’t think twice prior to watching a s/p/r/r.

            • jwalka,

              Dude… WAY over the top.


              • seriously vic have you read his posts, it was only a matter of time before someone posted a comment like mine.

  14. At least they are starting with Gwen as the love interest, and possibly introduce MJ later.

    And since the reboot movie is “grittier” in tone, if it gets sequels, we might actually get the infamous “Death of Gwen Stacy.”

  15. i dont know about this……you cant have a true spider-man movie without M.J.

    • I agree 100% Ben

      • No MJ in the film!!!

        Sounds like its being directed by Joe Quesada the guy who basicly destroyed 20 years worth of spiderman history when he didnt want MJ being married to Peter.

        Was a massive Spiderman film while growing up and really loved Sam Raimi’s first and second films, ok thrid one sucked but wasnt really down to Sam, but wish the studio would have left him alone to do a fouth.

        Really wont be seeing this re-boot, so soon after the other three films, in the cinema.

        • But since the reboot is focusing on Spider-man as a teenager, like the orginal Lee and Ditko comic book, Gwen Stacy was Peter’s first true love. So therefore in the reboot Gwen is being introduced as his love interest.

          In the comics Peter didn’t even fall for Mary Jane until a while after Gwen was murdered.

          • @ Gary

            Well said. :-)

    • @ ben

      Do you realize that Gwen Stacy was Spideys’ first TRUE love?

      Mary Jane was introduced later in the original “Amazing Spiderman” series.

      I think there are a lot of folks here commenting who don’t know Spidermans’ history at all.

        • There are plenty of places you can buy those early books online but it will cost you a small fortune. :-)

          The other thing is do some research on Wikipedia for history and continuity on “Amazing Spiderman”.

          Also on Amazon a couple of years ago I purchased for $49.95 the complete “Amazing Spiderman” collection on DVD ROM. They are very good scans of the whole series up to June 2006. I find that easier than getting into my collection sometimes.

          They were put out by a company called “gitcorp” :-)

  16. Boy, you guys are hung up on some red heads. Why does MJ HAVE to be in every movie? She is part of his history but is not necessary in the first movie. I agree that she will have to show up at some point in time in later movies. In the first one… not so much. Gwen is a big part of his history and needs to be given her due. Sure, he ends up with MJ but he didn’t just start out with MJ. I liked the way they portrayed her in the Animated and Spectacular cartoon series. The whole first season of Spectacular, MJ wasn’t even there. In the Animated series, May had to basically beat him over the head to even meet her. Then he had to fight for her after that. I liked the way Rami did it until the last one. Here is Pete getting the crap kicked out of him on a regular basis and all she does is wine about her career. I was hoping for Felica Hardy. That Black Cat outfit is smokin hot and I can’t wait to see her.

  17. Not to sound too nerdy but if this reboot will take place in high school (unless that’s changed) how would they not have any Mary Jane at all? I mean love interest or not.. wouldn’t they all still go to the same high school?… I can’t see how they would have this movie without her at all and then magically have her appear in a sequel. (Again, i’m not sure if it’s still supposed to be set during high school)

  18. No MJ. eh? GOOD.

    Here’s the gag. Let’s say, instead of Gobby, it is THE LIZARD who directly or indirectly causes the death of Gwen Stacey (and a fight with Spidey -instead of Doc Ock- results in debris killing Capt. Stacey)

    MJ could show up in a few years.

    • @ Thandrale

      “Amazing Spiderman” issue #28 (Sept. 1965), featured Peter’s graduation from High School.

      WOW! Marvel moved on 45 years ago after only 2 and a half years of High School and Peter began attending Empire State University in #31 (Dec. 1965), the issue which also featured the first appearances of friends and classmates Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn.

      You know I love the Ditko/Lee era, but in all honesty when John Romita took over from Steve Ditko in 1966 he drew Peter slightly more mature and handsome and certainly NOT as nerdy.

      Why should Romita have even contemplated illustrating Spidey the way Ditko did? All artists bring something new and fresh to the table.

      Peter graduated High School and moved into College leaving SOME, but NOT ALL of those nerdy and geeky traits behind. So since 1966, the “Amazing Spiderman” comic books have been about a mature hero in adulthood.

      All freaks, geeks and nerds grow up and mature at some point in their life. John Romita had the foresight to bring this to fruition during his tenure for some of the most classic Spidey story arcs you’ll ever find.

      That fact can never be denied. :-)

  19. Emma Stone is gorgeous and super talented. I have no problem with her being the only one to make it to the follow-up Spiderman.

    • I agree, she should have been MJ, would of been perfect….

  20. Am i the only one who was lookin forward to Spider-man 4 before it was canceled?

    • No

  21. Yahoo!! Best news yet !

  22. At first I was like NOOOOOOOO! and then I saw the comments . . . If no MJ now means an MJ later then I’ll take it. Besides, any non-Kristen Dunst MJ is a plus in my book. Although, I am sad to let go of James Franco . . .

  23. I’m an avid comic book fan, and I know that Gwen was an original love interest, but I kind of dread going to see this movie when it comes out. I go to see all comic-related movies no matter what and don’t get me wrong -I love all the actors and actresses who are going to be in this movie, but… nnng. I’ve always been a fan of Peter and MJ so her not being in this movie is going to be like a bit of a fangirl-turnoff if you know what I mean. I also don’t really trust Hollywood to get the story right, so I’m pretty sure if there are sequels to this movie, Gwen isn’t going to die (they’re not just going to get rid of Emma Stone) and that just kind of frustrates me. It would be satisfying, in my opinion, if they make this a series that follows at least the major plots and plot twists in the original Amazing Spiderman comics. :S